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Parking Revenge #6

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Tag Violators get towed, just the way it goes
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Text Comments (747)
B. Eder (29 minutes ago)
I Driv ah Jerr Dan! 😎
xx zz (19 hours ago)
Towtruck extortion.
towtrucker (16 hours ago)
Real towing at the Highest professional level.
Cherry Snow (19 hours ago)
Who clicked on this for JOHNNY? I did! 🥳
pcat1000 (1 day ago)
Dude, no good deed goes unpunished !
Paulette and Vincent Forbes (1 day ago)
This expedition owner is a criminal. I know a few. LOL😂😂😂.
Chillingsworth (2 days ago)
“I stopped because I’m not like other drivers” That, and I wanted to get those tits on video
Arni Atlason (2 days ago)
Good videos thanks.
Vance Lacarte (2 days ago)
You paid by the hour?? I wouldn't entertain these jokes holding you up.
Barb Melle (3 days ago)
What city/state is this happening in?
towtrucker (2 days ago)
Atlanta GA, and metro areas. The cars and traffic are a huge problem here, This is done because it has to be, Good evening Barb
Barb Melle (3 days ago)
I am afraid I disagree. It is not legal for a rental agency nor a tow driver to tow a car for expired tags. That is Police business, and even Police officers can only issue a ticket. I would like to be an attorney in his district, I could make a ton of money. "Assuming" abandonment will never stick in court.
towtrucker (3 days ago)
We tow from private properties who are obligated by law to maintain code enforcement rules. Our work is done completely by the book, lawyers don't won't want to take it to court because they know the law, Good evening Barb
Teri Leuck (4 days ago)
If you pay it out , it still has expired tags. So if owners called the tow truck they got no service. And someone is going to call again
towtrucker (3 days ago)
Usually the manager of the property will give the resident a few more days to fix the problem.,, have a blessed evening Teri
dave robinson (6 days ago)
My wife had a pair like hat when I married hr. Now they look like the other one.
Mark Bigger (6 days ago)
tow truckers are like vultures, preying on people for profit, even if there has been no complaint - VERY LOW
Jay Moan (3 days ago)
@Gary Pollard half the time most cars parked aren't breaking the law. Tow trucks are ass holes.
Gary Pollard (5 days ago)
Mark Bigger don’t break the law then you have no worries!
Amador Castro (7 days ago)
Dam that Mexican chick is fine with that flat stomach and all, u got to appreciate a flat stomach on a woman
Gimmy Sola (8 days ago)
and who gave you autority to tow a car just because tag as expired you are not the police , i could be in hospital and ad no chance to renew it i think you are a scrounger !
towtrucker (7 days ago)
The property owner gives us the authority and they decide what gets towed, Property owners have rights too, Good evening to you
Nerko (9 days ago)
Damn, what a smoke show, she is 💨
Anon Ymus (10 days ago)
sees someone trying to do their job *ANGER MODE ENGAGE*
Erijen1 Erijen1 (11 days ago)
You, & your "channel" ... ARE A DOUCHE! !!!!
towtrucker (11 days ago)
Thank you very much, My video must have really struck a nerve. LOL
Muc SALTO (12 days ago)
girl on the right = present / women on the left = future :-))
Muc SALTO (11 days ago)
@towtrucker you may work a bit on your sense for humor
towtrucker (11 days ago)
wrong, One lady was a good neighbor trying to help a younger girl. She was a good person regardless of looks. They were not related whatsoever.
Chris M (12 days ago)
Since when do tow truck drivers load cars for expired tags?
towtrucker (11 days ago)
It started when city and county code enforcement officers started writing tickets to these property owners, $1000 per car
Justin Mize (13 days ago)
Glad its not that way in Oklahoma.
Nurse Kimberly (13 days ago)
Cant speak english..." oh....you just got skrewed then because now issssss 175 pedro Juan julian rodriquez rodrigues Hernandez's dominguez..miguel hector...navarro..sanchez!! Arghhh I'd have driven off... Just found your channel and. Binging....!!
Nurse Kimberly (13 days ago)
Are you required by state laws or your company owner to give them payout option....do you get less per tow if they pay out? I know w repos..the invol..guys got more and the voluntary surrender were like paying the guys nothing.....just curious
towtrucker (13 days ago)
State law requires we offer a payout for operable vehicles and yes we get less on payouts. Not all tow companies follow this law but they don't have accounts like the ones we have. Being reputable has payed off for the man I work for. Good evening Nurse Kimberly
Nurse Kimberly (13 days ago)
Too patient t for me..I get it ..but man....its so annoying how they just fart around in disbelief..like you have all day...time is money in tow business....
towtrucker (11 days ago)
Hey Nurse Kimberly ,,,If they start getting very rude, I can get rude too LOL,,. Just keep watching and you'll see.
Sean Gentry (14 days ago)
We know why you really stopped.
Kitty Richardson (14 days ago)
Do you ever get nervous when your picking up a car?
towtrucker (14 days ago)
Yes I do, because I've been through some real bad confrontations where people pulled guns. Good evening kitty
wallace harrington (15 days ago)
how many of your tows belong to blacks?
