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Freight Train (1954)

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Shows how the cars in a freight train are scheduled, inspected and assembled. Follows the fast freight number 40 on its journey from Kansas City to Chicago. Examines the specific duties of train personnel and the operation of safety devices. The conductor, yard master, engineer, fireman, brakemen positions are highlighted. The cars are separated into groups that are going on to the same train. They pass over an inspection pit and are marked for repairs if necessary. Switching of the tracks during train assembly and departure from the stockyard is managed from a large tower. Cars are sent down the tracks to join the train with which they will travel. Ice is put into refrigerator cars. In an hour and a half, a mile of freight cars is loaded, inspected and coupled. During the trip, the front brakeman watches the train to make sure everything runs smoothly. The conductor sits in his office, reads orders and completes paperwork. The rear brakeman alerts the engineer when the last car is clear of turn and bridges, so the train can pick up speed. Explains why freight trains are important to many people. We digitized and uploaded this film from the A/V Geeks Archive. Email us at footage@avgeeks.com if you have questions about the footage and are interested in using it in your project.
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Text Comments (398)
Cody Andrew (8 days ago)
Man back when a mile of train was considered long. Now if I get a mile of train I’m happy it’s short
Jay P (22 days ago)
I miss the caboose! Even though they are no longer needed, they should still have them for extra set of eyes and a lounge for the crew
Greg Heffernan (1 month ago)
Love all these old films of how we use to live and where we came from. Priceless!
Colorado Strong (1 month ago)
Thought we might see Stobe the Hobo on here.
Micah the Nerd Saxophonist (1 month ago)
Fuck these boomers in this 'ere comments section.
CONCERTMANchicago (1 month ago)
Naroxcpe (1 month ago)
Sweet ! Not a cell phone or I-pad in sight.
Micah the Nerd Saxophonist (1 month ago)
Oh, look, someone from the generation that cannot connect to their Wi-Fi has an opinion.
Mark Reaves (2 months ago)
I miss the caboose. Last time I saw one on a train was when I was a kid sometime in the 90s. I wish trains were graffiti-free like they used to be too. Looks trashy seeing train cars go by covered in poor excuses for art. If you want to do art, put it on something you own or something you have permission to put it on.
SD 90Mac (2 months ago)
What's nice short train film👍 love it, to bad it's not in color, but it's still GREAT to view😊
baniorz trains (2 months ago)
super video!
Terry Haines (2 months ago)
It's just the kind of film made by Encyclopedia Brittanica that I might have seen in grade school.
Bradley Selk (3 months ago)
When people ask me when was America ever great my answer is always 1950 to 1960. After ww2 and before Vietnam,bleeding heart hippies and communist professors fucked it all up.
Micah the Nerd Saxophonist (1 month ago)
So, what? You're going to ignore the fact that racism was the LAW, back then?
Da doo Da daa (3 months ago)
Love these videos! Men working with no protective orange vests, getting on and off moving equipment, and doing it safely! Now a railroader must be in bubble wrap before he sets foot on the property.
Rohn Daughtry (4 months ago)
Good little movie.   I really miss "the little Red Caboose"  Trains today just don't look right without them.
Iain Botham (4 months ago)
1:08 He's got a trendy new, ballpoint pen!
Erik Matthew Woodrow YT (5 months ago)
i just watched in full wow that hump yard that was cool
Christopher Dibble (6 months ago)
the engineer's don't wave from the trains anymore; not like they did back in 1954;now they were the times; i can remember that. engineer sincerely wav'in back to me.yeah, and that smoke along the track, and that lonesome whistle; it's something you just can't forget.
TurboDJ -1 (6 months ago)
This is a great classic
Mike Day (8 months ago)
"....freight cars roll on special wheels...called 'wheels'...."
Dave (8 months ago)
The good old days when men on the yards were important now adays its all about less expense and more profit
bradley small (8 months ago)
later on cell phones were invented to distract people so accidents happen during texting
Micah the Nerd Saxophonist (1 month ago)
Shut the fuck up, boomer.
