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Homeless man wins with losing ticket

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Lotto prank makes homeless guy cry happy tears. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on a new kind of prank...a kind one.
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Text Comments (3002)
MagicBoiii Khabe (4 hours ago)
The womens nose looks similar to a pig nose
Demon Joker (11 hours ago)
And then he watched this video....
Cyan _Studio (1 day ago)
Homeless people have kind heart
TKBD Chesseyman (1 day ago)
This guy should just give 1000 bucks. If not it props. And u made him think that lottery is good. And u make him waste his money on lotto tickets
XxCoolNinjaxX Roberts (1 day ago)
I hope that man has a successful life and has a house job etc
Delego HQ (1 day ago)
“You gotta friend in me”
Turtlesack1 00 (1 day ago)
I work in a gas station and your not supposed to cash a ticket over $600 i don’t know how they didn’t realize that.
scullynugget_ 956 (1 day ago)
Call him Eric not the homeless guy
Anna Kolee (2 days ago)
When he started crying, I couldn’t hold back tears. I can tell he has a big heart and I hope he gets to live a better life.
The Sinister within Roblox (2 days ago)
What kind of guy give’s a homeless man a fake lottery winner, cries, then just walks off. What a terrible guy.
The Emperor (2 days ago)
i feel bad for CNN cause they made a report on it yet it was staged
Neopolitan TheIceCreamQueen (2 days ago)
Don't fucking believe it, the update I saw from Eric is 1 year ago and he exposed that fucking rahat is a mf scammer
glazezboy (3 days ago)
wait what, he has airpods the video was made in 2014 airpods were made in 2016 so.
* TheEggHead * (3 days ago)
That was the most beautiful moment I had ever seen, and even I broke into tears!
Painless Sample (22 hours ago)
Btw rahat took all the donation money. Search up E tube. Or Magic of rahat you did me wrong.
Randomslayer YT (4 days ago)
He also got him an apartment
TimeProp ZT (4 days ago)
He also scammed the homeless man 1 year later
NSK _SNIPEZZ (2 days ago)
@TimeProp ZT damn
TimeProp ZT (2 days ago)
@NSK _SNIPEZZ yes, theres a video saying some fundraiser money was never given to him
NSK _SNIPEZZ (2 days ago)
RockA CheesE (4 days ago)
What if you where that guy crying because he really thought he won so that is. So stupid
RockA CheesE (4 days ago)
This is so disrespectful 😡
Its Noah223 (4 days ago)
Y did this man prank a homeless man
Konic (4 days ago)
It’s funny how people with nothing is more willing to share them people with a lot
Elyse Laul (4 days ago)
I’m not crying right now 😭😔
JDM Panda (5 days ago)
Fuck I cried
Tiger Steele (6 days ago)
Khemistry (6 days ago)
The Commentator voice is very annoying and her nose is huge
Ryan Melvin (7 days ago)
Ryan Melvin (7 days ago)
She got a fat nosebleed
Jacob Horton (8 days ago)
Dawson Swift (8 days ago)
Game the fame Rules (8 days ago)
He is so mean really mean 😭
ciocârlaciu (9 days ago)
im Romanian and rahat means poop,and he s channel is magic of rahat
Kamon (10 days ago)
F**k Rahat, he ran off with the money from the fundraiser...!
freaking knight (4 days ago)
Ashley X3 (10 days ago)
Do an update CNN, this dude got scammed and won nothing at all. Rahat STOLE the $60.000 worth of donations and ran. By doing this not only did he scam Eric, but thousands of people that donated to help him. Rahat is a human scum.
ChickenMan 27 (11 days ago)
I love how the womans name is Joanne moos
ii møõN (11 days ago)
1:04 made me wipe tears😔
Dustin MacDougall (11 days ago)
“ Eric the homeless guy. “You should lose you fucking job
Snowboyhot 123 (12 days ago)
You know he make a doanting page but stole his money and rahat never responded
Chief Clashofclan (12 days ago)
It’s sad how in the end rhahat robbed him
Chief Clashofclan (1 day ago)
Boy loook at the recent videos before you comment I swear 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️
Rosie The rabbit tamer (1 day ago)
C®@zy m@n on the st®€at (12 days ago)
Who ever disliked this video I bet you've never had a hug
Extraterrestrial (8 days ago)
Nah, found out that Rahat was using Eric and never gave him any of the fund raising money. Eric ended up homeless again then got back on his feet. I’m pretty sure rahat is in jail rn for something too so that’s that. Search it up though.
