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UPS Logistics Performance Chicago

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On the way to a trade show, my colleagues and I happened upon a UPS marketing Event on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.
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knight6831 (2 years ago)
the tune is catchy
knight6831 (2 years ago)
@O. Douglas Jennings Okay
O. Douglas Jennings (2 years ago)
It's funny that UPS tried to market themselves in this way (music, dancers, etc). They aired commercials based on this theme for a while. I haven't noticed what ad campaigns they are running lately. Maybe they didn't feel like this "Broadway Showtunes" approach served them very well and they're having a more low-key, business-to-business strategy. BTW, I enjoy your Pokemon playlists.
O. Douglas Jennings (6 years ago)
Don't hold back. Tell me more. Have you worked for UPS? If so, I take it that your experience was not so good.
East Coast Indica (6 years ago)
Very nazi like just like management treats the employees