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Letterman 2008 Chase Top 12

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The Chase drivers do the Top 10 list on Letterman
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Text Comments (10)
Jeff Leonard (1 year ago)
Eh, there is something horribly wrong with #7. If you were to go through a car wash at 190 miles per hour, how do I put this lightly?........ Oh yeah, YOU'D BE DEAD!
jeffg24LT21 (7 years ago)
lol jimmie's sucked lol
Brock Beard (10 years ago)
LOL Jr. talked over his own applause. :D
buckeyelab (10 years ago)
yes tony has gotten fat
buckeyelab (10 years ago)
yes i loved it now you know who the most popular driver is now GO JR.!!!!!!!!!!
Dean Lickerbelly (10 years ago)
what have done lately? probably sit in front of the computer hating your life and making fun of people who made something out of themselves
JLPrinzess (10 years ago)
TY for posting I missed it!
JLPrinzess (10 years ago)
and imagine that! Still rude!
JLPrinzess (10 years ago)
Youre rude!
chatlos (10 years ago)
priceless, is it just me or does tony look a little fat