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Underground Rock House Construction

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Old photos taken during construction, construction tips, look at the finished rock walls inside, exterior views. A newer video of the Underground Rock House with no music and narrated by the builder exists on YouTube. https://youtu.be/CpCmZIvZ-Yk I started with a 40 foot wide 12 foot deep space between two natural rock walls and proceeded to dig down another 18 feet so it would be a two-story home. Poured in place concrete slab and beams form the ceiling and floors allowing the interior walls to remain natural, beautiful stone. All of the doors lead out to concrete pathways between other rock formations. This is a two-story underground rock and concrete house. The house utilizes existing rock bluffs as the walls. It is located on 80 acres of rural timber land. It was designed and built entirely by one person from$28,000. of savings. Construction began in 1975 and took 8 ½ years. These particular rock bluffs were chosen because of the location of a spring that could be used as a water source. A 3000 gallon spring-fed water cistern supplies water to the house and a 2000 gallon pool. No air conditioning is required. A wood-burning stove supplies heat during the winter. Water is supplied by gravity from a spring above the house. There is no water bill, no sewer bill, no gas bill, and this house has a smaller electric bill than most homes. Concrete walls were water proofed by placing a perforated drain pipe at the bottom of the outside trench. It was covered with gravel and rocks to above ground level to keep any water from ever touching the wall. No wall coating or covering of any kind was needed. The lower floor is waterproofed with perforated drain pipes located in the hand placed rocks beneath the lower concrete floor slab. There are drain openings filled with gravel at the floor edges adjoining the rock walls. Waterproofing the roof was accomplished by designing the concrete roof beams to slide on metal plates embedded in concrete supports. This design minimizes expansion/contraction cracking. The few cracks that developed during curing were sealed with less than one tube of clear silicone caulk. The roof was covered with two 6 mil black plastic sheets sandwiching 3 ½” of rigid foam insulation and topped with 1 ½” of concrete and then dirt. The roof still has no leaks after 34 years. The dimpled concrete ceiling was formed by placing gravel on homemade concrete forms, covering the gravel with a 6 mm black plastic sheet and pouring the concrete on top of that. The concrete forms and gravel were removed and the ceiling painted white. The music is a YouTube selection entitled "Mario Bava Sleeps in a Little Later Than He Expected To" by Chris Zabriskie. Here is a link to my previous "Underground Rock House" video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytlFx0EGsz4
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Roy Hayward (2 years ago)
Here is perhaps a better video of this earth-sheltered home. https://youtu.be/ytlFx0EGsz4 Here is a newer narrated version of this earth sheltered home. https://youtu.be/CpCmZIvZ-Yk
charlie brownau (5 months ago)
Looks like you are very lucky to find a block of land with huge amount of rock and stone
Alexandra Hall (1 year ago)
You get thousands of designsssss and styles of sheds! https://t.co/YSI7q2P4iX?CWe0UgNmqp4dg
WeAreNotAlone69 (2 years ago)
Roy, Great house... Haven't viewed the narrated version yet but it would be GREAT to hear ANY tips, your thoughts on design /build ideas you can think of based upon your experience! Oh, I see you annotate during the vid.. This REALLY helps those that are on a slow, or metered connection .. OR those that what to ARCHIVE the video to show to someone, OR review later ! (So many vids will ONLY put key details in the description box here on youtube about something in the vid.. and when you play back the archived copy the info just isn't there.) I mention this as my parents living in country are unable to watch "streaming" vids due to slow internet connection.. which as a double whammy has a limited bandwidth cap.. (ugh) Only way to watch a vid without horrendous stuttering which makes you just want to pull your hair out is to archive a copy.
Alin Man (3 days ago)
Amazing !!! I assume you put a lot of effort to have this done ! Isn't too cold because of the stone?
Roy Hayward (3 days ago)
good idea about making it smaller Alin Man. I probably should have done that too. I wish you good luck.
Alin Man (3 days ago)
@Roy Hayward Greetings from Romania, Europe. I'm thinking to do something similar but at a much smaller scale, like a 200 square foot. Sorry for my bad English, is not my native.
