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Profiling Segments with SAS Enterprise Miner

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View this video tip from Catherine Truxillo to learn how to perform a cluster analysis using the segment profile node in SAS® Enterprise Miner™. This material is related to the type of content covered in the SAS training course, "Advanced Analytics for the Modern Business Analyst." To learn more, visit: To view another video tip on using the segment profile node, visit
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Text Comments (23)
Guilherme Lopes (8 months ago)
Thank you so much! I was struggling with this. How can I see the segment profile according to ALL the variables (based on the average) but excluding outlier effects?
SAS Software (8 months ago)
We have researched this for you and it does not appear to be a feature within Enterprise Miner's interface. If this is a feature you would like to request, you can always share on our SASware Ballot Ideas community
SAS Software (8 months ago)
We are checking on this for you!
nwakuwa esther (1 year ago)
please i did not understand the interpretation of this result
SAS Software (1 year ago)
Sure! This is a histogram of the overall sample (which has transparent bars outlined in red) overlaid on a histogram of the part of the sample that was classified into a specific segment (which has bars filled in with blue). The Y-axis is the proportion of each respective sample. For example, Segment 3/Median Household Income is the histogram on the top left. It is first because 1)Segment 3 is the largest by Observation Count and 2)Median Household Income is the most important variable in separating segments. The blue bars represent the percent of Segment 3 cases in different ranges of Median Household Income. The Red bars represent the percent of the overall sample in different ranges of Median Household Income. Hope this helps!
nwakuwa esther (1 year ago)
yes the interpretation of the red and blue segmentation
SAS Software (1 year ago)
Hi there! Thanks for your comment! Is there a specific part of the video that we can answer a question about?
Abdulrahman Al-Qadhi (2 years ago)
Really helps, thank you
deepansh parab (2 years ago)
Hi, After running the segment profile on my text cluster in the Results panel I'm only able to see the output panel, no Variable Worth, Profile or Segment Size panel... can you please ??
SAS Software (2 years ago)
Hi, Deepansh! We're looking into this for you!
Vangelis Dalucas (3 years ago)
Hi and thank you for this video, In general the number of input variables to cluster node is 2-7 right ?
SAS Software (3 years ago)
Thank you for your patience, Vangelis! There is not a clear recommendation of how many variables you should input to a variable clustering node. In practice, some have used this node to reduce from hundreds to a dozen or two. For the number of variables to keep, we find it convenient and manageable to aim for ten or fewer variables if you are going into a regression-type model downstream. There is no rule or software requirement about how many you retain. We hope this information helps!
SAS Software (3 years ago)
Thanks for posting, we're looking into this for you!
Paras Shah (5 years ago)
Thanks for the information. This was very helpful video.
SAS Software (5 years ago)
@Paras Shah We're glad you enjoyed it, Paras!  And, thank you for your reply!
SAS Software (6 years ago)
Your observation is correct– in the Segment Profile node results, when you use the Save As feature, what you get is what you see on the screen. There are ways to save parts of the plot, for example by double-clicking on one of the subplots (a cell within a multi-cell plot) and you can save those individually. Thanks for sending your question and for watching the video!
SAS Software (6 years ago)
Thanks for your question! We will check on this for you and post back as soon as possible.
wekaleng (6 years ago)
Hello! I have been using EM on and off for the last 3 years and love the software. I just have one gripe/question though, I never discovered how to export these segment profile histograms (which I will use for a Powerpoint presentation)! I've always ended up having to screenshot them, paste in MS Paint, edit and then repaste into my PPT. Is there anyway I can export the whole view? In the results window, if I 'Save As' it only saves what I can see in the screen. Help please!
Steven Luck (7 years ago)
Hi, thank you very much for the information. Will try it out :)
SAS Software (7 years ago)
LIBNAME mylib ‘C:\temp\’; DATA mylib.segmendata; SET EMWS1.prof_train; RUN; This writes the data set to some location you can play with. EM is not ideally suited for data management, so you might then open this in Enterprise Guide and save it out as a CSV, Excel, etc. file.
SAS Software (7 years ago)
Yes, you can. Enterprise Miner has exported data from any node within a diagram. To view the data, click the ellipsis next to Exported Data for the Segment Profile property sheet. Select the appropriate data set (for example, TRAIN if this is based on training data) and view the for the exported data from the node.The data will be SAS data, so one easy way to move it to a workable location is to add a Code node behind the Segment Profile node, with something like:
SAS Software (7 years ago)
Thanks for your question! Catherine Truxillo was happy to answer and here is her response. Please let us know if you have any additional questions!
Steven Luck (7 years ago)
Hi, I'd like to ask, is it possible to export out the result of the segments along with the corresponding records (which records belong to which segments), for example to excel, or csv file? Thank you.