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GOPRO DRONE!!! Karma flying in NYC

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Text Comments (9867)
Max SMoke (3 hours ago)
This guy is one rich hipster! $$$$
ATHaz Games (9 hours ago)
my drone on my channel is so much better
Wade K Carlton (10 hours ago)
how does one go about flying a boosted board?
thegametesterman (17 hours ago)
God flying a boosted board, I had no idea they could do that! 😂
Kluivert Menezes (17 hours ago)
Would you like to give away your broken drones :-)
Kluivert Menezes (17 hours ago)
Would you like to give away your broken drones??
baddog23ify (22 hours ago)
I never got why people liked drones until I watched this, it's actually really cool and I love the shots your getting tbh I get the trend now
aeo719 (1 day ago)
👍 cool video as usual
DarthSmartt (1 day ago)
Good but... Then the mavic came out.
Jason Phillips (1 day ago)
Dude you are the Shit! That's in a good way if you don't know! Good Job OG!
coffee mates (1 day ago)
thats very brave, forst attempt, tried above water
Bill Jonh (1 day ago)
Do you always wear those sunglasses
Gamer 007 (1 day ago)
hey you have so many drones and gopros can you give me one
Lukas Grooms (1 day ago)
Sten van Maanen (2 days ago)
I need thaaat
eab211 (2 days ago)
stop throwing your stuff dude!
Luca Rednic (3 days ago)
You copy Mr Steele's music
New Skool (4 days ago)
We NEVER saw the drone flying back to actually LAND!!! Whoopsie Casey!!! Another One Bites The Dust! (did you have to pay GoPro for that drone after you sorta - lost it uptown?)
Jesus elyi (4 days ago)
Para comprar el kit del dron karma, usted podría ayudarme ? Ya que la página dice "próximamente"
טל לוי (5 days ago)
cool and cheap drone Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/172541048261
Smil3yDude89 (5 days ago)
casey ur a legend
Logan P (5 days ago)
the inspire had the osmo too
Onil Rodriguez (5 days ago)
Anybody knows the name of the Blue drone he took out of his backpack?
Brian Wood (5 days ago)
Do you need a special license to fly a drone in NYC? i thought it was illegal?
Backyard (5 days ago)
when is he going to get lost his canon because someone is stoling it :OO
James Ferrell (6 days ago)
I like how he treats his thousand dollar items like crap and just lets them slam to the ground
thejokerceso (6 days ago)
Warriors, come out to play yaaay!!
Zayd Abujad (6 days ago)
Hamdanzulfa Rais (7 days ago)
brah what you ride on the street?
Infect This (8 days ago)
Who thought it meaned like he had karma for flying in NYC
Coby Boczek (8 days ago)
Also copies mr. steele music.
Coby Boczek (8 days ago)
Love how you review only the worst drones.
Marek Kremen (8 days ago)
who are you?
Random ass Named asshole (8 days ago)
2:30 hey casey if it's too much trouble i'll take it off your hands for free :)
HerkimerSnerd (9 days ago)
The Karma wishes it was a Mavic Pro.
Yasuo L'incurvé (9 days ago)
When you bought this karma they give à GoPro camera ? O.O
Samy Mouawad (9 days ago)
I think the design of the drone looks to plasticky and toyish
eric mccracken (10 days ago)
i would crash that way to quick
Jackson Luck (10 days ago)
Wait what is this vlog about again??
gianni Giordano (11 days ago)
i want one of the phantom 4 that is broken!!! i only have a mini drone
haydon collier (12 days ago)
Did the GoPro come with the drone
haydon collier (12 days ago)
If you have any broken drone or cameras I would like to have it if you don't use it
Mathew McKenzieGarand (12 days ago)
wat a mem
Mathew McKenzieGarand (12 days ago)
Jerry Shepherd (12 days ago)
ok dude , im buying a drone very soon , which one gives the best photo , graphic quality attached to the top drone?? the Gopro or the Majic pro 4
Epit Rahim (13 days ago)
u got a fuckin nice studio... shit... i like
SCPF Official Roblox (13 days ago)
Now we look back at this and realise that this drone now is claimed to be a piece of shit after it got pulled off the shelves
VARDAAN (14 days ago)
who else laughed when he knocked down the white done of the table at 5:49
David Vargas-Chacón (14 days ago)
Dude!!!!! Where the hell did you get that Cacique bottle??? (National hard liquor from Costa Rica). Have you been here? Love your vblog, man. Pura vida, Casey. David from Alajuela.
Chuckie Waitt (14 days ago)
5:49 No wonder why this clumsy fuck has 7 broken drones.
