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How Third Party Logistics (3PL) fits in the Supply Chain

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Ever wonder what a third party logistics provider (3PL) is, or a freight forwarder? These terms are often used in the transportation and freight industry, so here's a very simple explanation of how a 3PL fits into the supply chain and can help your business. WorldTrans Services, Inc. provides enterprise supply chain solutions for startups, small and medium-sized businesses. We make logistics easy, and help you get your products from your manufacturer to your customers. Visit www.worldtransinc.com for more information.
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Leyla Flower (11 months ago)
Perfect video
MadiHun Grembi (1 year ago)
Too fast talking 😑
Guillaume Féraud (1 year ago)
great, very clear, thank you
Vestra Logistics (3 years ago)
Awesome Video
nate bookout (5 years ago)
Great Video!
Nikhil (5 years ago)
Short and clear. Good work ..