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2004 Pepsi 400

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July 3rd, 2004 Daytona International Speedway Credit to FOX.
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Jack Napier (1 month ago)
I think this is everybody was pissed Jeff won and was throwing all the shit from the stands at his car after the checkered flag. Fucking embarrassing ass public. I thought it was in poor taste and I was a Martin fan.
Jack Napier (1 month ago)
Between the years of 1997/98 - 2006/07 was the best these things sounded and raced at these restrictor plate tracks. I may be off a year or so. Hence the reason I put the seasons as I did. I forgot the 98 Pepsi 400 was the first year for it being under the lights.
artisticgizmo (2 months ago)
Jeff Gordon's 68th Career NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Victory 2:33:32 White Flag
TheMW2informer (2 months ago)
artisticgizmo that’s a spoiler, jerk
Jerrad Guillory (3 months ago)
This is when hendrick meaning mostly jeff started chipping at dei s restrictor plate domination
James0mckenna (5 months ago)
I love when a race falls on the three-th of July!
TheMW2informer (6 months ago)
“From 3th July” - nascar education
Quasimoto7 (6 months ago)
Millions of Coca Cola C2 cars, and guess what? The Pepsi car won.
Henry Callahan (8 months ago)
celebrating July 3th
Max Wilds (1 year ago)
fiuvk uou
Max Wilds (1 year ago)
nice one johhs
budamania1989 (1 year ago)
Good finish at daytona thanks
Adam RTR (1 year ago)
1:12:22 something burrnin
Adam RTR (1 year ago)
1:30:21 mokey see
AllaboutheWaves (1 year ago)
The only Restrictor Plate Races that DEI and HMS didn't win from 2001 to 2007 was the 2001 Talladega 500, 2002 Daytona 500, 2003 Pepsi 400, 2005 Pepsi 400 2005 UAW Ford 500, and 2006 Pepsi 400. Also since the Cup Series went to the Gen6 car in 2013, Ford has won 12 of the 21 Restrictor Plate Races. 7(5 straight) at Talladega and 5 at Daytona.
Jordan Mitchell (1 year ago)
KingCuervo88 Do you happen to have anything else from this weekend any of the Nextel Cup Qualifying for the 2004 Pepsi 400 race or any more from this weekend if you did could upload it? Thank You!!
Jason Jackson (1 year ago)
this was the beginning of the end for the DEI plate of the most dominating 4 years of winning on plate tracks by an organization in the history or nascar
Jason Robinson (8 months ago)
Jason Jackson dei did not have shit, how many cup titles did they win 0!!
Corey Solomon (1 year ago)
2 cars.. 3 cars.. 4 cars... lmao, Really DW?
pepsiguy52883 (1 year ago)
I love how the kiss Jr. ass all night I guess they forgot the guy who drove the 24 was the best restrictor plate driver ever
TheDieHardWWEAddict (1 year ago)
Michael Clayton (2 years ago)
1st J.Gordon,2nd Jimmy Johnson,3rd Dale Jr,4th Bush or is it Busch?
G Jam (3 years ago)
Man I miss these days , the old cars, that high pitch snarling beast sound of the pack of cars, the old Hendrick/DEI rivalries of the restrictor plate domination, good times.
Anthony Christian (1 year ago)
G Jam Agreed!!! I don’t like the pack racing today. Unable to make moves and separate yet, still be close to make up time if in line. Like everything else in life. It’ll eventually be back to what it was. In some sense
SMC (1 year ago)
G Jam more like Jeff Gordon vs DEI. Lol. Although in 06 Jimmie had more success then Jeff.
Strokeit24 (3 years ago)
3th of july lol
AJ Suriano (3 years ago)
"Jeff was our preseason favorite to win the championship" And he would and should have. Damn Chase.
Jerrad Guillory (3 months ago)
Kurt C shoulda won in 2004 2007 2014 based on winston cup points so he should b the one tying richard and dale
Kurt C (1 year ago)
AJ Suriano Earnhardt fan here, but yes Amen. Respect to the 24.
Dnice8363 (2 years ago)
The sport is gonna die next year big time. They completely ruined racing its just boring now. Segments are aweful should make it heats instead then have a main event.
Strokeit24 (3 years ago)
6 time champion in my eyes.. and frankly that's all that matters to me
Alkie West (3 years ago)
yup 2007 and 2014 as well and a few in between there as well
LWSJ85 (3 years ago)
This was a awesome, I was there in 2004 when Jeff won from the pole, but there was some tragedy, a man with his daughter got hit by lightning 50 ft from where I was standing in the souvenir area outside the speedway, girl was ok, but the dad wasn't, they didn't take the green til after 930pm and ended close to 1am, hell of a good feeling to see your favorite driver win in person.
AllaboutheWaves (3 years ago)
After 6 races that I've been to at Atlanta, I finally saw Jimmie last Sunday. Great feeling.
loganofan22 (3 years ago)
Morgan Shepherd finished 33rd wtf. And yeah, Coke invaded this race but they still couldn't stop Pepsi. But then Coke Zero did in 2008.
Saltwater Angler (3 years ago)
i was at this race there was no rain at all for the 3 days before that in daytona and as soon as i got out of the cab at the track and the sky opened up
Ron Medford (3 years ago)
Lol I can't stand how much Darrell kisses jr's ass.
Mystic シ (2 years ago)
TBH Since jeff gordon retired I am going for Jr so try me.
Dislike Messiah (3 years ago)
+Ron Medford You got the wrong Jr now. Waltrip dickrides Martin Treux Jr and Cole Pearn.
Ron Medford (3 years ago)
+TheDieHardWWEAddict Kyle Busch is a better driver than jr. Makes more sense to kiss his ass. Darrell rides jr like he is gods gift to us. Lol.
TheDieHardWWEAddict (3 years ago)
+MED4D HD Too fucking bad.. Many kiss Kyle Busch's ass
controlpadblues (3 years ago)
July 3th? Shame they couldn't run this race on July 4nd.
Jack Napier (1 month ago)
July 4rd is always a good day also. Let's not forget the day After though. July 5nd.
Abbas Ladak (2 months ago)
Renan Nogueira 1:00 am actually
Abbas Ladak (5 months ago)
Renan Nogueira yes
Renan Nogueira (5 months ago)
@Abbas Ladak so, this race finished at 12:00 am?
Abbas Ladak (1 year ago)
It finished on July 4th
Raceday Top 5 With Frank V (3 years ago)
Do U have the 2005 Aaron's 499 and the 2005 Hershey's Take 5 300?
Jerrad Guillory (3 months ago)
Raceday Top 5 With Frank V jeffs 2005 aarons 499 yoda pepsi car was the only car there it seemed my goodness 😎
Chris Kreager (3 years ago)
The Coca-Cola C2 cars!