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Fox News keeps breaking its own rules

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Sean Hannity appeared on stage at a Trump rally before the midterm elections. It's the latest example of Fox News’ transformation from right-wing news network into full-on Republican campaign operation. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Fox News constantly accuses other news organizations of having a liberal bias, claiming networks like CNN and MSNBC are in bed with the Democratic Party. But over the past few years, major Fox personalities ike Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Jeanine Pirro have become more open about their support for the Republican Party -- appearing at GOP campaign events, speaking at Republican fundraisers, and even explicitly endorsing Republican candidates on air. Republican candidates have noticed, and have begun using friendly coverage on Fox as part of their campaign strategies. Fox News is transforming from a right-wing news network into a full-on Republican campaign operation. Pretty soon, people like Sean Hannity won’t have to leave their studio sets to be on the campaign trail. On Strikethrough, Vox producer Carlos Maza explores the challenges facing the news media in the age of Trump. Follow Carlos on Facebook for more: https://www.facebook.com/CarlosMazaVox Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com. Watch our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o Or Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H
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Text Comments (8750)
John Paglia (6 hours ago)
Ya ever notice that regarding CNN and MSNBC, you can find MANY videos of outright lies being debunked with actual data and articles. With regard to Fox, no such videos are made. Instead, we see opinion pieces such as these.
Colin Day (1 hour ago)
https://www.politifact.com/punditfact/tv/fox/ not quite true. Lots of news organizations make mistakes, and I'm sure some aren't quite accidental. But that doesn't seem to be the point of the video at all, it's about the ethics of mixing journalism with active campaign involvement.
zizzy (10 hours ago)
VOX? a protege of the WOPO, owned by Amazon = cry baby news aka propaganda
Holirumics Friend (18 hours ago)
Ridiculous! Every complained aired against Fox News pales in comparison to actions of CNN.!! Stop being partisan and attempting to be influential! Look at the fact and promote truth! Hannity can support Trump as he is a conservative commentator! He is a commentator and down not pretend to be a news anchor!
So Groovy (18 hours ago)
I lowkey cant even complain this far left winged, this is sad.
Abner Rosado (18 hours ago)
these types of people who are in fox news are disgusting 🤢
Freddy Rodriguez (20 hours ago)
Great topic. However, stop moving your hands around so much! It makes me never want to watch any video that you narrate.
Ed Findlay (1 day ago)
Ya I'm a Trump supporter even before he was prez and I want to hear what the left has to say but it's too bad you got all these geek hipster speaking for you. Would this guy even debate anyone on the right?
laurentHK (1 day ago)
Does the "O" in Fox news stands for objectivity ?!! ;-)....
Reese (2 days ago)
Am I crazy or the US systems ARE collapsing?
ttystikk rocks (2 days ago)
Ethics in American politics? Not gonna happen until we get the money out.
king best (2 days ago)
bullshit the only real news is fox news and cnn is filled with lies.
ernie rink (2 days ago)
Come on now Vox Celine cannot run for president she's Canadian
Boris Grizchenko (2 days ago)
Goofy music in background, check Mocking president Trump, check Trendy fast talking nerd, check Yes I've seen alot of these videos before, cheap propaganda.
Pete Ard (2 days ago)
Vox news? Fox news? Both hot garbage with only bias. Unfortunately Tucker seems to be the only person who will go outside Fox talking points and Vox wants to smear him. Almost like Vox would rather take out an independent thinker rather than Rino, neo liberal establishment? Can we get a report on CNN doing the same thing? Elise Labbot, Donna Brazille and Malcolm Nance have done the same thing? No such thing as punching left at Vox?
Adam Brooks (3 days ago)
^^^^^^^Pot Calling Kettle Black^^^^^^^^
Rick Anderson (3 days ago)
Hey Vox, jealous much????
xAmpzie (4 days ago)
tbh i rather watch fox and msnbc becuase they are pulling the tump-russia scandal
Man Plan (4 days ago)
Lol what you do not realise is that Vox is propaganda. They make one sided videos that do not host any debates. They block Twitter users who try to debate with them, even if that user just makes a counter statement. They have over 300,000,000 in backing from MSNBC to target a specific crowd. So if you are complaining about Fox, you might be a hypocrite.