Creeperboy099 (8 months ago)
Wow, 2 b units. This video is impressive
Erick Konop (8 months ago)
OSHA would have a fit if they still did things like this.
Kent Robison (8 months ago)
No huge trains like them in Australia in those days. A driver, fireman, and guard in the guard's van watching for hot boxes. The term fireman was still used into the delec era, I think.   We did not have long passing loops. Trains three kilometres long in New South Wales now.
James Davis (8 months ago)
Insert mystery science theater 3000 jokes here.... And if you haven't seen it the mystery science theater Union Pacific safety film is awesome
James Ziemba (9 months ago)
I had a neighbor who was a railroad engineer hauling freight cars from South King county (Seattle area) across the Cascade mountains to Eastern Washington State. He told me that he was glad to retire because he didn’t like the new procedures brought in especially how engineers were paid. He actually took a pay cut for doing the same work.
Seth Thomas (9 months ago)
This is not PSR... Everything you are seeing was done wrong.
Sean Mcdougall (9 months ago)
The last time I saw an EMD FT in use was back in 1947. I remember it was a B&O locomotive and it was going very slow.
Jennifer Aiello (9 months ago)
so many cars on the freight train.
Yogi Beer (9 months ago)
I wish I could go back
pork chop (9 months ago)
I was born in 1957. I remember as a young boy in probably 4th or 5th grade going on a field trip to a round house in phoenix Arizona and watching this process happening with no idea of what was actually happening. they should of shown this video to use before going on that field trip. I remember a lot of flares being used too. and one of the railroad person shoed us how to lite a flare and telling us how dangerous they are.
whiteknightcat (9 months ago)
The switchers all appear to be Baldwin products, like the VO1000, except for the cow-calf set at 7:25, a rare TR4 set from EMD. Santa Fe only had two TR4 sets in the whole system. The "road units" are ancient EMD FT's, built during World War II. The passenger units are beautiful E6's.
Andy B (9 months ago)
Everyone in this video Dead
David Burton (8 months ago)
Haha, ya got me.
whiteknightcat (8 months ago)
@David Burton I don't know. I haven't made that part up yet.
David Burton (8 months ago)
​@whiteknightcat, I'm sorry to hear that. Thank you for the information. What was his name?
whiteknightcat (8 months ago)
@David Burton He died of prostate cancer in 2008.
David Burton (8 months ago)
The kid in the car might well be still around. He'd be about 75yo, now.
Jim Talbott (9 months ago)
At 10:20 - Little brat needs a spanking - he wasn't counting correctly.
Duayne Clarke (9 months ago)
I loved watching that thank you for posting it.
Jim (9 months ago)
Now the 'industrial east' is an uncivilized wasteland overrun by social parasites.
Lou La Salle (9 months ago)
Looks more like 1950, rather than 1960!
Apex Gemini (9 months ago)
If anyone ever needed evidence that youtube has automatic "thumbs down", evidence this video.
Noah Rivera (9 months ago)
That was interesting 🙂👍
Wayne Davies (10 months ago)
bigger than i thought
Caje1962 (10 months ago)
While on the job I had the occasion to ride in a caboose just before they were all replaced by a F.R.E.D. (#%@* Rear End Device). .
Azure Horizon (10 months ago)
George Westinghouse invented the rail car coupling system. Same system still in use today. That patent must have paid off big time!
Sirphil 0267 (7 months ago)
Westinghouse also invented the air brake system. When my Mother was a little girl she thought her father invented air brakes. Needless to say she was quite upset when she was told George Westinghouse invented and not her dad!!!
Nancy H (10 months ago)
awesome vid! simpler days indeed
Chris Hinnant (10 months ago)
At 6:47 the wabco E2 horn. That's my favorite horn. I wish they would bring those horns back but that'll be the day. Compared to the horns they make now this horn sounds cheesy as hell. But it's still my favorite.
