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After reaching my 5 thousand subscriber goal. I figured. Why not reach for 10 Thousand. If you like my content. Go ahead and press that subscribe button for me and look out for future content. You Can Vote For A Video To Be Made Or Request Something Just Leave it In The Comments Section Help Me Out A Lil: https://www.gofundme.com/JustKorvac
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JustKorvac (8 months ago)
Feels like it was just yesterday I was waiting for this to render getting Mad because it wasn’t going fast enough. I’m glad my patience paid off. Over a million views.. that’s just insane to me.
1060michaelg (5 days ago)
Congrats, mate. You give the people what they want, rock on!
raininthespringtime (10 days ago)
Thank you so much for this.
Dave Wray (3 months ago)
I agree, it is amazing because he is not all that funny.
luckym0nk3y (4 months ago)
JustKorvac just over 3 mil now
Leonard o0Jealous0o Montalvo (4 months ago)
love it.
Robert Mitchell (11 hours ago)
They say I'm stupid ok but I wasn't born stupid so what I'm going to kill myself but I had talent. I would have made them look talentless. It is a shame. Murder can be justified
ভেতো বাঙালি (1 day ago)
You can never beat this guy in humor
Evan DeBiasse (2 days ago)
Do we even have any great comedians these days? What? Kevin Hart? Damn it, no wonder everyone's p'd off and turning their p's into v's and things. We've got no one to make us laugh!
JosephTheCastle (4 days ago)
Conan looks dumb pretending to be funny keeping asking about the bird
1060michaelg (5 days ago)
You know, Will Ferrell is in a very select group of talented people who are SO gifted you overlook the rumors of their douche like behavior towards fans when approached. He is THAT good. Others in this category; Russell Crowe, Christian Bale---shit, I had more and seem to have mentally mislaid them.
Trace zach daniels (5 days ago)
SO SHWEEEETTT...much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide}
erixonline (7 days ago)
@3:11 ... epic
MUDSWAT (9 days ago)
May want to change your description considering you have 105,000 subs now.
Joanlin Hsu (12 days ago)
i think i'm in love.
Jc Wilson (12 days ago)
This whole video is edited like the movie momento! Each segment starts with the end of an apperience then the middle then the beginnings.
Shaydan Guado (15 days ago)
21:11 Illuminati hand sign, this whole segment is a embarrassment ritual
mpotkovac (18 days ago)
Good video
Dre Day (18 days ago)
Enzo Cignetti (18 days ago)
Imagine how sad of a day it will be when this man passes
Robbie Helferstay (20 days ago)
what's with all the cuts? can't you just let the jokes play out? not everyone has ADHD
Pope missopan (20 days ago)
He's great in Zoolander!
Miss Kiwi (20 days ago)
Luckiest kids in the world.......his! Imagine having a dad that funny.
No Censorship (26 days ago)
Bush / 911
syx syx (26 days ago)
this fucking creep makes movies for frat boys who drunkkilll their fellow frats......
Jane Doe (27 days ago)
5:54 'Never name child Fanny'. Actually there is a movie called Fanny and Alexander. And no, it's not porn.
Tamira Roberts (28 days ago)
I love him because he makes me cry😂😂😂😂 Wait pimps don't cry!
Alaundo Walker (28 days ago)
KING of improv💯
Call me V (29 days ago)
My throat is soooo sore from laughing way to much...i love you Will!
dodgers doon1130 (1 month ago)
Perfect comic timing everytime
Brian Smith (1 month ago)
baby teeth were worth their weight in pruno in the joint...good crimetimes
Brian Smith (1 month ago)
Cavrok rules!
Matthijs van Dijk (1 month ago)
Wave boss like decision ceiling knee fast singer legislation cover.
Cora M (1 month ago)
Hi marshmallow
Collin Chesney (1 month ago)
Just play a whole video then do the next! Stop doing part of one part of the other etc
charlesberg (1 month ago)
2:00 anyone else hear Trevor?