Roy Hayward (3 days ago)
All of the rocks moderate the temperature swings. Right now the house is comfortable inside while it is hot outside. thanks for the comment Alin Man.
richerDiLefto (11 days ago)
It’s gorgeous!
Roy Hayward (10 days ago)
thank you for saying so richerDiLefto.
gourmet cavewoman (1 month ago)
Amazing 👌🙌👌
Roy Hayward (1 month ago)
Thanks for the nice comment cavewoman.
Melody Sears (2 months ago)
Such an accomplishment simply Stunning beautiful
Roy Hayward (2 months ago)
You made my day! Thanks Melody.
Lance Baker (2 months ago)
End: "I hope you enjoyed the video." THERE WAS NO VIDEO. It was a bunch of still photos and not a word of narration !!!!!
Lance Baker (2 months ago)
THIS IS NOT A VIDEO. It is a series of still photos and music. SILENT MOVIES WENT OUT OF FASHION IN 1930 !!!!!! Learn to speak !!!! Learn to record video !!!!!!
Flying Potatoe (2 months ago)
Lance Baker Chill dude, it’s a youtube video. Don’t expect an oscar rewarded documentary for free on here
terry brady (2 months ago)
Why would I sit through the hole video befori know if it;s piece ifnshitmor nor.
Lance Baker (2 months ago)
ifnshitmor !!!! ifnshitmor !!!! ifnshitmor !!!!
J D (2 months ago)
The music is oddly amazing. Makes it seem very psychedelic.. like a real journey.
Lance Baker (2 months ago)
@Roy Hayward Let's all pat each other on the back and not admit that this is all CRAP !!!!!!
Roy Hayward (2 months ago)
Thanks for the comment J D.
Keys879 (2 months ago)
Alin Man (3 days ago)
@Lance Baker whats wrong with you dude? Are you frustrated or what? Fuck off
Keys879 (2 months ago)
@Lance Baker Learn to speak english.
Lance Baker (2 months ago)
Idiot. It is very credible. Nothing amazing here.
Roy Hayward (2 months ago)
Thanks Keys.
sipho ndebele (3 months ago)
Watch this video again from start, but this time make sure you turn off the sound. Play Louis Armstrong’ A KISS TO BUILD A DREAM ON. It gives you some perspective.❤️
Roy Hayward (3 months ago)
Thanks sipho ndebele. I like your suggestion about the music.
Jessica Hicking (3 months ago)
Wow. Impressive!!
Roy Hayward (3 months ago)
Thanks Jessica.
marisaande (3 months ago)
Amazing home amazing engineering nicely done and it's beautiful outside and inside very impressive amount of money spent is impressive as well but the fact that there's no need for any other costs no water bills, no nothing... that's amazing. Nice work.
Roy Hayward (3 months ago)
Thanks marisaande. You make better comments than I do. I watched your favorite Arizona cave house video and made a comment on it too.
Andrew Landrau (4 months ago)
This house is badass
Roy Hayward (4 months ago)
Thanks Andrew.
Lance Baker (4 months ago)
I hear no one speaking. This is a SILENT MOVIE. SILENT MOVIES went out of fashion in 1930!!!! Either learn how to speak or hire a friend who can speak!!!!
Shanda Twogood (4 months ago)
CRÈME BRÛLÈE LATTÉ (5 months ago)
This home will be around in 1000 years, beautiful, and ingenius build.
Roy Hayward (5 months ago)
Thanks for your complementary perceptions.Paranormal Blanket. I think that you may be right about the house being around still in 1000 years. I would imagine that it will have been remodeled and made over many times before it is finally done.
