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UPS Residential Delivery via Drone

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UPS announced it has successfully tested a drone that launches from the top of a delivery truck. The test was conducted in collaboration with drone-maker Workhorse. Sending drones to make deliveries from package cars could bolster efficiency in our network by reducing miles driven. Video from UPS https://pressroom.ups.com
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Text Comments (43)
fitz phillips (1 month ago)
There will be 100 of issues with this.
Tricyklist (3 months ago)
The investment in automating that single van is ridiculously uneconomical. Having watched several delivery drone videos, I still haven't seen ANY mention of bird strikes. Nor of with competing company, drone collisions. Speed and weight capacity are increasing rapidly even at this early stage. Imagine the damage to innocent people on the ground if a loaded drone dropped from a great height.
Old Seer (7 months ago)
Drones, TERRORISTS, deadly, PERFECT WEAPON. Easily 4-8 miles can deliver Bio warfare, chemicals sprays, explosives.. What terrorist PRAYED for being delivered into their hands. No Airliners needed to kill 10's of thousands. Terrorists can buy drones online. BIG BOOM! Buildings, Ball Parks, Parades, almost anywhere. A wonderful toy? NOT!
Adi Adi (11 months ago)
UPS just stick to what you have been doing for the past 100 years and STFU.
Michał (11 months ago)
v ttd (11 months ago)
Great, I can expect rain of ups boxes in the air, falling on my head & injuries people w/ heavy pkgs like tv etc
RellyOhBoy (1 year ago)
Or she could have just driven the extra 500ft and knocked on the door. That took about 10 extra minutes and probably saved a whole 7 ounces of diesel fuel.
Martinez Lizbeth (1 year ago)
victormeldroo (1 year ago)
at the moment it would be just fine industry respects us all as humans staff and customers alike, never mind replacing them with robots
Amir Ali (1 year ago)
i don't think it can be a good idea, how is if people live in Apartment ? how i can trust to get true package , maybe this robot put it near my house but some of my neighbor will take or some another people .... also look to time, ever time when driver make a break this bot is slower then a human to give it to home and come back to car ...
Trehan Creek Outdoors (1 year ago)
Just a follow up to my own comment. It is absolutely already possible for a package delivery service or some type of similar operation to launch and pilot a drone to deliver a package. In other countries of the world where the FAA rules don't apply, the relaxed rules can make drone delivery feasible in tons of situations where in America the flight could not even be done. So the first major hurdle is to persuade the FAA to create rules which permit drone flight in ways the FAA opposes currently. It's one thing to fly the drone over some cow pastures in a rural are as is shown on this video but another thing entirely to drone deliver to an address in an urban city which is just over the fence from a major airport. Proof of concept videos like this one are neat and I sure hope the problems of drone flight get resolved as I am studying for my own Part 107 remote pilot license. But proving something CAN work isn't proof that it is can become the replacement method of package delivery for UPS or anyone else in America right now. As for the problem of where to drop off the package in a secure, weatherproof manner, DHL has demonstrated a cluster box receiving station for the drone which accepts the package, moves it into a secure locker, and the intended recipient goes to the station to retrieve the package. Great proof of concept and workable in a few situations such as when you can pick up on your way home a box of socks you ordered, especially if you pass by the cluster box in your neighborhood as you drive into your subdivision. But it is not too appealing for a drone delivering four pizzas to a group of grannies who use canes, walkers, or are in wheelchairs playing bridge in a 15th story apartment. They sure don't want to have to go up 20 floors to the roof of the high rise to the cluster box on a rainy night to get their pizza's and then have to try to carry four boxes back while using their push walker. There is much to be said for front door delivery right to your apartment.
She Left Me For Jesus (1 year ago)
To long of time just to deliver 1 package Just drive up drop off and keep moving TO SIT IN TRUCK LOAD PACKAGE THEN GO BACK TO FRONT THEN PROGRAM THE DESTINATION THEN SIT WAIT FOR IT TO COME BACK . NO GOOD what happens when the drone gets a glitch in hard ware or soft ware now driver has to do a trouble shoot . MEAN WHILE TIME IS TICKING . THIS SHIT WILL NOT WORK . your making drivers work more for less pay . plus now have to take a training course on electronic drone classes and software/trouble shoot. BULL SHIT
Clyde Barker (1 year ago)
anyone think this video made it look a whole lot slower and exotic. it made just driving and delivering the package by hand look better, if your not in a hurry. if this was really ups's commercial, then what i saw was, how slow and chill with music it is to recieve a package by drone. if your expecting the delivery. I expect 6 to 8 quad launch platforms and doing a delivery-demo with multiple drones. If your driving a truck to park at strategic launch sites.it doenst make sense why you wouldn't use multiple drones, then show a fast expedited and entertaining way of getting a package. this is unexpected of ups. Tons of drone designs and software programs, for controling multiple drones. wonder how FED-EX does it.
kool hand (1 year ago)
This is the initial stage of the concept, so I fail to see how this will improve their bottom line.
