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11 Amazing Abandoned Airplanes

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From MASSIVE Airplane graveyards, to mysterious planes on the beach; These are 11 AMAZING Abandoned Airplanes ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 11. Marshall Islands Underwater Plane 10. Thailand Airplane Graveyard 9. Abandoned Yugoslavian Air Base 8. Mojave Airport 7. Eerie Abandoned Hangar 6. Abandoned Navy Air Station 5. RAF Kittyhawk A mysterious world war II aircraft was found in the middle of the Sahara desert in the country of Egypt in 2012. It was found nearly intact and the dry conditions of the Sahara allowed it to be well preserved. This is believed to be a P40 Kittyhawk fighter plane which is a single seat fighter plane used by the Americans from 1939 to 1945. It’s often featured with some type of artwork such as a shark's mouth but it’s believed to be one that the British had acquired from the US. The British would like to see it returned to their home soil in order for it to be on display at museum. However, Egypt claims that it doesn’t belong to them since it was never found on British soil. Plus the British have a ton of Egyptian artifacts on display at the British museum so we don’t see this one going their way. 4. Douglas Super DC-3 On the mysterious black sands of a beach in Iceland, lies a piece of an abandoned aircraft. On November 24, 1973 a US Navy airplane was forced to crash land on a remote beach, south of the capital, Reykjavik. It appears as though it’s remained untouched for over 40 years until a farmer came across it in 2014. All of the windows are smashed from the inside and both wings are missing. All the crew survived the crash and it seems to be a mystery why it was forced to crash land in the first place. Some believe it was from horrific weather conditions in the north atlantic. But this took place during the cold war, is it possible it was shot down by the Soviets? Others claim it just simply ran out of fuel, forcing them to land on Iceland. What you see here are some drone images for the plane from an aerial view and it’s kinda hard to even tell if it’s a plane or not. 3. Mexican Drug Plane Imagine you were on vacation in Mexico and you stumbled upon an abandoned plane that had a white powdery cargo. There’s many rumors about this photo of a plane sunken have way into the sand and it’s hard to say exactly which story is the truth. However, some claim that it was discovered by tourists near Mexico and that the plane was struck by lightning or shot down by the mexican, causing something to malfunction. No bodies or survivors where found and believed they fled the scene so they wouldn’t get caught with a large quantity of contraband. You can imagine some people might be having a good weekend. What are your thoughts on this one? What ever true story may be, it certainly is a beautiful photo. 2. Soviet VVA-14 This abandoned prototype of a soviet vertical take off amphibious vehicle has left many people rather intrigued by the strange design. It was a promising design at first and would allow it to take off from the water, cruise at high altitudes and to destroy US submarines. The aircraft sits at a the Russian Federation Central Air Force museum in rusty condition to say the least. In 1974, it did manage to log in 107 flights with a 103 hours in the air. Here we see two pilots, aboard the aircraft, getting ready to take on this beast of engineering. However, it appeared as though the soviets were asking for a little too much out of this aircraft and the engines needed a serious upgrade before it could be ready for battle. Once the designer passed away in 1974, the project began to slow down and the upgrades were never made. 1.The Boneyard If you’re a fan of abandoned aircraft or just aircraft in general and you take a trip to the Boneyard, it’ll be like you almost died and went to heaven. There are thousands of abandoned planes used by the Air Force. They also take advantage of the dry conditions of the American Southwest, in the city of Tuscon, Arizona, in order to keep the planes from severely. This is officially named as the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base where America stores excess military aircraft just in case world war 3 breaks out. This has also been a holding ground for aerospace vehicles as well and there’s an estimated 4000 aircraft either waiting to scrapped, storage, or to be reused. This is situated on 2600 acres of Arizona desert and it’s quite the interesting place to explore on google maps. Anything from fighters from World War II to heavy bombers used in the Vietnam war can all be found at this one spot. Some believe that there’s at one of every plane that the US has ever commissioned can be found here rotting away. Except probably the secret ones, they don’t want us to know about
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Tom Kap (7 hours ago)
M-I-G - it's MIG you idiot
24919344 (19 hours ago)
The VVA 14 is not a VTOL it's not strictly an airplane but is in fact an ekranoplan , designed to to use ground effect to skim just a few feet above the surface of the water at high speed. You seriously need to do some proper research on subjects you obviously know nothing about before uploading videos .
SpicyGaming 356 (1 day ago)
3:22 Blue Angels C-130 Fat Albert!
Dallas Trønsdal (1 day ago)
Could you do 10 worst American Eye mistakes?
