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Make $30 an Hour Plus $.58 Per Mile? UPS Personal Vehicle Driver.

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The UPS is offering a seasonal personal vehicle delivery driver job and paying up to $30 an hour plus $.58 per mile. This pay is better than most deliver apps out there. In this video I review the requirements and what the jobs entails. Here’s a link to all seasonal jobs with UPS, you can filter for personal vehicle driver. https://www.jobs-ups.com/category/seasonal-jobs/1187/12811/1 MAKE MONEY: 👉 Find the highest paying gigs in your city: https://gigsharks.com ➡️ Deliver with DoorDash : https://gigSharks.com/go/doordash ➡️ Deliver with Postmates: https://gigsharks.com/go/postmates/ ➡️ Instacart Signup Bonus: http://inst.cr/t/XHJfm8Js4 ➡️ Get paid to dog sit with Rover: https://rover.nvaz.net/aGjPM ➡️ Make money by taking photos: https://gigSharks.com/go/snapmob 👉 Increase Your Earnings. Gig Economy Masters Course. Only $14: https://coursecraft.net/courses/z9YkK SAVE MONEY ➡️ Freebird (cashback on Lyft/Uber rides) Download here: https://my.fbird.co/V4Nwnxkf6Y **Promo Code ($10 free rides): h53a6 ➡️Discounts on gas ⛽️ Getupside: https://upside.app.link/QGP59 ➡️ Cheapest wireless plan from Tello Mobile: https://gigsharks.com/go/tello/ ➡️ Start investing your spare change with Acorns today! Get $5 when you use my invite link: https://acorns.com/invite/63NTGR ➡️ Get paid to browse. Download Brave Browser: https://brave.com/rid260 ☑️ Get no interest cash and avoid overdrafts with Brigit: https://gigsharks.com/go/brigit/ LET’S TALK ABOUT IT: ☑️ https://www.facebook.com/groups/gignation/
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Gig Nation (24 days ago)
👉Find gigs: https://gigsharks.com ☑️ https://www.facebook.com/groups/gignation/
Kay Star (3 hours ago)
I have tried to log on to apply with Amazon Flex, but I never can. I will try this one.
Charles Portillo (21 hours ago)
40-50 years ago people would be able to survive on one income. Nowadays you need both spouses to work AND be part of the gig economy. Bernie Sanders 2020!
Charles Portillo (21 hours ago)
I wish people would stop talking about your facial expressions. The last thing we need is someone being annoyingly fake trying to keep a smile just for their viewers. I like that you're being yourself. Good job!
john probst (1 day ago)
do they supply the bullet proof vests?
Marge Parge (1 day ago)
They are hiring here in TN but it’s seasonal
goaley45 (2 days ago)
I know it's good info but am I the only one that thinks this is the most boring video?
Victor Da Silva (2 days ago)
Union thugs will beats your ass...if they catch you
Victor Da Silva (1 day ago)
Gig Nation union guys aren’t know for their brains.....I know a few...
Gig Nation (2 days ago)
Hiring temporary employees to cope with surges in demand is a more cost efficient solution than hiring more full time employees. Most people with a basic understanding of economics and business would agree that this is a benefit to the current full time employees who have stock/pensions with this company
Nicky N (2 days ago)
So this is a W2 gig? And can you work when you want. Like can you turn on and off the app?
Gig Nation (2 days ago)
Not very flexible with hours
Nicky N (2 days ago)
So this is a W2 gig? And can you work when you want. Like can you turn on and off the app?
Tyese Woodson (2 days ago)
How do I apply?
AB D114 (2 days ago)
Double check with mileage reimbursement because TreasonousTrump taxes got rid of work travel reimbursement.
sublime90 (3 days ago)
i got a text today from ups to go interview. the closest hub they got for me is like 45 mins away. i think im gonna try it out. its only for a month and $21 is more than the current $15 i make in the amazon warehouse.