PC PRINCIPAL (1 month ago)
the moment will Ferrell breaks character the world ends
Evan Mulryan (1 month ago)
The only guy I know that doesn’t laugh at his own jokes. Legend
Mitchell Wilson (1 month ago)
GorTheMovieGod (1 month ago)
May have hated Daddy's Home 2 but Will is a very funny dude for sure. Great editing btw.
Arthur W (1 month ago)
Great vid & editing, but the Lstterman appearances and Harry Caray spots are missing big time.
Michael O. Brickell (1 month ago)
He's great, isn't he!
Jack Campbell (1 month ago)
Tyrant (1 month ago)
Last summer was like my biggest summer for pussy. Last month I had so much pussy I had to ice my balls. I can't stop laughing.
Training Grounds (1 month ago)
He's not funny. He relies on gross humor. It's not funny. Smart humor is the only humor.
Aimen Chennoufi (1 month ago)
i love this man is amayzing
llinkii (1 month ago)
eddie murphy is hard overrated...
Peyton Swartzell (1 month ago)
That entire Mark Twain Prize speech was legendary
Bruce Johnson (1 month ago)
none of this was funny why did you splice 2 different videos into one you asshole
Sympathetic Misanthrope (1 month ago)
I have one single sticker on my car and it's a black and white of Ron Burgundy. Just to keep it classy...
hhorton86 (1 month ago)
Such a legend
Sky Shark31 (1 month ago)
Last summer was my biggest summer for pussy
Vyse Arcadia (1 month ago)
10:45 That bird is hilarious! he turns and looks at him like "really..." and then when he said he has a cock, that bird turned right back to look at Conan and with a face like "can confirm: its a big one."
Mike Patrick (2 months ago)
The scene that should've been in this was the monkey scene from "Bruce Almighty." I nearly peed myself the first time I saw it.
Colbmtrent5 (2 months ago)
He looks like Tom Brokaw in the Bush sketch lol
llewbach77 (2 months ago)
The funniest guy over the last 20 years!
ampavoo (2 months ago)
SALAD BAR (2 months ago)
Could have done with out the sing off shit
ManfredJames (2 months ago)
Funny thing is Conan doesnt know Thais aren't Taiwanese
James Lade (2 months ago)
Will you suck dick ... from Big Fan
VIPKID Vault (2 months ago)
I think Will Ferrell i hilarious. I'm 13 minute in, and these are the least funny Will Ferrell clips I've ever seen.
BrighT L0rd (2 months ago)
"well first if all I appreciate your fake accent" lmao
HoldWholeTruthHoly (2 months ago)
Funny but absolutely, positively, definitely not his "ultimate". If you've included 3 car commercials but nothing from 'Eastbound and Down' or 'Land of the Lost' or even some classic Saturday Night Live then you're a plain liar
Brad B (2 months ago)
I think Will Ferrell is a great comedian of our time and I hope he is doing well. I hope he wasnt forced to do the little Debbie skit..
Chris mes Mesman (2 months ago)
read currently start budget whether automatically ocean peer picture tired crash season.
Templar blood slovkia (2 months ago)
I made the Chad and Will thing happen lol my friend is an x writer for SNL I even helped him with homocil and used my address in Shoreham NY on the bottle...the skit was taken offline and somebody stole it and tried to make it there own...
todd lord (2 months ago)
You trailer park on a dirt road country bumpkins actually believe that Will Ferrell plays Ron...but I figured out ALONG time ago...sheesh you DORKS,that RON BURGUNDY plays WILL FERRELL!Get it right or go back to Canada you tards!
Spencer758 (2 months ago)
Ultimate??? The jokes are out of order, and this didn't include anything from his sports encounters outside of Manning... His baseball stuff is hilarious, and the jokes make more sense when played in order!
