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2015 Kyle Petty & Dale Jarrett's thoughts on Kenseth vs Logano

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Jody Setliff (17 days ago)
I liked it don't care what Dale and Kyle said he deserved it
IanPerez48 (1 month ago)
This is what NASCAR wants to see since the elimination format took place in 2014, forced drama, ball sports, boxing matches, and all that bad shit. It is sad we have the playoffs still to forced entertain to please dumbass fans. Kyle Petty has ever right to speak his mind about this. 2015 was full of bullshit and stupidity, one of the worst Gen 6 seasons ever (also 2019). NASCAR is even more of a joke with stage racing and playoffs. I can't believe this is what "fans" prefer seeing this over natural racing and points competition (2004-2013 chase). Looks like NASCAR did NOT learn their lesson in 2017 when it became a even bigger joke by adding stage racing to have "more competition". THey don't do shit. Same with the playoffs, we have this stick and ball sports bull shit because of show seeker fans. I am for sure Brian France is out. However, there are other workers who work with Brian actually allowed him to do this. It is sad that the workers of Brainless France let him turn NASCAR into a ball sport, soap opera, and a HUGE joke! I am hoping Jim France (or someone else) can get rid of stage racing and the playoffs ASAP. I know it will take a long time for NASCAR to be great and an actual racing sport again, but that's pretty much the basic issue of the sport. Sadly, they won't get rid of those soon because they've "gne deep into it". Why did they keep changing the 2004-2013 format and not get rid of the elimination formats and stages in NASCAR? Because NASCAR turned it into a ball sport, soap opera, a joke, and they listen to stupid show seeker fans and not the real racing fans. NASCAR has lost its racing name since either Brian France destroyed his grandfather and father's creation, or like 2014-present by turning it into a ball sport.
chris napolion (3 months ago)
I loved it
Randy Hutchinson (4 months ago)
That was FUNNY !!!
f1r3m4nN1nj4 22 (9 months ago)
The fans are idiots. All they want to see are fights. This was literally a thing 7 year olds do in video games. Kenseth is an idiot for doing this. Kansas was Racing for the win, and what was this? An attempt at murder?
IanPerez48 (1 month ago)
blame NASCAR for turning a racing sport to a ball sport
Pop (1 year ago)
Fowler Motorsports (1 year ago)
Gotta love hoe Dale Jarrett calls out Kenseth for lying but let's not forget Bristol night race 2005. Newman got loose and spun him out and Jarrett comes back and dumped Newman and ruins his Chase but also Kevin Harvick's Chase because he was caught up in the wreck and didn't make the chase in 2005. Dale Jarrett is the worst commentator ever. He was good with ESPN.
alief guache (1 year ago)
People love watching this shit
IanPerez48 (1 month ago)
show seeker fans* cuz NASCAR prefers those fans over real fans who actually wants to see a race and not a ball sport or a soap opera
David Fournier (1 year ago)
These two are as out of touch with the real fans as NASCARs head office. Shame on them both.
David Fournier (1 year ago)
Never had any respect for Kyle Petty, I sure his daddy never respected his son as a driver either, I lost a lot of respect for Jarret as well. These two must live in their own little world. Dale should know better then to say what he did about this. Kyle was the Danica Patrick of his time in NASCAR, had no business on the race track except for his name.
Briezgames (2 years ago)
screw kyle petty we laugh at you kyle. Kenseth 4 life!
Jake Dodson (2 years ago)
Kyle pettys racing career is what people laugh at around the watercooler
Jake Dodson (2 years ago)
LOLOLOLOL Those 2 drivers did the same thing when they were driving hahahahhahahahahaha
Jake Dodson (2 years ago)
Jaws dropped?? Nah people cheered lol EVERYBODY cheered hahahahahahahahahaha Fuck logano
Jack Lawton (2 years ago)
I've liked about half the comments here because I totally agree with you
Zentsui (2 years ago)
Redneck Gamers (3 years ago)
total b.s. Kyle says alot also I was so happy
Super Bee (3 years ago)
Mr obvious his tire went down and his throttle must have stuck obviously you know he wouldn't have taken out the leader on purpose.lmao
Emil Borchert (3 years ago)
Kansas was just hard racing and if anything Kenseth was trying to block. This was just a punk ass move I'd expect from an 11 year old playing a NASCAR game online. Kenseth is probably my least favorite driver just for showing off this immaturity.