Dee (3 days ago)
Hey bud I have an interview tomorrow. Question! Should I go in dressed up in a tie or simi dressed? Also, I have a beard and wondering if that would discourage them somehow from hiring me. Other then that I'm good. Thanks
bunun (3 days ago)
one of the guys in my interviewing class came in with basketball shorts, and a t-shirt with a hole in it, i dont know if he got hired. i came with some dickie work pants and a polo shirt from walmart
Adam Davids (3 days ago)
This is very depressing
chris kerns (3 days ago)
Here is what happened to me after getting hired for the seasonal driver yesterday was my first day of work with them and I get there and the driver that I will be helping is not happy at all and just starts cussing not even knowing me calling me every name he can letting me know how much he dislikes me, and how much he hates Personal drivers I just decide to leave I was very happy I did the right thing cause I really wanted to fight but I did not and I will not be working for UPS and he was a supervisor at that.
Gig Nation (3 days ago)
Wow crazy
Elaine S. Maluso (3 days ago)
What is the expected shift (# of hours per day? # of days per week? flexible?)? Looking for flexibility if the role allows.
bunun (3 days ago)
i started today at 10:30am and i finished at 8:45pm , this was my first day, i also took a 22 minute break
mark buller (4 days ago)
Where do I apply
Gig Nation (4 days ago)
Link in description
xxxViPeRxxx josh (5 days ago)
If you run into an accident does your insurance policy will cover for? How do you log in your stops and mileage? Do you set up a meet point with a driver? If you deliver a package and the costumer claims that they never received it,who's responsible for it?The $.58 cents per mile depends on the area that you are gone to be covering they 'r going to try to keep you on a tied delivery area unless you live in the suburbs if you got hurt your on your own. etc. etc. be careful "Good luck" to every one.
o-ptimus prime (5 days ago)
At 300 miles a day is about 260k miles a year. A brand new car in a year lol
Federal 6 (5 days ago)
UPS won't help you when your ass gets popped at the front door.
Jesus Ornelas (5 days ago)
I have a question I did my interview already n how long does it take to get the call to go to work bud
Jesus Ornelas (3 days ago)
Thanks bud for the info that gave me a lift up I did my interview on Monday and at the same time I did the drug test so I hope they email pretty soon
bunun (3 days ago)
i did my interview on nov 22nd and was told i would be hired assuming my background check goes thru, also remember thanksgiving was last week, monday 12/2 i got a email saying im hired, and to do my online training, on tuesday 12/3 at 9:30pm, my manager called me and said if i am available to work the next day, and told me to come pick up my uniform at 10am, and i started on 12/4
Daniel Mengesha (5 days ago)
I live in GA 30083 stone mountain. How do I apply for this job? Please tell me the way to apply.
J Young (5 days ago)
Daniel Mengesha look on indeed search ups only hiring out of Roswell and griffin now
Jesus Ornelas (8 days ago)
Can I use a mini van
Gig Nation (7 days ago)
Should be fine
Ant W (8 days ago)
23 hr for me sounds good better then Amazon flex doordash and any other gig
LaughLikeCharlie (9 days ago)
I’ve been a UPSER for over 13 years (7 years driving) and honestly, I thought we were better than this.. I understand this time of year is ridiculously hectic but really? Fedex hasn’t even stooped this low. I’m even more shocked our union let this slide.. but hey, it’s helping and y’all are getting your shit haha. And if you actually care about your car I wouldn’t do this. Not only is it normal ware and tare.. but it’s destroting your interior. Most the buildings are old and dirty. Those boxes are filthy.. come apply within and do your time in the warehouse and end up making 6 figures, free awesome benifits, and a pretty cool job that keeps you fit. UPSJOBS.com
LaughLikeCharlie (1 day ago)
I have plenty to show for it.. and I lost 100lbs! what can brown do for you? happy holidays
Kendra Dikes (3 days ago)
It's seasonal and just to make extra cash. Not everyone wants to slave for a company all their life with nothing to show for it.
Gordon Steen (7 days ago)
Fedex - no union, subcontractors (many don't last).
C Lati (9 days ago)
Bummer... Looks like this isn't offered in Portland, OR...