Glen Carlson (17 days ago)
English ladies, english.
HappyTinfoilCat (17 days ago)
8:30 yeah, we know why you stopped
Saint Nick (18 days ago)
Doing your job. You scumbag. Making money off other people's trouble......bad karma .....get a real job
Cowboy Gaming (18 days ago)
smoke dog (19 days ago)
tandung nguyen (22 days ago)
Bill House (23 days ago)
That last one was a good one they just didn't listen. Try as they might. They still didn't get it in the end. ✌ OUT
Marc Molina (24 days ago)
Unexpired tag makes him a criminal?
The Diamond Dimanian (25 days ago)
sitting there waiting for them to decide to pay or not, i'd say i will give you 5 mins to decide then i'm gone.. ⏱
janet ruggles (25 days ago)
On three, what happened to the sound????
pululo98 (28 days ago)
No tengo nadita, bueno Yo si creo que tiene de todo.
Menlo Menlo (28 days ago)
This is the way to go. Film yourself doing your job. Put video on YouTube. Get paid again. Nice.
Peter Clarke (29 days ago)
no wonder he stopped
CRK Productions (29 days ago)
08:28 she is fine!!!
flyinwalenda (1 month ago)
8:47 Take a look to your right chicky ......there's your future self in about 10 years !
Christopher Gilbo (1 month ago)
If the office of the apartments hire a towing company to tow my car or my neighbor cars and my car got towed and I'd had to paid a drop fee of 100 dollars I would just take it off the next time I had to paid rent and give them the receipt from the towing company I bet the apartments office would stop that bullshit right away
james relford (2 days ago)
You know that won’t work out in your favor, right? You will probably end up paying extra, and they will still have your car towed.
*CORRECTED* (1 month ago)
La chica in the pink wife beater is a Latina baddie! I think I seen her on Pornhub before under homemade latinas!
David Aitchison (1 month ago)
What is the point of this presentation, it was not entertaining nor instructive. ( Never mind the hot chick you bunch of sexist pigs. )
John Clayton (1 month ago)
Scam artist !!
N B (1 month ago)
Is this in Georgia? It looks more like Southern California with all the people who don’t know English. No hablo espanol? necesitas aprender el idioma o volver a casa, pendejo.
TraustiGeir (1 month ago)
Hey, towtrucker! I was wondering what music you're playing in the outro of this video, it's a great tune.
broken (1 month ago)
This is a scam, if I can pay a $100 to pay it out to then let it stay right where it was before this guy showed up, It's a money make scam. You suck.
Chin Brumback (1 month ago)
I clicked on for titties
J.W. Higgs (1 month ago)
Bosa (1 month ago)
ABSOLUTELY STUPID, PATHETIC and a RIP OFF, having to pay $100 just because he had placed the chains on it... wasn't even on the bed yet, NOTHING had been done but the chains, and it was ONLY ONE HOOK, NOT EVEN BOTH!!!
JOEJOE BACON (1 month ago)
Dave Rhodes (1 month ago)
Wtf, drink or drugs?
Ryosuke324 (1 month ago)
portorra jajaja
james coleman (1 month ago)
vernal bmx (1 month ago)
America has guns. Shoot this tow fucker.
Lovell Jackson Jr. (1 month ago)
Fucking vultures
Arn Watters (1 month ago)
English is good when they want something, time to pay, no speaka da englasie. FO
K0ngs D0ng (1 month ago)
8:30 - “you can help pay it out for him right now if you want.”
None Applicable (1 month ago)
and what else would you expect from the majority of Mexicans? learning English? paying taxes? working legally? Nope, the majority will try any short cut and fail, exactly like their country of origin which is an epic failure!
towtrucker (1 month ago)
I have many friends who are mexican and spanish, they are very loyal people and the ones I know, Pay taxes and own houses. I'm sure there are some who don't but many would rather pay taxes and live here than go home to make no money, Don't get me wrong, i have impouded CARTEL vehicles here in Atlanta, the DEA picked up at our yard within hours of opening, Good evening to you
Allen Peck (1 month ago)
Great tits
Alexander Thegreat (1 month ago)
I would of turned the camera off and mad her work for it😂😂😍😂😂
KC Cruiser (1 month ago)
How many came just for the dos chi chis
jim ondras (1 month ago)
i would drop the tow for a look at those chi chis that young girl has
jim ondras (1 month ago)
girl in pink top is HOT to bad in 10 years she will look like her mama but i hope not cuz she is fine right now
Klif lord (1 month ago)
walter kersting (1 month ago)
This looks like a fun and interesting job.
Pat Scally (1 month ago)
What do most of the violators have in common? You got it.
Sam Stanley (1 month ago)
Drop your top, I'll drop the car
Ron Terlitsky (1 month ago)
Red box truck ,,, Should've told that kid to speak F'n English only in public. This is America and if you don't want to conform to our standards then swim your ass back to your shitty country!
