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Day In the Life of LeanLogistics Managed Transportation Services

70 ratings | 8536 views Unique lens into a day in the life of LeanLogistics & a real world look into how they provided managed transportation solutions to their customer. 6:10 AM - After-Hours Service Hey Rachelle, this is John. You probably saw this on your advisor this morning regarding the load on the DC 46 is covered. As you know this is reoccurring problem & they are looking for a solution. Rachelle – Logistics Director So we were able to find another backup carrier & within budget and that's great news. We will be able to call their customer & let them know that the driver will be about an hour late & they're able to accommodate that employment. 8:00 AM - Load Planning & Optimization Mike, Logistics Manager: It turns out we had 3 loads that failed to pick up last night because the carrier ran into capacity issues late last night and on top of that she got a volume forecast from the customer letting us know that in the middle of October we're going to see a volume spike. Today we're going to be working on is trying to figure out how to secure the capacity that we need to channel that spike. On my team we have 10 logistics coordinators which are responsible for managing freight all around the country. Each coordinator has different responsibilities for different geographic regions. They are responsible for building & tendering loads making sure they get accepted by carriers & that they pick up on time. We have what we call load auto build rules set up on this account so that the more static runs are more consistent free that's truckload in quantity. As soon as those orders hit the system they get automatically built and out to the intended carrier so we're seeing probably ten to fifteen percent automation there with that functionality. Then we also have factored optimization jobs that run and are looking for consolidation opportunities and will auto tender that stuff out as well. 11:00 AM - Actionable Intelligence Bryant, Logistics Manager: We have a unique opportunity because when talking to Mike this morning he said that the problematic lane that they're having is going San Juan from Michigan & incidentally our customers moving loads from Michigan to San Juan so now we have an opportunity for Green lanes & continuous moves. John, Senior Account Manager: Do you think customers are willing to work together on something like this? That sounds like a really reasonable solution & here's what we'll do. I wonder if you can pull some data for us they'll give me the information as far as the volumes & the timing & the time frame that is the origin destination type of stuff we can pull some data from the network and then give us what that looks like. 1:00 PM - Network Analytics Bill, Director of Managed Services: From a strategic standpoint everyone is focused on what is the number is telling us to do and we're all making metric based decisions. We've got a number of groups supporting us within managed services to really understand where the opportunity in that data that includes the procurement services group. They're identifying trends from a rating standpoint from a capacity availability relative to supply & demand. We're working with their engineering group to understand network design & how can we find the lowest cost to serve solutions and make that happen in that day-to-day decision-making so we can bring all these recommendations back to our customers based on what it is the data telling us what we should be doing to achieve both our costs & service goals. 3:00 PM - Transportation Strategy Julie: Systems Administrator: I put together a couple of reports you can see that just shows the green lane & then I’m also going to set up the supply chain monitor so we can track & make sure that these loads are both picking up & delivering on time. I will also set up automated tender activity reports just to confirm that the right carriers are accepting the little. Erica, Logistics Coordinator: Do you know about how many extra loads per week you're expecting? (We’re looking at about 25 extra loads per week.) I’ll make sure to reach out to our carriers today we can set up a conference call. 4:15 PM - Client Support I've got a customer that has a lane for his customer that comes right back to Michigan .We'd like to introduce this carrier to handle lane for you & the inbound lane for Bryant. Are you open to something like that ? Client: Yes That's been a difficult thing in the past. Mike, Logistics Manager: Not only are we going to improve service but being that we have captured capacity going down & now coming back the carrier is going to realize a perfect utilization you know all miles paid so we're actually able to reduce the rate. Twitter: Google+: Linkedin:
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jason bates (1 year ago)
Great video but not once was the sharp end driver mentioned only data and the term "carriers" like the third person or elephant in the room. For all the bristling technology it boils down to a man or woman in a truck driving it and dealing with real life where this video demonstrates the are somewhat removed
David Pierson (1 year ago)
What kind of job would a logistics management degree get me?
Bilal Sarwar (1 year ago)
may be starting as coordinator
nazirdjon (1 year ago)
So seriously does that lady at 3:12 get a lot of coworkers hitting on her?