David Barnett (10 months ago)
I was 10 in 1954. The Southern Pacific had a 13 track yard in my small town. The MoP crossed the interlock north of town at the old passenger depot and did some switching. Many jobs were provided by the SP, and that included what we called an icing rack. Some thirty men would walk that rack pushing 300 pound blocks of ice into those wooden reefers and chopping them up. I guess PFE was too cheap to get a motorized ice crusher. Now all of that is gone. UP owns it all. The yard is a ghost town. The icing rack was pulled down decades ago because refrigerated cars had taken over. The engine sheds are gone. The MoP is gone. Many railroads operating in 1954 are gone. Seeing the GM&O box car reminds me of 1967's "In the Heat of the Night" movie with Sydney Poitier. He arrives and leaves Sparta on a GM&O passenger train. Also during the movie, there are two MoP trains. Yup, the times changed. Rail cars today are destroyed by mouth breathers who insist on their graffiti. Too bad. America once was a great place to live.
Roachaximus (10 months ago)
I wish i lived back then, everything was so simple and better. Back when Railroads were everywhere unlike today when so many are abandoned. No grade seperations or quiet zones. But then i remember Im Mexican, and would be beaten up or killed back then for it.
ThatRandomUploader (10 months ago)
I was thinking there would be some steam since it's 1954
D Bennett (10 months ago)
My Grandpa was an engineer with Western Pacific for 37 yrs. My Dad was a conductor for more than 40. I fondly remember my dad taking me and my brother on the caboose through the Feather River canyon. Grandpa had his Silver and Orange Locomotive retired and it sits in the railroad museum in Portola CA. I miss them both & envy the life each had. Those were the days🚂 Thanks for the heartwarming video ❤️🚥🚦🕰️ J.V.
El Camino (10 months ago)
Wish the video was longer
irgski (10 months ago)
....when America was great!
Micah the Nerd Saxophonist (1 month ago)
....and also when America was 1. racist, 2. busy funding the construction of new interstate highways and airports but not funding the construction of new rail lines or the maintenance of old rail lines, and 3. a haven for shitty music once everyone decided that individual singers were superior to the big bands of the 1930s and early 1940s.
john doe (10 months ago)
I wonder how many train buffs were made because of films like this?
dfk4500 (10 months ago)
This is a bad ass video!!!!! 10 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sean Mcdougall (9 months ago)
son of a biscuit
Norman Rowe (10 months ago)
Super interesting and very informative. Thanks.
HackanHacker (10 months ago)
oh i love these kind of video old informative funny beautiful intertaining all at the same time whatever the subjet, train, army, nuclearbomb, planes etc
armageddon1981 (10 months ago)
We have one of those old tank cars at the UP training center in West Chicago,IL.
Rick B (10 months ago)
I was born in mid 40’s and there were still a lot of steam engines around. I can remember hearing the steam engine sounds through my open bedroom window in Toronto. The big wheels on the steam engine would slip due to overpowering and the engineer would have to back off and apply sand to the track to get traction. Diesel was just taking hold back in the early 50’s.
pork chop (9 months ago)
I believe they still use sand today too.
Mark Arrivi (10 months ago)
That was an FT pulling that frieght train and the passenger train was pulled by E7a and 2 E7bs
stephen heath (9 months ago)
AT&SF at this time most mianline power was the EMD F7 AND F3
chlordk (10 months ago)
In this danish movie you see a lot of the same train handling. Distributing and connecting carriers. https://youtu.be/AGs67NDyBZE
Bobby Chang (10 months ago)
same train today...
memo Velazquez (10 months ago)
Wow!!!!great video...I remember when I was little every month we take a train to my aunt town....and that was very fun and exciting.....I love the trains..very much.
Kenneth Southard (10 months ago)
So that's what over the hump means
Colin Hunter (10 months ago)
North Platte yard?
Scott Pool (10 months ago)
Yes that was one they had respect. It's all gone now it's a shame.
Jacob Midgley (10 months ago)
I have that DVD
bro (10 months ago)
This is so cool
Occidental Savage (10 months ago)
So cool seeing a kid counting cars on a freight train. I would be doing the same thing 40 years later when I was about that kids age.
GeorgeJansen (10 months ago)
I wash born March 69 and remember the caboose
GeorgeJansen (10 months ago)
Signal trackers...