James Braun (3 years ago)
Dale is the biggest hypocrite on earth. He was forgetting about when he did the same thing with Ryan Newman.
Erik of Steel (3 years ago)
Sorry but I remember when Dale Jarrett got revenge on Ryan Newman at Bristol back in 2005
Fowler Motorsports (1 year ago)
Erik of Steel he also ruined Kevin Harvick's Chase for the cup because he was caught up in that wreck in 2005.
David Stewart (3 years ago)
The only commentator that gets it, is Ricky Craven. There's a driver code and it has to be enforced, by force if necessary. But both Petty and Jarrett were pushovers on the track, so it doesn't surprise me.
Intangible Boxing (3 years ago)
"The fans don't want to see this." -Kyle Petty... I'd like to contradict this by presenting exhibit A (comments) and exhibit B (Likes to Dislikes)...
Intangible Boxing (3 years ago)
@x0Chrisyankees98 sad
Chris Harder (3 years ago)
Don't forget the crowds reaction
Andrei Cernucan (3 years ago)
the fault is with nascar you fuckin` pricks! if they would have done somethin` about logano`s fucked up drivin` at kansas Matt wouldn`t have had to do this...but nascar does nothin` and i`m sure a lot of us would have done the same in matt`s position. nascar doin` nothin` for idiots that do shit like logano at kansas, just encourages these kind of fires to take place. this is NASCARs fuckin` fault. and it will not stop untill they will learn to put out fires before they start. im sorry nascar,but you have no ideea how to should go to a leadership school or somethin`. fuckin` retards.
Matthew Mcdade (3 years ago)
Matthew Mcdade (3 years ago)
joey didn't have to wreck kenseth to win.did everyone notice following win from Johnson first thing he SAID you don't have to wreck anyone if your car is faster. work the wheel find your line to pass that's the problem I have with that ending. .that is what there trained to do.
OUTLAW (3 years ago)
Matt McCormick (3 years ago)
shut the fuck up kyle petty jesus christ
Shelby Smitherman (3 years ago)
nascar created this. Not kenseth.
Shelby Smitherman (3 years ago)
nascar created this. Not kenseth.
todd anderson (3 years ago)
I'm not disagreeing that nascar should have suspended Matt for the wreck but where nascar has messed up Kevin Harvick should have been suspended for the wreck at talledega two people do the same thing two different results.
ken simpson (3 years ago)
Lots of instant fans for Matt ..
Andrew Cerullo (3 years ago)
stupid kenthes
TheDieHardWWEAddict (3 years ago)
Dale and Kyle are 100 percent right about it. Kenseth deserved his punishment
Art Howes (3 years ago)
and as far as nascar goes i have stopped watching it years ago its not stuff like this that makes nascar a joke its nascar itself that makes itself a joke. the sport has sucked since brian france took over
Art Howes (3 years ago)
kyle has alot of nerve as does DJ they both have done the same thing. They are hypocrites and as far as matt doing what he did. hats off to him. joey has raced this way and has done stupid crap in the past to get drivers mad at him. about time he got what was coming to him
Snowman F (3 years ago)
right on Kyle !!! totally BS and right call of Nascar
CubesAndDominoes (3 years ago)
If this is what people laugh about NASCAR at, like Kyle says, then Dale Earnhardt made the sport the laughing stock of America a long time ago. They need to stop criticizing him this much, especially since no one cared about Harvick wrecking 10-20 cars.
f1r3m4nN1nj4 22 (9 months ago)
CubesAndDominoes This was not hard Racing for the win, like Kansas or what Earnhardt did. This is a bs move. Kenseth is like 4 laps down, and he dumps the leader and a playoff contender?
Justin Gilbert (3 years ago)
Who stands by a water cooler...?
Zentsui (2 years ago)
Watercolor Dale of course!
redfestiva (3 years ago)
well Kyle Petty, Dàle Jr. says he is OK with what Matt did to teach Lagano a lesson and his opinion means more to fans than yours.
