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Autoweek Ride Along With Sebastian Vettel, 2015 U.S. Grand Prix

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Autoweek writer Alanis King takes a ride along with four-time Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel prior to the 2015 U.S. Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas. Vettel drove a Ferrari F12berlinetta during a Shell media event at Driveway Austin.
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Text Comments (126)
Beagle76 (1 month ago)
He’s throwing her around. There’s is a great video of a girl in a Sweden where a driver takes his girlfriend. Pulling about 3G considerably more than this. To me he is to friendly to be in the current no prisoners F1.
Guilherme Leonardo (1 month ago)
No Capacete
Rufiobyk (1 month ago)
Nothing to Lewis
Giancarlo (1 month ago)
Vettel fa lo "sborrone" con quella fichetta accanto, ma sui circuiti di GP si caga sotto!!
In Trump We Trust (2 months ago)
German Autobahn is something crazy , Angela Merkel should be in jail for that
Tiago Antonio (3 months ago)
Lewis Hamilton melhor que esse mela cueca...kkkkk
Juju Rellama (3 months ago)
Vettel has gone from Champ to Accident king
Macht Schnell (4 months ago)
F12 at the Driveway. Pretty funny.
Koketso Baholo (4 months ago)
Jesus Loves you fam
Matthew Schiebout (4 months ago)
Seb makes the car seem underpowered!
Sebastián Luengo (5 months ago)
2019 spin seb spin please!
Christiano Gonzalez (5 months ago)
Y así de fácil despues de esa vueltita Sebastián se la garcho, el pendejo le debe sacar punta a su pene. Un genio.
Daniyar Baibakov (5 months ago)
Кажется, в сети много фильмов, которые начинаются примерно также... Ну а Феррари класс!!!
Daniyar Baibakov (5 months ago)
Кажется, в сети много фильмов, которые начинаются примерно также... Ну а Феррари класс!!!
Michael Zehrfeld (6 months ago)
...don´t like this fucking unsympathetic Vettel...
Goger Kupiec (6 months ago)
Tu tego debesta
It Looks Like A Hamburger (6 months ago)
Filippo120427 (7 months ago)
sebastian scopati questa biondona!
Miguel A (7 months ago)
se hizo pisssssssss!!!! jajajajajajajaja
Yerrie (8 months ago)
i like her
Paul Carter (9 months ago)
put your tongue in SEB
David Ash (10 months ago)
“Truly amazed you can do this for hours”
Laj51 (8 days ago)
That's what she said ... lol
Bulletman7 (11 months ago)
fuk yer, HELLO
8:16 am (1 year ago)
1:40 . That's what she said
Hearing Visions (1 year ago)
That laugh.. She totally wants the bratwurst 👍
Final Destination (1 year ago)
She would suck his d... for free !!
Siegfried Streit (1 year ago)
Leicht verdientes Geld ich auch bitte
Moppedfahrer wma (1 year ago)
Nicht schlecht, sollte man mit Leuten machen, die auf der Autobahn zu langsam fahren..damit die ein Gefühl davon bekommen, das es auch schneller geht.... So was mach ich gern mit meinen Winterautos...
Tommy Salami (1 year ago)
Hey +Alanis King, I noticed you're writing for Jalopnik now and thought I'd revisit this great old video! Your Jalopnik profile should link to this little automotive demo reel, it's so cool!
Sándor Csende (1 year ago)
Vettel is this super fun.
Peter Müller (1 year ago)
donˋt you bucacke in this car !“
Marauder Мародер (1 year ago)
The American honey is already in wet bikinies if she wears but calculating how much she'd make if they crash or if she get impregnated by the Euro boy
stateniland (1 year ago)
they didn't show the wet spot she left on seat. :(
barumbadum (1 year ago)
rasty 210 (1 year ago)
White bitch Co pilot.... Always best
mm. (1 year ago)
Wow what a beauty the girl and what a driver 4 TIME WORLD CHAMP
CamaroMann (1 year ago)
Nice blonde g-force display :-D
Michi Eiramia (1 year ago)
luuke luketer (1 year ago)
how the fuck she gets to sit with him and not me ????? I tell stories too.......
DhDeadMan (1 year ago)
0:28 Just a little bit lady, just a little bit
Armando Betancourt (2 years ago)
She's beautiful, blushes a lot, has an honest smile and is extremely modest.
Firemarioflower (1 year ago)
Either way she's nice.... we need more girls like that. Awesome lady. Also, VETTEL IS A LEGEND!!!!
Tommy Salami (1 year ago)
She's not blushing; the G-forces are squeezing the blood to her face (& arms)! ;^p
Evilzin Abyssranger (1 year ago)
What a princess! Just delightful! just my Kind =) gRetings from BRasil
bob mcboberson (1 year ago)
It's sad you believe this
ice man (2 years ago)
leather seats nice ID
joyfulvulture (2 years ago)
"i'm truly amazed you can do this for hours"
Anto Derrico (2 years ago)
Va a manetta....e con che tranquillità
azschalter (2 years ago)
Seb still is like a kid in a candy store. 😂
XReflexian (2 years ago)
Funny to see how stable Vettel is in his seat compared to the lady :)
amfohr (1 year ago)
That's because he holds the wheel..
o o (2 years ago)
Would be even better if it was in a Ferrari FXX-K.
