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Why Chinese Manufacturing Wins

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Enter to win $2000 with Anker's "Power it Up" contest: http://bit.ly/2uXquXZ The battery I talked about at the end: http://amzn.to/2wCwwgh While Wendover Productions retained creative control over the video itself, the sponsor paid for travel expenses and for the post-roll advertisement. Check out my podcast with Brian from Real Engineering: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/showmakers/id1224583218?mt=2 (iTunes link) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_10vJJqf2ZK0lWrb5BXAPg (YouTube link) Support Wendover Productions on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/wendoverproductions Get a Wendover Productions t-shirt for $20: https://store.dftba.com/products/wendover-productions-shirt Youtube: http://www.YouTube.com/WendoverProductions Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/WendoverPro Email: WendoverProductions@gmail.com Reddit: http://Reddit.com/r/WendoverProductions Animation by Josh Sherrington (https://www.youtube.com/heliosphere) Sound by Graham Haerther (http://www.Haerther.net) Sources and script available here: http://bit.ly/2viM3Tj Deng Xiaping footage courtesy Reagan Library Singapore historic photo courtesy Hiramatsu Kaxuhito Chinese bar photo courtesy Roman Boed Big thanks to Patreon supporters: Kevin Song, Kevin Song, David Cichowski, Andy Tran, Victor Zimmer, Paul Jihoon Choi, Dylan Benson, M van Kasbergen, Etienne Dechamps, Adil Abdulla, Arunabh Chattopadhyay, Ieng Chi Hin, Ken Rutabana, John Johnston, Connor J Smith, Rob Harvey, Arkadiy Kulev, Hagai Bloch Gadot, Aitan Magence, Eyal Matsliah, Sihien Goh, Joseph Bull, Marcelo Alves Vieira, Hank Green, Plinio Correa, Brady Bellini
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Wendover Productions (1 year ago)
I hope you enjoy this video! There's a bit of a unique situation in this video where the sponsor is partially the subject of the video as well. This is because they were able to give me a level of access that normally would not have been possible (Chinese factories are not easy to film in.) I want to stress that I did have creative control over the video but take my presentation with a grain of salt nonetheless. I visited a well-regarded, ethical factory which isn't necessarily a reflection of all factories in China, as you may know. I also didn't cover some of the issues with manufacturing in China and other less-developed countries since I was taking a more holistic, economic view rather than a person view.
Jessica Keup (3 days ago)
Where did the music come from that plays first? 0:00 - 1:20?
Fabricio Fercher (5 days ago)
"Economy" is most misused word in the history of humanity! You can't have an 'economic' growth. The Economy is the efficient use of resources, it is a balanced system based on inventories.
manjunatha kp manjunatha kp (11 days ago)
Please make video on Bangalore, India
guitar tracks (12 days ago)
@Kariann Erickson This would be great to see!
Dallay Lepcha (17 hours ago)
I respect China electronic devices...and nice video , keep it up....
teflonmagnet (19 hours ago)
They're excellent thieves and spies, too.
teflonmagnet (19 hours ago)
@0:24 I love how he sounds disappointed at the prospect of the West emerging as the new power.
Jonathan Adami (21 hours ago)
"Huge thanks to Anker" Aaaah now I get it... I found it weird that it's the only main example in this video, no mention of Xiaomi, Huawey, Xiegu and plenty more... Anker is good stuff though, I got their 6 ports charging unit good electronics, can charge my macbook, phone, and couple other phones when I travel with friends. Anyway thanks for the video!
BIG Stick (22 hours ago)
Could you see people in the U.S. working like this?
JeanAlesiagain3 (23 hours ago)
No worries. We will defeat and eradicate this evil
sounduser (1 day ago)
Because people sold their national pride for quick profit. China was happy to ablige.
Ping Pong (1 day ago)
I bought 6 days ago 2 lithium-ion replacements for Nikon EN-EL23. They are made by Watson in China. The combined price of these 2 made in China is equal to one original Nikon EN-EL23 with cell made in Japan. Both of these two made in China lose their charge in a matter of hours, while not being used at all. I hope that I will able to return them.
Sun Kem (1 day ago)
Greed, lust for power and war mongering is destroying America.
Sun Kem (13 hours ago)
@bus king what a lot of bullshit, America is destroying democratic stable countries, toppling government and defending totalitarian regimes, why is America in bed with Saudi Arabia, why did America stood silently, and quiet with the Duvaliers fleecing Haiti, What did America do when Trujillo was exterminating Haitians and How come America is powerless with the situation in The Dominican republic with Haitians being evicted from where they were born. Dominicans get US citizenship once they are born in America but the same is not extended to Haitians born in the DR. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Why was USA suppling arms to Iraq to fight Iran now America has laid to waste Iraq, now they are supplying Saudi Arabia this time, I can guarantee you that that relation will go sour and when it does America could very well find it's self in a war against Saudi Arabia. America is no world police, it is something else, something akin to imperialist monster.
bus king (14 hours ago)
America unfortunately has the responsibility of being protector of smaller nations that are threatened by unstable and corrupt aggressive neighbours unless you think it's ok for a large militarized country to invade a peaceful small democracy,sometimes they've got to break a few heads to keep the peace,what do you think the world would look like if the U.S. just said 'fuck it,let them get on with it,it's got nothing to do with us' ? Do you REALLY think the U.S. likes seeing their young men and women coming home in bodybags ?
