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USPS vs FedEx vs UPS Delivery Issues

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Having some trouble with your deliveries? Join the club!
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Lisa Dasher (6 months ago)
and if your shit is broken it's the employees that's breaking your shit because I've seen unloaders just throw y'all shit so it's not the driver's fault so stop blaming the driver's
Lisa Dasher (6 months ago)
I work at FedEx I'm a sorter so don't blame us blame the driver's because they load their own trucks and if the unloaders don't unload the trucks right it's not the driver's fault
bryan hippler (9 months ago)
go play with your dolls bitch and ups is the best
Zo6LS7427 (10 months ago)
UPS trucks are loaded early in the morning by warehouse employees. I'd say 99% of the time the package was already damaged before the driver even touches the package.
Open By Chance (10 months ago)
Very likely that's what happens. The boxes are crushed in the trailers, or on the conveyor belts.
Novaximus (1 year ago)
The USPS scanners at that time didn't have that kind of tech. Now they do. They use the same ones UPS and FedEx use. They are equipped with GPS and uploads back to the office like 4 times a second. You have to keep in mind that the USPS is a MUCH much bigger outfit than UPS and FedEx. It's very costly and harder for them to upgrade across the board. Demand has been crazy over the last decade. It wasn't long ago most people would say "allow 4 to 6 weeks for S&H" Now, it's like....my computer says it'll be here on the 14th. It better be there exactly then!!! grrrr lol There's a bigger problem on the rise however. Amazon is using 3rd party shippers. Laser Ship in particular is HORRIBLE. Most assume it's the USPS when those guys mess up their stuff. And now Amazon is hiring any old joe like an uber driver to deliver stuff. It's called Amazon Flex.
Johnny Future (1 year ago)
Wow. I know exactly where you are coming from and how you feel. But it is the exact opposite with me.....I dont trust the USPS AT ALL, because I can count on both hands how many packages have not been delivered in the past 3 years. I use the USPS to ship out, but it's the cost that drives to that direction. I also dont get mail at my residence, I pick up all mail from the USPS....dont really have a choice there because of residence mail theft. Alot of variables I use depending on what I am doing. Anyway, Do you have videos older than these? I see a Thrift Stores gone wild pt 3 video right after this one, but where is pt2 and pt1? I see nothing older than 3 years....
Open By Chance (1 year ago)
Some of the videos have disappeared, not sure what happened. The most recent one we did was the "Problem with Modern Thrift Stores" a couple weeks ago.
Toua Xiong (1 year ago)
i work for fedex, and i can tell you It has nothing to do with UPS fedex or USPS, it comes down to whos running your route. are they new? or just covering for whoever is on vacation or sick or they just suck and don't care much for your package when they load it.
Theonlineclan AJ (1 year ago)
im having problems... i bought 2 iphone 7 pluses, one for my dad, one for me, and they sent it to the wrong place and they never gave it back to me
Gene Havermann (2 years ago)
what the F? KEEP SCREWIN WITH ME been the last three packages. for ten years no problem delivering to P.O. BOX. they drop off in veneta oregon, and transfer to Elmira Oregon by USPS mail transfer. the "customer service agent in Philippines says they don't deliver to P.O. ! f- - -in people get your foreign heads out of your asses. corporate UPS BETTER KILL THIS B.S. WITH NON US BASED CALL CENTERS.
The Amchair Philosopher (4 years ago)
The problem with FedEx and UPS is that they pay a low salary for the loaders, unloaders, and anything related into doing the physical labor of getting the package from the unloading of the truck and placing it in another truck/van/ vehicle, etc. to ship it off to the customer into the destination vehicle to deliver the package. Really they should be paying at least $15/hour (up to $20+/hour for the experience employees) an hour minimum for the job, so they can ensure they get a better quality of employees, and to keep them. This should be included even for the part time workers, as this is the biggest demand. Just by doing this simple thing, it would increase proficiency by a great deal, such as employees would stack better, faster, unload better, reduction in lost packages, etc. What they do now is to continually cycle through employees like crazy, and most are either unable to do the job due to the physical requirement, or the ones who can do the job leave the company efficiently, because they are being paid very little. Benefits should also increase to enable a greater incentive for the employees to stay.  They feel as if paying less will increase profit, but the extra pay would increase the profit more in the long run, as packages are delivered in a more successful rate. Of course once you get further into the union the pay goes up, and it becomes more competitive. Next, they need to find a way to increase the amount of the workers in the physical part to the maximum amount possible. As it is now, the employees in packaging are over worked, and they have to cut quality for quantity. There should be at least double the number of workers in the aspects of physical labor to get the package from the vehicle that drops of the package, to the one that delivers it to the customer.  This would decrease the rushing, which would help increase the productivity of the company in requires to ensuring a package is not lost, and damaged when delivered properly. The only problem is they can really never have too many employees as there is always a large demand, but this would help fit the demand more. As for every other aspect of these companies they do a good job, although they should increase the number of vehicles, and to utilize technology to help a better service, such as calling a customer when they are close, or even to send an automated text to a cell phone saying the package is within a short distance from being delivered, and enough time to prepare to receive the package at their house or home. This should also require a time window of 1-4 hours max of when the package is going to be delivered that is selected when you setup a shipment with them. This would decrease the number of wasting the time to go to a resident location, and nobody is there. With all of this stated, there is no reason why UPS or FedEx should not be used over USPS, excluding small packages, as UPS or FedEx has a better advantage, but they refuse to fix these core issues.
AS Salazar (5 months ago)
And then we have customer service foreign call centers We are paid $2.33 per HOUR
Shawn Miller (2 years ago)
Kev Zen frist of all, very physical job, but you can get over 20 dollars a hour at ups as unloader/loader, free benefits, health insurance/ Dental/vision, nothing comes out of your pay, up to 8 weeks paid vacation and about 3 to 5 option weeks, if you drive same applies, but after 4 years you top out at 37 dollars a hr, i was unloader now driving..
Isis Kitsune (4 years ago)
I'm sorry you've had the worst luck with the available shipping companies, but I refuse to use USPS because they have no backup. They've lost 2 items of mine (one of which was sent straight to an office near me for pick up and they same day returned it and I had to shake a hell of a lot of trees to get them to track it and bring it back; it took 3 months before it just showed up without reason) and the other was lost in the abyss somewhere. I've never had either fedex or ups do that. And with the exception of one package that looked like it got stuck in the lines they use to load the trucks I've had no major package bang ups. I think that has to due with your delivery area size too though. Hope you have better luck in the future
This Is C-Money! (5 years ago)
I have best luck with Fed-Ex they are quicker and cheaper but the workers are extremely rushed, UPS is slow and not cost effective, USPS is good unless a package gets lost as you said
Open By Chance (5 years ago)
Some of those guys are pressed really hard. Its rough, especially around the holidays.