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Viral Challenges That Broke the Internet

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Text Comments (146)
Mio7 (5 months ago)
Murasaki RPR (5 months ago)
I hate you, you bitch. #vaitomanocú
Izimi Vitoria Brito (5 months ago)
Shit remove from eguinoranT
Lidinha Gatinha (5 months ago)
Lidinha Gatinha (5 months ago)
Ele não copio nemnhum video teu tabacudo
Gabriel Vilarinho (5 months ago)
Remove os stricks mano
Francisco Gomes Gomes (5 months ago)
Vamos zuar esse canal de merda,
Francisco Gomes Gomes (5 months ago)
Deveríamos remover a cara dele,
Francisco Gomes Gomes (5 months ago)
Esse canalzinho de merda aqui que tá zuando o ignorante, sem conteúdo canal de merda.
George Coutinho (5 months ago)
Remove o straik fela da puya
RODRIGO ALMEIDA (5 months ago)
Remova os strikes do eguinorante e deixe de ser babaca
Leon kaade (5 months ago)
EGuinorante Free please!
Leon kaade (5 months ago)
EGuinorante Free please!
Rodrigo Neves (5 months ago)
Remove the strikes
jackson nicolau (5 months ago)
Por favor removam o strike do canal eguinorante!!!
Kassyo Souzza (5 months ago)
filha da puta copiador, vamo derruba vc sai filha da puta, vai conhecer o Brasil de outro geito, seu filha da puta.
Guilherme Gomes (5 months ago)
Retira os strikes man
Luccas Neto ✔️ (5 months ago)
Remove the stricke from eguinorante please
Luccas Neto ✔️ (5 months ago)
Remove the strick eguinorante please
Jeferson Silva Santos (5 months ago)
Jeferson Silva Santos (5 months ago)
Jeferson Silva Santos (5 months ago)
Jeferson Silva Santos (5 months ago)
Buscape 26 (5 months ago)
Hey remove the Strikes from @eguinorante Youtube Channel
wanderson siuva (5 months ago)
Please, remove Eguinorante strike, otherwise his channel is being deleted
Darley Nogueira (5 months ago)
Tá mexendo com o Brasil parça
Ghost Riley (5 months ago)
Remove the strikes from eGuinorante's channel
Israel Silva (5 months ago)
So this is how they like to work by giving fake strike on the channels of others, remove the strike from the @eguinorante channel okay ...
Maria Eduarda (5 months ago)
Daniel Keviny (5 months ago)
Daniel Keviny (5 months ago)
No strike
Daniel Keviny (5 months ago)
Tira o strikeeeed
Vinicius Marques (5 months ago)
Video merda do Caraí, tem coragem de postar isso e?
Rodrigo Dutra (5 months ago)
Remove the strikes NOW!!!!! BRAZIL AND EGNORANTE FOREVER!!!!!!
Yan Silva (5 months ago)
Vocês começaram uma guerra,seus pau no cu, canal de merda, como essa merda tem 1M de inscritos?
Nicotina (5 months ago)
Continue strike in Eguinorante, plis do this for Brazil
Luana Medeiros (5 months ago)
Hey romove the strikes from @eguinorante Youtube channel
Abelha B (5 months ago)
Hey, remove the strikes from @eguinorante YouTube Channel
Abelha B (5 months ago)
Hey, remove the strikes from @eguinorante YouTube Channel
Abelha B (5 months ago)
Hey, remove the strikes from @eguinorante YouTube Channel
Abelha B (5 months ago)
Hey, remove the strikes from @eguinorante YouTube Channel
Felipe Thadei (5 months ago)
Nob 333 (5 months ago)
Remove o Strike do canal do eGuinorante :(
lucas almeida (5 months ago)
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Jean Moreira Tv- Trabalhando em Casa (5 months ago)
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Dinoçauru (5 months ago)
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João Felipe (5 months ago)
Flávio Ricardo (5 months ago)
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Kayo Nogueira (5 months ago)
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Lu Brandão (5 months ago)
Remove the strike from @eguinorante channel please!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Thiago Lopes (5 months ago)
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Edna da Silva Maria Marta (5 months ago)
You are stuped!
Estela Souza (5 months ago)
Michel Silva (5 months ago)
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LGD' Obscuro (5 months ago)
Wesley Araujo (5 months ago)
Please remove eguinorante strike plz plz
Ragyo Kiryuin (5 months ago)
remove o strike do eGuinorante
jorge bezerra dos santos (5 months ago)
Vcs vão perder inscritos aqui no Brasil pela sua atitude contra o eguinorante. Estão querendo ferrar o cara, que tipo de canal e o de vcs?