Dallas Trønsdal (1 day ago)
I love you as a human being, but as a YouTuber I hope you step on a Croatian land mine if you decide to do some urban exploring.
Dallas Trønsdal (1 day ago)
1:30 not the same airplane. What an eye you have. Much American. So eye.
ian mcgarrigle (1 day ago)
worst voice ever ,, you sound like something from the cartoon south park dude lol
Merjot (1 day ago)
Ok so, they are in storage. Not abandoned.
Nithin C (1 day ago)
5:00 this plane is featured in a song in an Indian movie called dilwale (2016)
ro 431 (1 day ago)
Don't talk about airplanes when you know nothing about them. Embarrassing.
RC reviewer Fawcett (1 day ago)
4:07 he says thats a p40 but its a spitfire i know because i'v been studying wwii airplanes since i was two and im 11 now
Dominik Diensthuber (2 days ago)
Nr. 2 is an Ekranoplan - was never meant to fligh in high altitude - it uses the ground effect to hover over water
XxWALHALAxX MOZZA (2 days ago)
Planes 'Rotting away' in one of the driest places on earth... Err, Doubtful, anyway, while your debating that, have a look at a spitfire picture that's apparently a kitty hawk
Bill Karoly (2 days ago)
Dumb. #6 Mojave is not an abandoned airport. Far from it. These videos are made by idiots.
t0nyc0nde (3 days ago)
Mojave is NOT an "abandoned airport."
MrHat (3 days ago)
Mark Smith (7 days ago)
You are stupid.
bthestig man (8 days ago)
Mojave is not abandoned
TheFlyer905 (8 days ago)
Ignorant Jerk!!!
Brock Lyon (9 days ago)
Ralph Forshaw (9 days ago)
what load of inaccurate bullshit where did the spitfire fit into this garbage
Stacy Scott (9 days ago)
minimoe2008 (10 days ago)
Mohave desert is not abandoned....
Elwood Jones (10 days ago)
Ok .."all you Da Vinci Aeronautics"...give it a FN rest !!!
BOB.org (11 days ago)
Hey I just went through the bone yard while going to Mt lemmon.
Carl Kane (11 days ago)
“Graffitied by local gangs” lmfao you’ve never left the United States
Patricia Jacobs (11 days ago)
can you get in the bone yard
steeve mark (11 days ago)
Nice video,Pleasure to watch it ! Hope to get these type of interesting videos from you again in future. You can also watch a interesting Video @ https://youtu.be/hT5dYDQM3r8
joshua yammine (13 days ago)
Total cause of destruction.
dano r (15 days ago)
The airfield in the Mohave, is FAR from abandoned.  It's a storage lot where old planes are stripped down for parts and all else is recycled.
Sgt Meow (15 days ago)
it didn't come from the cold war as the DC-3 was outdated and instead the Dc-9 was used
Steve Dunch (16 days ago)
Dude was reading shit and has no knowledge of airplanes
Cameron Savage (17 days ago)
I live near the air base at #6 most of the hangers and main facilities are being used by a Private military corporation and they are very strict on security
FAD (18 days ago)
That voice. Please make it stop. It's so annoying! so really, really annoying.
FiveCentsPlease (10 days ago)
+FAD It's just the lead singer from Green Day on his day job.
Tommy Robinson (18 days ago)
Complete garbage - just die already.
CAPT. RICK ALLEN (20 days ago)
He calls a C-47 a DC-3 and shows the photo of a Spitfire for a picture of a P-40.
zemetrius (21 days ago)
nothing but clips from other video's, nothing new here, everything here has been seen before.
todd3205 (21 days ago)
This video makes me long for old episodes of Barney the Dinosaur or My Mother the Car to lift my IQ up to say, 78 or 80 from here.
Digger Dawg (21 days ago)
Is this a real human voice or a simulator? I can't tell the difference. I hope it's one of those machines, as I'd hate to have my real voice sound like an up-market Speak & Spell.
Darth vader (21 days ago)
nice glasses fag
Ivan Blakely (22 days ago)
apart from the voice, the worst thing about this video is I got sucked in to watching at least some of it, and maybe contributed to the poster is getting paid for it.
dead channel (22 days ago)
0:01 airplans XD
Thatairplanegeuy (22 days ago)
If you ever decide to make a video on airplanes or aviation in general...don't. Your obviously too stupid to research anything.
Stephen D Mantoiu (22 days ago)
as war borke out in the baltik states? my friend you are talking about the balkans. Goes to show how this area is ignored most of the time by the west. Its just a gray spot on the map for you, right?