CheezeBurger43 (1 year ago)
Now they just need to program arms onto the drones so they can throw the packages at the people's front doors then it will take the deliverer's job.
LuckyGuu (1 year ago)
Every single drone delivery will 'film' the homeowner, BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING.
DAVID FERNANDEZ (1 year ago)
this concept will work but not in the way shown here. first it would need to be autonomous,second, there should not be a reason to even drive anywhere to launch it, third it would have to be able to do pick ups. etc but it will wok . it will become a regular thing
Trusten Baker (1 year ago)
Pulurobotics Oy Ltd (1 year ago)
Why did she not just drive there?
vikings844 (1 year ago)
That's misses the point, the drone saves ups money on vehicle gas and her large hourly wage! she delivers another stop while the drone delivers out of the way locations! Not hard to figure out bubba
Ghazanfar Ali (1 year ago)
I'm drone expert how this drone is returned acutely? ?
What the f*ck did you just say? (1 year ago)
Amazon prime is better. this seems pointless
Extra Tork (1 year ago)
stupidly slow and its easy to delivery country side that not much building .
john S (1 year ago)
This will never happen
P.R. Mathews (1 year ago)
the obvious “in your face” PC BS of this video made me hit the kill switch.........
Trehan Creek Outdoors (1 year ago)
Many, many hills to climb before drone delivery of UPS packages to homes is perfected. Who want's their box dropped off out in the open in the middle of the driveway by the drone so that it can be stolen easily or damaged by rain all day while the home owner is away at work? Will it work for pizza delivery instead? Sure, because there is someone hungry for the pizza waiting to meet the drone. And it will work for urgent medical care drop offs where there are people waiting for the drone to arrive. And it might even work for business package deliver if there is some designated landing spot and an employee tasked to go get the items. Of course, the entire concept only works under conditions favorable to flight which eliminates flying in bad weather. And at present until the law changes, no flying at night in the US. Did I mention no flying over groups of people, cars, sporting events, or anywhere that is off limits to flight for whatever reason? Plus, it didn't look like that driver was keeping the drone in the line of sight at all times. Was she a qualified 107 licensed remote pilot? I doubt it. So many hurdles yet to resolve. It may happen. But not tomorrow.
Dale Kobetich (1 year ago)
they just dont know....2 much 2,4 gig stuff around..interferance wind gps problems....trees wont work just an add gimic
Owen K (1 year ago)
Maybe in Southern California where it doesn't rain, or snow. But even there the high winds would stop them. No one wants their package left randomly out in the open in the ice, snow or rain.
R.S. Cherry (1 year ago)
How would this be better and keep people from shooting them down?
Domonique Owens (5 months ago)
Best point ever
YouFoundArchie (1 year ago)
R.S. Cherry Not have s gun prob then
Joe Piervincenti (1 year ago)
She was smiling as she was driving. She doesn't realize how close she is to becoming unemployed. Why does UPS need her anymore? They don't. I am an enthusiastic supporter of this technology and the advance toward replacing entitled humans with machines. Affirmative action was the biggest destroyer of productivity and now its end is in clear sight. The savings will be astronomical for business and will make life much more affordable for the consumer. Want a good business opportunity? Build benches for the newly unemployed sitting on benchs after they become homeless and crying towls for their tears.
Jimmy .L (8 months ago)
I agree this tech and autonomous vehicles are the future, the saving will be incredibly large for the companies that use them but the workforce wont end because of it, it will simply evolve as it always has done.
RellyOhBoy (1 year ago)
...says the racist white dude. You'll probably be packed in an urn sitting on someone's mantel before that happens buddy.
Paul theSheik (1 year ago)
Did unemployment skyrocket after humans learned mechanized farming for large scale farming? No! Humans will always have a place in the workforce. Just how now only a few people work in farming but are employed in services and other industries, same it will be when drones and automation takes over work that can be performed by mechanization/technology. The sky is NOT falling, and take your garbage about affirmative action elsewhere.
Sojourn Soul (1 year ago)
Yeah, the person is in for 'special effects'
LanceCampeau (1 year ago)
What passes for fucking music these days... Jesus.
Robots must take jobs Immediately (2 years ago)
Now we just need a ups that drives it self hope robots take our jobs so we can enjoy life instead of being a slave
vikings844 (1 year ago)
Or you could just quit dummy
She Left Me For Jesus (1 year ago)
AnantaSesaDas (1 year ago)
Selling body parts and blood/plasma. Until labs can grow those. But then what value do humans have that can't be served by robots? Then again what did nobility have to offer when serfs did everything? Either humans (and maybe primates, mammals, animals) all have rights or just the select humans (etc) who keep the passwords/tools necessary to operate the machines can gain admission to dining/shelter opportunities.
Austin Booth (1 year ago)
How will deliverers make money?
Dan Frederiksen (2 years ago)
way too elaborate and slow. no such crude box van would be involved. it will go alone all the way, fast and no human will be involved.