MR BOLEUS (5 months ago)
Hurricane: _I will rip off that roof_ Tornado: _I will suck out whole house_ Stone house: _Not today_ Putin: _Hold my vodka_
Roy Hayward (5 months ago)
You have got that right MR BOLEUS.
matox01tekk (5 months ago)
The ammount of determination one could only envy
Roy Hayward (5 months ago)
Thanks matox01tekk. Looking back, I think that it was mostly a matter of self esteem. Every Christmas I had to send cards to my family saying I was still building a underground house. Embarrassing! But I wasn’t giving up!
shirleeeyyy (5 months ago)
Watching this reminds me of my dad building our home out of lava rock by himself also in the early 70's. He is 83 now legaly blind, couple strokes and getting dementia. Your pictures could be his with that same look of determination. Thank you for posting. Filled my heart with pride
Roy Hayward (5 months ago)
You have made my day! Thank you shirleeeyyy.
shirleeeyyy (5 months ago)
​@Roy Hayward Thank you Mr. Hayward! The sharing of your hard work, attention to detail, planning and above all unflinching determination is embarrassedly, exactly what I needed to remind me, and never forget that men such as yourself and dad have earned a liftime of respect I can not thank you enough Sir.
Roy Hayward (5 months ago)
I can certainly appreciate what he did at approximately the same time I was building a home. And he did it when he was almost 10 years older than I was. Good luck to him and you shirleeeyyy
Dillan Kabetzke (5 months ago)
The mother of all underground homes.
Tim Johnson (5 months ago)
Amazing! I want that home.
Satan's Earlobe (6 months ago)
Amazing place. Jealous.
Roy Hayward (6 months ago)
I did take a lot of time to think things out. I had many successes but unfortunately anytime you experiment with something that is not tested and proven there will be failures. Hopefully, this video will point out to others what was successful and what failed. Backfilling behind the concrete walls with rocks or gravel was a great success even without waterproofing on the concrete walls. A pool in an underground house in a humid climate was a failure!
Satan's Earlobe (6 months ago)
Your place is pretty fabulous, and obviously, you took your time and did everything right.
Roy Hayward (6 months ago)
Thanks. Don’t be jealous! You can probably build something better and in less time with the help of all these YouTube videos.
Michael Woffindin (6 months ago)
Those were some short shorts! What a damn fine house though. I'd love to live there. It must be heaven in a rainstrom.
Roy Hayward (6 months ago)
I built a lot of the house during the summers without any shorts. I only put on all of those clothes when I had company. Thanks for the constructive comments Michael.
Wiking (6 months ago)
очень круто , молодец!!!!!!
A fine looking gentleman (6 months ago)
Super cool house
Roy Hayward (6 months ago)
Thanks to A fine looking gentleman.
joe woodchuck (6 months ago)
What a beautiful outcome for all the work done. I do have one point of security concern aside from the usual doors and windows. Theres one exterior stairway which has an empty space next to it. That empty space could be occupied by a 2 legged, 4 legged, or no legged creature and youd never know it coming down those stairs. Its hidden, protected, and available. May not seem like much, but ive simply always made it my business to watch for vulnerabilities. On the plus side the overall place is a virtual fortress, again aside from the doors and windows. You must be proud and happy to be there.
Roy Hayward (6 months ago)
You are right about all of those legged creatures Joe. I have seen them all on my cameras! Thanks for the good comments.
Christopher St.Pierre (6 months ago)
His ass hasn't healed since the last time he busted it. Nice work!!
Roy Hayward (6 months ago)
Actually, it was my back. Thanks for the comment Christopher.
Mike Brown (6 months ago)
Music is well chosen. Reminds me of the 70’s/80’s.👍🏼
Roy Hayward (6 months ago)
The music was probably chosen because it was the right length and free on YouTube. Thanks for the encouraging comment Mike.
ISYMFS (7 months ago)
This guy from Z planet
ace ventura (7 months ago)
Beast mode
Maximus Meridius (7 months ago)
Nice work.
Roy Hayward (7 months ago)
Thanks Maximus.
nightc1 (7 months ago)
Looked it up on an inflation calculator... $28,000 in 1978 is $181,211.12 in 2018 money. Granted this was spread over 8 years .. but still... the $28K could easily be taken out of context if someone doesn't realize what this was back then.
Roy Hayward (7 months ago)
That is interesting. Thanks for looking it up nightc1. I made all that money by working in a mine. I was getting a little over eight dollars an hour before taxes. That was really good wages for me! Quite a step up from the $.25 and $.50 an hour I started out with a long time ago! This country has had inflation our whole lives. Most people will probably realize that and take it into consideration.
