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THESE ARE ON SALE HERE! ► http://bit.ly/2IVm8WK JOIN THE MAILING LIST HERE! ► http://bit.ly/2vnIxFg SUBSCRIBE HERE ► https://www.youtube.com/user/mrfoamersimpson?su... FOAMIE & BUCKETS: season 1 episode 62. We have been getting a ton of positive responses on the performance updates that we've done on the Nike Lebron 15, Lebron Soldier 12, Kyrie 4, Curry 4, PG 2 and the next most requested update by the viewers has been the AIR JORDAN WHY NOT ZER0.1 aka the 1st signature sneaker of Russell Westbrook. So these came out 5 months ago and we have been playing in them the entire time. So we present you with performance update! Check it out and let us know what you think! Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share! Check it out and let us know what you think! Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share! WANT TO SEND US SOMETHING? FOAMER SIMPSON PO BOX 5513 CLEARWATER, FL 33758 CONNECT WITH FOAMIE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Snapchat ► https://www.snapchat.com/add/itsfoamie IG ► http://full.sc/1b2RF27 Twitter ► http://full.sc/H8tB5t Facebook ► http://full.sc/H8txms CONNECT WITH BUCKETS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Snapchat ► https://www.snapchat.com/add/thouartbuckets IG ► http://bit.ly/2pIaGW8 CONNECT WITH FORREST CONNER ON SOCIAL MEDIA! IG ► https://bit.ly/2HZMwP7
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Text Comments (105)
Magnus Krakue (1 month ago)
Loving the reviews but you have a chance to do something nobody has done yet and thats a review of the Ultra Fly 3s! Please!
Eric Clapbomb (1 month ago)
i got it a size up and that fit best
sitella (1 month ago)
completely agree that these are not for wide footed people I went a whole size up and still would want to go a half or even another whole size up
Dj Tucha (2 months ago)
Very correct. Only flaw is they are extremely hard to put on.
JohnFitzMusic (2 months ago)
Sneaker reviewers who can actually play? Nice!
Desiigners Ad libs (2 months ago)
Just letting yall know, after using these since they came out, the velcro strap loses its stickiness and needs to be replaced, but apart from that a perfect shoe for explosive players.
zhi hong (5 months ago)
No way is that a 10 foot tall ring😂😂
Jv Leviste (5 months ago)
Are the KD11 ready for the updates?
Joven Consignado (5 months ago)
Buckets! Appreciate the review and update, man. Been thinking of copping these. How is the outsole holding up? Are the nubs fraying or are they still intact after heavy use?
J G (6 months ago)
I play in Kobes, Kyries, Hyperdunks and sometimes KDs. These are my go to, over any other shoe. Cushion, support and lockdown are A-1! Traction could be a little better, though. They feel very tight at first, but just give them a chance, and they will fit perfectly after breaking them in. Like he said, you don’t have to lace them up tight. The lockdown is perfect! I just bought a second pair at Finishline (check online) the white/black and breds are $63 right now. I saw some at the outlets (the orange ones) for $50. That’s stupid cheap for a sneaker that gives you everything you need. People are sleeping on these cause they’re “ugly” (I disagree).
J G (5 months ago)
Brother Munish I use them outdoors more than I do indoors. I’ve had them since February, and use them at least 4 hours per week. They should be fine, and they are cheap enough. Go for it! I have the ones with the LA map on it and the White/black ones. The white pair has better traction and it squeaks. It’s a big difference. I can also feel the zoom more, and they fit less tight. Try different pairs on. Both of mine are great, but the white ones are definitely better in my opinion.
Zoe Sh (6 months ago)
As a wide footer who play in these everyday, wearing thinner socks makes a significant difference....I disagree with the cushion part as far as the 29s and 30s. These are bouncier. Nothing has topped the 28s yet.
Tiger25NYC Brooklyn (6 months ago)
Do a up date on the Jordan 32
Wuke Zhang (6 months ago)
been playing in them without the laces, and still have zero movement within the shoes. best lockdown i've had
Ozy Daruli (7 months ago)
do you have any tips on how to put on this shoes?
Jesus West (7 months ago)
Kyrie fly traps plzzzzz
DestinyStuff (7 months ago)
do crazy light boost 2016 please
Zac Carroll (7 months ago)
Perform update on Kobe AD NXT 360
Richard Collins (7 months ago)
"Meow to the fit"
jonathan (7 months ago)
Nice job Buckets! 👍🏻👍🏻
Kobe Kisin (7 months ago)
Do the Kobe AD Mid
Digital Pickaxe (7 months ago)
Crazy explosive
AR (7 months ago)
I wanna see air jordan 32
Alexia Is On Fire (7 months ago)
your mustache is funny
hitman3030 (7 months ago)
Do we have any clue why they only have a limited amount of shirts for sale???
cIementhe (7 months ago)
Patrick Davis (7 months ago)
hahaha! I swear I coudnt get them on!! even went up a size. ill try them again.
