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How Airlines Decide Where to Fly

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Text Comments (2036)
Harris Sparks (3 hours ago)
3:57 pointing to northern Washington state for Southwest Oregon haha
Arturo Garcia (2 days ago)
As a video suggestion, I think the CBX airport is an interesting topic for a video. The airport is in two countries, it has a bridge in the middle of a checking in terminal.
B G (2 days ago)
Wow air was my favorite airline I went on, a pleasant, spacious, and efficient trip to Germany ):
Jadon Heath (3 days ago)
Sad that there still isn't a direct flight from Dehli to AKL tho
Junior Midence (8 days ago)
Wendover Productions > Real Engineering
Justin Moore (9 days ago)
You should do a video on how Hartsfield Jackson ATL became the most busy airport in the world
DCMurphy (13 days ago)
FUck Delta Airlines.
Ben Martz (14 days ago)
I cant keep up with all of that. I trust you guys though.
Sad Aesthetic (14 days ago)
You do realize planes are not real right? Stupid sheeple.
Speedwagon Foundation (15 days ago)
$444, that's bad luck.
Anwit Mondal (16 days ago)
Just Wow!!!
Relinquish (19 days ago)
Snacks are on me.
George mwangi (19 days ago)
Kenya airways starting flights from Nairobi to JFK.A route that made no sense financially.(at least from my side)
Anu Wicky (21 days ago)
so manchester is the same as london? 1:44
Bagsy (24 days ago)
I can’t stand United lately. Delta has the best domestic first and the nicest employees, so I don’t mind paying a tiny bit more if the choice is between them and someone else.
BlazeAdin (26 days ago)
Virgin Aus flies to Hong Kong.. Fuck you Wendover hahah
stgtravels (28 days ago)
One of your best videos yet!
Random Youtube Channel (28 days ago)
It's pronounced Birmingum not Birminghaaaam.
Sheshadri V (28 days ago)
@wendoverproductions, hey why don't do a video on Fall of Detroit? I searched a lot of videos in YouTube but they are not so good.
Skyline HDTV (1 month ago)
I think you should do a video on how to start an airline.
akronymus (1 month ago)
What about normal speaking pace? Imitating N24 is not the best one can do.
Thomass Trivetti (1 month ago)
WoW is no more
Alles Gut (1 month ago)
i cant hear the word route anymore... and it should be spelled root not rowd.... your out sounds should be sound diffrent sometimes then it woulnt be so annoying :D
Arvind G (1 month ago)
But United beats up customers! :(
Krishnan Ramakrishnan (1 month ago)
What is that airport at 9:45?
Édouard Murdoch (6 days ago)
@Krishnan Ramakrishnan You're welcome!
Krishnan Ramakrishnan (6 days ago)
@Édouard Murdoch OMG thank you so much!
Édouard Murdoch (1 month ago)
Mmhh... Toronto Billy-Bishop ?
ELITE SNIPER (1 month ago)
Alan Doherty (1 month ago)
Do United airline not fly to Ireland direct too? CORK, Shannon and Dublin Airports?
Jay the man 538 (1 month ago)
Half as airworthy
Blowitup1991 (1 month ago)
hasn't anyone noticed that the first link for quote 7 has a ; at the end making it invalid?
15 is legal In Europe (1 month ago)
What I got from this video is that west coast to england just doesn't work too well
Nathanael Jehn (1 month ago)
My dad used to work for the route planning division at United Airlines
Cabosanlucasboi77 :D (1 month ago)
2 ways to name edinburgh 1.edinbruh 2.edinburger
razorraxor (1 month ago)
I always prefer flying on foreign based airlines
Manoj Barial (1 month ago)
Wow you mentioned India and Mumbai I live in Mumbai
Nrloolee Gaming (1 month ago)
Matt Wakefield (1 month ago)
He showed Southwest Oregon regional airport in the wrong spot
Sky 201 (1 month ago)
*The logo of british airlines looks like a gun pointing to the west, from the united kingdom to the united states. The guy who imagined that has clearly thought about the history*
zhuoli xie (1 month ago)
Now you guys can add Cape Town to that list.
CheetahHunt (1 month ago)
Can you do a video on the overcrowded European low cost airline market
Dani Malik (1 month ago)
Daniel Roberts (1 month ago)
Don't they just "wing" it?