D.C.J. News Media (7 months ago)
Roy Hayward (7 months ago)
You’re welcome.
radarlove007 (7 months ago)
Roy your house is amazing. Unlike my house and most other stick frame houses they will rot down, burn down or be blown away by the weather over time. Your house will still be there many many years if not centuries from now. In 1995 I wanted a cement dome built. I'm disabled and couldn't do it and couldn't find anyone in my area to do it so I went stick frame and have regretted it ever since. Especially when I pay the home owner's insurance every year or when we have sever weather. Congrats on a beautiful secure home!
Roy Hayward (7 months ago)
Back in the 1970s when I was designing this house, I also considered a concrete dome.This site seems to work better this way with this roof. Thanks for the comments radarlove007.
Roberta Spence (7 months ago)
I'm in love wow how beautiful
Roy Hayward (7 months ago)
Me too! Thanks for commenting Roberta.
Stanley McCloy (7 months ago)
That is a gorgeous home in a gorgeous setting. But 8 yrs. of hard labor building it! Just thinking about that makes me feel like going back to bed. I admire the builder for his perseverance.
Roy Hayward (7 months ago)
Of course, I agree Stanley. Thanks for the comment. I think that I deserve a nap now!
Xmonders (7 months ago)
Impressive skills and what a achievement for this project 👍
Roy Hayward (7 months ago)
Thanks Xmonders.
Jose Williams (7 months ago)
WOW! What an incredible feat, and what a lovely place to live. You are a rare breed. Thanks for sharing a brief overview of the journey you undertook to make your home. I wish I had your abilities. Take care Ignore Russ' comment, I happen to enjoy the music as well as the video.
Roy Hayward (7 months ago)
Thanks Jose. I appreciate your kind words.
Geonidas (7 months ago)
Roy Hayward (7 months ago)
Thanks George.
Leonel Oyervidez (7 months ago)
Roy Hayward (7 months ago)
Thanks Leonel.
tim millan (7 months ago)
fine accomplishment
Roy Hayward (7 months ago)
Thanks Tim.
ImNotMad ButUR (7 months ago)
This is the best house on the planet! Oh, to be young again, back in those same exact years. What a home, you built a superb castle home! You worked yourself to death almost. I bet. That’s hard work. HARD work! Worth every minute too, isn’t it. I’m not jealous, not my nature, oh but how I’d love something like that, beautiful! Congrats!!
Roy Hayward (7 months ago)
Thanks for all of your erudite comments ImNotMad ButUR.
Dan az (8 months ago)
That's determination, you must be part pitbull. Hope you enjoy it because after that much work you can spend the rest of your life in comfort and never have to try that again. Congrats.
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
You’re right! I am determined not to try that again. Thanks for your comments Dan.
jlpmoose (8 months ago)
A dream
James Mic (8 months ago)
How much if you want to sell?
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
The video was the free tour. I have very little incentive to sell now. Thanks for your interest James.
James Mic (8 months ago)
@Roy Hayward hard to say it's a bute. Plus I haven't had a tour. Location?
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
Hi James. How much would you offer?
Sara Lindley (8 months ago)
Amazing! I Wish I had your stamina.
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
Persistence might be the better word. I don’t know how many times I hit the wall in the middle of the afternoon and had to lay down and read or plan for the rest of the day. It was as bad as any marathon that I have run! Thanks for the comment Sara.
Alandala (8 months ago)
Can't imagine how cold is in there!
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
The wood-burning stove keeps the house comfortable in the middle of the winter. I have gone through winters without firing up the stove by wearing insulated coveralls all the time. It is very comfortable with no air-conditioning during the summer. Thanks for your comment Alandala.
r Andrew (8 months ago)
Wow, what an incredible amount of work and an amazing result!
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
Just having the experience by itself was worth it. Thanks for the comment r Andrew.
Valadia Kristoffersen (8 months ago)
Gorgeous!! Absolutely beautiful!!
murph murph (8 months ago)
That house is rock solid,
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
That rocks murph.