Slender-eye-1 (12 days ago)
The sad thing is that rahat (the guy that made the video and gave him the money) made a donation page for the Eric. It turns out that when it hit over $20,000 donated rahat snatched that money from Eric. Rahat is in jail for scamming and eric made a video about. Search it up its called" magic of rahat you did me wrong".Eric now has a channel and is doing well with about 6k subs.
Tyler Thach (9 days ago)
Update: the guy who made the fundraiser took the money and vanish off of YouTube If you don’t believe me here’s my source: https://youtu.be/pt_Hew3XRlI
Tyler Thach (9 days ago)
tankeryy there https://youtu.be/pt_Hew3XRlI
tankeryy (10 days ago)
HaibTshajHaib (14 days ago)
He wants to share his money.
Shutta Fuggup (14 days ago)
Tony Parks (14 days ago)
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Shayla NGO (15 days ago)
Btw he eventually became friends with the dude and the YouTubed bought him a house and stuff
ZESTY (16 days ago)
Im not cryinig, YOUR CRYING
Dante Fajardo (16 days ago)
It was an accidental good deed that came out of a prank.
Kendall Malandrini (16 days ago)
Best video ever😍
Dylank001 (16 days ago)
The woman’s voice is so annoying
Rosie The rabbit tamer (1 day ago)
Dylank001 rude
Corrie Beach (17 days ago)
This man is the sweetest thing i just want to hug him 😭😭😭 "i wanna share it fraand" im too pregnant n emotional for this 😭😭😭
Elijah Callahan (15 days ago)
Corrie Beach why would I be mad I don’t fucking know u
Elijah Callahan (15 days ago)
Corrie Beach wtf?
Corrie Beach (16 days ago)
@Elijah Callahan you mad brobro
Elijah Callahan (16 days ago)
Corrie Beach why do we need to know ur preggo?
Travis Kelley (18 days ago)
It's amazing how people are like this that are in such bad luck god have mercy on our homeless people you never know what somebody has went threw in there life that got them there being homeless so don't judge em cause u could be that way one day.
Anthony (18 days ago)
Made my heart tear up some homeless people have the biggest heart Not everyone homeless is crazy or on drugs
XxKauron._BabyXxx Different Me (19 days ago)
Man that's so mean 😤😡
Ayden Robinson (20 days ago)
Why would you do something like that that is wrong man
Texas Texas (20 days ago)
This Guy is my Hero!!!!
Alan Heath (20 days ago)
Give him your wife and house and might take interest in story
JUMP GAMING (22 days ago)
CNN and this bitch always has to ruin everything....smh
kebalta1 (22 days ago)
Why you ruined his happy ness you lied 🤥
bigfootsuperstar00 (24 days ago)
Touching... But it disgusts me to find out that Rahat refused access the money to Eric...
sarah plays * (24 days ago)
is that kinda mean 😒
Jake Scott (25 days ago)
what ticket did he lose lmao?
Dominikiller!!! (26 days ago)
1:44 "Eric the homeless guy now nose" uhhhhhhh speaking of nose uhmmmm....you know 😂😂😂
ttv_wiley (27 days ago)
Update: The homeless man and the YouTuber aren’t the only ones crying
XxXfuxkThatHxeXxX 666 -Original_Razik (27 days ago)
*Faze Rug did this too*
YaboiPlank (28 days ago)
"Erick the homeless guy"
Sensei (29 days ago)
guys there are videos a lot just search eric homeless loses everything rahat did this for views and money it’s all fake eric’s all go fund me money he said that he took 0$ from it and he never really got to keep the house that rahat gave him i hope rahat will rot in hell and in prison by now hopefully
Clashlovesme (29 days ago)
1:44 Eric the homeless guy now NOSE
tomtank989 (30 days ago)
What a nice guy. Shares $1000 and he is homeless.
TecH_GuY (26 days ago)
tomtank989 magicofrahat is now in prison. This was all a scam.
