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Ahead of the busy Christmas shipping season, we put the delivery companies to the test. Which company is the cheapest and fastest?
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Text Comments (45)
Flamingo (20 days ago)
here i am waiting patiently for my package
Super robot Knuckles (29 days ago)
Fed ex drive in hour or two and just stop for the day
Rocco (1 month ago)
Priority boxes at the USPS are FREE…jesus every this is FAKE NEWS….Oh by the way USPS is the ONLY service which will return your undelivered mail. How do I know? I carried mail as a city carrier. I witnessed UPS or Fedex boxes delivered to VACANT addresses.
Eric Li (1 month ago)
In my case DHL is the best. USPS and FedEx are okay, but UPS is a complete disaster. Packages shipped through UPS are late most of the times.
welcome to reality (1 month ago)
sounds about right
R Ryan (1 month ago)
Boycott ass ex. Scumbag management
It just depends on how close you live to the ups/fedex store. The most important part is the last location before arriving how Competent are the drivers in my case fedex is terrible I’m to the point where if a company uses fedex i just get it somewhere else.
james (2 months ago)
So ups has a time machine???!!!! Cmon idiots you asked for three day delivery you got it on time not three days early, smh the lies on the news are ridiculous.
james (2 months ago)
So do they refund your charges for the two day delivery when it took 5 days instead?
Abusayeed Haque (2 months ago)
UPS is best, and  USPS is sucks form my experience.
pancake airsoft (2 months ago)
Don’t use fedex they are so slow
odiem yo (3 months ago)
fake every delivery company know my address but fedex they dont use google maps
Frederik Saraber (4 months ago)
I spent 24 years at Fed Ex, we don't care about you mother fuckers, ask any driver.
MarK trofflad (4 months ago)
ups baby
N7 Slayer (5 months ago)
FedEx and USPS both suck for me. Currently waiting on a package through USPS. I check the tracking it says its been in my town for the last 2days, but has yet to reach my mailbox. Oh yeah, I made my order Monday, here it is Saturday😡😤
charlie barnett (7 months ago)
Don't use the postal service! Until they privatize the whole system you're package or envelope will never arrive!! Seriously!
Robert Long (7 months ago)
Do you think that UPS and Fedex is going to haul your first class letter from Boise to Boston for 49 cents? That's the problem with USPS, they're rates are too low. It's also the carrier of the last resort and it's for that reason that both UPS and X dump as much of it's rural boonie boxes off to the post office . The post office will haul it out there for less than what UPS and X can do it themselves.
charlie barnett (9 months ago)
Why not privatize the postal service? It's clearly an outdated system and unless you're receiving packages 📦 every day the only thing you get is junk mail. Let's not forget almost everyone uses emails to send and receive letters. It makes perfect sense by privatizing the postal service we can reduce our nations debt
Jstalilred Trifonov (7 months ago)
charlie barnett there is a privatized mailing system. It's called UPS and FED Ex. LOL
Shawn Miller (10 months ago)
as driver for ups i can say we our the best drivers on the road, we make the most out of the 3 shipping companys, if you want service you get what you pay for...
Va K (10 months ago)
USPS is the best.
ANDREW GRAY (10 months ago)
Ups all the way it's really not that much more and I get way better service and it's always on time if not early!!! I've had hit and miss service with FedEx and the post office is in its own piss poor little world lol
gofarit (11 months ago)
gofarit (11 months ago)
Priority mail by USPS is not a guaranteed or next day mail. Next time ask for USPS xpress next day service ......and it's still cheaper than FedEx and Ups
Frank Budroux (11 months ago)
Ups always delivers business packages earlier in the day residential usually later in the day..
Model RC (1 year ago)
USPS may be the location but mine usually arrive early
BloodLinez Gaming (1 year ago)
When you order stuff (Without a camera/news team) things go a lot slower, Fedex drives the packages cross country, UPS normally drives the coast. UPS is faster then fedex when it comes to traveling, UPS holds the packages for longer then fedex at the Post Office, Fedex just travels slower because they normally do cross country delivery's so that makes the inventory more clustered but they get sent out a lot faster, to be honest when your waiting on a package looking out your window every 5 minutes their both slow
Martin Charles (1 year ago)
Great experiment with a sample size of 1.
Matt Merrill (1 year ago)
I've always had great service with Ups and Fedex, USPS is okay for me, but DHL they're always late for me. Sent a shirt to a family member this past Christmas using Ups and it costed me 10 bucks with I think 4 day shipping, or cheapest. But 40 dollars just to send a mug? I'd just send money and have them buy it.
muycaliente31 (1 year ago)
They destroy my packages
muycaliente31 (1 year ago)
Ups chokes delivers late all the time
Phillip Rammstein (1 year ago)
fuck the usps business bad experience all the time burn it to the ground fuck them in the ass
Va K (10 months ago)
Slirun _ you're fucking idiot for wishing unemployment on thousands of people working for USPS. Usps is a viable business currently and it does not receive any tax dollar money paid by anyone. USPS totally relies on stamps sold and the shipping. US government does not fund its official POST OFFICE. If USPS needs money then they can borrow it from treasury at 1.2% interest rate. Being a government entity, USPS does enjoy benefits such as exemption of property tax, tolls, vehicle registration fees and parking tickets. It's enjoying just like any other government agency. Only before 1971, USPS received federal appropriations.
Slirun _ (1 year ago)
Tamerlane (Timur) TBH post office is disater they always play a game called oh we delevered it but really they don't . Their tracking #'s are big fat liers , people perfer emails over mails bc is better. UPS and fedex will always crush USPS in deliverary . How about we get rid of post office 1 by 1 and replace with amazon. to get better mails , shipping and no more fucking government funding for bs post office. Come on lets make it happen lol .
Tamerlane (Timur) (1 year ago)
yep, they never delever to ur front door. lazy fuckers.
Robert Matsumura (1 year ago)
I've had the worst experiences with UPS. UPS always delivers my packages late and occasionally gets delayed. FedEx always delivers my packages before 12pm and they always conceal the package so it doesn't get stolen. My vote is for FedEx. I love them.
klazzikk (23 days ago)
Darnell Onyewu Thompson lol good 1
Darnell Onyewu Thompson (2 months ago)
What about DHL?
RghFootball (1 year ago)
Robert Matsumura same
ShadowGalleryGlasses (1 year ago)
non yobussiness (1 year ago)
FedEx generally won't deliver packages early.
R Ryan (1 month ago)
non yobussiness. Ass ex sucks
Omar Carnegie (1 year ago)
Omar Carnegie (1 year ago)
bisquitnspanky (1 year ago)
Both UPS and Fedex do a great job of actually delivering. Where they both fall flat on their faces is when you try and call someone by phone and get any sort of info at all, even something as simple as when a pick up is scheduled from one of their own drop-off points. Each representative you speak with from Pakistan or India or wtf they are, has and idea what's going on and will give you a different story from the last. If you count on them, you will never get your package shipped. Just chase a driver down and ask him/her or go to one of the hubs (not a drop-off). Calling will get you pissed off. Nothing more.