Kathleen Kilroy (8 months ago)
Really beautiful work. I love cut stone and woodwork. I enjoy the more natural beauty of it.
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
Thank you Kathleen. I love the natural beauty of stone also. I like the wood too but I am sure the stone will last much longer.
Christal Pink (8 months ago)
Totally amazing.
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
Thanks Helen.
MrJesseh24 (8 months ago)
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
Thanks MrJesseh24.
Pastor Paul D (8 months ago)
What’s incredible is that someone saw this location and had envisioned this as a great place to create a special place then said this will be a wonderful place to build a house. Now I can’t see that in these pictures and to me that is incredible that someone had that vision. This is what makes us humans different from the animals, we have the mind of God we can create. SoGet into your Bible and studying it’s not a book it is a survival book for your soul go to Sheppards Chapel.com and you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about God plus it will make sense to you and all of the fairytale garbage religious crap will be a eliminated , from your mind forever because it’s not true. God is NOT the author of confusion. This man is like a self made Franklin Loyd Wright. A very smart and gifted couple with a vision.
Sleeping Lion (8 months ago)
Pastor Paul D yeah. We have intelligence. In other words, we " know".
The Hark (8 months ago)
ImNotMad ButUR (7 months ago)
There’s photos of how things moved along, if you look you can see how this or that was done, how he made things work.
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
Here is a narrated version of the same house: https://youtu.be/CpCmZIvZ-Yk I hope that it is more illuminating. Thanks for watching and commenting.
Lenny M (8 months ago)
You must have slept like rock while building it...
ImNotMad ButUR (7 months ago)
Roy Hayward Do you listen to that song - ?Bob Seger, “Like A Rock?”
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
It felt like I was between a rock and a hard place! Thanks for watching and commenting Lenny.
Sirios Star (8 months ago)
Now THAT house is unique , totally cool AND i LOVE it!!! Ok, not very descriptive ,but i was so excited to see raw creativity at work that i can't bring words to it.
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
You have made my day better. Thanks for the nice comment Sirios.
anthony bautovic (8 months ago)
I love how it was done all by one person , somethings were not my taste but in saying that it was done to their taste and was done amazing . Very inspiring
ImNotMad ButUR (7 months ago)
No one ever builds anything and is happy with it completely. Just that human thing. Normal.
anthony bautovic (8 months ago)
No thank you for sharing your journey
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
If I were to build it again, I would probably change it myself. As a matter of fact, I constantly changed my mind about things while I was building it. Thanks for your comment anthony.
D_BEAUX 78 (8 months ago)
Pretty sweet. Needs a garage now.! :-):-)
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
I like YouTube!
D_BEAUX 78 (8 months ago)
@Roy Hayward imagine that huh..?! Pretty interesting. Cool stuff.
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
Thanks for the nice comment D_BEAUX 78. I agree about needing a garage. Funny thing is that YouTube popped up an auto play video for pouring concrete for a garage - next in line.
Jose Benitez (8 months ago)
A few things about anyone finding one of these relics and for those enamored by the thought of building, acquiring and owning an Earth Structure. This was a very needed and necessary development step into and arriving at what we now know as Earthships. Firstly, located a copy, out of print, "The Use of Earth Covered Buildings" by the Government Printing Office (GPO). It is absolutely invaluable and covers so much! Try Amazon. Secondly, many of these structures were engineered and loving built like fortresses. Be fore warned, redesigning and retrofitting is going to be a BEAR in these structures. Thirdly, these structures suffer from two fatal flaws. 1. Waterproofing failures - membranes, asphalt sealers, drainage systems and fields. 2. Ventilation - the creation of mold and mildew spores. These attack the respiratory system and anyone with a compromised immune system. Finally, it would be my suggestion to see if a conversion may be possible to an Earthship. One last reminder. In many cases you may find that extensive earthwork and expense in the removal of earth, membranes, sealers and stone drainage WILL be required to get at it and will need to be replaced. Good luck trying to punch holes through walls and slabs. All the Best.
