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How Airlines Decide Where to Fly

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Text Comments (2237)
Łukasz Byjoś (1 hour ago)
I'm still missing flight from FRA to SJC by Lufthansa :(
Hugh Honey (4 hours ago)
I was at MSP for Delta's launch of its new route to Seoul
Charlie Somers (8 hours ago)
The way you pronounced Birmingham triggered me
Sam Johnson (1 day ago)
Do a video on 737 max
bordoraux (1 day ago)
I'll just leave one like because I can't leave any more
S C (2 days ago)
Airlines are not intended to be profitable. The aviation transport drives economy, it us govt-owned-and-funded and is intended to generate losses directly while driving economy growth indirectly. Even charter-only airlines are generating losses, they are funded by respective tourism operators, which are in turn lossy 'busineses'.
Jay Joshi (2 days ago)
At 2:14 it says and writes Denver to San Jose but the red spot on map is San Juan. (San Jose is to west of Denver, San Juan is in Puerto Rico )
Destiny Fan (2 days ago)
They just look at connecting flights. That's it, not rocket science.
Neil Mutia (2 days ago)
Explain gate spaces or airport slots :D
Soumik Pradhan (3 days ago)
Make a video on Jet Airways.
theCman (3 days ago)
United just started cape town.
mohamed elghuwael (4 days ago)
1:15 You forgot spirit
Peter DaBoss (5 days ago)
Wow air is dead
WolfKids28 (6 days ago)
How tf does Alaska fly from Honolulu to Anchorage.
WolfKids28 (1 day ago)
+Ryan Jackson I guess but still
Ryan Jackson (1 day ago)
It's a good place to vacation. It's sunny, everyone speaks English, and you don't need a visa or a passport.
De. la. Noye (3 days ago)
I imagine it is vacationing passengers. When you live in an icy wasteland you sometimes want to get away. At least for a little while
Ruben Emblem (6 days ago)
I tried to find it on Skyscanner, but how can I find out how many search at the specific city pairs; ex How many search at Oslo - Boston
Enver Paşa (6 days ago)
Make a video about the new airport in Istanbul
IzAnSmallCat (6 days ago)
Can you do on how naval combat works?
Ryzi03 (6 days ago)
RIP Wow Air
WelcomeToSamir's World (7 days ago)
Please make a video on Bangladesh's geography problems
Mitch Miller (7 days ago)
ty for including references. It's really easy to just say anything online without backing it up.
Andrew Samuelson (7 days ago)
What airport is shown at 9:47?
wallacetf (7 days ago)
It's pronounced 'Burmingum', not 'Birmingham'. Im sorry - I dont make the rules.
The Rolls Royce Trent (8 days ago)
Wenatchee, Washington wants non - stop to San Francisco but the route is so small, they couldn't fill a 50 passenger jet. These people are delusion thinking the route would work.
Wave Mikaila (8 days ago)
At 3:45 That's not Oregon its East of Vancouver and North of Abbotsford not even close to south west Oregon
Klint Maurer (8 days ago)
Let's not forget that United has become quite adept at brutally disembarking elderly Asian men from their airplanes. I feel like this ability has streamlined their operations and given them a leg up in domestic routes where other airlines aren't willing to give that little extra to get ahead.
frisbeeeater (9 days ago)
why wouldnt you bullet all the considerations needed to launch a route. this is a very unorganized video
Adam Johnson (9 days ago)
SW oregon hub is in Canada I guess, bold strategy, United.
Joseph Rios (9 days ago)
I see Wendover, I see aviation, I click
montserrat arjona-sisto (9 days ago)
Your refer ces are not in MLA 8 or APA format! Not trustworthy.
Julien Berndt (10 days ago)
i just saw hat your a patreon of internet historian. that makes me love this channel even more!
Vivek Thuppil (10 days ago)
What's the airport at 9:50? Absolutely gorgeous!
Skylar Caldwell (10 days ago)
Wendover productions: *accidentally misplaces a marker on a map* Every comment: “dur Oregon isn’t in BC, I’m so smart I was the first to notice this and comment about it!” 😂
DxG Wip3outz (10 days ago)
Wendover, the Delta Manchester route wasn't cancelled due to demand. It's a very busy flight. They just have a code share with Virgin Atlantic and it was agreed VIR should take the flight as Manchester is a point of focus for them due to it's expansion. Happy days 😁
Steve Dong (10 days ago)
3:42 When our Wendover went over to Vancouver.