Patrick Davis (7 months ago)
you need your own channel! esp bc you play alot, we need that input
Bdk2036 (7 months ago)
Which shoes would you recommend for flat feet
Bdk2036 (7 months ago)
Nike flight bonafide
HB Sherrod (7 months ago)
Buckets be ballin lol
Rodrigo Molina Orozco (7 months ago)
Jordan 32's maybe?
TooMuch Freetime (7 months ago)
Great vid man. Been wondering about these.
Berwin 5412 (7 months ago)
Try the KD 11 next
InZaneKicks (7 months ago)
Your perspective should definitely be taken considering how extensively you play in each model.When the "Silence Behind The Violence" speaks
MHSvATO (7 months ago)
Love the performance updates! Keep this series going!
Justin Cheeks (7 months ago)
Kyrie 4 low is crazy man I think it might be the closest thing to an old style Kobe 5/6
OJ Whittle (7 months ago)
Giving out tons of buckets ! Sheesh
Kenneth Rojas (7 months ago)
Should've shown us a close up view of the why not zero... like how is traction pattern holding up after 5 months.
Rowny Báez (7 months ago)
Jorda. 32 plz @youngbuckets
JaeHyung Ahn (7 months ago)
Air Jordan ultra fly 2 please, as always thanks for great videos🙏🏼
Dillon Steen (7 months ago)
I’m here because KickGenius fell off, and I needed performance sneaker reviews. So glad I made the switch. Love you guys. Sorry it took so long for me to get here.
Scrappy 895 (7 months ago)
I wanna see the update on the dame 4 and the Harden vol 2
DB858 (7 months ago)
Jordan 32
Dragon 1036 (7 months ago)
The Harden Vol.2
Dragon 1036 (7 months ago)
Air Jordan 1
Mikee Cajigas (7 months ago)
Danger Russ (7 months ago)
....eeerrrrmmmm!! Kind of!! You need a pair of the New KD 11's Guys. You want me to get you some. I'll be your Plug. Woof, woof, woof, woof. Woof, woof. Woof. Woof. I'llllll beeeee yoooouuuur Plug... Kiiiia Orrrrra. Boogy Boogy Boogy Boogy. Kiiia Orrra. Not sure if you had Kia Ora in America Guys but the Adverts are Pure Gold. Keep up the Good Work Chaps!! It's Really Good Work!! 🤔🤨. 🏀🏀🤾🏻‍♂️⛹️‍♂️🧗‍♂️.
Danger Russ (7 months ago)
Have you done anything on the New 11's yet... The flyknit ones?? Hang on a minute I'll just look.......
FrybreadHD (7 months ago)
After 5 months for me the shoe became easier to put on and the fit loosened :/
Thomas Manzoni (6 months ago)
Do you think the shoes are good even with this "problem"?
FrybreadHD (7 months ago)
RedBaron8698 they felt better w the tighter fit but the support is still fine
RedBaron8698 (7 months ago)
FrybreadHD in a bad way? Are they still supportive?
Danger Russ (7 months ago)
How the BLOODY HELL do you get these BAARRSTTAAARRDS ON!!😤🤬 Can Anyone Tell Me Please. I'll pay you good money for the Info & NO I'm NOT a bent Copper👮🏽‍♂️!!?? These are frikkin TIGHT, with a Massive Capital T⛾?? (**Watchin this video as I type out this muck on my phone...) **WOW that Dunk Tho Young Buckets Esquire... SLLAAAM!! These are like a FOOT COMDOM. I seriously think I might be Good at Basketballs with these Pumps on though!! It does Buck Todgers... (=Buckets Pet name as He looks like a Mexican Crime Lord/ Porn Star!!) ...it actually Kills the Achilles, Duh!! Eh!! Duh!! D.E.D...From Drop Dead Fred my favourite Childhood film ever... The End!! Haha!! (I'm not sure what that Achilles thing means I just thought I'd flex some Basketballs Knowledge for all them Mitchell Jordans Fans out there!!) Thanks for the Performance update though Young Bucket... I said Bucket, I know what should be done. Get your Sneakers out and I'll buy the Biggest One... haha!! Changed the lyrics there a little for the Young Folk!! Not sure it's quite suitable for a Family Show. Anyway I've got a video of these Quai 54 Beetches to whack together so I'm gonna piss...ton flap off and DO IT!! Just Like Mike?? ...or was that NIKE??🤔!!
Gamer Greek (7 months ago)
Do harden vol 3 next please
Dime Slinger (7 months ago)
These are cold. They're like plush tanks on your feet; let that sink in. Not only that, but they really bite the floor.
J G (6 months ago)
They have dropped the price. $63 at Finishline. Cop a pair of cheap ones and take them outdoors. I take mine outdoors all the time. Here’s the link. I showed it to them at the store and they matched the price. I just got my second pair of these. https://www.finishline.com/store/product/mens-air-jordan-why-not-zer01-basketball-shoes/prod2771045
sean del mundo (7 months ago)
the black and white colorway is made for outdoor. the only version with solid rubber
Dime Slinger (7 months ago)
Notyourtypicalasian nah too soft. Personally I wouldn't take any shoe over $100 outdoors.