Carlos Carney (9 days ago)
Looks like he is falling asleep 😴 making me sleepy and I just woke up!
rich r (9 days ago)
Question? Do you know if we can choose the area that we would like to deliver UPS packages in? Im in the suburbs of Philadelphia and there are an insane amount of ghetto areas around me that I refuse to even drive through. Can I go to UPS and say hey I'll do it but I will only cover the upper middle class areas or upper class areas. NO city, no hoods or ghetto towns? Or do they just assign you an area without you having a choice?
Alex Labanino (9 days ago)
The search on this site SUCK!
Greg Carlisle (10 days ago)
I think it is a bad idea for someone who wants to do it because basically you are feeding corporate greed! Poor planning to develop a business to meet the demands and you are going to cheap out by not really hiring the people but doing it as temp work and you are really a contractor and not an employee? Easy way to screw you and keep you from doing anything about it!
Stephen Van Boening (10 days ago)
So how exactly do they pay. Is it flat hourly, by the delivery or what? Should i just get ahold of ups. Yea i just answered my own question. Thanks for bringing this opportunity to light through utube for me.
Stephen Van Boening (10 days ago)
Thanks this sounds awesome
Gig Nation (10 days ago)
Definitely contact UPS. It’s W2, hourly plus overtime and some mileage compensation. I believe pay is every 2 weeks but yes confirm with UPS!
Tony Classified (10 days ago)
Up to
Voodoo Man (10 days ago)
Tis the season to be gig'n
Simon Mei (10 days ago)
Regular hour is 23 bucks an hour, with ot per hour is 36, with 10-12hour shift per day m-f 8-8 schedule. Avging 30bucks an hour plus miles. That’s what the interviewer will tell you. Season ends in January next year
Gig Nation (10 days ago)
alexander orona (11 days ago)
What's scary is that everyone needs a " side hustle " cause their jobs don't pay the rent.
Chuck Fay (10 hours ago)
@James I've had +$50,000 medical bills in the last 10 years. Trust me, y'all "got dick"
Anre Dickerson (1 day ago)
@James a complaint from canada that's rare
Tru TeeV (2 days ago)
James and your taxes are sky high
sublime90 (3 days ago)
exactly im trying to do like 4 side hustles right now to pay down debt
Westside Wizzop (4 days ago)
amiable guy (11 days ago)
I just had a interview at ups for PVD personal vehicle driver and they only offered me $21 plus mileage I was like I pass
Michael Ray (2 days ago)
@Bri J lmao real talk 💯💯
Bri J (2 days ago)
You just have to get use to the walking lol that’s it . But you’re in your own car , own space so for 21 a hour I’ll do it!
amiable guy (3 days ago)
@Bri J like How Bad...
Michael Ray (3 days ago)
@Bri J what's so bad about it?
Bri J (4 days ago)
amiable guy same . My first day was yesterday . It’s too bad !
Antonio Torres (11 days ago)
He primis to talk about different topics for the same main subject but the only thing is $30. 00 Hr, $.58/mille and repite like broken record over and over and ov...
Kev Savage (11 days ago)
$21hr, Overtime after 8 hrs (Time and a half) -UPS employee
vtecx626 (12 days ago)
Can I keep the package if they dont answer the door?
Devin Gold (10 days ago)
You dumb 😂
Jenn (12 days ago)
So as a rideshare driver I cant do this without removing my logos for those companies?
DNZ 1014 (10 days ago)
Shelle Store (12 days ago)
Your video was well explainable I have an interview today and I hope everything goes well and I start. Thanks alot.
jean lenor (5 days ago)
How did it go? What's your experience like?
Gig Nation (12 days ago)
Good luck 👍
Young Slash Beats (13 days ago)
Also you are insured by UPS while on the road and clocked in, but if you get in an accident and it was ruled to be your fault they do not insure you. And if thats the case your current insurance might not insure you for that. You may have to pay an additional amount with your current insurance just in case an incident like this happens!