Joshua Sanchez (10 days ago)
You should make a video about the logistics of the emergency response to the World Trade Center
Manav Gajera (10 days ago)
Wow air is so cheap. They had a flight from New York to Delhi for only $700-800. UNFORTUNATELY, when i wanted to visit my country, India, they removed that flight. And now I have to pay $1000-1400.
Amer Dodokh (11 days ago)
Let us setup a go fund me page for this guy to get his Commercial Pilot Licence
Cory Pride (11 days ago)
Very interesting, thank you. The only constructive criticism is about the last half dozen sentences. Redundant!
Divyang Oza (11 days ago)
2:13 San Jose is in California right?
Obi Wan (11 days ago)
Why are Nordic countries so good at Democracy? 4 out of 5 of the top 5 countries in the Democracy Index are Nordic. The Top 3 is 1st Norway, 2nd Iceland and 3rd Sweden. All of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) are in the top 10. Why?
Arturo Garcia (11 days ago)
An interesting topic: The Tijiana/ San diego CBX airport 2 country airport
Tukan (11 days ago)
10:24 where is that
James Rao (11 days ago)
That's good Make more on aviation
Geometricly Epic (11 days ago)
90% of comments about wendover being obsessed with planes 10% of comments about random shit.... wait never mind 100% is about wendover and his plane fetish
De U (12 days ago)
Jonas Hummel (12 days ago)
Wow. Great Video. I really like your aviation content. Btw, loved the shot of Toronto City Airport you put in there!
Jerome Goulet-Paradis (12 days ago)
The "southwest Oregon Regional Airport" at min 3:46 is way off track in BC
Angel Rodriguez (12 days ago)
Student Pwaater (12 days ago)
4:53 London: *Covered by Bermingham*
LewBoo20 (12 days ago)
Also, now Wow Air has collapsed so their route planning could of been a bit off lol
Arthur Morgan (12 days ago)
2:40 Tahiti? God damn it, not again.
memostothefuture (12 days ago)
quiver: PEK-LAX is consistently cheaper in biz on United (stopover in SFO) than on Air China. I recently paid CNY11,000 vs.20,000. They may have to charge less because of the stopover but I think they also have to charge less because they offer lesser quality and hence give pax little to no other reason for choosing them.
Kasia L (12 days ago)
2:39 Once again New Zealand gets cut off from the map. Won't be watching anymore of your videos.
ezadsko (12 days ago)
No one's pointing out the crazy amount of routes that Turkish Airlines has?
Brythonic (12 days ago)
your voice is super annoying which is why I cant watch your videos
Kimeters (12 days ago)
such an odd lack of animation in those scenes where you talk about the WOW/IA/AA. routes just disappear in a single frame and we sit on a motionless map for a rather long time. strange for your videos
Jeremiah Rhodes (12 days ago)
Matt Davinda (12 days ago)
All this information from an American with no passport
Riken Maharjan (13 days ago)
I bought a ticket to Boston To LAX roundtrip both NonStop 3-4 months prior to the flight. My plan was to stay for 1 week at LA. One month before the flight to LAX I got a message saying your LAX to Boston, back home trip, is no more a Non-stop. They had one hr transit at some airport. I was so confused why had this happened when I paid the Non-Stop price. I got the answer to why they did this. It was because the plane only had like 20-30 ppl onboard from LAX to Boston. They stopped at the transit airport and filled more passengers on the same plane and literally used the same terminal. They just changed the Crew.
Hugo 2017 (13 days ago)
Do a part 2, like state sponsored routes
Vlad Fintina (13 days ago)
Make romania's geography problem
CHRISTY GABRIAL (13 days ago)
Kochi ❤️
Pathetic Fallacy (13 days ago)
Just found this channel and it's cursed me to binge all of the videos....
Arjun Prakash (13 days ago)
Hope airlines do start a direct London - Kochi service soon... It's been looked upon for a few years now !
hostilityy (13 days ago)
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has left the chat.
Tickle Dad (13 days ago)
*as if no one else noticed the editor’s accidental mislabeling of SWOR airport
Nuevo Escobar (13 days ago)
at 3:43 you put southwest regional airport in the middle of a national park and in the wrong state. WASHINGTON AND OREGON ARE TWO DIFFERENT STATES!
Money Maker (13 days ago)
Jackie (13 days ago)
I want a non stop fight from Chicago (ORD) to bahamas
Peter Yost (13 days ago)
Why is the flight path at 4:38 not a parabola? Is it something to do with where they're allowed to fly?
