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11 Amazing Abandoned Airplanes

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From MASSIVE Airplane graveyards, to mysterious planes on the beach; These are 11 AMAZING Abandoned Airplanes ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 11. Marshall Islands Underwater Plane 10. Thailand Airplane Graveyard 9. Abandoned Yugoslavian Air Base 8. Mojave Airport 7. Eerie Abandoned Hangar 6. Abandoned Navy Air Station 5. RAF Kittyhawk A mysterious world war II aircraft was found in the middle of the Sahara desert in the country of Egypt in 2012. It was found nearly intact and the dry conditions of the Sahara allowed it to be well preserved. This is believed to be a P40 Kittyhawk fighter plane which is a single seat fighter plane used by the Americans from 1939 to 1945. It’s often featured with some type of artwork such as a shark's mouth but it’s believed to be one that the British had acquired from the US. The British would like to see it returned to their home soil in order for it to be on display at museum. However, Egypt claims that it doesn’t belong to them since it was never found on British soil. Plus the British have a ton of Egyptian artifacts on display at the British museum so we don’t see this one going their way. 4. Douglas Super DC-3 On the mysterious black sands of a beach in Iceland, lies a piece of an abandoned aircraft. On November 24, 1973 a US Navy airplane was forced to crash land on a remote beach, south of the capital, Reykjavik. It appears as though it’s remained untouched for over 40 years until a farmer came across it in 2014. All of the windows are smashed from the inside and both wings are missing. All the crew survived the crash and it seems to be a mystery why it was forced to crash land in the first place. Some believe it was from horrific weather conditions in the north atlantic. But this took place during the cold war, is it possible it was shot down by the Soviets? Others claim it just simply ran out of fuel, forcing them to land on Iceland. What you see here are some drone images for the plane from an aerial view and it’s kinda hard to even tell if it’s a plane or not. 3. Mexican Drug Plane Imagine you were on vacation in Mexico and you stumbled upon an abandoned plane that had a white powdery cargo. There’s many rumors about this photo of a plane sunken have way into the sand and it’s hard to say exactly which story is the truth. However, some claim that it was discovered by tourists near Mexico and that the plane was struck by lightning or shot down by the mexican, causing something to malfunction. No bodies or survivors where found and believed they fled the scene so they wouldn’t get caught with a large quantity of contraband. You can imagine some people might be having a good weekend. What are your thoughts on this one? What ever true story may be, it certainly is a beautiful photo. 2. Soviet VVA-14 This abandoned prototype of a soviet vertical take off amphibious vehicle has left many people rather intrigued by the strange design. It was a promising design at first and would allow it to take off from the water, cruise at high altitudes and to destroy US submarines. The aircraft sits at a the Russian Federation Central Air Force museum in rusty condition to say the least. In 1974, it did manage to log in 107 flights with a 103 hours in the air. Here we see two pilots, aboard the aircraft, getting ready to take on this beast of engineering. However, it appeared as though the soviets were asking for a little too much out of this aircraft and the engines needed a serious upgrade before it could be ready for battle. Once the designer passed away in 1974, the project began to slow down and the upgrades were never made. 1.The Boneyard If you’re a fan of abandoned aircraft or just aircraft in general and you take a trip to the Boneyard, it’ll be like you almost died and went to heaven. There are thousands of abandoned planes used by the Air Force. They also take advantage of the dry conditions of the American Southwest, in the city of Tuscon, Arizona, in order to keep the planes from severely. This is officially named as the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base where America stores excess military aircraft just in case world war 3 breaks out. This has also been a holding ground for aerospace vehicles as well and there’s an estimated 4000 aircraft either waiting to scrapped, storage, or to be reused. This is situated on 2600 acres of Arizona desert and it’s quite the interesting place to explore on google maps. Anything from fighters from World War II to heavy bombers used in the Vietnam war can all be found at this one spot. Some believe that there’s at one of every plane that the US has ever commissioned can be found here rotting away. Except probably the secret ones, they don’t want us to know about
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Chris C (8 hours ago)
You should take this video down forever.
HazardNess (17 hours ago)
You forgot roswell
Dieter F. (23 hours ago)
1:04 "Relentlessly graffitied by gangs?" Are you high? It's a wreck, there is nothing relentless about it and not everyone spraying is a gangmember. Never seen so many prejudices in so few words, you are a really dispicable person.
