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PT Walkley - For You - Hangin' Out On E Street

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PT Walkley covers "For You" as part of the Hangin' Out On E Street Series
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Text Comments (23)
Stitchurself (6 years ago)
He looks like Andrew Garfield's older brother? Right?
robyn blaikie collins (9 years ago)
so nice... want to sit on the grass without my shoes and listen for hours.
Marc Riera Casals (9 years ago)
Does anyone has the cords he is using? It's a really nice cover!
Ben Rutherford AgentFBA (9 years ago)
That was an Awesome cover. PT does it again...
sintzu101 (9 years ago)
for the love of god put this on itunes
box5og (9 years ago)
Best cover I have heard of this Bruce gem! Wow, great job!!
RossTheHick (10 years ago)
Great job. The best live version of this song is on Springsteen's Hammersmith CD. He sings with every possible once of emotion... pure beauty.
Pensygirl54 (10 years ago)
bluestemgirl3 (10 years ago)
I like this very much. Good guitar playin and he sings real good for free.
karenrousso (10 years ago)
Thank you! Found it doing a regular search.
box5og (10 years ago)
Nice cover, very heartfelt!!
keeton (10 years ago)
the hanging out on e-street series keeps introducing me to more and more great artists, all through the man we all go through for influence, the boss
brurosie (10 years ago)
Wonderful interpretation of this fantastic song! Bravo!!!
walkerblu (10 years ago)
john, maybe you should do some research on PT before you keep talking. i checked out your site for :30 and saw enough (terrible)- you could only dream of making a record like "mr macy wakes alone"...
stargate34 (10 years ago)
Within the next couple hours I will....but you shouldn't knock anyone that rries to do this I mean I'm sure that guy is watching these comments. At the very least give constuctive comments. Everyone has a place in music.
karenrousso (10 years ago)
This is one of my all-time favorite Bruce songs -- I loved seeing it done here. So heartfelt. Any chance he'll do "Backstreets" too?
efileym (10 years ago)
Excellent PT! Thanks for posting Sophie
walkerblu (10 years ago)
Love it. Great choice PT
stargate34 (10 years ago)
LOL I'm certain you could do better...
lastvaquero (10 years ago)
what's with the comment calling this amateur? Well, excuse him for singing without any electronic amplifier things that can alters how most singers' of today's voice and stuff and having him singing this song in his actual voice. Keep on singing Man
SOULERIA (10 years ago)
5**** desde SPAIN
Derek Peterson (10 years ago)
good cover, but I think the vocals should have been louder
estkornman (10 years ago)