AirSoftMaverick3232 (13 days ago)
something along the same vein that I think of often is the time of day that airlines travel. my flight from San Francisco SFO to Seoul ICN landed at 3:05 PM Korea time which was perfect for a hotel check in. what is the possibility that this was a purposeful time?
Dunny2k (13 days ago)
I wish Americans would stop saying Birmingham wrong.
Yaell Urrunaga (14 days ago)
You should have mentioned Denver was a hub... it would have made a lot of sense
Dislike Bot (14 days ago)
United is also good at dragging passengers off of planes!
Ninja Please (14 days ago)
3:42 - All this time, I thought that Southwest Oregon Regional Airport was located on the Oregon coast, but apparently it’s located along the Washington-British Columbia border. Whoever named the airport should be fired. Or at the very least, brush up on their geography.
Kallen Wachi (14 days ago)
Hawaiian is another US airline that flies to Tahiti
Patrick Anderson (14 days ago)
I admit, I love every Wendover Productions on air travel. It's very informative, and explains why airlines make decisions. I think many people should watch these videos before they think the airline is purposely trying to screw them with the lack of a specific route to scheduling.
Larry Chatanuggs (14 days ago)
🧿🧿🧿⚡️✨🥎🥎🥎✨🌼🌼 ⚡️🧿🧿🧿*God sent His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead 2000 years ago.* *By the blood of Jesus Christ we have everlasting life.* *Only believe!*
batt3ryac1d (9 days ago)
Suck eggs ya nutjob
Cool Jonathan (14 days ago)
Isn't what United did in Houston price dumping and isn't that illegal?
Mikosch2 (14 days ago)
I think I've found a pattern there: They always go to places that have an airport! Coincidence? Nah don't think so! Also RIP WOW Air :(
Mehrzad Abdi (14 days ago)
Good video like always.
Mehrzad Abdi (14 days ago)
It seems Kim Jong-un commented on your video ;).
Andrew Chobaniuk (14 days ago)
Didn't realize Southwest Oregon Regional Airport was in Manning Park, BC, Canada...
RandomStuff (14 days ago)
He sounds SOOOOO much like that Half as interesting guy! XD
mrafisuryo (8 days ago)
Yes because they are actually the same guy
Romi PS (14 days ago)
Why do you have enjoyable voice???
Neil Carey (14 days ago)
The only thing I questioned was about the importance of directionality. The example given (Chinese Airlines to Australia) seems like it's not necessarily direction-related, since there's a big cost difference. You'd probably find similar cases in the SE Asian & Middle Eastern airlines, even though their passengers are more likely to be Australian. My own experience in a decidedly secondary market is that people only fly domestic airlines if there's no other choice. From small market airports, everyone wants to connect you to their hub. So domestic airlines fly to somewhere that will then only connect to the biggest destinations overseas, making most trips 2-stop. On top of that, you have need a longer layover because you have to deal with customs & immigration at the domestic hub instead of just at the end of your trip. Fly an international airline to their own hub, and it's probably closer to where you're going (more 1-stop options) and the trip home avoids clearing customs in the middle.
T K (14 days ago)
lol that boat doing a donut to avoid the other boat 9:52
Khajonsak Jermprapai (14 days ago)
Optimization Optimization Optimization and Game Theory
Mohith GR (14 days ago)
What's that number in the bottom corner of ur videos?
Josiah Benson (14 days ago)
you should do a video on low cost airlines in America like you did for low cost airlines in Europe
Abyiraj Mahajan (14 days ago)
soda error
Abyiraj Mahajan (14 days ago)
hanünam and chordënuRecycle .hanunàm vízeo
Sean Dahlman (14 days ago)
Thats... Canada. Not South West Oregon. Great video though!
ErrantChordier (14 days ago)
Beijing. Say it with me: Bay-JING. Not Bay-ZHing. Keep that "J" nice and light, just like "jingle bells"
Ray Weaver (14 days ago)
Thumbs up for the cool stock footage of planes and airports. 👍
Upendra Patil (14 days ago)
I go on the right airlines to the right places
James Lian (14 days ago)
Once the Green New Deal passes, we'll not longer use frivolous means of travel like planes. Maybe Wendover can specialize in other means of travel like riding raptors, tauntauns, ans giant seahorses.
AlphaArcticWolf (14 days ago)
HAI > Wendover
Daniel Jordan (14 days ago)
Huge technicality, but Qantas and Virgin, both Australian airlines, operate direct flights to Hong Kong, which technically is China, but also practically serves China since you can get a ferry direct to the mainland (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zuhai) from HK Airport
Jason (14 days ago)
I'm starting to think you like airplanes or something