Young Slash Beats (13 days ago)
Also at my interview, the woman took over 50 pictures inside and out of my vehicle so that drivers can't pull a quick one on them for damage on the vehicle. Just a heads up.
Young Slash Beats (9 days ago)
@From Busing To Trucking they would loose 95% of their employees if they drug tested and it costs way too much money for them
Young Slash Beats (9 days ago)
@From Busing To Trucking nope. the only "drug test" they do is if you get full time box driver position and even then they don't test for drugs they test for diabetes and protein n shit. UNITED POT SMOKERS.
From Busing To Trucking (9 days ago)
Drug test ?
Young Slash Beats (10 days ago)
MG depends on your location. Also very slim chance you will be full time off the rip. Usually the part time guys get promoted to full time and you take part time first then move up eventually.
MG (10 days ago)
Hey do they have full time work? Or just part time
Young Slash Beats (13 days ago)
I was recently hired as a pvd last week.I have a 2004 Honda Pilot. My buddy had an interview a day after me and was denied because he had a four door 2019 Toyota Corolla. I find it fishy on UPS's part in regards to no specifications about vehicle requirements. He took the box truck position instead due to no other choice and is being sent to UPS school. Also the UPS policy is to be clean shaven below the lip. I am far from religious but I am sure the Muslims are not fond of this. I do have a big beard and refuse to shave it because I get gnarly rashes which lead to infection when I shave. I will be getting a doctors notice for this. UPS was sued for discrimination for 43 million dollars a few years back but continue to push this policy. I find it humorous that they think having the "clean shave" look is more "professional" and "classy". Most of these guys look like pedophiles with hitler stashes driving rape vans. Also no visible tattoos aloud. Good thing I have a full sleeve, hand tats and a tat behind the ear. Yet I was still hired with no heads up on these things, they kind of just asked for my id, insurance and registration and I was hired on the spot. My first day working is tomorrow, im interested if they pull this last minute militant bullshit UPS policy on me. I shall keep y'all updated.
InuranusBrokoff (13 days ago)
This inspired me to keep my job.
SoulCreation26 (12 days ago)
David Rodriguez (13 days ago)
What city is this ?
Ąndi Marię (13 days ago)
58 cents is what the government allows for millage reimbursement. Some companies pay it with your actual hourly pay and some companies do not. If not, Get a personal pocket calendar and list your starting and ending mileage with each shift. Submit this when you file your taxes and you'll get reimbursed on your taxes. $21 is ok if you have a newer, gooooooood running vehicle. If you have a unreliable vehicle it's not worth it as a engine on average is $4k, transmission $2k. Regardless, when a simple tire replacement is $150. Average simple repair bill for computer/electrical is a grand, i'ts not worth it. If you have good insurance and decide to rent a vehicle you can turn in your rental receipts when you file tax and get reimbursement. Also what people need to watch for is many of the delivery companies hire you as a independent contractor. A independent contractor is a business owner when filing taxes. It puts you into a different category. You have to pay extra taxes, extra social security and so on when you file your taxes. Many don't know this but your employer pays 50% of your deductions, ...the average employees doesn't know this because you don't see it on your paycheck. If your a independent contractor you're responsible for this and if you file taxes at H&R block for example you'll pay on average $200 more to file the extra pages required for business purposes. Think hard and research before jumping into a not so average job. If thay hire you as a temporary employee and tax you then this is ok money if you have a reliable vehicle. If hired as a independent contractor, RUN!
cherie pynk (13 days ago)
Sounds great, thanks for the information
Pleroma (13 days ago)
Shame its only SEASONAL
Omar Luyando (14 days ago)
Does it absolutely have to be full time or is that just possible ? I’m already working full time and doing ride share on the side as it is but wasn’t sure if I should commit the whole week to it
Anthony Onethavong (14 days ago)
Went to interview. It's pretty much on call. They let you know the morning of if they need you and you have to work Monday - Friday to get the full pay or something dumb like that. $21 here plus .58 per mile. Not worth it. I enjoy flexing more and making 600-800 a week part time.
Danze 929 (11 days ago)
Anthony teach me how to flex ,so I can make 600-800 part time.