Peter (3 days ago)
Nevertheless, what fox did was wrong
Melon (4 days ago)
Promises made, promises kept, except when it’s about Mexico paying for the wall.
Raman Vashisht (4 days ago)
i think channels should share their political leanings upfront. like Vox, Fox, CNN. it would save internet from lots of such videos
Gabriel Morales (4 days ago)
I just realized that some of the really good Presidents we had got assasinated :'(
Gabriel Morales (4 days ago)
I can sum up this comment section pretty well.I guess every news is bad news
noboby rr (5 days ago)
vox you broke the basic rule of not attacking another news media while fox didn't respond to this if they did vox wouldn't exist
Edward Masino (5 days ago)
Why does vox have some beta male speaking for them.
Starr Pendergraft (5 days ago)
Who are you ? The video starts w/a comment about a therapist.... one can't help but wonder if the person appearing to be a male , in this video...needs a therapist...because it seems he's very JEALOUS about Hannity ! Is this video JOURNALISM...NAH...this is propaganda !
Peter (3 days ago)
Fox is propaganda, shouldn’t be on the air. LEGO haired Hannity isn’t even a journalist. He’s the equivalent of Oprah doing news, except Hannity isn’t smart, he’s a racist and a liar.
Hugo Ojendiz (6 days ago)
In Mexico we know this kind of strategy we call it "the perfect dictatorship"... The ruling party can continue it's dictatorship, across many "presidents" helped my the media machinery who prepare and groom the new president since he's only a candidate... The people doesn't protest, the television praise and doesn't criticize the president imposed by the ruling party... As we say, the perfect dictatorship
SN Project (6 days ago)
Update as of Today: Hannity has straight up started calling Liberals "Conspiracy Theorists". Fox News has posted a piece explaing the "Truth" of Jesus's Resurrection. I'm not saying that Fox are Christian Fundementalists who are the Western equivalent of the caricature of Muslims they promote on their network, who's strategy breaks down to "project", but I am implying it.
mark terzi (7 days ago)
Why is it unethical for a political commentator like sean hannity or Rachel meadow to campaign for a candidate? THERE NOT JOURNALISTS, FOX NEWS & MSNBC DO NOT CLAIM TO BE NEWS ORIGINATIONS. Sean , Tucker, Lurar, Rachel, Chris Matthews, O'Donnell are all political commentators. You can look it up on their profiles on Wikipedia (which you know their managers fix up). Non of those guys call themselves journalists.
Chris Bishop (7 days ago)
I think I'm done, these videos are becoming too far out there to even take seriously. We're all being lied to by all media outlets, pick your damn poison. I'd rather be lied to by nationalists than globalists at the end of the day lmfao
Chris Bishop (7 days ago)
man vox, you're not like the rest, you are unbiased and not propaganda like every other giant news outlet
Mateusz Lojewski (8 days ago)
Vox is breaking my brain by supporting domestic terrorist group antifa
Alpha Vader (8 days ago)
I dont even remember anderson cooper or CNN campaigning for obama and I don't remember anyone campaigning for Mitt Romney or McCain
Misty Stewart (8 days ago)
Just a few weeks ago, fox had a tagline discussing Mexican countries. Plural. Because anything in central america is now, apparently, a Mexican country. In short, fox is bullshit and doesnt deserve to be called news anymore than I, a college dropout, can be called a surgeon.
Jasmine Jeanine (8 days ago)
The FIRST stage in a country going from a republic (democratic) country to a facist (doesn't alllow other povs) and dictatorship is when there is no longer freedom of press. Since the use of a propaganda machine is vital for the consolidation of power as they need ppl to not just accept it but think it's VITAL for their personal security and self interest. Of course by the time they realize they've been lied to it's TOO late to do anything as all the normal checks and balances no longer have to ability to do their job.
