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The Future of the Movie Experience: AMC vs. MoviePass | Fortt Knox

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Category: News & Politics
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Text Comments (18)
L H (7 days ago)
I am a moviepass member and it is way more flexible than AMC stub A-List. Not all people are close to an AMC theater chain. General public will benefit more from moviepass.
cogen651 (7 days ago)
AMC is dumb, let movie pass get the subscribers, because with movie pass people can go to all movie theaters. AMC is going to lose, no doubt. Movie pass will survive once the base expands besides Movie pass is making money in other ways, it's just a matter of time. Think about this why would I buy AMC pass, when I can have movie pass, GO to any theater plus get AMC premiere for 12 dollars a year if I want and get the benefits.
Ben D (8 days ago)
good stuff - lot of great info
Diego Iglesias (8 days ago)
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purplefreak3 (8 days ago)
AMC the only theater I go to anyways mainly cause it the dominate chain in my area but also if I'm going to the movies it going to be a IMAX or Dolby viewing which moviepass doesn't provide which AMC does so AMC with their a-list is clear winner there for me.
ineedsomecompetition (9 days ago)
MOVIE PASS is a slow burn that will ignite into raging inferno. MARK>MY>WORDS.......Buy shares in HMNY......Parent company of MOVIE PASS. You won't get rich quick, but you WILL get rich slow. Better than NOT rich at all.
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Simon Halabi (9 days ago)
Nice job Adam, laughing at your customers paying overprice, great CEO charisma.