Fabian Assad (1 day ago)
Also achieved this by implementing labor camps, disregarding human rights and labor laws, stealing intellectual property, using bad trade practices and generally disregarding freedom. People are so quickly to point out "Shenzhen" and "Beijing as success, but they forget the people that have "made it" dont account more than 10% of the population and the chinese media obscures the reality. China is a bad competitor and has to be regulated, starting with human rights. Sure, the USA is no saint, but it isn't as bad... Trust me. - Human rights researcher, UABC law school, Mexico. F. Assad
one love smoke shop (1 day ago)
Omega Man (2 days ago)
Because is easy when you do not have to pay R&D by stealing the know-how of the competition.
Juju Rellama (2 days ago)
When the first pocket radios came out of Japan, China was still working with smoke messages, What did China do? Pots. Pots were made in Korea too.
Derrick Windsor (2 days ago)
You want to know why USA is no longer top dog? I went to Houston to buy a million dollar IT system. The seller did not meet me, I had to book/pay for my own hotel and they sent a taxi for me - 2 hour meeting, no lunch, no follow up. In Germany, they paid for me to fly there, put me up in a Hotel, CEO came for dinner, picked me up personally next morning, escorted me 100%, answered every single question, then when we were ready to order, their design team flew to us and stayed till the project was completed. China is doing things the same way, but USA and England? Forget them, they went with the dinosaurs, wearing their arrogance like crowns!!!
Nguyen Tanthien (2 days ago)
Damit man sich in der Weltall als Schutzring........Astmosphere......Energy frei geben......Was man als Tiger geboren .....Geschrieben haben
Nguyen Tanthien (2 days ago)
Abhängigkeit oder Abhängigkeitlos..........Der Zug............
Nguyen Tanthien (2 days ago)
Effekt auf Farbe.....Höfflich bring ich Euch zum Sptze........
Juju Rellama (2 days ago)
Katzen und Hundefresser
Ricky Xu (2 days ago)
Shenzhen, home sweet home
Juju Rellama (2 days ago)
dont feed chinese bots
mega0876 (2 days ago)
Because Asian people like to work and are not lazy living of the government like Americans. This is the key for success.
Tom Meyers (2 days ago)
Meanwhile in Africa.....huts.
黄凯伊 (2 days ago)
Very much like a propaganda, all figures are from the school books and took those statistics from 1970's when most Chinese people are on the brink of starvation and the average GDP tend to be zero. Who can beat slave labor?
Phyllis Hamilton (2 days ago)
Please update this video, given the tariff complications imposed by the current White House occupant.
RavenFox (2 days ago)
Chinese are The masters of copying that’s why and this is an offense. I mean it
Nathan Heaver (3 days ago)
people power
F B I (3 days ago)
Chinese are just an cheap slaves nothing more than that.
Musti A (3 days ago)
Europe only became this rich by killing China and most of the world.
bus king (15 hours ago)
Stop spouting fucking drivel !!
chao thao (4 days ago)
Fake news
chao thao (4 days ago)
Damn demon chin
Jason Learakos (4 days ago)
Because workers are underpaid, they copy American designs, and they use slave labor.
yy l (3 days ago)
u can keep on telling urself with this trump story and live in ur own dreams.
Nam Nguyễn (4 days ago)
Excessive economic development trade-off with field pollution and terrible ecosystem degradation? Is it worth to trade?
KO Investing (4 days ago)
Ah the government doesn't have a million regulations to hurdle over. Chinese get stuff down quick and there's two billion Chinese
Big D (3 days ago)
So...true. That's why you have dirty air and have become the number one contributor of global greenhouse gas emissions. China release twice the volume of air pollutants than the U.S. and over three times that of Europe. Congratulations! Chinese citizens are truly deserving of the label 'Dirty People'.