16V (8 months ago)
Jose, meh. "Earthships" which you are obviously a rabid fanboi of, have their own set of limitations, and if built in similar environs as the above captioned home, have new sets of issues arise, which you are either unaware of, or ignore. Earthships are good for desert environs, and that's about it. They run into much bigger problems with water ingress, ventilation and the like when put in a place that has actual precipitation. Bottom line, different solution sets for different needs and locales. Anyone considering any type of housing unit would do well to actually understand what they're getting in to.
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
Thanks for the informative discourse Jose. If your publication had been around when I was designing this home, I would have certainly been reading it. I think that I managed to address most if not all of your points of interest very well with this structure.
4DNBLOVE Lyfe (8 months ago)
ImNotMad ButUR (7 months ago)
Roy Hayward That’d be nice!
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
Thanks. I am considering making a 360° video next year. 4DNBLOVE Lyfe
X. Y. (8 months ago)
Coop design
Roy Hayward (8 months ago)
“Cool design”? Thanks X. Y.
Kingsley Knoxlar (8 months ago)
95% of photos are of grey building. 5% of photos is of 'what it looks like inside'.
Kingsley Knoxlar (8 months ago)
95% of photos are of grey building. 5% of photos is of 'what it looks like inside'.
Pat Uskert (9 months ago)
Just amazing. Imagine if all of humanity could live with nature like this. The standard practices of architecture today just seem a dead end.
Pat Uskert (8 months ago)
@Matthew Lawton just a thought - we have the technology and know-how to turn deserts into lush forest if we choose. I live in Southern California, and when I drive East it is just hours and hours of harsh desert. There is actually plenty of room but humanity prefers to create huge congested overpopulated cities like Los Angeles. In a fantasy world, maybe we could spread ourselves out and live more harmoniously with nature. But that's just a fantasy. perhaps you are right: we CANT do that. Not yet anyway. Maybe some day.
Pat Uskert (8 months ago)
@dugclrk If we are lucky, humanity might evolve into a better paradigm involving better architecture like this. Until that happens, we will continue to live selfishly, grabbing what we can, and as you mention, corporations and developers planning housing for maximum profit, not maximum humanity and nature.
dugclrk (8 months ago)
Modern architecture is designed to pack the most people into the lest amount of space at the lowest cost possible. I've seen 40 unit apartments go up in under two months once the foundation was done. Some people like that sort of thing I guess. For me that's just no way to live.
Roy Hayward (9 months ago)
It does seem that way sometimes. Thanks for the comment Pat.
p s (9 months ago)
Fine example of a MAN CAVE!
ImNotMad ButUR (7 months ago)
Boo-yaaa. That’s it. That’s the comment!
Roy Hayward (9 months ago)
Right on target p s.
IshKa BibbleBaby (9 months ago)
For sale?
IshKa BibbleBaby (9 months ago)
Roy, you've been there for a long time. Are you looking to sell? Here is my e-mail. Please send me some info. IshKaBibbleBaby@hotmail.com or you can send me your contact info. I'd be honored to chat with you. Kindest regards.
Roy Hayward (9 months ago)
What are you offering IshKa BibbleBaby?
Suzie Paris (10 months ago)
Roy Hayward (10 months ago)
Thanks Suzie.
XcanaryinacoalmineX (10 months ago)
Totally awe inspiring. Amazing and wow. :)
Roy Hayward (10 months ago)
Thank you XcanaryinacoalmineX.
Farid Gh (10 months ago)
Truly an awesome piece of art
Roy Hayward (10 months ago)
Thank you for saying that Farid.
Cindy Fuller (10 months ago)
A real work of love. Beautiful!!
Roy Hayward (10 months ago)
Thank you Cindy. You make me feel good.
Charles Price (11 months ago)
A reason for the word awesome.
ImNotMad ButUR (7 months ago)
I’m 63 and can’t even start. (Yeah, I didn’t ride a boy’s bicycle) but always was a tomboy. Learned a bit about a dozier though.
Roy Hayward (11 months ago)
I like your analogy Charles. Keep on keeping on.
Charles Price (11 months ago)
I hear that. I'm 67 and still working on a house, which I'd be lost if I weren't. Each of mine has been a labor of love. But I have to do it slower. The advantage of age and experience is holistic vision. All you only have to do is look at it to know what to do to it, no plans necessary. The disadvantage is you never accomplish as much in a day as you think you will. It's like opening a present while trying to save the paper it came in.