Captain Will (13 days ago)
Thanx for your comment.
Mike vuk (14 days ago)
This guy needs to breathe . 😂😂
FinesseSoCocky (15 days ago)
You forgot to mention you need a DOT . I work at ups and you have to go through the process that a regular driver goes through. Background check and drug test and a serious car inspection will happen.
Mr. Marques (14 days ago)
I didn't do any of that. It was just like he said.
Michael Elliott (15 days ago)
I know of at least one UPS location that doesn't accept cash. Sounds like a failing business to me, if you add what your stating here and their new surcharges. Good luck. I like the video, though.
Phil Shifley (15 days ago)
Click bait, huh?
Tony Tony (15 days ago)
How to apply?
Glo Lee (7 days ago)
In the video description above, click SHOW MORE. There you'll find a link to the UPS page. Enter "personal vehicle driver" then your zip code and click Search to find jobs in your area.
Lizzy Robinson (15 days ago)
$0.58 per is a joke needs to be at least bare minimum $2.00 per mile Fuel cost and wear and tear on your car sorry $0.58 is not going to cut it Do the the math if you do this for $30.00 hr and $0.58 in reality your only making about $18.00 hr
Nyce Nj (15 days ago)
Your uninformed my friend...
Larry Crosby (2 days ago)
*you're Might want to be sure of your own shit before criticizing others...asshat.
Martin is god (16 days ago)
Do they pay for oil changes, tires and other shit that's gonna break because of extra wear and tear?
Monkey P (15 days ago)
That's your .58
E Lo! (16 days ago)
Better get FULL INSURANCE coverage!..If you crash your car UPS couldn't care less!..
E Lo! (13 days ago)
@Troy Vise not only YOU!..this is for anyone who wants to drive, and DOESN'T have FULL COVERAGE!..🤷‍♂️😒🤨
Troy Vise (13 days ago)
Wrong I'm a PVD and I'm covered by their insurance while working.
Tom T (16 days ago)
Gig jobs & driving jobs are for lazy people mostly Blacks
Gig Nation (16 days ago)
Don’t be a racist
Paiman Namazi (16 days ago)
I just tried signing up with them but it's ridiculous. They literally want your whole life history. I drove the big rigs you years ago and I went through so many different states, they want the license number from Iowa where I got my license after training, then I went to California, they want that license number, they want my New York license number Arizona, like who the fuck is going to remember all that shit? And this is after 20 minutes and only about 25% progress in the application. I don't have all that information anymore. I had less paperwork to fill out when I joined the Navy back in 1982 LOL. Screw this shit! Like who's going to remember their driver's license number from the 90s while I lived in New York City driving a Yellow Cab LOL yeah hold on it's out of my back pocket
Kendra Dikes (3 days ago)
@AG Sakura Lol yea sounds like they went to someplace different. I didn't have to do all of that either.
AG Sakura (11 days ago)
not sure if they changed it but literally only needed my licence information, nothing crazy like youre complaining about
Oda Mae (12 days ago)
Don't put all that extra, put your current info & if that's not good enough, screw it.
Jaiden (14 days ago)
thank you
Jd Powers (16 days ago)
Houston in Texad is a no go. Jobs are full :(
Jd Powers (16 days ago)
@DANIEL AGUILAR it's TRUE same story here
DANIEL AGUILAR (16 days ago)
They aren't hiring? I tried joining Amazon Flex in Houston but they never contact me back
Robert Long (16 days ago)
Great idea! Classified as an "independent contractor" and running a for profit commercial delivery operation on private vehicle car insurance. Just wait until you're in a wreck . My car insurer made it perfectly clear that this is insurance fraud pure and simple . Not only would they deny any claims made while doing this they will prosecute as well. Get properly insured before you start.
JJ ZAG (16 days ago)
The job posting in Cleveland said: "Vehicles must be under 10,000 pounds and have a covered and secured bed"
jean lenor (5 days ago)
Covered and secured bed?