Si Dog Ducati (2 years ago)
Seb is so fucking cool
Sam Zhang (2 years ago)
How many orgasms did she have?
Jonathon Kearney (1 year ago)
well the F12 has 731 hp and the video is 2:17 so that might come up to about every 5.3 seconds give or take lmao
Katalin Rádkai (2 years ago)
Szeretnék én is.
Jeebzzz (3 years ago)
Seb knows how to please the ladies
Nico Montinola (3 years ago)
ugly track...not scary or fast enough
Just A Comment (3 years ago)
she looks cute 😊
Generously buttered ALCO (3 years ago)
Blistering lap. Did he miss the apex at 1:07?
Papa_mia (3 years ago)
0:28 .... You don't say!
Augusto Sena (3 years ago)
I love you G-force.
Chris (3 years ago)
Seb's not even pushing haha
azschalter (3 years ago)
Lol. She gets tossed around and Seb looks like he is driving the kids to school in a Minivan.
ChrisCullenRacing (3 years ago)
'I nearly crashed the lap before' BAAHAHAHA
cruz (3 years ago)
truly amazing to this for hours f1 drivers dont drift they grip!
ALIEN AGE (3 years ago)
Honestly Rosy (2 years ago)
ALIEN AGE really awkward
Bunga Kejora (3 years ago)
This ferrari driver uses his van from home to buy a bread, he could just easly buy any supercar, seb is unique. But he already had leferrari and porsche in his garage
mauroz (3 years ago)
alanis is hot!
Andrius Vxx (1 year ago)
aguj10 (3 years ago)
te la insegno io qualche parolina in italiano se vuoi..
avantgardeaclue (3 years ago)
I would go on a drive anywhere long or short with her, wow!
Firemarioflower (1 year ago)
scrolex  First drive with Vettel and her in the backseat of a 2+2 Ferrari, then he drops us off at a nice restaurant and leaves after I got his autograph.
scrolex (1 year ago)
avantgardeaclue are you sick? I'd give both nuts to have vettel drive me around.
Kendrick ross (3 years ago)
were you scared lol?
nikazizi94 (3 years ago)
Does he have that face while driving the F1 car?
Jose Rios (3 months ago)
Xxx .. Xxx
kabob21 (3 years ago)
Oh hey, one of my favorite Jalopnik writers :)
Marcos Benício (3 years ago)
The best pilot on actual F1, besides being very complete as a driver, seems to be a great human being. Very funny and modest. Keep Racing Bro!
7Ahilles (1 year ago)
i didnt know Kenny KO is F1 pilot and hiding behind nick name Sebastian V
Irreverente II (3 years ago)
Marcos Benício well, it's quite obvious you don't follow F1 and their press conferences.
bongmist (3 years ago)
Vettel is thinking: "this is so slow but still fun" And us mere mortals can only dream of having Vettel's skills, let alone owning a supercar.
I'm older than my parents (1 year ago)
If you own a supercar, it doesn't necessarily mean you will have his skills, but if you have his skills you will be able to afford several supercars because you will be rich :D
prsgio (3 years ago)
What a Lucky girl! Thanks for sharing!
natlin 06 (4 years ago)
bien joue alanis, quelle chance de monter dans une f12 de 740 ch, avec vettel en pilote, je t'envies, kiss ,erik
Francesco D'amore (4 years ago)
ferrari forever n.1 in The world!!!!!!!
Christian Grey (4 years ago)
Too bad that the tarmac was wet. mircoconti (4 years ago)
bellissima tipa e macchina
BlackCavalier52 (4 years ago)
could anyone tell me what track this is?
BlackCavalier52 (4 years ago)
+Alanis King thank you, dear :-)
Alanis King (4 years ago)
+BlackCavalier52 Driveway Austin in Austin, Texas
Jamesy Japnut (4 years ago)
Ha ha Vettel is so funny
TheoneGodfather (4 years ago)
She's a bit of alright eh
venator76 (4 years ago)
The girl is beautiful, the car is just ok. :-P
Bakony Bá]int (4 years ago)
thank you seb 3 wins
Alfa Won (4 years ago)
That Ferraris just a cheap toy to Vettel !
paulusgaming (3 years ago)
well, as daily cars he now has a vw van and an alfa giulietta qv
Maurice H (4 years ago)
silly girl, getting lessons from sebastian in a ferrari counts as italian class
Robin Khoury (9 months ago)
cnn8420 Hahahahahahha
cnn8420 (3 years ago)
Lol, I was thinking the same thing. One more month… Forza Ferrari!