Roy Hayward (11 months ago)
You are right Charles. I am in my 70s now and still constructing. I am even slower now, but still going. Thanks for your comments.
Charles Price (11 months ago)
Looks like my kind of project... "I know it looks crazy. Don't ask why. Just keep moving rocks. I've got and idea!" After projects of such magnitude you have to come up with the next one. A guy like him doesn't just sit there under ground meditating.
Federico Villanueva (1 year ago)
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 thanks for sharing this inspirational video that's the plan we have an is good to know that some people already did it 😅 a lot of work but beautiful results congratulations and thanks again
Federico Villanueva (1 year ago)
Thank you
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
I hope that you don’t take as long to complete it as I did. Good luck Federico
Federico Villanueva (1 year ago)
Thanks we are going to start in January this coming year
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
Thanks Federico. Good luck on all of your endeavors.
Amber Conner (1 year ago)
That is absolutely the most beautiful home I've seen. Amazing video.
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
Thanks Amber.
Jonathan Norris (1 year ago)
I wonder how this would work in lava rock
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
If you survive it, would you let me know how it went Jonathan?
loveisnow2 (1 year ago)
With earth changes and as many earthquakes today, do you worry about it at all?
Jonathan Norris (1 year ago)
Roy Hayward  HAHA. you said "rock solid"
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
I don’t worry about earthquakes at all. This house is rock solid and the roof is designed to slide back and forth almost 3 feet. I did notice one small earthquake due to the fact that everything around me was rock or concrete and yet it moved a slight amount. If the house was conventional I would have thought that it was something else. The newspaper verified later that we had a slight earthquake at that time. Thanks for the comment loveisnow2.
Ruthanna Cashell (1 year ago)
Out of all the houses this is somethin else. Great job no footprint all natural cant beat it.
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
Thanks for the nice comments Ruthanna.
Kevin McCaleb (1 year ago)
This house is perfect! This house would be a dream come true to own, for me
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
Thanks for the comment Kevin. This was one of my dreams which came true.
Stephen Marcus (1 year ago)
Amazing house! Damn you were in awesome shape! Must be great in winter
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
Thanks for the compliments Stephen. The House is better in the summer. It is very comfortable now in August even when it is so hot outside. No air-conditioner! Two portable dehumidifiers make the humidity perfect.I can survive through the winter wearing enough clothing without a fire in the stove which does make it comfortable.
Douglas Mayhew (1 year ago)
What a wonderful home to build
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
Thanks for the great start to my day with your comment Douglas.
Guust (1 year ago)
This must be Prepper Number #1...
Noa Yarnell (1 year ago)
Minecraft 101: building a mountain base
Michael Claugherty (1 year ago)
That is one of the nicest home I have ever seen
Kerry Burke (1 year ago)
That is an amazing piece of construction. The engineering alone is just astounding and it looks incredible. You are to be congratulated and then some.
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
Thank you for making my day better Kerry.
Chtis Ponytail (1 year ago)
Wow ! Speechless !! I want one !! (: 👍 👍 !!
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
Thanks Chtis Ponytail.
Shhhmint ! (1 year ago)
Ill colonize this castle in 10 years
Rey Adam (1 year ago)
respect this guy.. 💪👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Daniel (1 year ago)
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
Thanks Daniel.
jault69 (1 year ago)
Awesome job!
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
Thanks jault69.
Cam Diggity (1 year ago)
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
I’m flattered that you feel inspired. Thanks for the comment Cam Diggity.
Bartolomeo J. Simpson (1 year ago)
Wow, I cannot believe it. Eight fuxking years of his life, probably his biggest achievement, biggest proud, all the experience gained and totally deserved.
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching and commenting Go Banano.
jakleen therocklady (1 year ago)
im having to go at it ass backwards, im moving in rock to face my house on the outside, im even facing the walls of the basement and using a wonderful smooth granite i found local for flooring. its smooth like man made tile.
