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NYPD Firearms Tactics Training Simulator

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Text Comments (13)
Cprhoff1 (8 months ago)
My law enforcement class had this it was the best thing to use. soooo realistic!!!
cruoks (2 years ago)
this man is attached to elmo
nadergrinder (2 years ago)
Possible schizophrenic or other mental disorder? Just pepper spray, tazer, or shoot them. Typical police response.
nadergrinder (2 years ago)
Ok obviously you're not even being serious so I'm just going to stop replying.
John Smith (2 years ago)
+nadergrinder Do you really think they would let an infant into a training exercise where the infant would be held at knife point. That's like saying for the fire academy for search and rescue they light somebody's house on fire and there's the search and rescue training.
nadergrinder (2 years ago)
John Smith (2 years ago)
+nadergrinder Do you really think they would let somebody hold a real live baby and a knife in a *training* exercise?
nadergrinder (2 years ago)
They never said he's holding a baby. That's not the situation. He's holding a toy that is nothing more than a toy. And, again, I'm not recommending they mace him. I'm pointing out how quickly the police resort to violent means when dealing with the mentally unstable.