Chuckie Waitt (14 days ago)
How can you afford to be so careless with your drones, that you have over 7 broken ones? Either you have to be really unlucky or really fucking stupid to break 7 >$1000 drones. I'm going to go with the latter.
abhishek samuel (14 days ago)
you are acting like an idiot :-P
Roy Slapped (15 days ago)
It's kind of annoying how you throw your stuff around and don't really care about these expensive things you buy or people send you.
Light House (16 days ago)
怡梁姜 (16 days ago)
can this thing change the angle (I mean keep looking at the same spot while flying by) of its camera while flying?
someguywholikesmusic (17 days ago)
Does anybody know the song that begins at 10:00?
Grapez (17 days ago)
karma i s so much more than a drone, its a failure drone
Sachin Tribhuwan (17 days ago)
9:04 He is not afraid that it will fall. Classic Casey.
marcos Vinicius (18 days ago)
Cara me da um drone desses do cemitério!!!
Ryan Powell (19 days ago)
damn your hard on shit...damn bull in a china shop...
a aaa (19 days ago)
Do a a comparison between GoPro drone and the maverick drone
T FromKBlock (20 days ago)
Casually drops a $1200 drone without the slightest of care 😭
Joe Mckirdy (20 days ago)
So baller taking a prototype over water on first try.
Fahed Ali (20 days ago)
who else clicked this because the title said Karma?`
Basket Guy (21 days ago)
If you sub to me then i will sub back!!!
Arthur (21 days ago)
5:48 rip
wot (22 days ago)
why is Casey saying that the karma is a good drone when every other youtube is saying that it is a piece of shit
Steven götze (23 days ago)
Bist nen cooler Typ. Und eine hammer drohne. Aber ein normaler sterblicher kann sie sich nicht leisten.
Pietro Mancini (23 days ago)
pig good
RafaCreeper 72 (23 days ago)
5:50 , *shit* (just in case: Rest In Pieces Drone)
Roger Dodger (23 days ago)
check out my mavic pro videos and subscribe for more please ;)
The Traveler (23 days ago)
i love this man.. haha he's careless
Cameron Crawford (24 days ago)
Can you correct the footage so it looks more cinematic and crisp?
Zdenek Tovara (24 days ago)
Please whats is the name of the song that starts at 9.03??
4kvideosare Clear (24 days ago)
Lizzie Kidwell (24 days ago)
Oh my gosh. I need one.
Pratap Shrestha (25 days ago)
hey myan is tht ur shop or wht??
Joshua Kelly (25 days ago)
Enforce either swing technique move pitch for aggressive hook.
Djo Mac (25 days ago)
sale pourri gate qui prend ta soins du materiel chere
Noel Pastor (25 days ago)
wow!! i was dreaming to get dji marvic pro..now this GoPro Karma is a lit!-👍👍👍
415bryant (25 days ago)
Why don't you just send me those old drones and I will put them to good use. thanks.
Jatin Kumar (26 days ago)
gofundme.com/take-my-coding-skills-to-the-level guyz even if u could afford to donate a dollar for this campaign that would mean alot to me
ian kay (26 days ago)
Cool Sunglasses! Where can I get a pair?
samihhadid (26 days ago)
i love your video but I do have to say you are rough as guts lol
Batmanlover24 (26 days ago)
hey casey you should send me a drone
CarsonKeegen (27 days ago)
i wish these drones were more affordable
raciestps4gamer (20 days ago)
CarsonKeegen they are
edith graciano (27 days ago)
olle me gustaría un dron
Brayden Sobotta (27 days ago)
you should take a look at the lily camera drone it follows you might be fun with your boated board shots
JC Lopez (28 days ago)
what kind of skateboard does casey ride??
Joshua Lot (28 days ago)
can you just give me your dji drone that phantom one? haha. it will be a great honor, ill treasure it and take care of it sir haha. pleaaase?
Ted24689 classified. (30 days ago)
At 9:57 I thought the guy in the background was going to steel your camera lol but that you knew him
Phil Nugent-Box Mods (1 month ago)
I will never watch another one of your vids, you are such a douche
raciestps4gamer (20 days ago)
Phil Nugent-Box Mods well look at ur self before u judge people
Phil Nugent-Box Mods (1 month ago)
fottur (1 month ago)
can give me the broken phantom?
Bobby Hartanto (1 month ago)
why handling stuff roughly become an iconic move from famous tech reviewer? Linus does it all time, now Casey takes it to another level
symphone (1 month ago)
great stuff,...incorporate more gimbal work into vids. looks steady on bikes running skating go karts cars skiing...anything that moves.