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Levi advert " Shaggy Boombastic " HQ

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A Levi's jean advert from the early 1990's taken from MTV.
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Text Comments (161)
Chris Mbuyi Kongolo (15 days ago)
Kylian Chris MBAPPE
Kamil Fingr (20 days ago)
0:56 that guy seating on the toillete is best :D
Tom Cat (24 days ago)
Man I still remember this ad
lhona parambahan (1 month ago)
Kembali kecil liat videoklip ini..
Jeesh Peekaboo (1 month ago)
ah... the teenage years..
chaoticdays (3 months ago)
This is the second best commercial ever made after Van Damme's Volvo commercial.
howa shido? (3 months ago)
i remember watching the making of this video when i was a kid. my god the work they put on this video was tremendous. 1 shot every second for this claymation, i was really fascinated.
Tito Guevara (5 months ago)
This is a sexy video Victor
Alonzo Lombardi (5 months ago)
As a gay man, I was 5 years old and at that time, I felt so thrilled when he took off his pants, 22 years later everything makes sense.
wowerman (5 months ago)
One of the best commercials ever made years before PC came to television.Internet becomes new tv where you pick what you want to watch.
Franzi M (6 months ago)
Was zum...
19madmod6960 (7 months ago)
Didn't they also produced the animation gogs?
Petr Zem (7 months ago)
Лучшая реклама детства !
I miss this :D LOL
Hulk Dog (9 months ago)
This Video is Cool!!! 😂😂😂👍💪
Reez2Knight (9 months ago)
Mr Boombastic used to be my nickname back in my secondary school given by my classmates, and I was bloody hated it at that time XD
Abudgaga Clan (10 months ago)
The s*x Part is not Good
Atojojo (10 months ago)
Haha miss the old days xD
Louise Heffernan (10 months ago)
adds i rememmber
David Meir (1 year ago)
One of the best commercials ever made. It's funny, inventive, it has a great use of music and doesn't loose track of the point of the ad, which is to promote jeans and how resistant they are.
Izio Shaba (1 year ago)
most amazing shit I ever saw as a kid, being too dumb to understand that it was an ad, but still, amazing
Mike Hawk (1 year ago)
i was 9-10 back then. how i loved this ad...
KrisFrosz133 (1 year ago)
The blonde is surprisingly hot!
Glade Glades (1 year ago)
I had just moved to another country when I saw this ad on the TV....still remember this ad because it was so different from the ads they made in my country of origin. Highly nostalgic
Dj Mattia Pascal (1 year ago)
A Fat Penguin (1 year ago)
0:45 im reporting this
Esmeralda Hernandez (1 year ago)
A Fat Penguin well shit man
A Fat Penguin (1 year ago)
Mariano Yuba (1 year ago)
This always reminded me of Ben from Full Throttle :)
dangerous toys56 (1 year ago)
best commercial ...ever. another one is gi joe driving the nissan 300zx to pick up barbie....
raychu85 (2 years ago)
I was probably 10 when they're showing this shit on TV back then.
Avinash Gobind (1 year ago)
raychu85 me 2
Marcos Bango (2 years ago)
I remember that this advert scared the shit out of me when I was a kid
John Zaccheus (2 years ago)
lol I remember seeing this on TV in Singapore when I was growing up lol
Bokoyfourtwenty Tabagrong (2 years ago)
I was probably 6 when they're showing this shit on TV back then.
Robert Perez (2 years ago)
This is the best thing I ever saw on youtube
TigerTayTay (2 years ago)
Why did I search this
Bruhits Bri (2 years ago)
this reminds me of that show the PJ's
TheDinoKitteh (1 year ago)
Jim Schmim (2 years ago)
Yes, thank you.
cuda861 (2 years ago)
I could say this was in 1995 or 1996. I remember this commercial because I lived in Dubai at the time. 5th grade. God I'm getting old
Nicholas Sultana (2 years ago)
I wonder if the animation was done by the same team behind GOGS
Legumanigo (2 years ago)
Don't know GOGS but definitly looks like Celebrity Death Match.
Fikhri Amin (3 years ago)
i was around 3 or 4 the 1st time I watched this
TallRedMaple (2 years ago)
+Fikhri Amin Same man, and ive only found what it was from today
Jahaar Rahman (3 years ago)
i wish buffon posted this with him singing it
Abdelhamid Zarouati (3 years ago)
I hate the "someone sent me here" comments, but Buffon sent me here, Just saying :v
Abdelhamid Zarouati sorry :) if you want me to leave, ok :)
val vincent (3 months ago)
Buffon sing this song to you in your dream or what?
Jacopo Battaglino (6 months ago)
A goalkeeper sent you here?
Linus Magnus (3 years ago)
I remember this ad . I was kid back then :)
Linus Magnus really? :D so do I :D
Mrs K (8 months ago)
Same here! I lived in Croatia back then.
Florian Laur (10 months ago)
Linus Magnus Me too^^
Mieke Bergmann (3 years ago)
Nowadays they rip right in the middle immediately after second wash...oh just where the old quality gone.
