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UPS Driver Training. Front and side pre trip inspection.

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UPS Hawaii Class 4 pre trip inspection. Front of vehicle, under the hood and side of vehicle.
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Text Comments (4)
cableandchain (15 days ago)
lol if they did all that everyday they never get a package delivered
Tony614 (3 months ago)
Why put that on the driver, instead of having them check the driver safety features like brakes/lights/reflectors, and let an actual mechanic check the engine bay during preventative maintenance? Seems like another cost cutting measure to feign safety while possibly putting lives at risk.
Dr Pollywog (4 months ago)
recaps on steer tires?! lord help us. that's scary
PhantomLake (5 months ago)
Then inspect your supervisor: no cuts, no cracks, securely mounted, no missing nuts or bolts. Not swollen or leaking. :^)