Jayden Kendall (1 day ago)
Oh my God there's so many things wrong with this yes a dc-9 or or SkyTrain I forgot the military name for it but how would the Russians be able to shoot at a dc-9 almost across the world make and crash land
Bronwyn Steck (1 day ago)
The states around former Yogoslavia are called the Balkan states, not the Baltic states. The Baltic states are Luthuania, Lettland etc. which are situted on the Baltic coast
Nigel (1 day ago)
4:07 Isn't that a Spitfire. I'm no expert, just made Airfix kits when I was a kid.
Countryball Drawer (1 day ago)
I am Estonian.
Marko Lukic (2 days ago)
I live i Croatia
Ken Clark (5 days ago)
The planes in the Belgian forest was. It from the 30s. The one plane shown was a Cessna 310. Around a 1956-59 model
Rob Probin (6 days ago)
The VVA 14M2 was proposed with extra engines for vtol the VVA 14 was not vtol. Planes don't rust.
Coral Arts (6 days ago)
M-I-G wtf it’s called a MiG learn some better info
the one and only duck (6 days ago)
4:13 i think tht is a spitfire
Steve Wayne (7 days ago)
MIG aircraft prounounced as Em - Eye - Gee (spoken as 3 separate letters) instead of one word MIG. Terrible
Shadowvfw (7 days ago)
This idiot knows nothing about aircraft. My favorite is the Russian ekranoplan with no wings for "high altitude"..... maybe 20 feet....LOL.........moron.
The Iron Duke (7 days ago)
After further investigation we found out that the kitty hawk was in fact a spitfire. You've just been downgraded from imbecile to Retard
The Iron Duke (7 days ago)
Balkans not baltics you imbecile
Felix Gonzalez (7 days ago)
Big Brother Ryan (9 days ago)
Louie Watson (11 days ago)
Where the navy would train pilots... shows picture of marines. Moron.
Saltay Springs (12 days ago)
Number 8 is an airport not an airplane
George Cole (13 days ago)
The number 3 is a Grumman S2E a ASW, belonging to VS squadrons, I flew aircrew in the third seat whilst in VS 38 off the USS Bennington CVS 20
Sarah Wells (14 days ago)
A MIG is a MIG. It is most an M.I.G. Those aircraft in the bone yard are NOT rotting away. Whoever the narrator is, he seems to be lacking in knowledge.
Gerald Nordahl (14 days ago)
The ar1532-45a was the best plane built in the 40s.
Leah O (14 days ago)
Harrow Pal (15 days ago)
Your a pain in the posterior boy!
Dont Ask Me Why (15 days ago)
Look at that *SPEETFAYER 40 XP*
Dont Ask Me Why (15 days ago)
This really triggred me
SirSandwich (16 days ago)
P40=Spitfire 👌
SteveD328 (16 days ago)
There is wrong information in virtually every airplane he mentioned here. What an idiot.
Key West Kyn (16 days ago)
Ioan Butnaru (17 days ago)
GrrMeister (18 days ago)
(7:18) There will no doubt shortly in the future be a "Public Auction" similar to after WW2 in the UK when all Trucks, Cars, Motorcycles etc were stored at Ruddington Near Nottingham, and sold off early 60's. I bought 2 bikes, a Royal Enfield 350cc single, and a Brand New Norton 350cc ESR for a friend, for next to nothing.
GrrMeister (18 days ago)
(5:18) It's a ✈ Plane alright, but no doubt it crashed, being unable to maintain altitude with no wings !
Mason's Videos (20 days ago)
During #5 it was a kitty hawk but you showed a photo of a spitfire
Dodelydoo Dooo (21 days ago)
Baltic states????? Croatia and Bosnia are the Balkans you clown!!! The baltic states are thousands of kilometers up in the North East of Europe!!! Really stupid...
Stav Alford (22 days ago)
Stav Alford (22 days ago)
Stav Alford (22 days ago)
I live in the 🇺🇸 USA go🇺🇸
NOTABOOS (23 days ago)
Just plain childish.
Lee A (24 days ago)
To much talking ....
Noah Williams (26 days ago)
I live 30 mins from green cove springs
deadkemper (26 days ago)
utter garbage...and your voice ...how your mother didn't drown you , we will never know
brianmann01 (27 days ago)
Well, your making money off a video in which you have to be the WORST historian ever. First off, the vast majority of these planes are not "Abandoned" They either crashed, ran out of budget money, or are simply in storage. Every airplane buff in the world knows about the WWII aircraft that were crashed or scuttled in the South Pacific. It is hardly surprising when another cache of them shows up. Learn your subject material and HAVE A CLUE what your talking about.....Jeez.