Jasmine Jeanine (8 days ago)
The fact that their base still believes that Fox is the ONLY new outlet which tells the "truth" shows how bad it really is now. As Fox and Trump literally can do ANYTHING and SAY anything and their base laps it up. It's a sad day for America, as the GOP used to be about freedom/democracy but are destroying the first ammendment which states that a free press is vital to the survival of democracy.
Jasmine Jeanine (8 days ago)
I must say this is a MAJOR blow of democrats as Fox news is in essence giving them free publicity which means they don't have to raise the funds to for their campaigns. Of course it means that Fox is nothing more then a Super PAC/propaganda arm of the Republican party thus it's like saying your local car dealer is a *unbiased* source of accurate info about the cars on the lot. NO THEY JUST WANT YOU TO BUY THE CAR!!! Just like Fox news is doing this to make more MONEY!!! Thus while they yell "drain the swamp" they've become the "swamp".
David Melton (8 days ago)
Tucker Carlson has more viewers then CNN entire primetime combined, eat your heart out, you leftists censorship is just pushing ppl more to the right, keep up the good work, the more you try to censor something the more ppl want to watch it
Your Local Gamer Grill Vienna (6 days ago)
I would ask how this is censorship but you might stroke out thinking too much at the old folks home
Dark Archer (9 days ago)
Fox News only cares about increasing their rating. It doesn't matter to them that they are misleading the audience who are watching their news. It spreads hatred for eastern countries, such as calling them terrorists. In reality, however, these countries are one of the most hospitable and friendly in the world.
Piotrek Krolikowski (9 days ago)
Yes, European countries with open borders have high rates of rape and other crimes. Connect the dots retards
Matteo Da Silva (9 days ago)
Conservative snowflakes gave a lot of dislikes on this video.
HULL GUITARS USA (9 days ago)
Born in Georgia grew up in Tennessee love the south, raised Southern Baptist Christian, still a “Christian”. Fox was on in my house 24 seven, never really gave it much thought. But growing up if I saw a tv, it was usually Fox News, and if I heard the radio, it was normally Rush Limbaugh. Both made me realize my despise of politics!!!. Both sides. They both go through ebbs and flows of idiocy. But it’s important for everyone to remember that it is all bullshit. Sure maybe one side is worse than the other for a decade or two… But if you were arguing over various shades of bullshit then I think we have a bigger problem.
Bcuz Why Not (10 days ago)
Stick to video essays vox
Gunj Chowwiwat (10 days ago)
Fox News is the best!
DatCyanGuy (6 days ago)
Your a idiot
Houssin 7 (10 days ago)
More like stop watching vox news hypocrisy. pretending like u did nothing wrong
Sherlock Holmes (9 days ago)
Yeah vox did something wrong like Putin agenda, gun violence misleading statistics, Poland destroyed Europe was the dumbest agenda by vox
Artistic Lion (10 days ago)
This comment section will totally not be a war zone
FlamingCrystal Alchemist (10 days ago)
Glad I don’t watch Fox News hannity needs to be fired they make me feel so smart
fav cocaboycola (11 days ago)
This is why Fox News is fake news
FRANK (11 days ago)
Why are you throwing a football around? Do you know the blood and sweat some of us put into that game while you were blowing your mates in school?
FRANK (11 days ago)
Are you gay just so people won't judge your lisp? Busted.
images (11 days ago)
Fox = Vox
Giovanni De La Rosa (11 days ago)
4:40 “We are correct. That’s why you’re a Republican” That’s the mentality of a close-minded being.
Denny (12 days ago)
I'd rather be watching Fox news than be whatever the hell this talking fruit salad is.
Official RedVenom (9 days ago)
I disagree. But this is very funny.
Denny (10 days ago)
+JoJo Pemb And yet he's still a talking fruit salad
JoJo Pemb (11 days ago)
Denny And yet here you are commenting.
Pelegdolev238 Wackyycool238 (12 days ago)
Yay my favorite liberal! Not sarcasm
Fred Jones (12 days ago)
The far right in this comment section are SICK, SICK people
Bremen Sims (12 days ago)
I don't have a huge issue with Trump's presidential actions, it's just funny to me that he got elected. I'm still in shock.