Brizuh K (16 days ago)
I work at UPS got my own car but my only question for this is do you need your CDL to participate or no
Brizuh K (6 days ago)
Charles E. Barkwell I got a drivers licenses not a commercial drivers licenses which I thought was for only big rigs which I think I was correct
Charles E. Barkwell (12 days ago)
What ? ! Any State in Âmerica requires a Drivers Licênse to Drive on Public Streets and Highways, unless the acronỷm CDL isn't short for California Drivers Licênse.
Young Slash Beats (13 days ago)
BLOODYMONKEY (16 days ago)
I'm a ups worker for many years , we have driver helpers , golf cart drivers and some regular UPS truck drivers but no personal drivers. And they start in say Nov work thru first or second week in Jan ...so not 2 bad
Clem Kaddilehopper (16 days ago)
All these people driving cars delivering will cause more global warming
Witness Proof (16 days ago)
" As more and more companies go bankrupt the increase for delivery drivers is Huge because humans will be spending more time on their phones and ordering everything online which increases the demand for the delivery drivers in all areas of life... which increases jobs and spending in all areas of life! " Have a great day today!
Sheila Brown (16 days ago)
What's your link so I can get signed up
David Augeri (16 days ago)
very few UPS cities do this because of union rules
1. Do not use your car as the mileage decreases its value. 2. If you are single do something else as the Federal Income Tax will force you to pay the Jew-Nigga Tax. Your wealth will be taken and redistributed to others. Work under the table. If you get $30.00 per hour, are you an independent contractor? If so, you will pay 15% of your net in Social Security Taxes. This does not include the Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax and Local Income you will owe if you make Taxable Income. You can work at a bar or night club as a Barback and do just fine with a share of the Tips. In some areas, you could have up to 50% of your income taken in the form of taxation.
Barry Shaw (17 days ago)
Is it in Kentucky
gsmusic2009 (17 days ago)
Too bad its not in my area im in now but its in my old area I moved from 5 months ago
Cali 6311 (17 days ago)
Great Info Jonathan... U Rock 😎 Surely Appreciate It.
Gig Nation (17 days ago)
EZwA (17 days ago)
It problE pAz nO beter thN walmRt wN the gig math BS clErz, as in 21/hr OnlE 4 hrs on Ur wA to DlivRE, & .58/ml OnlE 4 sAm such mIls, thAt LOn brings it to 15/hr, -5 for un rEMbrsd cR Uz(IO 10/hr nO OvrtIm Or brakes, IO nO beter thN walmRt)✋️☹️
Buff Del Campo (17 days ago)
A friend we call Babbling Bruce talks just like this. I couldn't finish watching this video.
Gig Nation (17 days ago)
A guy I know spends way too much time commenting on YouTube videos. Sad that he doesn’t have a life
jitan puri (17 days ago)
This job is a hourly base job
jitan puri (15 days ago)
Wes Thomas (17 days ago)
UPS should let people delivery at night, that's when most people would be home anyway. Oh well, thanks for letting us know.
Daniel Semmens (11 days ago)
Strangers approaching a house at night in personal car
shulamite Diggs (14 days ago)
Wes Thomas that’s a good ideal🤔
BLOODYMONKEY (16 days ago)
Bad idea good way for deliver to get shot
get it right (17 days ago)
Uricel out of your own kind working people don't want this s*** we want job security a pension plan in health care plan
get it right (17 days ago)
Yeah you got a 401k a pension and health plan
Coke Dogg (17 days ago)
I couldn’t make it all the way through. All conjecture at best.
Mike Alva (17 days ago)
The US government subsidies UPS with 600 million a year to keep them happy the can afford to hire the staff. But they go amazon way ti save millions scam after scam .sad
Gig Nation (17 days ago)
Competition has that effect in a capitalist system. Why would anyone ship anything through UPS if they can just order on amazon cheaper and faster. UPS is trying to keep up
Robert Ochoa (17 days ago)
For some reason it saying no complete when I did.
Derek (17 days ago)
What is the maximum package weight you'd be expected to carry?