Garett Burns (3 years ago)
Nascar created this mess by putting the kind of pressure on the drivers through this point system. Drivers will always pay back what is dealt them , without the eliminations matt would have waited longer to repay it, but joey took him out of the championship plain and simple
IanPerez48 (1 month ago)
NASCAR turned their company to a ball sport
IanPerez48 (1 month ago)
@Jack Lawton 2004-2013 did it WAY better. None of that elimination crap
Jack Lawton (2 years ago)
I don't care what anyone else says, the Chase shows how much people want a championship and what they'd do to get it
Kyle Walker (3 years ago)
#Matt-the-Bat ... Respect the Kenseth
Lisa Boyd (3 years ago)
One other thing to hypocrite Jarritt!! Harvicks Crew Chief  gave the advice to BUMP as many cars as he could to stop and stay in the case runnings NOT BLOCK!! So turn up hearing aids and get story right and stop making up excuses for Harvick and Logano!!! Logano passed Matt and could of went right past him but instead dropped down right in front of Matt leaving matt to do the BLOCKING THING!!! LOGANO'S crew chief told him Matt was still there- cocky little Logano!
Whoopity Doo (3 years ago)
rofl, NASCAR has been a joke for years. This Chase is a prime example of that. Stop fucking kidding yourself, Kyle. The TV ratings and empty seats say it all.
sdykes (3 years ago)
KP whines about "this giving NASCAR a bad name; people will talk around the water cooler about this, etc. blah-blah-blah".  Well, isn't that what you want?  For people to be talking?  You're right -- the fans reaction to the incident says it all.  MOST hate Logano and BK.  I have the upmost respect for Penske but those guys suck.  But the Ford engineering is ON POINT.
NRF (3 years ago)
Logano is not as bad as Brad
JTH (3 years ago)
+sdykes Yeah, people will be talking. But all those conversations end with the line "What a f*cking joke NASCAR is now."
MrSnowrocks (3 years ago)
Hypocrites, Kyle said last week "Only the guy in the car knows what happened."
nascarfanatic2425 (3 years ago)
+Luckydude820 In fairness, Kyle was actually a decent driver before his son Adam got killed. He was pretty competitive throughout the 90s, but after Adam died, he lost his desire. Pretty much was nothing more than a field-filler for the last 7-8 years of his career. If it were me, I would've just retired then and there.
ShouMushu (3 years ago)
+MrSnowrocks That seems like kyle making fun of the good drivers when he couldnt do shit going against these drivers
nascarfanatic2425 (3 years ago)
+Matthew Mcdade No it isn't. Not if it's a driver in their favoritism. *Cough* Harvick *Cough* Penske drivers too *Cough* Oh dear. Can you please give me a cough drop? *Cough* France is a prick *Cough*
Matthew Mcdade (3 years ago)
Alta (3 years ago)
So true.
James Wormsley (3 years ago)
+Altamonteric i agree with kyle petty,that was complete uncalled for by kenseth.
Schwing (3 years ago)
hard racing, emotions, conflict are literally the reason nascar became a popular televised sport, and remains part of the sport. there has also been so many similar events to this that haven't resulted in any suspension. fucking chill kp it's racing..
NRF (3 years ago)
Well said KP
lebron's bitch (3 years ago)
Yet he said Harvick did nothing wrong last week. Hypocrite.
nascarfanatic2425 (3 years ago)
+japotak99 See, this is why I lose respect for Petty and Jarrett.
Leuel48Fan (3 years ago)
Herein lies the fundamental disconnect between the majority of the fans and NASCAR officials, and official media. Where was all the backlash from NBCSN when Harvick clearly intentionally wrecked the field ruining a great race?? It was a THOUSAND times more damaging for NASCAR the fact that they ended last week's race under caution and limited to 1 GWC, rather than this payback incident. This can, and WILL be marketed as the drama and intensity of the Chase, however last week yall were defending NASCAR and Harvick about the rules change and actions. Fucking hypocrites. The grandstand fans' reactions was enough to prove which was okay and which was unacceptable.
f1r3m4nN1nj4 22 (9 months ago)
Leuel48Fan The fans are idiots. All they want to see are fights. This was literally a thing 7 year olds do in video games. Kenseth is an idiot for doing this. Kansas was Racing for the win, and what was this? An attempt at murder?
Christopher Toler (3 years ago)
I totally agree with both men here. What Kenseth did today was out of line, and NASCAR was right to call him to their hauler. The incident in Kansas was racing, pure and simple; if you block someone for laps on end, you're gonna piss them off to make them want you out of their way. We saw it from Dale Earnhardt all the time. This, on the other hand, was acting out of pure spite.