Apeman Commeth (12 days ago)
This homosexual is a big bully! Throw him from a tall building! It’s not hate if you believe in Islam! Don’t be islamaphobic
Connor Hoagland (12 days ago)
2:55 MSNBC gives her a platform for that five nights a week, dude. Other than that, great video!
David Cares (13 days ago)
Vox no one believe your mentally challenges cocksuckers on you channel.
Bugler55 (10 days ago)
+Brendan Frieders nothing like fighting bigotry with bigotry eh
Brendan Frieders (13 days ago)
David Cares go back to your trailer park you dumb hick
Garland Gay (13 days ago)
Should be about msn problems . This still is out of spite and narrow minded
Kunaal Uppal (13 days ago)
Has anyone seen liberal extremists CNN?
Colt Ma (13 days ago)
I have to say, this is a very good video. I pretty much agree with all points brought up, but still, I can't help but feel vox is very one sided with the issues they decide to being up.
zippers987 (14 days ago)
juantransportador (14 days ago)
You live in a city, you don't know what is reality and get out of the United states and found out the real life.
Michael Saenz (14 days ago)
It's sad to watch but this is just politics. It's normal to break the line and attack the other side. Politics in this country is truly a mess
doobiewah357 (14 days ago)
FOX News has been #1 in the ratings for over 15 years.
Diogenes TheDog (14 days ago)
Hannity is not a journalist
literatemax (14 days ago)
Fox is propaganda.
M Anthony pofi (15 days ago)
Europa Man (15 days ago)
I'd like a decent non-Leftist news outlet, please.
Bugler55 (10 days ago)
Wall Street Journal is probably the closest you'll come, their opinion page is right-wing biased but the reporting is probably the most centered compared to NYT/WaPo or Vox/Fox/Huffpost/Breitbart and all other small names.
Pablo Escobar 2 (13 days ago)
sorry but that doesn't exist that is why I watch both sides
Europa Man (15 days ago)
Half the US votes Republican while all of the serious news outlets only left-leaning or anti-white opinion.
Frank Velazquez (16 days ago)
Sharif Nur (16 days ago)
Tucker and hanity are trump little bitchs
Technium Unlimited (16 days ago)
absolute turrrreeebleey
IQ Wizard (17 days ago)
Please do something for Indian Channels too! ZeeNews, RepublicTV, ABP are a few to name.
Eddie Castle (17 days ago)
So to play devils advocate I searched fake Fox News to see how many things would come up and this was the first of VERY FEW. Versus the hundreds of examples of false claims of more “left” media outlets. I don’t even like politics but it’s becoming pretty obvious now.
nathan mckenzie (13 days ago)
+Eddie Castle If (metaphorical) you only go to one source as news then (metaphorical) you are more likely to be lied to. This is particularly true when (metaphorical) you scream "fake news" or go to unreliable sources as your news aka. alex jones.
Eddie Castle (13 days ago)
nathan mckenzie as I said, I know that fox and other media outlets have supported lies. But so has other organizations. And I am saying that people choose to ignore it based off there ideological beliefs mixed with their form of narcissistic pride. Now the question is which which press outlets lie the most and the least? I would say that is a rational way to gauge the integrity of a press source. I am also saying that the idea of “fake news” isn’t far fetched only because an unpopular president to some is saying so. Trump has even called fox entities fake a few times. I’ve met people who are right and left who CANNOT accept the fact that there favorite news has isn’t perfect. But mr McKenzie.... there is a trend beginning. Some lie more than others and it’s becoming obvious. If it isn’t it’s because you don’t want to see it.