GeorgeJansen (10 months ago)
Caboose 😢😢😢😢😢😢
GeorgeJansen (10 months ago)
Brake men and conductor are the same today, 2019.1 person ?
GeorgeJansen (10 months ago)
5:40. Poor fireman 😢😢😢
GeorgeJansen (10 months ago)
5:03. Filled with crushed ice wowwwwwww
Jason Pelletier (10 months ago)
Back when people were polite instead of political correctness!
13thBear (10 months ago)
I like these older documentaries about trains. I enjoy the slower pacing and the classic locos and railcars. I have no love for the modern day graffiti littered freight cars and huge multiple diesels, and NO CABOOSES! Damn.
Avery Grier (15 days ago)
I don't like the graffiti and miss cabooses, but I do love some large multiple units
•Rotting Rat Faced• (1 month ago)
13thBear but the graffitis the best part about modern trains.
rcava8tor (10 months ago)
Thanks. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Reminds me of the films I watched in school. You need discipline to watch these videos and understand the time in which they were made. This was well done with a very good explanation of what was happening in the yard to the route the train took. Simpler times!
Lyndon Leedalee (1 month ago)
@Mike Cruickshanks Probably because they aren't interested in info they can't really use. Just a guess.
Micah the Nerd Saxophonist (1 month ago)
@Mike Cruickshanks I'm afraid you're mistaken. I'm 19 years old, and here I am on my laptop computer (I can't stand using my smart phone) watching this video.
pork chop (9 months ago)
finally I see how a train is made. Now I want to see the individual cars being loaded.
Mike Cruickshanks (10 months ago)
Most young people these days would rather have their face in a cell phone than watch a great well produced video like this, even though they could watch this on their phone.
matt ledwell (10 months ago)
America's glory days i mean look at our infrastructure in that time period
Micah the Nerd Saxophonist (1 month ago)
But that was the time when railroads started to defer maintenance on their railroads and rolling stock because of America's promotion of shitty automobile and air transport.
Ricci Figuero (10 months ago)
Michael Mccarthy 👍👍
Michael Mccarthy (10 months ago)
The US still has infrastructure that is the envy of the world...
Mark Taylor (10 months ago)
For all the automation they had in those days with the humpyard and the radios, it still required an amazing amount of labor to get it done. Thanks for sharing.
Gregory Sell (10 months ago)
Who connected air lines ?
Oh boy (9 months ago)
Carman in the yard.
Al Morrison (10 months ago)
I worked on Burlington in the sixties. Thanks for the memory visual.
William William (11 months ago)
Some say billy is still there counting
Creeperboy099 (8 months ago)
Des Plaines in a nutshell
George Lush (9 months ago)
Jeffrey Austin Actually Timmy is trapped by a cave-in at the abandoned mine and Lassie has gone for help.
RandomRailfanner (9 months ago)
@Tom Riggle you would think a 12 year old (im that age) would want a Lamborghini, but those cars are ugly and stupid
RandomRailfanner (9 months ago)
@Tom Riggle cars today are plain ugly, except dodge, they are good
Tom Riggle (9 months ago)
Billy has no seat belt on not only that but he's in a Better Built car than we got today better looking also
hornbytrainsets (11 months ago)
These videos are fantastic... right up until I read the comments and they're all "you won't find anything like this nowadays"... Granted, I was born in the 90s
hornbytrainsets (10 months ago)
chaosdemonwolf1 lmao 😂😂😂 you never know lol. Well ok, once I die I'll track you down in the afterlife and let you know haha.
ChaosDemonwolf1 (10 months ago)
@hornbytrainsets I'll most likely be dead by then unless I live to be at least 105, lol
hornbytrainsets (10 months ago)
@ChaosDemonwolf1 Hmm, I suppose I really can't have an opinion in that case. I'll let you know my observations and perceptions in 40 or so years lol.