TayCantRun (30 days ago)
Also the money raised for Eric was never given to him and Rahat kept it for himself
kim Kirkwood (1 month ago)
Thx for helping he is my ubcle
develandfredy (1 month ago)
I love that guy he’s so nice😊
Kelly Smith (1 month ago)
He is so so mean mean never do that he’s the 👿
Matt Wheeler (1 month ago)
Update: the homeless man used that money to fly to Germany and overthrow parliament and is now leading an army of patriotic Germans to take over the world and wipe out anyone who stands in his way
sy2 zero skull gamer xx (1 month ago)
The guy bought the homeless man a house and got him a job
Bobby Smoke6.4 (1 month ago)
Well done 👍🏻 may you be blessed my two brothers!🙏
Rana Hazife (1 month ago)
MannnyAld (1 month ago)
The Indian scammer kept all the money that was donated more then 40 grand he scammed you all https://youtu.be/pt_Hew3XRlI
M / A (1 month ago)
This dude is sucha great guy, I think it's ridiculous that he's getting any negative feedback from this.... He cried with the man people.... He obviously cares and, for crying out loud... HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT HORRIFIC PRANKS OTHER YOUNG MEN HAVE CONJURED UP ON THE HOMELESS POPULATION?? I don't even have to say a thing we have all heard about or seen video or unfortunately multiple videos... AND PEOPLE HAVE THE AUDACITY TO CRITICIZE THIS AWESOME DUDE FOR DOING AN AWESOME THING FOR ANOTHER AWESOME PERSON ?? 😣 I'm ashamed to be a human being after hearing that crock full 'o nuts....
Osah (1 month ago)
This is genuinely the only act of kindness that has made me cry
Kitten Hey (1 month ago)
That guy giving in the losing lotto ticket is not nice
Epicscore Eu (1 month ago)
"opened a site to donate to my bank account that i probly will give to the homeless man" is what i herd, did he recive the donation money ? id love to find out.
Oso Serious (1 month ago)
Now he cam either A buy a nice vehicle to live in and help him....or a years rent
Mashood Mughal (1 month ago)
I disliked that is so rude
Mitchy Stitchy (1 month ago)
I just hate how people say "homeless guy" its so fucking rude, he's a person. A living human being, call him by his name
Jensen last name (1 month ago)
only if there were more people like that
Mason Brooks (1 month ago)
I’ve been to that shopping center let’s goooo lol
Trav_Blaze (1 month ago)
I'll like
Mason Brooks (1 month ago)
It’s in centreville if y’all ain’t believe me wow my so cool omg
Cloudies (1 month ago)
Update: He got scammed and Rahat is now in Prison
Tony Sosa Jr (1 month ago)
Bruh I’m crying right now😭😭😭😭
Tiago Rocks (1 month ago)
Tbh I cried too
melinda3281 (1 month ago)
That's just mean
jason byrne (1 month ago)
Wanna share it with you big guy. "Big guy" meant he was a man that was big enough to give him something others wouldn't. That's what he meant by big guy. That homeless man was a gentleman and he wouldn't even take that much because he felt it was unfair. I would give that man my last euro if I could.
jason byrne (1 month ago)
@AgilityDZN how is he a thief?
AgilityDZN (1 month ago)
@jason byrne The Rahat guy (the one who gave him the money) is a thief, so I wouldn't feel too bad.
Ava Flowers (1 month ago)
I wanna give the homeless man a hug 1 like=1 hug
Fortnite God (1 month ago)
The fact he calls him his friend 💞
EVO Vise Versa (1 month ago)
Fuck Rahat he is in Jail now which is nice. He pawned Eric for views and his gofund me money. Eric is slow, and he is such a nice person to offer him money.
Braid (1 month ago)
Homeless: i want to share it my friend... literally i just cry lil bit 😪
Infinity Gamer (1 month ago)
Jensen last name (1 month ago)
yes but even 5 dollars he would have been happy with it is not how much its that he actually gave hime some cash
Shivam Patel (1 month ago)
CNN your not helping spreading fake news please know the full facts before you congratulate someone on national news like this Please watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pt_Hew3XRlI
Shivam Patel (1 month ago)
Update: Eric got scammed and does not have the money Rahat gave him or the money that was donated to him
Mich Pre (1 month ago)
meplo (1 month ago)
Why is the narrators voice so fucking annoying
Nick Kinsey (1 month ago)
Piece of shit Indian scammed him outta the money in the end . Shits crazy how shallow some people can be .