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UPS Board, Diad Shift Key Instruction/tutorial

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Tutorial UPS Diad shift Keys and functions.
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Text Comments (22)
Damien Albino (16 days ago)
FREE Sample DIAD E-book: http://bit.ly/2Cl86jp
Alcides Zapata (17 days ago)
I'm sorry to tell you, but im faster than you using the DIAD board. The yellow soft key is not necessary at least the board get freeze a little bit, thats the porpoise of that yellow key. Using that is wasting time.
Chris Edwards (17 days ago)
That's definitely not true, post a video and show me.
ChrisLawley (1 month ago)
Would you happen a absolute beginners video? I interviewed today and they tailed about this DIAD V test and I had to google to see what the hell there talking about. This test clearly is no joke not having a clue how that scanner works
MJ (1 month ago)
We don't have that option yet where we can look to see what stops I have in the board. I think it's suppose to be coming in the near future. Were behind up north what can i say LoL We have sequence #s written on each box, although not every runs trace works and some pre loaders arn't the best. Today the sheet said i had 93 stops, but only turned out to be 73. Thats a huge off count if you ask me . I can't wait till peak season , as i love doing 150+ plus a day in a condensed resi area, with little to no apt buildings hehe
Michael Bedford (3 months ago)
Hello Chris, I have a question for you, do you always scan the 1d barcode with the diad or can you scan the 2d MaxiCode barcode with it? Is there any difference?
Julie Ann Reid (3 months ago)
I can't tell you how much this is helping. Thank you SO much.
Kenneth Rodas (3 months ago)
You're name is Yupes Chris? lol
Jean-Yves Morin (3 months ago)
Can give me step by step morning routine with the DIAD unvolving punching in and truck register scan?
Julie Ann Reid (3 months ago)
I agree - hope he is making that video soon.
Jean-Yves Morin (3 months ago)
Chris Edwards I just need to know the first steps in the morning. I know I to do truck check, fill the paper, punch in, then scan truck but omg if UPS supplied the step by step it would be so much easier
Chris Edwards (3 months ago)
Jean-Yves Rodgers sure.
Ramzi Chahem (4 months ago)
For p/u packages: how do i do plz
Rider Lee (6 months ago)
how do u do info notice
Karl Marschall (2 months ago)
Dear Vrenezi (5 months ago)
Rider Lee scan package, press non deliver, not in, and the reason why and scan the info notice and wallah.
Greenwood Gardens Lawn Service (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for showing how that key helps in using the diad ,keep making videos on tricks of the trade because I am a new driver.
Vux911 (8 months ago)
Is there a way to show/filter how many packages there should be for 1 street?
Vux911 (8 months ago)
Chris Edwards -- Sorry, can you elaborate a bit more by what you meant by the load in your truck vs the route Orion wants you to use? What is the difference between the 2 route methods?
Vux911 (8 months ago)
Chris Edwards -- Thank you. I will have to try that. I am a driver helper and trying to help my driver. Recently had an 11 hour day and looking for improvements, hence coming to YouTube. Thank you!
Chris Edwards (8 months ago)
EDD* not End screen
Chris Edwards (8 months ago)
Vux911 non that I know of. A function that might help depending how your load is it up is using RDO/ODO. That function switches from the load in your truck and the route Orion wants you to use. That button is located on your end screen (shift key and then 5) or bottom right of your screen. Let me know if this helped.