Daddy Prime (23 days ago)
For the Soviet VVA-14, no, it is not an aircraft, but something called an ekranoplan. This ekranoplan is classified as a ground effect vehicle, developed by the Soviets during the Cold War. Other Soviet ekranoplans exist like the Lun-class, carry large missiles to use against enemy ships, and the first ekranoplan, the KM (Korabi Maket) “Caspian Sea Monster.” Edit: just to say (if I didn’t say it), ekranoplans are NOT meant to fly. For the Soviets, the ekranoplan can provide fast transportation of tanks, armored vehicles, and troops just above the water but below enemy radar. What they said is somewhat right, but the rest of the information about it is somewhat wrong, one of them mistaking the VVA-14 as an aircraft.
rodolfo estrella (23 days ago)
So dumb! Number 1 "abandoned aircraft" .... they aren't abandoned, they are preserved and stored...
Daniel Barton (23 days ago)
Shit video in general. Wow, so many damn mistakes I don't know where to begin. Please don't make any more videos about aviation.
Don farlan (23 days ago)
the true meaning of flight right here one time you trusted your life to this old wreckage coffee tea or milk
Charles Magrin (24 days ago)
you're showing a spitfire flying instead of a kittyhawk...
Us On A Budget (24 days ago)
Foxhound482 (25 days ago)
War broke out in a Baltic states?! When?! Where?! I have lived there for some time and I never seen any wars after USSR (or during USSR)
Sgt Meow (25 days ago)
Planes are struck by lightning all day every day. It causes no harm at all
Sgt Meow (25 days ago)
You said RAF Kitty hawk but RAF is royal air force (Britain)
Sgt Meow (15 days ago)
That's not the argument. They showed a spitfire instead of a kittyhawk
paul ritzen (15 days ago)
Sgt Meow given to Britain by America. Britain was short of planes. America gave/sold them Kitty Hawks and War Hawks. The P-40 stood up rather well in the Desert War. It couldn't dog fight for crap but it was an excellent low level ground support plane
Sgt Meow (25 days ago)
You pronounce it like M I G but it's pronounced mig
OldWhitebelly (25 days ago)
Mojave Airport is most definitely not abandoned. It is also not full of abandoned spacecraft.
Scottish Potato (26 days ago)
First of all it pronounced mig not m-i-g second of all 4:06 that's a supermarine spitfire 4:14 that's a p-40 kittyhawk if your going to do a video on aviation then learn a damn thing about it
M Tart (26 days ago)
The "Boneyard" in Arizona, Davis-Monthan AFB, HAD WWII aircraft AFTER WWII and for about a dozen years after the war. There haven't been any WWII era aircraft there since the late 1950s, early 1960s. Those were sold/gvien to foreign countries or sold to private parties. Today's boneyard houses thousands of Cold War and post Cold War aircraft only...
graham payne (26 days ago)
Aircraft don't RUST, they are not made of steel.
Chobittsu (26 days ago)
"Used by the Americans from 1935 to 1945" And Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Finland, France, Indonesia, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, Soviet Union, Turkey and UK...
Devon35 (27 days ago)
03:41 Looks like a map of USA !
waarschoot (28 days ago)
Some factual remarks about sections 9 and 7. Reality can get more outlandish than some cooked up story about MiG's. What we can see are the remains of a Dakota and an American fighter jet. In the 1950's Yugoslav leader general Tito actually did receive a bunch of US Republic F-84 jet fighters for his air force. Typical American Cold War policy to induce dissension amongst so-called Communist friends, since Yugoslavia was not part of the Warsaw Pact. The Belgian 'airfield' is actually no longer an aerodrome. In WWII this airfield at Vissenaken was home to some Belgian units until the Germans bombed it in may 1940. Later the Luftwaffe used it as an auxiliary field. After the war the hangars became an army facility to aid in future national mobilisations in case of a war. Today it is a repair and restoration site for the Royal Military Museum of Belgium. There is no link with the French. Weird conclusion in a fake story of an explorer feeling uneasy at the discovery of a secret location. Get real!
Mike Martin (28 days ago)
The narrator has an annoying voice
Simon Coates (28 days ago)
The only astounding part of this video is the fabricated nonsense and ineptitude of the presenter - absolute horseshit
Richard Doig (28 days ago)
i know
Smug Smugly (28 days ago)
Is this a robot speaking? he knows nothing about aircraft
Wolfie gamer (29 days ago)
Wolfie gamer (29 days ago)
Can you do abonede submarine
Busted Kneecap Nickson (1 month ago)
"there's at least one of every plane here that the us has ever commissed" so you're saying that every plane that the us has ever used has one of them there? hell no. H e l l n o. *H E L L N O *.