SinGlePlay (5 months ago)
Coe viadinho tira o strike lá do Eguinorante tmj é nois
Kaique Santtos croft (5 months ago)
Remova os strikers do ignorante se não depois não diga que não avisamos
Miguel Silva (5 months ago)
Please, remove eGUINORANTE strike
Juliana. B (5 months ago)
Hey, U Pussy! Remove Strike from @Eguinorante
Caio Heggdorne (5 months ago)
Remove the strike from @eGuinorante channel. Please !!
Traira Bruta (5 months ago)
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Estela Souza (5 months ago)
Good afternoon! Can you please remove the strikes from the Eguinorante channel? Appreciate. We BRAZILIANS do not want to mess here. Thanks.
Les Grossman (5 months ago)
No one cares. You BRAZILIANS can suck a bag of dicks.
Estela Souza (5 months ago)
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joey weller (5 months ago)
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PaM 21 (5 months ago)
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Brenda Melo (5 months ago)
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Amanda Regina (5 months ago)
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Maria Clara (5 months ago)
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Django Libre (5 months ago)
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Everton Cond (5 months ago)
Vai da Strike no teu cu arrombado
patricia rosa (5 months ago)
Calma, não é assim que se resolve. Converse com Deus sempre:)
Everton Cond (5 months ago)
+*Mazzali Flowers BR* é o meu comentário com certeza vai influenciar ele🖒gênio
*Mazzali Flowers BR* (5 months ago)
Oh desgraça não piora s situação !
Everton Cond (5 months ago)
+Maria Clara 🤘👍
Maria Clara (5 months ago)
+Everton Cond É nois ,tmj , abraços👍
Anthony Baggiotto (5 months ago)
Remove the strike from @eguinorante channel. Please!! Ok?
Tio Ace (5 months ago)
tirem o strike do canal do eguinorante porra
Yakult (5 months ago)
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kaio assis (5 months ago)
Capira_Games (5 months ago)
Agora tá querendo dar Strike no canal do eGuinorante ? parça fica tua que é melhor.
Free Man (5 months ago)
+Vinicius Matias aproveita e doa teu toba para o Jukin.
Gabriel CSD (5 months ago)
Capira_Games e o jukin media que tá fazendo isso
Vinicius Matias (5 months ago)
Eguinorante é um cancer que merece ser excluído
*Mazzali Flowers BR* (5 months ago)
Não é assim que se resolve !
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Claudia Olivo (5 months ago)
TheNaught1 (6 months ago)
is this jukin now? too bad
Bryan M (6 months ago)
Evan Lin (6 months ago)
Damn it Ralph, you also mess everything up you stupid idiot
Amanda Leigh (6 months ago)
this was an extremely low effort ad. seriously. you could have made a great ten minute compilation like every other channel, and no one would have cared about the 30 second ad. but your ad to video ratio is way fucking off.
SpiderSparta56 (6 months ago)
really good video but...it's too short!!! we want more
MR. Nobody (6 months ago)
*Photoshop skill at it's best.*
El Chico de las Pestañas Largas (6 months ago)
Nice video but where is the song's name?
Hertz So Good (6 months ago)
Twitch Witch (6 months ago)
Great and funny video ! I’m sharing videos just like JukinVideo on my channel. I hope someday I’ll be huge channel like JukinVideo
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ (6 months ago)
i give it a like alone for wreck it ralph :))) can't wait for this movie thanks jukin for the funny videos
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ (6 months ago)
+rob slover you are the bot i am just a fan of the movie thanks and good bye
rob slover (6 months ago)
Brant long (6 months ago)
iBond (6 months ago)
Rschaar 90 (6 months ago)
Rammstein did the first mannequin challenge, before it was even conceived. In the middle of a live performance of "Du Reicht So Gut."
Krotiz (6 months ago)
Corporate sellout shills, fuck off.
Finn (6 months ago)
Oh no they wanted money for the work they do so they got a sponsor HOW DARE THEY
Amanda Leigh (6 months ago)
Zen well, when half of the "video" is an advertisement, with basically pop up ads all through the video as well...also you do realize that jukin basically scams people right? they are a shady "media company" and have no telling how many YouTube channels. they make more money in a month than you'll ever make in a year.
Mr J.S. (6 months ago)
Fuck you and your ads.
numbnutzz87 (6 months ago)
ok, we get it. we'll go see Ralph breaks the internet
James Bone (6 months ago)
Fire the fucking dickless intern that made this video
ReecesPuffz (6 months ago)
I mean, the tide-pod challenge kind of just broke everyone because no one could believe people could be that stupid.
ryanfrogz (6 months ago)
barely any of these were challenges.
Amanda Leigh (6 months ago)
cheboib whole thing was an ad lmao
SaKeEb ShAiK (6 months ago)
CrAzY !!! 😉
Youre Hernandez (6 months ago)
Why that many dislikes?
PhantomAudio83 (6 months ago)
Because this video is clearly actually about promoting some kids film.