Sean Ashmead (1 year ago)
Mieke Bergmann Chinese.
fabiogibson (3 years ago)
i use to be afraid of this ad when i was little.. why?
ll (4 years ago)
Levi's ripped off  the jean slide moves from MacGyver TV Show.
TigroGamerX (4 years ago)
Ma che schifo :P
роберт временёв (4 years ago)
ностальгия !!!^^  класс!!!
soullimbo (4 years ago)
...pause the video at around the 27 second mark, and see what " schmitt hotel " becomes lol
Felipe Eduardo (4 years ago)
Veo este comercial y se me cae el carnet XD !!!!!!!
Эрвин Гусаров (4 years ago)
чувак на джимма Керри похож
sk8boardingful (4 years ago)
they don't make ads like this any more :(
Michael Kohler (1 year ago)
MPT1983 (1 year ago)
sk8boardingful Thats because they cant lol,not these days
Morgen Selmer (4 years ago)
I love that this exists on the Interwebz.  Thank you!
netmatrix75 (5 years ago)
The best add in the 90s!
lowluvgirl79 (5 years ago)
Even now, it still puts a smile on my face!!=)
blkcoupequattro (5 years ago)
Original Boombastic...
tom michael (5 years ago)
Watch mr beanbastic
Judith Light (5 years ago)
This brings back memories. Watched this when I was a kid, though when it was shown in my country, it was censored LOL
Ryukendo92 (5 years ago)
nah his still alive.. I think you're confused between Bob Marley and Shaggy
Fatih Höke (5 years ago)
is shaggy dead?
TheBraunarsch (5 years ago)
wow thanks for sharing! havent seen this since i was a kid!! this ad is what introduced me to shaggy as well :P
Jailon Thomas (5 years ago)
lol I remember this commercial back in '96. it was hilarious then and it's hilarious now.
Karolus Naga (5 years ago)
its hard to get rid of this song out of your brain ...
Ebony Vanilla (5 years ago)
Wow oh wow. Now thats a commercial. So funny and entertaining to watch.... I love commercials of yesteryear....The ones on today are so yawnarama...
This brings back memories.
omniavox (5 years ago)
v=CtARnrWWSd8&hd=1 ;)
Bismuth Link (5 years ago)
D Heine (5 years ago)
Mid to late 1990's, not early 1990's.
Gino Plastilina (5 years ago)
The Playlist Master (5 years ago)
Yes, but this is the official version: v=6W5pq4bIzIw,
SuperDaddyTV (5 years ago)
Gavie021 (5 years ago)
omg i finaly found found this add i was looking for just jeans but it was levi brings back the old days when good adds were made
dethangelus o (5 years ago)
zajebista ta reklama:D całe dzieciństwo przed oczmi wraca heheh
ultimatesol (6 years ago)
it was "Legend" !
Emerson Nunes (6 years ago)
The Playlist Master (6 years ago)
Anyone can tell me what version of the song is this? Shaggy's version has different arrengement
Serkan Çiçek (6 years ago)
ızdırabını ziğeyim hayat
PROMillenium (6 years ago)
Huha... Levi's and Shaggy the best comercial ever ],D... .
Johnny Gibbs (6 years ago)
miss the 90s
Alonewolf74 (6 years ago)
Funny, good maded commercial - now they give us shit
Peter Berisha (6 years ago)
Promoting a pair of jeans the subliminal way!
Nostalgico80 (6 years ago)
Pure history.
โส นพรัตน์ (6 years ago)
i love Levi's (thai land)
TuneTamasha (6 years ago)
Thx for uploading! Was looking for this for ages!
Apu says : (6 years ago)
OH OH OHHH!! Old time! Damn, I miss this!
RekeBear (6 years ago)
lee choon wai (6 years ago)
lol hahaha.. i thought i wont see this commercial anymore. Thanks for bringing it back XD
rob morris (6 years ago)
Brayden (6 years ago)
MrsLukeArnold (6 years ago)
wow i love this song to bits
Archerxtreme (6 years ago)
You got my name wrong. Try again!
FlumenSanctiViti (6 years ago)
What puzzles me the most is, why is there so much Mr Beans in video suggestion section?
Kanti Nath Banerjee (6 years ago)
i made it 27 ruchir
Archerxtreme (6 years ago)
Star Plus was cool that time.....Atleast we have Star World now, but i wanna rerun of all the classics including what i mentioned above
Dondon Gonzaga (6 years ago)
I so very can relate to you. Also watched this on Star Plus.
DeckyStrikesBack (6 years ago)
The way he double takes at 00:12 lol
Stephen King (6 years ago)
i remember i was so scared about this ad...but now.....
arem ramirez (6 years ago)
I've been looking for this ad for so long..:) Hahahahaha! One of the ads that really got stuck on my mind..:)
ARNEL1222 (6 years ago)
Levi's still the best...
Marco Mastroeni (6 years ago)
best spot ever
Hernán Bravo (6 years ago)
que recuerdos!!! i love 90's