Francisco Fernandez (1 month ago)
El mercado capitalista es un sistema de prueba error? Los intereses que dirigen ese "juego" son los de solo el 5% de la población? Los recursos malgastados sin planificar el mercado, ¿quién se responsabiliza de su escasez?
Caesar (1 month ago)
03:42 Isn’t Southwest Oregon Regional Airport in Oregon and not in British Columbia?
Robin Sattahip (1 month ago)
Why would anyone fly overseas on American or any of the US big 3? They treat their customers like garbage on domestic flights which they monopolize, it's foolish to fly them on international destinations when better foreign airlines are available.
SK331 (1 month ago)
Also don't forget alliances. I.e. United to Stockholm can get a lot of "free" feeding from star alliance partner SAS, while Delta didn't.
Jason Liang (1 month ago)
Nice shot of CYTZ :)
Daniel Shaysevand (1 month ago)
Such an informative video I learned lots just by watching this video Great job.
Qwerty 212 (1 month ago)
Nice job on 200M subs
Liam Harris (1 month ago)
Check out the cost of Perth-London return and you'll see EXPENSIVE. Over $3000 AUD (over $2000 USD)
aresef (1 month ago)
I actually prefer to travel on foreign airlines when going to foreign destinations. It feels like your trip abroad is extended, if only in spirit. But Spirit, I’ll never fly on Spirit again.
Can we get 1000 subscribers with 1 video? (1 month ago)
Finally an American who pronounces Edinburgh the right way!
Sumit Sapra (1 month ago)
San Jose is in California, US !?
Sumit Sapra (1 month ago)
@Itz KeON I got my answer, thanks. In the video, they have referred to San Jose, Costa Rica but earlier I was only aware of San Jose, California, US.
Itz KeON (1 month ago)
I just realized what you meant, excuse me i’m just gonna go commit die.
Itz KeON (1 month ago)
Sumit Sapra unless u talking bout San José Costa Rica’s capital.
Itz KeON (1 month ago)
Well, yes. Google it..
WheatleyOS (1 month ago)
3:44 you placed "Southwest Oregon Regional Airport" in Canada lmfao
Intescy Avenger (2 months ago)
1:46 that's a wierd place for London
Lou Jolly (2 months ago)
Come Unto Christ and get laid.
MUT (2 months ago)
Totally love your work!
Hi There (2 months ago)
Ohhh. I thought airlines just throw a dart on a world map hanging on the wall, then wherever it lands, the plane will land there. 😂😂
YOTUBE8848 (27 days ago)
Antarctica flights possible this way?
Hi There (2 months ago)
Cyanidegaming25 lol
Cyanidegaming25 (2 months ago)
Imagine if they got drunk and one of them accidently nails a dart to Pyongyang instead of Seoul. 🤣 That's a big oof.
bigtaxrefund (2 months ago)
how did toronto island airport get into the video @ 9:52
Boy Chua (2 months ago)
fuck ur anus @bigtaxrefund
cameraman655 (2 months ago)
How backwater bergs like Houston, Dallas or Atlanta get those int’l routes? Who visits the outpost from abroad?
Monzer Faisal (2 months ago)
There fare more Chinese than Australians period.
tom black (2 months ago)
Ps I hate airlines and documentaries even more ....!
Bob N Such (2 months ago)
Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the U.S. not the 7th.
TheSunMoon (2 months ago)
Scorpion Airlines: "Wendover here!!"
Pain Train (2 months ago)
I am waiting so long for this fucking riga-krakow connection
Vincent Albos (2 months ago)
Where did you get skyscanner research informations?
Cpt. Ronald Sparky Speirs (2 months ago)
I love how the butthurt americans are triggered by the wrong placing of Oregon 😂
Jack Flynn (2 months ago)
That's not southwest oregon
canadiananim8r (2 months ago)
9:59 torontooooooo!
dangertomarketing (2 months ago)
There's one key measurement not mentioned in this video - Sam, I love your work - but the industry has one key metric for the new route: PDEW. Passengers Daily Each Way. The amount of PDEW on annual basis decides should the route be valuable or not. Your case of LAX-SIN is best, theoretically looks great - but Asian airlines killed that route as ANA, JAL, Korean, Air China and let's not forget, Singapore Airlines came to play. Not sure how much of a mouthful would "Passengers Daily Each Way" would be in your video, though. :)
revaholic (2 months ago)
My Canadian ears hurt everytime I hear route pronounced as RAOWT
Alex C (2 months ago)
5:55 what else is like that?