Mike Sainsbury (28 days ago)
BUNNY PHYCOPATH (29 days ago)
Wee wee
Jellowigee mee (29 days ago)
Stanley hotel
Derek Detjen (29 days ago)
This idiot's narration should make everyone's list of most obnoxious voices.
mitch B (30 days ago)
Your voice suxs
Jonny D (1 month ago)
This guy has no idea what he is talking about!
DanottiTR (1 month ago)
well M I G was ok but then shows a spitfire while talking about a P -40 rest ı didn even wasted my time ..Have no idea about planes and makes a plane video lol
YAYMIKY (1 month ago)
Talks about a P40, shows a Spitfire. No the Russian plane was not meant to cruise at "very high altitudes" but exactly the opposite: use ground effect at very low altitudes. No vertical takeoff either.
Le Ruscino (1 month ago)
Did anyone spot the F-35s ?
Milan Cutic (1 month ago)
Zeljava (Željava) Nr. 9! It is abandoned Yugoslavian airbase, buth 1992. was destroyed by Yugoslavian army, because it was obvious that will fall in hands of Croatian army. On the end, landing facilities are in Croatia and all other underground objects are in Bosnia and Hercegovina. The base is really big and it was state of the art when it was made. In this video it's mentioned that was bombed by NATO in 1999. That is a false information. NATO was bombing Serbian forces in Serbia and Kosovo, and 1999. serbs didn't have control over the Željava (Croatia and BiH), this abandoned army base was already abandoned, and war between Serbs, Muslims and Croats stopped 1995. I'm living 180 kilometers from that base, in town Jajce (BiH) and I'm planning a visit to Željava next Sommer. Željava is near town Bihac (Bihać, BiH) and everybody who won't to visit this place, it can be tricky because it's on border between BiH and Cro, buth it's not impossible. Greetings people!
Jay Sauer (1 month ago)
#3 is photo shopped and looks fake
Jacob Morel (1 month ago)
4:06 American eye plz do more research bcuz this pic isnt a p40
Leo Gonzalez (1 month ago)
this dudes voice is just so irritating and like everyone here knows nothing or even bother to do research!
TTC 9432 (1 month ago)
Mojave Airport is not abandoned, and neither are the planes.
Björgólfur Hávarðsson (1 month ago)
The mystery DC3 in Iceland is no bloody mystery. The pilot switched to the wrong tank and the plane bellylanded on the black sand, that is not mystical. Its sand you fool. It was never forgotten and not found by a farmer in 2014, it has been a fact and a go to object since 1974. The wings and the engines were salvaged by the US Marine in the following year. where do you find thease amateurs. Jeezzz.
Non Sibi Sed Patriae (1 month ago)
This program's narrator is reading from a scrip created by people who have little or no knowledge of aircraft. Interesting photos....but best to mute the volume!
charles wolberg (1 month ago)
Rob Ragle (1 month ago)
Click bait
Cory Nigri (1 month ago)
abandoned mojave airport...LOL
Mike VanIn (1 month ago)
Dude! You must rank among the laziest-assed "producers" on YT. Your commentary sucks out loud. Do some research, for goodness sake! Stealing images and then making up crap about what you can see is wasting everybody's time. You'll be one of the last I ever even think of subscribing to. I'm speculating that your subscribers have a poor grasp of general knowledge and barely understand English. I won't be watching anything by American Eye again.
Mike VanIn (1 month ago)
Dude! You must rank among the laziest-assed "producers" on YT. Your commentary sucks out loud. Do some research, for goodness sake! You'll be one of the last I ever even think of subscribing to. I'm speculating that your subscribers have a poor grasp of general knowledge and barely understand English.
Erin Watson (1 month ago)
I know some of those👍🏻💩
Megamoose (1 month ago)
When the presenter knows absolutely nothing about what they're presenting..
rc fun lets rock (1 month ago)
Do a top ten thing that happened in Vietnam war
James Middleton-Burn (1 month ago)
I’m British
Jürgen Buchelt (1 month ago)
At 4:05 the comment is jabbering about a Curtiss P40 Kittyhawk whilst the image shows the Supermarine Spitfire Mk VB AE A belonging to The Fighter Collection. Great! :D
pipeghost86 86 (1 month ago)
Check out the music video for Fjara by Solstafir. The DC-3 on the Icelandic Beach is absolutely Beautyfull!
