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Driving on the Wrong side of the road - Idiot Drivers

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Text Comments (89)
Zinku Zinku (2 months ago)
russien people crazy stupid agressive
Jenine Harris (2 months ago)
This was boring.
Angler (2 months ago)
по 5 минуте видео так и хочется сказать, страна долбоебов!
AlphaRomeo-OneFive (2 months ago)
The entitlement and arrogance of these drivers pisses me off just watching this video.
Skittle Turtle (2 months ago)
5 minute mark or so!! What the hell kind of shit is that!!!! Looks like absolutely no one can drive, everyone is on the wrong side of the road!!!! Idiots!!!!!
Wolfy Luna (2 months ago)
That is a lot of people using the wrong direction lane to pass cars.
Bozo Me (2 months ago)
Андрей Драго (2 months ago)
Копия, такое уже было.
Janis Swope (2 months ago)
This was almost too frustrating to watch!
David Stratton (2 months ago)
Starting at @ 5:35 - A problem that big and pervasive means the police there are not enforcing it. It seems to be a regular thing to take any lane.
AngelTM (2 months ago)
Uhhhh do they not have signs or pavement markings lol?
Raven Meyer (2 months ago)
Seems counterintuitive to pull up so close that they cannot turn around. Forcing them to back up the whole way is more likely to cause a wreck than the u turn.
Raven Meyer (2 months ago)
Or pulling so close they can't even pull into the correct lane. Both are jerk moves. Two wrongs never make a right.
Дед Северный (2 months ago)
выгони нахрен свою любимую и пусть топает пешком. видители она опаздывает и под этот случай можно творить беспредел.
-SakiSkai- (2 months ago)
I got so triggered watching this video. If this happened to me i wouldn't stop honking until my honk stopped working.
Namenloser5 (2 months ago)
0:48 That sounds like the dashcam is jerking itself
Stratos Peak (2 months ago)
00:36 Some people have too much free time
rgrndu (2 months ago)
This sucked! 👎😴
dedalliance1 (2 months ago)
Well on the plus side, if I ever drive in Russia, even without any knowledge of the driving laws, I'd blend right in perfectly!
AwesomeKitCat (2 months ago)
As an American, I had soooo much trouble following this video. Like does Russia not have street signs? I could understand some people making mistake sometimes and turning down the wrong road, but it seemed like some streets had several cars all going the wrong way. One guy was just driving down the sidewalk. How does this even happen? Do police not do anything about this?
Michael M (2 months ago)
The guy MUST have had a badge or a gun, cause I would have smashed in his teeth
simonsienna (2 months ago)
The people hating the actions of the drivers of the dashcam cars need to remember if the other driver was not driving illegally in the wrong direction, these videos would not exist.
Матвей Фуризон (2 months ago)
Просто у нас штрафов нет и коррупция выше крыши.Сделать бы штрафы 200$ за нарушения, глядишь ,и штрафов бы не было.
AviMC (2 months ago)
Същото е и в България. The same is at Bulgaria.
Сокровища природы (2 months ago)
взял зажал мужика на дороге
Truly Your Gamer (2 months ago)
we just gonna ignore the smart car on the sidewalk at 2:13
Stuart Henderson (2 months ago)
Smart car, Stupid driver
Stefan Petrescu (2 months ago)
I believe the Russian word is 'nazat'.
Don Pablo (2 months ago)
These morons are just a whole new level of stupidity and arrogance.
J4MMY (2 months ago)
OUTRO SONG: Deep by Pierluigi algieri. Finally found it!
Dave McGuigan (2 months ago)
Dumb M F drivers from you know where? RUSSIA!!!!
I Am Zyanya (2 months ago)
These clips irritate me and I'm not even driving. 🤦🏽‍♀️
gajustempus (2 months ago)
if I EVER get to drive in Russia - I'´ll pick a tank as vehicle of choice - and drive THROUGH these morons...
Consistent Killer (2 months ago)
Tank? Volvo
Gingersnap52 (2 months ago)
What a jerk..
Charles Green (2 months ago)
3:16- HINT HINT -5:28 2 WAY STREET 🚓📽
Andrew & His Trucking Gnomes (2 months ago)
Idiots follow Idiots!! lol
Erich Diehl (2 months ago)
This is why Russia will lose WWIII.🤣😂🤣😂
Graeme Evans (2 months ago)
Jesus christ. Every car on the wrong side of the road there needs their windows smashed in. They'll soon stop.
Neil (2 months ago)
I'm glad I don't live in this arrogance zone.
Ozla Tube (2 months ago)
Alex Térieur (2 months ago)
BMW = connard
Phil Atkins (2 months ago)
I love these belligerent drivers telling the fuckheads to go to the back. It takes a special kind of dickhead to just drive the wrong way down the road on purpose, and it's nice to see them inconvenienced like this.
Boli420 (2 months ago)
Why would anyone want to watch 10 minutes of that crap...
George Balint (2 months ago)
What crap would you watch for 10minutes
Boli420 (2 months ago)
+Del Mac So what's your point?
Del Mac (2 months ago)
Because it 100 times more interesting than read the shit you write.
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia (2 months ago)
I have those scum who harass people who made a mistake to go in the wrong direction by not giving them room to correct their mistake.
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia (2 months ago)
+drakionclawers How stupid can you be? They go back a bit, and when they want to go forward to switch lanes, cammers instead of letting them, they drive forward and block them.
drakionclawers (2 months ago)
+Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia If they do not block them then they will continue to drive down the wrong side of the road dumbass.
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia (2 months ago)
Just let them go to the right lane, stop blocking them. That is what I am saying.