Krisztián (4 years ago)
haha he got a bit stifled and shy when the pretty girl got in, but 20 sec later he was back on form lol :P
Yoshimurha (4 years ago)
Nice vid, hope you enjoyed the ride. Though, since I've driven some performance cars myself - I can't help but to ask. Did you not receive any instructions before hand regarding how to "stay in your seat"? For example "hold this handle here" or something? Because It doesn't look to comfortable to be tossed around in the seat like that and it can't be very enjoyable. Not to say it isn't very safe either. Another time - try to hold on to something. Most cars have handles for that purpose, in the doorsides and the inner-side of the frame(A-pole) or the roof above the side-window. That way you can enjoy the ride a little bit better. I'm surprised Vettel did not react to the tossing-around. Cheers
Yoshimurha (4 years ago)
@Laszlo Makrai I've been in both seats yes. Sure you have to "press against" in the turns and bend a little forward to counter the G-forces. She didn't even bother to do it for reasons I can only assume is due to a lack of knowledge of available "tools". But what is shown in the video is downright unsafe. That is not an opinion, that is just fact. And I personally think Ferrari/Vettel should have a smack on the fingers for it.  Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not trying to bad-talk either Ferrari or Vettel in any way. But I think it is unprofessional and unsafe to let a situation like this simply continue - that because both parties (Ferrari and Vettel) knows fully well what forces the body is exposed of and what injuries someone risk in a situation like that.  And I honestly do not think many people would feel comfortable in telling either Vettel or Ferrari to slow down in the middle of the situation because subjectively - "you" are likely to feel "honored" just for having been offered the opportunity to ride a Ferrari with the 4-time F1-world champion in the first place. Thus I think there is even more responsibility placed on the driver to use his/her (Vettel in this specific case) judgement and take appropriate action. It is not necessarily stopping the car and going back to the pits. But it could be simply to tell the passenger where to hold on and how to behave for her own safety and to avoid injury or risk thereof. If such instructions was given beforehand she certainly did not apply them and thus once again we come back to the drivers judgement and responsibility. Cheers
Old Wortex (4 years ago)
+Yoshimurha Vettel had one advantages - He was holding the wheel. Believe me it does not take much to be thrown in a car with half the HP. No handles will keep you in there unless holding the wheel and have strong muscles. She had neither at her disposal at that moment.
Yoshimurha (4 years ago)
@Alanis King Sure just it wasn't a few times it was basically every turn. Don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge you the ride. I'm just saying it is not healthy to to be tossed around like that from a pure fact point of view. It gets non-natural strains on your neck-muscles and surrounding muscles. Tossing around is never ok in a car, especially not at high speeds. It is the drivers responsibility to inform the passenger where to hold on if he or she gets tossed around. So hold on to something next time. That's all I'm saying. :) Cheers
Alanis King (4 years ago)
+Yoshimurha Thank you! It was a blast. Having been on both the driving and riding side multiple times, it's far easier to not sway when you're in the driver's seat. When you hop in a car with Vettel, you're going to get tossed around a few times--still incredibly fun, and not uncomfortable!
Big Mig (4 years ago)
grotestudder (4 years ago)
Leuk he, met autotjes spelen
395PRS (4 years ago)
Dude can Drive! I would still be wearing a helmet. Concrete barriers!
duva7able (4 years ago)
vettel es el mejor piloto del mundoo
333pg333 (4 years ago)
Guessing your view count will skyrocket now that you're famous! ;-)
Tommy Salami (4 years ago)
Great job Ms. King, way too short though (looking at you, AW)! I was going to say "once-in-a-lifetime experience", but you're young and I hope you have more chances to do stuff like this! Great job keeping witty despite the G-forces! (May I suggest you always wear your hair down for ride alongs, it really emphasizes the crazy performance of that car)! Re "better you driving than me!"; you should have asked to take it for a lap. I'm sure that's against the rules, but sometimes a gentleman will bend the rules for a lady, and Vettel seems a gentleman. Totally jealous... Good job on all fronts!
DesertBMW (4 years ago)
+Laszlo Makrai  Vettel is known to flirt with female reporters, he is also practical joker
Old Wortex (4 years ago)
+hakentt - wife with 2 kids... ahem. and Vettel is known to be a family man just like Michael Schumacher. Not all men will be driven by their urge, some have decency.
DesertBMW (4 years ago)
+Alanis King  Alanis why haven't you asked him for a date? He is a rich man and you look better than his current girlfriend.
Alanis King (4 years ago)
Well, thank you so much! This is much appreciated!
Tommy Salami (4 years ago)
Thanks, I'm familiar with the concept. This reporter (+Alanis King) is only a college student (I think) and yet better than most writer/commentators who are fat old boring guys who've lost their enthusiasm and excitement for such things. Additionally, she's witty, speaks flawlessly and thinks on her feet even at 100MPH; talents which are rare and disappearing, to be replaced with talking-head "reporters" who go silent if the TelePrompTer malfunctions! Plus there's the g-load indicating coiffure... =)
relay35 (4 years ago)
seb's face while driving is epic hahaha
gm pm (2 years ago)
arriluk97 he looks like a little kid who's just having the time of his life
Thomas MULLER (3 years ago)
l0l true at 1:20. I love the lad.
Jackal Fox (4 years ago)
He made it look so easy. Great driver, one of the greats, such a humble and modest guy. :)
Ferrox Glideh (4 years ago)
+Jackal Fox And he looks like he is having fun too!