Tornet (1 month ago)
A Spitfire Mk.VB suddenly gets renamed and reshaped into a P40... Also, Americans, british, Russians, French, German cappturees and Japanese captured P40s. 'Super DC3?
vincentdaredevil gatos (1 month ago)
Am i the only one who notice the name of that place at 4:49
Jack Doyle (1 month ago)
Good God could you get a narrator with a more annoying voice?
Derpanzerkonig Gaming (1 month ago)
Talks about the American plane and shows a spitfire lol
Anthony George (1 month ago)
Can you actually tour the boneyard as a civilian?
Road Rash (1 month ago)
4:06 "This is believed to be a p-40 kitty hawk" *shows a spitfire* This video is not accurate one bit,go get a coloring book and leave.
vkstorm (1 month ago)
I live in icland
ƑƦeaƙϜυʀѰ (1 month ago)
a mere generalization of abandoned aircraft, lots of inaccurate info here...but still interesting
ṖauḶee ḂlueṢtreet (1 month ago)
You gotta be stunned, stoned or stoopid to be watchin' this bogus video......duuuuuuhhhhhhh
Connor likes cars (1 month ago)
9 Makes me sad, my favorite plane of all time is the McDonnell Douglas DC-3
Richard K (1 month ago)
Shows a hangar abandoned in the sixties with an eighties truck in the photo and a nineties plane similar to the one used by the CIA for their drug cartel operation
Richard K (1 month ago)
Number 2 is a Russian Ground Effect ekranoplan which looked like a plane but was more like a hovercraft as it flew a few metres above the water. The Caspian Seamonster was the Lun-ekranoplan i direct competition with number 2
Ndenisi Nelani (1 month ago)
Got as far as number 10.....boring narration. What a load of toss...
Urban Stuff (1 month ago)
This station is is for idiots. Yugoslavia in the "Baltic States"? Yeah, that's the same as the BALKINS! Estonia as in Yugoslavia, right? Fall of "Communism"??? Yugoslavia was a Socialist state which allowed ownership of businesses especially co-ops (barely Socialist let alone communist!). Rusting aluminium planes??? I could go on. This was based on watching only 3 min its of this. What else is FALSE on this regurgitated site? Those with a CLUE leave now.
Andrew Feng (1 month ago)
very very cool!
Blake Graham (1 month ago)
This should be titled best ways too click bait your subs. I'm unsubscribing I get tired of seeing this picture as a thumbnail and clicking on it and that plane in the thumbnail isn't even in the vid
Peace Thongjua (1 month ago)
im a thai people just look at my face and yes i see a lot of grave yard plane in thailand i see 747 and 737
Dean Harrop (1 month ago)
Fuck it's hard to listen to your voice. Didn't finish video
Kenjiro Henry (1 month ago)
3 1 are crazy creepy
Pro Aviator (1 month ago)
Since when does lightning cause a plane to fall out the sky and land perfectly on a beach?
rasosteva Srb (1 month ago)
totaly wrong info about yugoslav airforce base
657BIueArmy (1 month ago)
Well researched and 100% accurate. If only others paid such attention to detail. Thank you!
Pac Z (1 month ago)
(Total waste of time. One quickly begins to tire of the amateur announcer...as a result, this high school project wears out its welcome in about 65 seconds. Don't even bother with the content -- which is highly inaccurate.)
Reg Botterill (1 month ago)
what a boring nasal voice
CIA (1 month ago)
Funny when you’re so misinformed and people tell you’re wrong, but you ignore it and keep the video anyways and continue to look stupid.
chad wild clay fan yousif (1 month ago)
You are reading like a robot
Jesse Weir (1 month ago)
U forgot to include the pablo escobar plane ✈️ on the bahamas
Richard K (1 month ago)
I think that one got shown often
Fredric Underhill (1 month ago)
The plane in Mexico may have been landed there intentionally and it now used as a warehouse where contraband can be dropped for later picking and distributing. This is not a safe place to vacation.
KhakiDeer6930 (1 month ago)
At 4:05, you said it was a kitty hawk, do why did you show a picture of a Spitfire..?
Pit Pille (1 month ago)
Hier wieder verfügbar: https://amzn.to/2zooLPj