ChaosDemonwolf1 (10 months ago)
@hornbytrainsets Indeed I do. Watching videos like this from the 50's is more less like it was here in the UK where I live. The goings on these days can't compare to what it was back then but back then, things were a lot more simple and somewhat personalized. It's not like that anymore.
hornbytrainsets (10 months ago)
@ChaosDemonwolf1 Do you share that sentiment? The romanticisation of the past? As I say, I wasn't there cause I'm too young, but how can we not be lightyears ahead of this video in 2019 when we have exponentially more freight going everywhere??
David Johnson (11 months ago)
What a great treat seeing how it used to be...Mo more...
Carl Torjusen (11 months ago)
l was like that kid in '54...a few years later l built a model rr(HO) ..had a paper route to pay 4 cars, engines and supplies... my bed was under neath it all. hoping & planning to build a HUGE layout in my basement ..toot toot
nightlightabcd (11 months ago)
When I was a kid, I remember counting cars and I remember when I first sartaed seeing trains with over a hundred cars! I also remember seeing steam engines working during the last days of steam! I had often seen two or more steam engines pulling their train, but one time I saw at least twenty steam engines on a train, and thought that it must be a really long and heavy train, but later I came to understand that they were on their way to the scrap yard!
blueticecho (11 months ago)
When I hired on in 1972 of the few old timers left most always had a bottle in their back pocket.. Fact..
pork chop (9 months ago)
blueticecho oh sorry I didn’t know. Yeah I fuss holy water would be good in those days. It dangerous work.
blueticecho (9 months ago)
right.. holy water for the trip..
pork chop (9 months ago)
bottle of what whisky or bourbon?
Cxxxxxxxxxx Pxxxxxx (11 months ago)
Must have been cool living back when the world was in black and white.
Terry Haines (2 months ago)
It's true. Life didn't become colorized until about 1960; until then, it was a black-and-white world. LOL
Erwin Rommel (11 months ago)
Back then when graffiti wasn’t on every car know to man
Carl Torjusen (11 months ago)
too many dope heads now and not enough BULLS
Dj Dragon (11 months ago)
to bad thisd this dont happen to day
Dj Dragon (10 months ago)
@John Challeen how the rail rode works to day with steam
John Challeen (10 months ago)
What doesn't happen today?
818116A (11 months ago)
Back in the day, before everyone had a TV people used to go to the movie theatre to watch these type of 'documentary' films, along with news reels and actual movies.
Chris Wright (11 months ago)
No graffiti.
Tyrell Hall (11 months ago)
Great career!
Rick Barnes (11 months ago)
What they didn't show was coolers full of beer in the locomotive and caboose. Rule G was in place, but nobody cared..
RailRide (7 months ago)
@Jed-Henry Witkowski A long standing rule prohibiting railroad employees from reporting to work or otherwise on-duty while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
blueticecho (9 months ago)
and they forgot show the hog head blocking the dead man too...aaah the old days never late and never on the ground..
Rick Barnes (10 months ago)
@Jed-Henry Witkowski A rule that say's "no coolers full of beer in loco and caboose".
Rollyone (10 months ago)
Shhhhhh, no ones supposed to know!
Jed-Henry Witkowski (11 months ago)
What is "Rule G"?
Jimmy Chambers (11 months ago)
Before idiots needed hard hats and Orange vests. America was great back then.
Bikechanic (10 months ago)
Jack Johnson (11 months ago)
Their was no documentation of guys getting crushed! Use your head. If we're less than great now get the fuck out! We ARE no less great moron! 😘🇺🇸
cartman4885 (11 months ago)
I was born in 59 but I used to count the cars also
robert bennett (11 months ago)
Birds for cats to watch
The Vacuum tube junky (11 months ago)
Spent a lot of years doing this, damn have times changed in operation practices. You get caught today riding a car to a hook and they would hang you..lol
Dirty Hobo (11 months ago)
Hawhahaha, so many safety violations you’d be fired for today.. Getting on/off moving equipment, riding a car to a joint...
guysiddyfo (11 months ago)
Those "signal crackers" (3:31) are called track torpedoes.
guysiddyfo (11 months ago)
Actually, the time is 8:31.
Tom Catt (11 months ago)
I miss dem day's
William schlenger (11 months ago)
I was born in 1943.Got to see steam & no graffiti & most railroads are gone.