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
Sounds great! I hope that the rock on the floor isn't slippery. Thanks for commenting jakleen.
Erich der blaue (1 year ago)
Very Good!!! Perfekt
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
Thancs Kali.
Paulina De Luca (1 year ago)
Could have survived without the shitty music, besides that, this house is sooooooo fuckin cooooool!
ImNotMad ButUR (7 months ago)
There’s a volume button, bud. Goes aaaaaalll the way to mute.
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
Thanks for your uplifting comment Steffen.
Steffen Bryde (1 year ago)
Loved the music! Thanks for the video, awesome house indeed!
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
Thanks Mike. Here is a link to another version of this video without the music. https://youtu.be/CpCmZIvZ-Yk
good luck (1 year ago)
Cool pad
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
Thanks John.
Chad Kennedy (1 year ago)
Fricken awesome!
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
Thanks Chad.
Seesooki0pi (1 year ago)
Have to watch it again! I'm absolutely captivated! Can I please come visit and talk over those build plans??
Seesooki0pi (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for your informative reply, Roy!! I appreciate learning from you! I will definitely post on YT when that day comes!! Until then, I'll keep learning, dreaming and planning :-)))
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
Hi Seesooki0pi, The house is located in the south central united states. The house windows are oriented south but not enough to offer much passive solar heating. The rock is hard Sandstone. The air vent under the pool did not work because it took four days for the hot air from my Wood barrel stove to warm up the upstairs. The pool water was nice and warm at that point but not as important to me as warming the house. There are easier and cheaper ways to air-condition the house. Earth Tubes may have worked. The notched timbers were used to support the concrete forms. I lived on site. First in a tent, then in a small travel trailer, then in the downstairs part of the house while I built upstairs. I used ready mix concrete for the big sections of walls and upper floor and roof. I used an electric mixer for the smaller sections and the lower floor. Well house sits between two rock bluffs with almost 3 walls of the house formed by the existing rock. Water percolates through the rock on one wall only. I drain it with funnels disguised as planters and drain it down and out of the house. There is no vapor barrier between the rock and the concrete because on the leaky rock side is left open except for Gravel to drain water under the floor and out of the house. The concrete is holding up well. I used a six sack mix with lots of air entrainment. Yes, fixing the water quality was as simple as allowing air on top of the spring cistern. If I had it to do again, I would have gotten a helper to speed the process up dramatically and make it a lot easier. I think that you are going to build something really great. I hope that you post it on YouTube.
Seesooki0pi (1 year ago)
Hi Roy! I have some experience with site specific building and building large art installations, but am always hungry for more. I especially enjoy hearing the lessons learned and how efficiencies were mastered. And watching the techniques used by others will help me greatly when I'm ready to build a berm/Earthship style home. If you don't mind, I have some questions for you: What region of the US are you in? Which direction is your house oriented? Do you take advantage of passive heating and cooling? Is that basalt rock? What are the temperature differences inside your house compared to highs and lows outside? Why did the air vent under the pool not work? Did you cap it or fix the issue when you discovered it was causing too much humidity in your house? Would you have achieved the cooling effect you were looking for if you had installed "Earth tubes" instead? What were the notched timbers used for? Did you live onsite during the build? Did you make the concrete manually or in some kind of a mixer? I'm a little puzzled about the walls - your house sits between two rock bluffs, right? How does water from percolating rain not flow down the walls inside the house? Why did you choose not to use a vapor barrier between the rock and the concrete? Have you noticed any erosion on the concrete? Was fixing the water quality as simple as installing an air access on top of the spring? Is your cistern under the house? What were some things you wish you had known ahead of time that you can impart to future builders? I am so grateful to see your house and your journey through building it! Your home, and your story is an inspiration to me!!! Thank you for sharing!!
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
It appears that you have done quite a bit of studying and probably already know a lot about what you want to build. If you have any specific ideas that you would like to bounce off me, I am here for you. Obviously, my building plans for this house were specific to this particular site. It was good hearing from you Seesooki0pi.
Charles and Heather Wade (1 year ago)
Roy Hayward (1 year ago)
thanks Charles.