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Offset Back to the Right

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Class A Commercial Driver License Basic Control Skills Test Source of the following information comes from the Tennessee Commercial Driver's License manual 2011. Page 12-1 12.2.EXERCISES 12.2.2 - OffsetBack/Right You may be asked to back into a space that is to the right rear of your vehicle. You will Drive straight forward and back your vehicle into that space without striking the side or rear boundaries marked by cones. You must place your vehicle completely into the space.
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Text Comments (13)
Jervon Johnson (3 years ago)
worst vid I ever seen doing this maneuver
Wu-Teng Klan (3 years ago)
4 way flasher when backing. what happend?
Lucrative Stance (4 years ago)
im struggling :/
Albert Jeffrey (4 years ago)
+Lucrative Stance me tooo
Jonathan B (4 years ago)
This part is killing me on my test
Emma Galan (3 years ago)
+Jonathan Brown me too bro :(
Andrew Shuster (4 years ago)
He did really good, I was used to doing an off set back in an open parking lot, but on my test I had to do it in a street so I moved my tractor to far to the side hit the curb and flunked.
Zachary McReynolds (5 years ago)
Straightbacking and this is easy. 90 degree backing is the hardest out of all 3.
JJTOP SMILE (2 years ago)
Zachary McReynolds I actually think 90 is easier than these
Typicalobserver (5 years ago)
Good job
Bill Moffitt (5 years ago)
I started doing this today. It's not easy. Thanks for sharing! Now my friends know what CDL class is like.
Art 'Dutch' Willemse (6 years ago)
nice vid. Thanks
Robert Byrd (6 years ago)
i see the parking lot is no better lol