TheFlyer905 (1 month ago)
"Gross ignorance" could very well be 144 webhoasts. This jerk knows nothing about lots of subjects, but he surely enjoys running his mouth!
375GTB (1 month ago)
El Grande Ignoramus!
S Main (1 month ago)
I wish you could block a channel from showing up. Dude has no idea what he's talking about.
Calden andrews (1 month ago)
If you want to make a video, at least make sure it's accurate. A M I G? mig! Kitty hawk? Spitfire! My video games are more realistic!
Adison793 (1 month ago)
I live in Thailand
Busted Kneecap Nickson (1 month ago)
whoa. I never knew people lived there
Nate McDaniel (1 month ago)
Why are there so many know-it-all's in aviation?? Man these little weenies think they're the walking encyclopedia of aircraft and aviation...then there's the pilot extraordinaire's, oh these dudes can part the seas.
rulfi1950 (1 month ago)
The plane at 4.06 is not a P40 but a Spitfire lol.
Busted Kneecap Nickson (1 month ago)
It is a p40, why do think its a spitfire?
War never changes (1 month ago)
The boneyard was in MW2.
AVOLITE (1 month ago)
Low-rent video montage hosted by some obvious douchebag (7:45) who knows almost nothing about aircraft and fills holes in the narrative with worthless "facts" that have nothing to do with said aircraft at times .... " The photographer was paranoid someone would find him here" ... Really? who gives a fuck.
Chuck Shaffer (1 month ago)
Jethro Jet at 2:11. Lots of US Airways 737s.
Mob01971 (1 month ago)
RoBloxxed (1 month ago)
i was born when ansett australia came out
RoBloxxed (1 month ago)
nvm was wrong lol
martin saunders (1 month ago)
Totally crap video...But the abandoned hanger in Belgium had some interesting old stuff in it. Shame the guy making the film hasn't got much between the ears
Raven__310 (1 month ago)
The picture you showed of a flying P 40 Kitty Hawk is not but that plane that is a Spitfire British made plane that P 40 Kitty Hawk was given as a land lease and needs to be returned to the US not Britain
Busted Kneecap Nickson (1 month ago)
I never even saw that.
Raven__310 (1 month ago)
Curse Element You’re talking about the P 40 but the pictures are showing your mixing them up You’re talking about P 40 and showing pictures of a Spitfire you should look at the pictures you’re posting
Busted Kneecap Nickson (1 month ago)
its not a p 40
Gigglelee (1 month ago)
Is there some rule that you can only show pictures for 800 milliseconds? Must be a licensing thing....
Anam Khan (1 month ago)
Where is that abandoned airport which country
3replybiz (1 month ago)
Geloof Hoop en Liefde (1 month ago)
"Keep an eye on the landmines in the area". Jezus Christ,ever seen a landmine from nearby? Ever seen anti personel mines from nearby? I have! Do not ever take your chances at abandoned army basis,especially when they are overgrown because you won't notice landmines or booby traps till you step on them,in the best case they kill you instantly but more likely you will lose a leg and/or an eye. Having fun?
Cameron Scheer (1 month ago)
i stopped at 4:07
Carmen Aguilar aguilsr (1 month ago)
633281852 por el kulo ssxcort 5 pavos la hora
babu srinivas (1 month ago)
Why d shit background music behind?
John Lee (1 month ago)
Aluminum doesn't rust.
Kim Cross (1 month ago)
Bruh number 2 is the definition of fake
Linus GOBEAUX (1 month ago)
To much american flag in this video...
Luke Nettles (1 month ago)
Omg I used to drive by that Tucson boneyard without any knowledge of why they kept so many planes in tack and now I know
jan youtubehater (1 month ago)
yeah yeah yeah american comment... disgusting: earn to speak proper english
Rincypoopoo X (1 month ago)
Shows a Dakota ... "this plane" ..... give us some info please. Lack of it makes this video suck sea urchins...
Stoley (1 month ago)
its not pronounced M-I-G its pronounced mig you absolute twit.
chumbibs (1 month ago)
"oh! whats an M-I-G fighter- oh he said it wrong"
The Classic Barn Company (1 month ago)
Geez ive got a flight to catch tomorrow - why do i watch these ?
merch marine (1 month ago)
*CURTIS P-40  W A R H A W K .....STUPID ASS !!!*
philnyc (1 month ago)
1:35 . These countries are not Baltic states . They are Balkan states .