Just Woke Up (2 months ago)
I wish he never gets old! You're a legend Mr. Will
Ghostwriter DBE (2 months ago)
Caden Fish (2 months ago)
If you think I'm going to watch will Ferrell for half an hour you are absolutely correct
J N Morgan (2 months ago)
Honestly, I didn't actually know that he was this funny.
octoberfire13 (2 months ago)
Lol I love this! good job! If you ever find the footage of him being a Naughty Leprechaun on Conan Obrien in the 90's, let me know!
Rui Luz (2 months ago)
My spirit animal, sharper than a red green giant anaconda!
Black shuck (2 months ago)
FUCK will Farrel fucking satanist
goaliedude32 (2 months ago)
I dont find will ferrell funny
DJ-Stobbe (2 months ago)
We need ' RON BURGUNDY ' part 3
np ci (2 months ago)
Can't you just leave the full clip all at once instead of these stupid 5 second clips that aren't even in order
Marcelo Aguiar (2 months ago)
Alexandra Thompson (2 months ago)
Ha ha😘
Vitamin Ex (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who doesn't find him funny?
Kiwi Man (2 months ago)
Conan: "There's some aspects of the movie we haven't discussed" Will: "WOULD YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP" I lost my shit
LiTTy (2 months ago)
Hey shana, its congressman Cam Brady here i just stepped away from a family dinner to tell you i wish i wasnt eatin fried steak i wish i was eatin shana pussy, seriously baby you get me so hard my dick presses against my zipper and it hurts like a mfr... What else? Oh hey i got your parents tickets to producers, and oh yea lets do something crazy and weird next time like lick each others butt holes in a deny's bathroom, alright i gotta go. Cam Brady in '012
Jamie Welton (2 months ago)
Of course Sky News sent the feminist journalist
Eve McClelland (2 months ago)
Will's wife is very pretty
David Rogers (2 months ago)
His movies are Not Funny.... Name one that is.. That HBO series was hilarious
eerohughes (2 months ago)
I love this man
fernandelle2 (2 months ago)
My god, was it Bush at first or him? He looks identical!
kaaaaahle (2 months ago)
why did you put some of the bits in the wrong order? fuckin infuriating
steven kaiser (2 months ago)
I don’t understand why there are so many thumbs down. This is hilarious
John-boy (2 months ago)
Glad to see this, he's funnier than I thought he was
Fr ra (2 months ago)
Will Ferrell sucks a big dick no talent
Curtis Newton (2 months ago)
not so sure about the tight pants thingy
Paul Mader (2 months ago)
He is so awesome if anyone doesn't like will ferrel you should die
Paul Mader (2 months ago)
Anon and I didn't say someone could not like him I said they should die if they didn't dumb fuck
Paul Mader (2 months ago)
Anon shut the fuck up it was a joke
TheRealBenStiller (2 months ago)
Ever heard of opinions? Someone can dislike Will Ferrell if they want
Eric s (3 months ago)
Big dog.
Robert Fitzsimmons (3 months ago)
He’s rude, mean and arrogant towards fans, won’t sign autographs, except when the cameras on, then he acts nice, it’s all an act. Self impressed egomaniac in real life and just not funny! There!, I said it!
Abraham hmar (3 months ago)
That sax got me lol
The Learner (3 months ago)
I always think if he isn't one the funniest people on the planet, so consistent and never gets old, so fucking awesome!!!
Dead (3 months ago)
that fake accent part was fucking brilliant.
eissman (3 months ago)
This montage needs more cowbell.
Coleman Adamson (3 months ago)
The only thing this compilation lacks is a comedian.
Morgue Original Music (3 months ago)
He screams so much at Conan XD
Ajzak Escobar (3 months ago)
Oh Chad Smith is legend
Matthew Aldridge (3 months ago)
"The truth is...... we misplaced your baby."
Gary Schermer (3 months ago)
The Dodge Dorango commercials are just wonderful.