AwesomeKitCat (2 months ago)
I would agree if it was a mistake, but it seemed pretty clear that these drivers were on the wrong side intentionally. One guy even drove on the sidewalk just to get around traffic. And it wasn't even the sidewalk on the correct side.
Nate Hahn (2 months ago)
They they knew it was wrong and did it anyway. This was no mistake these are entitled assholes just trying to get ahead.
Jack Priest (2 months ago)
На самом деле в первых двух видео рег доебался до столба. Если поток постоянно идёт тем рядом то это не водители уёбки а организация дороги не отражает потребностей водителей и они сами находят выход. Обычно такие места просто "узаконивают," у нас например в нескольких местах знаком разрешили поворот с левой полосы направо на односторонюю дорогу тк многим потом надо в этом переулке налево и логично что удобнее именно эта схема. Но там где уебаны в единичном экземпляре это да.
Mr. Rock (2 months ago)
Стадный инстинкт и не более того. А стаду нужен пастух.
Дед Северный (2 months ago)
это ты сидя возле компа так рассуждаешь. а представь ты едешь соблюдая пдд и вдруг ты должен ехать по бордюрам по ямам потому что кому-то неймется он знаков не видит. твоя реакция? или каждый может трактовать пдд по своему?
Stein (2 months ago)
one Coment idioter nots no hed
Mythemind (2 months ago)
When you see this mass psychosis just call the police maybe?
Sn00zeDog (2 months ago)
WRONG TITLE.... Should say " idiot dashcam drivers "
drakionclawers (2 months ago)
+Sn00zeDog You are a retard, congrats.
ini channel (2 months ago)
+Phil Atkins just ignore him, his just an 6 yrs old kid
Sn00zeDog (2 months ago)
+Phil Atkins In those videos, I see MORE than 1 car. Meaning, there's something that the cam car is NOT telling us. Don't get me wrong, I don't like people jumping in, like the next person. BUT it doesn't make sense when there's 10 or 15 cars ALL coming the wrong way.
Phil Atkins (2 months ago)
+Sn00zeDog If someone is going to be an absolute dirty plunger and go the wrong way down a one way street, or disrespect all other road users by plugging traffic in the other direction by driving the Wrong Bloody Way in The Wrong Bloody Lane because they feel somehow entitled to do so then they deserve nothing less. Despite it being illegal and a twatty move, all of these drivers knew precisely what they were doing, and it's selfish thoughtless cunty driving that makes me hope they all come up against "cocks" like the dashcammers. Every. Single. Time. Or better yet law enforcement who can humiliate them and give them a hefty fine and points on their licence. The fact that you think it's the dashcammers who are the cocks just proves you are one of those people who would do this because you don't give a shit unless it personally inconveniences you. Talk about entitlement.
Sn00zeDog (2 months ago)
Those car *may* of been on the wrong side of the road. But the dashcammers were just being pure c0cks pushing those cars back to simply get in there own lane instead of going around them. They had plenty of space. But no, they wanted to be a c0ck
Kim Whitehead (2 months ago)
Why do Russian men look so cave men like? No neck. Hunched backs.
Gon T. DiFool (2 months ago)
Check out Rudolf Nureyev, Miss. Anyway, here's a possible explanation: you see men in preparation to a confrontation, in these cases it is just natural to take a protective and intimidating stance.
Jack Priest (2 months ago)
most of videos from Ukrain, mr. Hitler
Harz (2 months ago)
Im sooo shocked how bad this issue is in other countries.. this is just awful.. fair play to the guys standing their ground.
The Vintage Cat (2 months ago)
Ikr? I counted 23 cars on the wrong side at 2:51 😯🤐
Jennifer Talbot (2 months ago)
Harz it’s so bad in Russia that their millennials have to walk on their sidewalks to prevent idiots from driving on them to cut the traffic lanes... that channel is called Stop A Douche but it’s older people and rich that believe they have a right to just drive or park wherever they see fit with no regard to traffic laws. It’s an awesome channel if you haven’t seen it before, they even have English subtitles!
просто кот (2 months ago)
Ваще не понимаю.нахуя им это надо? Учить кого то.....в чем смысл? Если кто то с обочины лезет вперёд тебя.то шли нахуй.а тут дибилизм
TheLastChriz Ever (2 months ago)
Exactly my thoughts
Ленар Хафизов (2 months ago)
Мне кажется, это до поры, до времени. Кому надо найдут и отмудохают так, что мало не покажется! Всякое желание учить пропадёт навсегда. Не люблю наглых водителей, но таких "принципиальных", специально идущих на скандал и прикрывающихся авторегистратором, ненавижу больше.
ILogic 1 (2 months ago)
I hate these type of people, they think they are the best
Nate Hahn (2 months ago)
Stay on the correct side of the road. Using the Wrong side of the road isn't a mistake and can be extremely dangerous. They should be called out for it
ILogic 1 (2 months ago)
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia I know these people should don’t do like that but it’s doesn’t give the rights for the people who are filming to curse at them
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia (2 months ago)
The ones filming? Yes, they are scum. Harassing people who made a mistake.
cardiffmad (2 months ago)
How can you even justify driving on the wrong side of the road
The Vintage Cat (2 months ago)
+Jerry Gregor 🤣😅😂
Charmin0021 (2 months ago)
+Jerry Gregor You re welcome
Katz (2 months ago)
cardiffmad I think they just assume they are above following the simplest of road rules. So self centered jerks.
Jerry Gregor (2 months ago)
+Charmin0021 Thank you. It's quite spiffing to be appreciated!
Charmin0021 (2 months ago)
+Jerry Gregor That was good :D