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Bad Day at Work - Best Funny Work Fails - Ultimate Video 2018

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Text Comments (2999)
Wrecka Stow (21 hours ago)
The worst part is that all these stupid incompetent people actually have jobs. Well, had jobs.
Gustavo CE (1 day ago)
There are a lot of Brazilians ones. How do I know? Because I am from Brazil.
Embun Headbanger (1 day ago)
Wrong title
jahrta (1 day ago)
8:34 ...are we going to talk about how it says "P. P. Flowers" on the front of this truck?
Ryan Bell (1 day ago)
3:56 angry snake
kirk toufor (2 days ago)
9:36 clearly she shaves down there
ymxctrails (3 days ago)
@6:50 Sounds like a cigarette smoker laugh.
f3rnandope (4 days ago)
Why so many idiots playing with fire
Trey Paul Cash (4 days ago)
Too many adds
KrissFlye (4 days ago)
9:36 Ok no, this SERIOUSLY needs an explanation
Wrecka Stow (21 hours ago)
I always heard Asian chicks were into weird kinky stuff
LHinCH (4 days ago)
7:43 hat die Frau im Hintergrund Mitleid? c: ich hätte nämlich auch Mitleid, da jetzt mehrere Personen ihre Post jetzt nicht bekommen Dass der darüber lacht ist einfach nur scheisse...
Rake Rake (5 days ago)
6:51 Best laugh ever!
Albert Pringle (5 days ago)
makhluk hina (6 days ago)
Not bad day...but permanent idiots ...
Matthew Swanson (7 days ago)
What's with people recording screens with potatoes instead of exporting from the video recorder?
MYD (4 days ago)
3:46 best funny work fails ...
AdmiralFroggy (7 days ago)
The 2nd guy had it coming. You don't turn a pallet that fast. Especially when it's not wrapped
HalfHazardous (8 days ago)
3:54 reminds me of that King of the Hill episode when the guys volunteer to be fireman haha
Phil (8 days ago)
Never overestimate the intelligence of the average human.
Tarbosh von Weinerschnitzel (3 days ago)
Phil And we wonder why the aliens don't talk to us.
Josip Fiala (9 days ago)
9:37 no wonder why they calling her iron lady
Jake Betts (9 days ago)
I worked at a can plant. Pallets falling happens all the time lol literally no big deal. Scrap em and make more. Half of the enormous Coors Can Plant is empty cans
Diablo 666 (9 days ago)
These people were the strongest sperms! And I see they saved the best for last! Haha someone give him back his helmet! 😂
The Ev1scerat0r (9 days ago)
0:36 that guy just knew he had to clean it all up
Patrick CH (9 days ago)
3:24 wtf was that
123 123 (10 days ago)
6:50 so she is the one sponsering all the smokes in the world i guess
Hrx SHUBH (10 days ago)
Me while urination = 4:01
Keaton Henke (11 days ago)
7:50 kinda an asshole thing to laugh at someone in trouble like that
Krzysztof Te bo RODO (12 days ago)
9:57 Fire form the pussy XD
Bryce Murphy (12 days ago)
They not only get a new pool but a new house
Robert Small (12 days ago)
6:27 not even this guys fault. Whoever designed this storage layout is at fault.
Riddles Incorporated (12 days ago)
Buddy with the ShopVac where the hose isn't connected is my spirit animal.
Zul Xpertz (12 days ago)
This is too painful to watch
Buttocks Separator (13 days ago)
"So, how's school going?" Me: 3:45
Adam Jack Flash (13 days ago)
6:54 Mutley?
naufalian tama (13 days ago)
9:48 🤣🤣🤣
Colin Childs (13 days ago)
Mean person laughing at the mail man losing all the mail
feebeejeebees (13 days ago)
6.50 CAREFUL !!!!!!!! If I was putting up that fence, I'd fucking hope she was on the other side.
Roronoa Zoro (14 days ago)
1:57 what should i say? NEVER WATCH YOUR STEP GET REKT
polzovatel ## (14 days ago)
666FRISAN (14 days ago)
Joonas F (14 days ago)
8:34 pp flowers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Big Holli (15 days ago)
Who ever stacked all those tubes on end line that was a fool lol
871copperhead (12 days ago)
pretty sure it was a setup
M. Harvey (16 days ago)
What is happening at 3:13
Zainuddin Zainol (16 days ago)
The scene guy drown at cement machine...so stupid his member...the joke can make him cant breathe...so stupid joke...dont think that bad injured can happen..
teabags2day (16 days ago)
The last guy lmao
a x e l (16 days ago)
me sharpening my pp 9:41
Derek Nippl-e (17 days ago)
What happens when you employ assholes.
adam gould (17 days ago)
Stupidity doesn't discriminate ! Omg using a vacuum to sweep that's next level stupid !
