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See Rolls-Royce's first SUV

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Luxury automaker Rolls Royce unveiled its first SUV, the Cullinan. Customers can get their hands on it at the end of 2018.
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Text Comments (49)
YungChip030 (5 days ago)
So I could buy one ugly Rolls Royce SUV or a bentayga and a G-wagon....tough choice
CR 7 (9 days ago)
Honestly I don't like it...Traditional Rolls-Royces is best
Oscar Salgado Rivera (4 days ago)
2012 design to be exact
Nikki Johnson (11 days ago)
The back of the SUV reminds me of a RANGE ROVER and the front design is the classic Rolls Royce grill...
Min H. OO (11 days ago)
mziwenduku ntsele (12 days ago)
I want aspire to owning a Rolls-Royce. This monstrosity just.................
Ice Cream (12 days ago)
I still want the g wagon 6x6
New Horizon (12 days ago)
Ugly and literally just a fucking status symbol for people with too much money and a big ego....
ferdie (13 days ago)
Ugly AF
Raymond Lee (13 days ago)
I'm sure it's expensive but the general consensus says it's just fuckly
Education for the Culture (13 days ago)
just get a Range Rover
Jason Caudle (13 days ago)
Not really impressed.....it looks like a Range Rover with a Rolls Royce grill with just a couple of extra small luxury features....the "off-road" feature is great but basically you're pretty much just paying for the name....smh
Noah Fence (13 days ago)
Cant Wait To Throw Some Gold Daytons On Mines
C Y (13 days ago)
beyond hideous . what in the entire fuck is this
Ben Skelly (13 days ago)
What a joke.
Ben Skelly (13 days ago)
thisduderockz (13 days ago)
name all the things a rolls royce owner will never do with his SUV-- drive through 21 inches of water, drive through deep snow, and cross shifting through desert sands.
Tony Rios (13 days ago)
The proportion are all off
GD Nygma (13 days ago)
This car better have a great personality, cook a perfect steak and give bj on demand because its ugly as fuck
Awsome4649 (13 days ago)
if I speak the truth and say this shit ugly, call me broke and A hater as you Waddle to your chevy cavaliers , so I'm just gonna leave
Hansli Peterli (13 days ago)
feels like u buy a ugly tiny house for 400k, okay, a moving house..... but still... nah gtfo with that thing.
Sniper Crab62 (13 days ago)
well, that's a relief
warset (14 days ago)
How terribly cheap for RR to decide to skip the rear bench seat center headrest to save some cost, at the expense of passenger safety..
bro fo (14 days ago)
Range rover will always be the SUV King!!!🤴🤴👑👑👑
Fred Bread (14 days ago)
Pontiac Aztec for the rich ?
Abdul Mujib Aliu (14 days ago)
Soooo ugly
C Nayagam (14 days ago)
for the wealthy.... with no taste....
MulderTheSpooky (14 days ago)
For what sake they’re praising off-road abilities as something vital in such car? At least the desert-terrain segment is reasonable. All we need here is a comfort and an interior and there was not much shown of it.
Real Traper (14 days ago)
Design Looks like s***t sorry 😐
Lil Novi (13 days ago)
TheHoodStop But all rolls Royces are box cars.
TheHoodStop (13 days ago)
i know right the front bumper looks shit . looks like they got stuck in the 80s with those box cars
Lil Novi (14 days ago)
Real Traper it doesn't even look that bad.
rishiraj parekh (14 days ago)
Lil Novi (13 days ago)
bro fo I still can see how you people think it is extremely ugly. Its ugly i guess but you people make it sound like it is a toyota prius or something. It actually looks decent. You can put it in a parking lot with other normal cars and it wouldn't stick out like a sour thumb.
bro fo (14 days ago)
Lil Novi No Seriously Lil it's Ugly
Lil Novi (14 days ago)
rishiraj parekh Or you are just upset that it is just an suv
Mohammed Faraz (14 days ago)
This is very ugly looking! Why RR?! Why?! Sedan looks perfect but this! 🤮
Thomas Shelby (14 days ago)
feels like a lazy design
Nick Henry (14 days ago)
CNN is garbage
moviedude22 (14 days ago)
I'll take (2) two please --- after all, I am a royal Saudi Prince with money to burn ;)
Respond R (13 days ago)
moviedude22 actually??? You are a prince?
Ikomi Mueyiwa (14 days ago)
Just wow....
Akhil b (14 days ago)
Better with the camouflage
Paulette (14 days ago)
It's amazing how it just camouflages and changes exterior colors once you push that magic off-road button 1:07
Joseph Entekume Film (14 days ago)
Paulette 😁😁😁
David H Bingham (14 days ago)
Must be aiming to the wealthy who would otherwise be in the market for a Mercedes-Benz G-WAGON
Greg noway (14 days ago)
That is a very unattractive vehicle
Jumbo Bless (14 days ago)
Who needs any of those features when cruising around the suburbs 😂
Kartel Co (14 days ago)
Jumbo Bless exactly 💀