Craig Morris (2 months ago)
Rowt... 😫
Mr Gray (2 months ago)
Good work including those animations to bookmark your references. I hope this is something more content creators will do in the future!
Hannah Allen (2 months ago)
What I realising, is no one from New York wants to go to the north of England 😅
Mr. P. Enis (2 months ago)
No one in North England want to go to New York
DMX 10033 (2 months ago)
Documentary and aviation ;)
northMOFN (2 months ago)
3:40 “Why does my luggage tag to Oregon say YXX - Abbotsford BC Canada?”
Amateur Asian (2 months ago)
Well atleast united did something right
npturner (2 months ago)
I guess BA were able to easily calculate how many people wanted direct London to Durban travel as most would go via Johannesburg, and then take the BA run Comair flight to Durban. We took the direct flight earlier in the year and it was full both ways. Certainly better than transiting through JNB or UAE.
Rex Holes (2 months ago)
Oregon? that's Abbotsford BC
Ezra Mannix (2 months ago)
It's also not called Southwest Oregon Regional Airport. It's called the Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport.
Lurus01 (3 days ago)
You are referencing two different airports so yes it is called Southwest Oregon Regional. Southwest Oregon Regional is airport code OTH and in North Bend along the coast. Rogue Valley international is airport code MFR located in Medford. There are about 170 miles separating the two airports.
magellanmax (2 months ago)
A replacement for the B757 is needed to open up long haul thin routes. This will certainly open up new routes that have been put on hold because of the B737 MAX fiasco.
ultradeadd (2 months ago)
the haf guy??
Zachary VanDerScheer (1 month ago)
yes they are the same person
Laura Morales (2 months ago)
It's such an interesting topic. I don't understand how LOT make their decision s
BoraCM 39 (2 months ago)
A flight from London to NYC is only £318. British Airways is quite cheap. On British Airways, it speaks in both the languages from both nations.
Roy Rached (2 months ago)
So it's a gambling strategy
Nigel Marvin (2 months ago)
4:37 Blaze it
Joseph Stalin (2 months ago)
Perfect for Airline Manager.
Tony Phương (2 months ago)
Kenya Airways also cancelled their Hanoi - Nairobi route. I still don’t know why.
Martin (2 months ago)
Video Suggestion: Can you explore how muti-airline tickets work? For example, when I booked my flight from Philadelphia to Istanbul in 2018, the most affordable and decent ticket I found on Google Flights was Philadelphia to London on American Airlines, and London to Istanbul on Turkish Airlines. However, when I checked the cost of the tickets individually, they cost more individually than when they were combined into one ticket. Does that mean American & Turkish have some sort of relationship on that particular route? Thank you!
Burak Simsek (2 months ago)
On the latter question no, Turkish is in the same Star Alliance as United so American and Turkish cant do a joint agreement. You should ask this question to the experts on the airliners.net forum on the Turkish Aviation topic how that all works.
Bob Brown (2 months ago)
United recently cut Syd-LAX daily flights from daily to 3x/week. Demand has fallen since the weakening Australian economy / dollar. Coupled with United's perceived lower in-flight service offering ledd to empty planes and loss of profit.
AviaMahaNakhon (2 months ago)
Thai Airways used to fly Bangkok - Barcelona but suspended it due to high costs
b godfre (2 months ago)
So planes dont fly in africa🙄🙄?
Clara Thomason (2 months ago)
At this point there should be a Wendover Airlines
Quinn Reierson (2 months ago)
10:00 i went to Toronto and took a video of a plane landing at that airport from the CN Tower
Call Me What You Want (3 months ago)
At: 9:45 I thought it was a bird flying sideways at first then realized it was a sailboat with it's mast reflection in the water making a perfectly symmetrical wing.
alexxxth (3 months ago)
What's the turquoise-coloured sea in the north east of Canada on your maps? (e.g. at 9.00)
Ryan.Y (3 months ago)
United with 85% of their new flights not veing cancelled. Also with 85% for you getting kicked off.
Ligmatic (3 months ago)
he just needs to change his channel name to “trains, planes, and automobiles”
Jo Baecker (3 months ago)
I'm trying to figure out how automobile manufacturers assign names to new cars - there must be some kind of registry that goes back years? Can you tackle that on your next video? Thanks.
Łukasz Byjoś (3 months ago)
I'm still missing flight from FRA to SJC by Lufthansa :(
Hugh Honey (3 months ago)
I was at MSP for Delta's launch of its new route to Seoul