Sean McDonald (17 days ago)
Russia and India, endless sources of fun. . . . .
Tony England (17 days ago)
3:46 what the actual
Woody (18 days ago)
9:25 Idiots
Jeffrey McCarty (19 days ago)
9:46 she's getting those sparks on her box... nice
Vojtěch Eliáš (20 days ago)
3:13 this is very bad day at work...
the anymous (20 days ago)
This not should be funny dude it may cost their life. You should put better title
Daniel Rodriguez (20 days ago)
That's why I work alone,
Ya boi Neigal Taldiir (20 days ago)
This makes me feel better about being an absolute failure at everything I do
JR group Nation (20 days ago)
The first one was like the fire was raging because the guy Kept pouring oil on the grill and the fires like I’m big enough already ok
Abhi's Life (20 days ago)
6:50 From a human laugh to a dog bark till an engine noise!
Jay Tee Kay (20 days ago)
8:37 How I plan to fix my life
Preston Pierce (20 days ago)
My dad is an industrial safety hygienist. He would have a heart attack watching this.
Negaless 1 (20 days ago)
is OK free overtime lol ha.)
ATHUL KRISHNA (21 days ago)
8.38.... 😂malayali
Mike Casaburi (22 days ago)
And yet our global population somehow continues to grow....
Charisma Alexus (22 days ago)
I don’t see how some of these are funny tho. People are getting hurt like😳🤕
Marc Losier (22 days ago)
Always keep your eye on the brick...ouch!
Marc Losier (22 days ago)
The guy with the Shop-Vac was precious...general labor at it's finest.
JLB Minestine (22 days ago)
Marc Losier (22 days ago)
Honey...I burned the dinner...again....don't get up...the sprinklers will get it.
CrizF (23 days ago)
Time Limit (23 days ago)
No wonder that robots take our jobs...
Monica B (23 days ago)
8:45. Yup. Got it. Guys, this will do the trick.
RubberSideDown (23 days ago)
@5:42 you can see another truck the flipped while dumping
GeblohTube (23 days ago)
memek nya tahan panas njir 😈
Puspita Jaya (24 days ago)
there's no cameraman in every single clip in this video that try to help
Mike Casaburi (22 days ago)
A very disappointing truth
iwe timer (24 days ago)
0:44 isn't funny at all
BRATKO (24 days ago)
6:43 hahaaha
Tycho Tampoebolon (24 days ago)
There are some Netherlands video's in it
TheBozzPlaya (24 days ago)
😂😂😂Thank you my stomach hurts now
Aizat RahmanS (24 days ago)
Thre think tht wood frm groot hand? 🤦🏻‍♂️
Homer Simpson (24 days ago)
That truck carrying concrete block was dangerous, someone could’ve crushed to death
Suburban Railfanner (22 days ago)
Yeah cause half of the countries in the world apparently don’t know what a strap is
CHIGGS 58TH (24 days ago)
I've heard of "fire crotch," but that's just ridiculous.
FischPlayer HD (24 days ago)
More like near death compilation Jesus Christ...
Stephen Stefanou (24 days ago)
8:47 Very smart. Using a toothpick to support a loaded truck!
kings killer (24 days ago)
4:25 lol his ass doesn't has electricity.!!
Ghulam Sughra (25 days ago)
0:30 he is totally fired
boneless pizza (25 days ago)
2:48 the ceiljng her when she see your lit up sketchers
andrewszombie (25 days ago)
3:12 what was that? A firework?? 😂😂
John Armenta (25 days ago)
At 0:43 - That damned IKEA furniture!!
John Armenta (25 days ago)
Well, at least that guy at 0:34 has a big beautiful beard. 😂
General-Gaming Doe9de (25 days ago)
6:59 I've had this happen before
RevivRevalCHN (26 days ago)
3:14 what could possibly goes wrong.....wait...what?!!
wovenshanks ! (26 days ago)
NOO your fired!!! 3:47
Jimbo Jones (26 days ago)
PeePee Flowers
Drew Boucher (26 days ago)
People are dumb lol
Tallslimguy (27 days ago)
Stacking units should have been secured to the wall - sue the company for damages
preslav jankov (27 days ago)
Just not make same mistake twice
Peter Haoo (27 days ago)
Pure Dummheit
Джошуа волисын (27 days ago)
Some videos I watch that I either had dreams or visions of.
Dan Chamberlain (27 days ago)
3:50 is so weird