Aquarius (14 days ago)
@Gig Nation 150 .lbs
Gig Nation (17 days ago)
70 lbs
KONGO JOHN (17 days ago)
Be careful with insurance
just a vet (17 days ago)
Can you select certain days or hours to work like Uber eats ECT. Or is it a set schedule
Gig Nation (17 days ago)
Set schedule
Robert F (17 days ago)
UPS hires seasonal driver helpers to wear brown and ride in the brown trucks. The personal vehicle drivers are not the only thing ups does lol
vincent narvaez (17 days ago)
$23 per in Salinas, CA. Better have a good running rig.
vincent narvaez (7 days ago)
Al Coholic (14 days ago)
Aaaah Salinas is a nice escape from King City
HEARY KAKU (14 days ago)
Where do you apply for it please reply thanks
Jeffrey Twoey (17 days ago)
I feel like a need a little more challenge for myself..not delivering boxes for a living. 🖕
Leon Robinson (12 days ago)
I enjoy making almost $40 an hour to deliver boxes with free healthcare, company stock, 401k, pension.... When you see your ups driver working on Black Friday, ask him how it feels to be making $112 an hour that day. Just another perk of working for big brown
Brock Brown (17 days ago)
UPS $40 and hour, and $60 on OT. OT is anytime u go over 8 hrs. I’m ok w it.
BOSS MAN (17 days ago)
It's a temp/seasonal job to get a little extra money for the holidays.... It's not a career job dude, relax.
John Moreno (17 days ago)
sounds good
Jose Garza (17 days ago)
They don’t hate scabs. Well not the ones I worked with. I was a seasonal driver helper for about 3 years. It was fun paid shit at that time but it was a pay check. This pay hike seems interesting.
Jose Garza (17 days ago)
Thank you food for thought.
caiden shafer (18 days ago)
Your web ah site, it make ah no sense ah
Gig Nation (18 days ago)
Fair enough, I apologize for being rude. Didn’t expect to get this many views so I’ve been hearing that a lot, trying to update cities as fast as possible. Where are you?
caiden shafer (18 days ago)
@Gig Nation lol that's an interesting way of getting subscribers and likes. What I meant was....your website does not make any sense. It says just enter your city and it will take you to gigs.....ok I entered every major city around me....and there are no gigs.....which seems pointless. I know its a new site....but where again do you actaully have gigs available? Sorry I'm beating you up, I just love side work/gigs and i'm bummed your site is no where near me. Thanks for your reply
Gig Nation (18 days ago)
Somehow not surprised that you couldn’t figure it out
Thomas Bihn (18 days ago)
Hi high pain opportunity?
Jib Guy (18 days ago)
And I did this , unofficially with ups / and it comes down to minimum wage.
kris6682 (15 days ago)
Care to explain how that’s possibly what does “unofficially with ups” even mean
Cali 6311 (17 days ago)
Are You Freakin Kidding Me. 😱
Christina Agosto (18 days ago)
Do they have second shift and third shift? Or is this only a daytime job?
ChristianRL (16 days ago)
@Nights in Orebro if it is safer to do so, always back into the driveway. if not, park on the street. but ALWAYS back first
Nikki Kelly (16 days ago)
Brizuh K I was told u had to do either or and not both preload and PVD
Brizuh K (16 days ago)
It would be overtime for me cause I work in preload
Cali 6311 (17 days ago)
@Nights in Orebro Time To Blow The Whistle On Miss Lady. Or Would You Rather Risk Your Job ? 🤔
Cali 6311 (17 days ago)
@ChristianRL Crap 😫 So no straight 8 Hour shift ?
j jay (18 days ago)
Ups drivers hate scabs. Ups are teamsters.
j jay (16 days ago)
@Wain Smith they can only do this during peak. Nov-dec. First week of January they will be gone
Wain Smith (17 days ago)
How could their union allow this? It's a slippery slope to doing this year round, replacing all the drivers.
A FullTime Life (18 days ago)
OMG..... only made it halfway thru. Dude get to the point.
Gig Nation (18 days ago)
Keep watching it gets better 😉