Notyourtypicalasian (7 months ago)
Outdoor friendly?
K50Zero 0 (7 months ago)
The hardest shoe I ever tried on was ultra flight 2 and they was hurting my feet
Magnus Krakue (1 month ago)
I was wishing this shoe was going to be like the Ultra Fly 2 but it actually is a little better except in the traction category
Tony Lopez (7 months ago)
This has nothing to do with the video but does anyone else not fuck with lows? like it has to be mid or high
hunkymeat74 (7 months ago)
froggy 32 (7 months ago)
Buckets killing cats on court. Love your videos Buckets. And love watching you drop buckets
Rose Demolition (7 months ago)
Buckets how long did it take you to recover from your ACL tear?? I’m just wondering bc I tore my ACL and it’s been 5 months and I still have problems jumping
Justin B Thompson (7 months ago)
right meow
Rabarberellum 101 (7 months ago)
Maybe they're just not ment to be taking off, hahaha. MJ wants you to sleep, eat and play ball in them.
Jonathan Rad (7 months ago)
Awesome vid. How about one on the Harden 2s?
fabio sanabria (7 months ago)
this or the kobe ad nxt 360?
MatafiedGaming (7 months ago)
afroduck9 (7 months ago)
King Israel (7 months ago)
Could u do a update to the jordan 32
Justine Ball (7 months ago)
Performance update dame 4 plssss
Dominic Mazza (7 months ago)
Crazy explosive
TheOfficialTris34 (7 months ago)
I would 100% say that the lockdown of these shoes is its greatest aspect. Having a weak right ankle due to multiple tweaks and landing on people’s feet too many times, I have to say that wearing these shoes have made my ankle feel the best playing basketball in a long time. The heel containment is insane, like my ankle legit felt brand new when I finished practicing one day when I first wore them. Idk if anyone cared to ask, but i felt the need to share my opinion cause the support and containment is amazing
Uniquely Deezigned (6 months ago)
TheOfficialTris35 I 100% agree with you. I just got this colorway and the black and white all-star colorway and played in the all-stars for the first time today after healing from a partial left Achilles tear and i must say the lock down support is far better than any basketball shoe I’ve ever played in and I’ve played ALOT of b-ball in my time on this earth! I totally agree with this review, they are so lock down u can barely get them on and off, but I’m totally ok with that if the end result is the amazing support they provide!
TheOfficialTris34 (7 months ago)
Notyourtypicalasian I would probably say no. The traction seems to soft and also too thin to withstand multiple uses in an outdoor setting. I would say check out the WearTesters review for more.
Notyourtypicalasian (7 months ago)
Outdoor friendly?
momo Chang (7 months ago)
Dame 4!
Rocketrick (7 months ago)
Harden vol 2, please!
sbeast1216 (7 months ago)
Please put a pro/con list or graphic at the end of these updates.
Neguib Alcántara (7 months ago)
How tall buckets is?
AkeemDenim (7 months ago)
Buckets I know you are not shutting these guys out. Do not think you are slick, only showing your highlights and your opponents shooting bricks. Disingenuous, and that is why I am not putting the “Esquire“ or even the “Young“ on your name, until you put some respek on your opposition.
Sir Braxton (7 months ago)
must be one of dem nibbas burners
Michael Pomarico (7 months ago)
HARDEN 2!!!!!
brandon lopez (7 months ago)
Harden vol. 2
ΝαύτηςΒασίλης 15 (7 months ago)
Young Buckets you are the best basketball player of the YouTube by far from the second one
CIKEDEES (7 months ago)
Why dont we see foam dunking?
Jack ward (6 months ago)
YouTube doesn't allow graphic violence anymore
Cool Cat (7 months ago)
lol no love for the harden vol 2?
Armike Bengco (7 months ago)
I want to see a performance update of the Nike KD 10s
Estevan Garcia (7 months ago)
So excited for this update! Buckets, has anyone ever told you that your mannerisms and expressions are similar to James Franco?
Yeriel Lie (7 months ago)
Do the performance update on the dame 4 please
Jarred Graham (7 months ago)
Kobe AD NXT 360
Edward Barrios (7 months ago)
Do a performance update on the Dame 4
JWall West (7 months ago)
Walked at 2:50 lol
Nightcore Is My Life (7 months ago)
I would wait for the Why Not Zer0.1 Low Triple Black until it releases in Hong Kong
Gem Sixtynine (7 months ago)
I'm the 51st viewer you won't pin this
If It Fits Wear It (7 months ago)
Can we plz see what the shoe looks like to like u used to do plzzzzz
Luka 420 (7 months ago)
Janvier Matthew (7 months ago)
Kd 11
Random Designs (7 months ago)