Clark Griswald (1 month ago)
See the hammer on standby
Clark Griswald (1 month ago)
Really a bright orange cone to hide tag these people are bright would have been less noticable to let it ride UNBELIEVABLE!!!
Gama Perez (1 month ago)
She wasn’t going to the office she was getting the money from some lady that lived next to the office .
towtrucker (1 month ago)
No, she was taking the phone to the manager who already signed the ticket to tow it, I treated them very well, Happy New Year to you
Judy Cole (1 month ago)
I admire you for what you do but I could never do it. I don't handle stupid people very well. People just don't get the fact that when a vehicle is towed it's at their expense.
towtrucker (1 month ago)
Hey Judy Cole, Thank you and Happy New Year to you
David Taylor (1 month ago)
We want to see the tits man, not your arm shit.....lol. She's beautiful
David Taylor (1 month ago)
That red box truck was probably full of drug money or product.....lol. He got out there quick and paid immediately.....lol
David Taylor (1 month ago)
@towtrucker wow broh that's crazy, they probably didn't pay because it was their stuff.....lol. You never know anymore.....lol. Stay safe out there, and keep the videos comin broh
towtrucker (1 month ago)
Hey David,,i guess thats possible. I impounded a Cartel truck one time off of chatahoochee avenue in Atlanta. The DEA showed up and hauled the truck off without paying my boss for the impound fee, They were very rude to us after we recovered the vehicle. Next time, my boss won't give it back cause it'll be blocked in, Everybody gotta pay, business is business, Happy New Year to you
John D Fese (1 month ago)
towtrucker (1 month ago)
It’s called parking education
dwayne monroe (1 month ago)
You would be fucked up messing with mine.
alfonzacorn (1 month ago)
Somebody wait for him sitting in the bushes and shoot him in his ass as soon as he bends over to hook up that hook I bet he'll change his whole operation instead of fucking honest people out of their money
Barry Wilky (1 month ago)
People suck ...
john thomas (1 month ago)
I wonder how much the landlord get? This is a total scam job.
towtrucker (1 month ago)
Management gets nothing but a reputable tow company who removes unwanted cars from their property and helps them keep the property from being cited by code enforcement. Happy Holidays to you
Thomas Desmond (1 month ago)
In California blocking the tag is illegal and automatic stop by police.
Mark East (1 month ago)
What makes it ok to drop it for a hundred if the tag is bad ? Do you come back the next day and get again ?
towtrucker (1 month ago)
The drop fee is state law, and the manager decides if or how long they will allow the resident to fix the problem, sometime they make them move the car immediately. Happy Holidays to you
New Jersey Turnpike Exit 7A (1 month ago)
You’re doing a good job repo bad cars 🚘
towtrucker (1 month ago)
Thank You New Jersey turnpike, Happy Holidays to you
smoking corvette (1 month ago)
Keep TAGS up to date and it's private property makes no sense. The box truck didn't even touch your truck and got a 100 that's cruked
tavia warner (1 month ago)
Follow the rules just like the rest of us!!
Connie DeShazo (1 month ago)
This tow truck driver explains things so poorly when he talks to car owners. I’m not sure if he does it On purpose to throw off the owners or if he’s just not the brightest rock in the box
I'm Calm (1 month ago)
Never liked tow truck drivers. They seem to enjoy ruining people’s days. Bad people
Hurts Donut (1 month ago)
Thats the girl from Witcher. Lol
Katy Nunnery (1 month ago)
I see ur north of Atlanta I keep a look out to fuck u up
Go#sand (1 month ago)
Towtrucker: “Show me your t__s and I’ll drop the car now!”
casino life (1 month ago)
Everyone has a job to do the owners needs transportation to feed their family and the tow truck driver also has the same job is a vicious cycle
Andre Geldenhuys (1 month ago)
Mr Towtrucker, are you 100% honest?....... Are you sure???
Real Talk (1 month ago)
ICE is watching
detaildon (1 month ago)
It's got expired tags but if you give me $100 it doesn't have expired tags.
towtrucker (1 month ago)
The drop fee is state law, we just follow it. Merry Christmas to you
Buck Futter (1 month ago)
Carlos lost that girl.... He can't buy tags he can't be taking care of the little mexi
Scooter Ford (1 month ago)
Its fucked up charging already poor people 100 bucks to unhook a chain.
Keith Coffin (1 month ago)
I am disabled and I watch you every day. Please do some more handicap cheaters TOW THEM PLEASE. You know what I have to go through all of the time. All due to handicap cheaters. Please show some more. They get away with this all the time. You know them. Thank you tow trucker you are a good man. Gods grace be with you.
towtrucker (1 month ago)
Hey Keith,,, I tow as many cheaters as I can and we have 6 trucks who go after these cheaters too. This is a huge problem for many people. Stay safe and Merry Christmas to you
Walt Spieker (1 month ago)
Crooked Bastards!!
Deborah Bishop (1 month ago)
You're as cool as a cucumber !
towtrucker (1 month ago)
LOL, not always I promise. I have my days Deborah, Merry Christmas to you