nathan mckenzie (13 days ago)
+Eddie Castle so I agree that all media is biased un some way or another, it doesn't have to be just left or right. Now, I can say that a lot of media can be misleading so there is that. However there is a difference between misleading and outright lying. As an example Fox can say Trump got the unemployment rate to 3.8% so he is great on the economy. Now it's true that the unemployment rate is 3.8% and got that way under his watch. its misleading because they left out, possibly intentionally, that it was 4.9% the day he took office. Then there is the outright lie a contributor said that Birmingham England was a no go zone for any non Muslims. No, it didn't come from a regular or employee but the regular employee didn't challenge him on it and I don't think the network retracted it. So they are basically supporting the lie
Eddie Castle (13 days ago)
nathan mckenzie That’s just the thing. You don’t have to kick a bunch of rocks over to find dirt for some media outlets but you have to really spend some time looking for dirt on others. ALL media is bias I understand that because it’s a natural occurrence of a free press in a democracy BUT they do not have integrity. I’m sure every media outlet has done something corrupt but some more than others and if a person cannot see that they are just lying to themselves due to pride in their beliefs of ideology.
nathan mckenzie (16 days ago)
You didn't search very hard and what are you calling fake news?
kinjay 21 (17 days ago)
Vox and every other news network is not campaigning for the Democratic party? One right-wing news Network verse every other news network. seems fair to me.
Sheldon Curtiss (2 days ago)
Weird how the top Comments are in such support of the video and yet if you support by new everyone agrees with us :P
Sheldon Curtiss (16 days ago)
David Melonakos (17 days ago)
ok at least stop pretending that democrats are innocent in this. cnn is at least as skewed left as fox is right. also, it’s a bit hypocritical that vox calls out fox for pushing an agenda while they push an agenda of their own while pretending to be unbiased. there’s my 2 cents anyways.
21 p!atd (18 days ago)
*i’m getting away with it*
Fact Check (18 days ago)
Sorry dude but this is so bias based on your opinion
Hailie Leonard (16 days ago)
Fact Check Fox News literally does stories based off what a democrat says because they think their is some huge conspiracy behind it.
Biasly Unbiased (18 days ago)
You'd have to have a Brain not to watch Faux!😂😹
I wish I was wrong (18 days ago)
No, you mean stop watching Vox. It's ok, you get things there horribly wrong all the time.
Hailie Leonard (16 days ago)
I wish I was wrong no fox is literally toxic News that was thrown up into the toilet of the bad side of America.
Eren Ozcilingir (18 days ago)
Meanwhile VOX here does essentially the same in this video.
hashim bokhamseen (19 days ago)
vox fox ironic
Sarcasm (19 days ago)
CNN is worse
George Zhang (19 days ago)
I keep replaying that intro and trying to keep a straight face. I can't LOL
Andrew Horvatin (19 days ago)
1:46 is called a... wait for it... a joke
shutupsucka (19 days ago)
As a matter of fact this whole channel campaigns for Democrats. When has this channel ever went against a democrat
shutupsucka (19 days ago)
CNN campaigned for Clinton let's be real. Look at their faces when they lost.
Tlot Pwist (20 days ago)
Propaganda media who gets away with it by being classified "entertainment" and the removal of a law asking for equal representation of two sides on tv
TreeMobile. (20 days ago)
OwO stop watching Vox, Vox said themselves
Cindy V (20 days ago)
I thought Hannity was just a political commentator, not a legit journalist, therefore the ethical behavior or journalist don’t apply to him, at least that’s how Fox News sees it , it seems.
moparmon (20 days ago)
both Fox and Vox are fake news, moving along
Saiamit Chaddha (20 days ago)
God Bless you all and your families 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️
The Galactic Senate of the Republic (21 days ago)
Vox vs Fox, both stupid news outlets.
DabbinGeo Master (21 days ago)
Evil bad lasagnas are making me an antifa super soldier like this guy
D F (21 days ago)
Hey stupid! Hannity is an opinion guy. He’s not a journalist. What he does is no different than The View.
ItzSmit (22 days ago)
im a republican and i say they are both bad in unique ways
It's Dark (23 days ago)
Why not stop watching any news source? Almost all are terrible and are equal if not worse then Fox News. Liberal, Conservative, Left, right all are going to be biased. Vox ALOT of times is guilty of being biased as well. (lets be honest Liberal is even worse in terms of media).
Instinct eSports (23 days ago)
CNN is fake news. Change my mind
Color Code (23 days ago)
Good thing i don't watch Fox News its definitely because i live in a different country