xxxzzzxxx227 (5 days ago)
US busy about LGBT.. no time for technology
S T A T I O N W A G O N (4 days ago)
It’s pathetic
Mark Mark (5 days ago)
Yup, same for Australia. Too many minorities tying to grab a chunk of power for themselves that the Government always has to deal with, rather than running the country
JTRawson (5 days ago)
Of the 1.4 billion people who live in China, approximately 350M live in the large industrial cities. The rest live in the countryside – mostly subsistence living. The have electricity several days a week – at best. So their television has a battery. Internet is limited and just not in every home. However cell phone are cheap and the system is good. The one child policy of the big cities just isn’t practical here as it takes a larger family to survive. So let’s put a number on it. An aver family lives on $4000-5000 a year. So let take one of the young people and send them into the city to work. First of all, it relieves the family of a mouth to feed, etc. Once the kid goes to work, let’s make it a large conglomerate. The kid will live in a company dormitory. It will probably be a good bit better than home conditions., The employee will be fed and clothed in company uniforms. The people are about the same age, so it’s a pretty congenial campus like environment. The work is about average for the world of production. You just can’t have a sweat shop producing high tech equipment. The kids only go home twice a year. The Full Moon festival of about the first of October and the New Year Festive about in February. So they are only paid twice a year. Now remember, the family now doesn’t have the expense of the kid while he/she works. So when the go home with $4000-5000, the family has doubled their income. If they have more than one child – it is even better. Now let me ask you, if we give you a job paying $400 a month, can you make it? That’s why companies have taken the jobs to China. Can we compete? Not in a world with big dollar people and companies screaming free markets. I tell you if we are going to be self sufficient we must demand fair trade and markets. There has to be penalties for countries that pollute the air and water, that everyone else has to clean up. If you go back to pictures of the 30, 40 and 50’s of Pittsburgh, PA – look at the filthy air and imagine the crap going into the rivers, Such is the environment of the steel producing cities of China. There is no ground water in China that is NOT polluted beyond being safe to drink. All the water ahs to be processes through reverse osmosis. Even the small towns are filled with water stores. Even Beijing had to declare the city water unfit to drink for the Olympics. So, yes there has to be changes for China to fit into the world. Their government, just like any socialist government is prepared to function in today’s market – for long. It’s still tribal or feudal at all levels under the federal government. I’m not sure what will happen, but I can’t think it will be good. An American who lived in China for 5 years,
Marvin Montgomery (5 days ago)
Hopefully TRUMP will make those communist Chinese bastards chapter 13
kvdgadj (5 days ago)
They have no unions or healthcare?
God_Laughs _At_Atheists (5 days ago)
Chinese manufacturing wins while illegally copying American products.
HAOAN W (5 days ago)
Born and raised for 20 years in Shenzhen. Thank you for teaching me so much. One more draw of people flocking to Shenzhen is its lack of "locals" like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong does. It's an accepting city and women comprise the majority of the residents. We get CNN international and BBC and a bunch of foreign at home with $4 a month. Now in Toronto paying Bell almost 200 bucks per month and still got the worst selection of channels.
Fabricio Fercher (5 days ago)
Economy is a balanced system based on inventories. We never had that!
Emil Nicolaie Perhinschi (5 days ago)
it's not geographical distance which makes production slower, it's very little spare capacity, which is caused by the "efficiency" drive, which is caused by high fixed costs if they can deliver the prototype 3 days after they got the model then they have capacity to spare
andy luo (5 days ago)
I think technology, smart transportation, and artificial intelligence play a more important role in China’s economy now!
tintin snowy (6 days ago)
west got lazy
gar md (6 days ago)
Mark Mark (5 days ago)
No it won't Mr Know It All, China is asset based, not bullshit bank and stock paper based, that's why the 2008 Global Economic Crisis barely hurt them.
Thomas Cool (6 days ago)
My old blanket is made in germany, but when I checked at store (2017) for the same brand, it was made in China, what a terrible
mohair (6 days ago)
Lets just fuck our society and build the biggest dam Fuck off
mohair (6 days ago)
Bendover productions
EndlessRant (7 days ago)
Of course they have the most manufacturing when they treat their citizens like slaves,they don't give a damn about the environment, they don't respect any international treaties like copyright or patents, so they basically have free reign to do whatever they want whenever they want. Han China is socially the worst the world has to offer
柯震阳 (5 days ago)
crazy point
Aaron Bourn (7 days ago)
They destroy their country's environment with their industrial "pollution",average worker makes 200$a month. most of the products are junk.they don't care about human welfareorquality,only $$
John De Sousa (7 days ago)
yah cant wait to enter your competition...wish me Chinese luck luck
John De Sousa (7 days ago)
and now we have USA manufacturing back and rising...china manufacturing waning. you need to update this propaganda video. you need to keep up with the times or you too will begin to fall behind...good luck.
Mukta Carita (8 days ago)
China cheats the USA with 500 billion a year.
Tnobody Dnobody (8 days ago)
Fuck u! Mark Chinese land correctly. Urguyr is part of China. Don’t play tricks
Mark S (9 days ago)
They can do it for a tenth of the cost at the expense of its people's prosperity.
Mark Mark (5 days ago)
You got NO idea what you're talking about. This is Western bullshit propaganda so you can feel better about yourself. China has the World's highest ownership of homes and cars, not bank owned, outright personally owned. Get a clue sheep.
Eric Wolf (9 days ago)
Slave labor
Eric Wolf (7 days ago)
Who is John Gault..
Eric Wolf (7 days ago)
@Linda Fukuyu it's difficult to drop out of the World..but possible..
Linda Fukuyu (7 days ago)
@Eric Wolf : I agree with you. ALL the Corporations with the excuse of Globalization that will increase improve quality of life .. is the opposite .. they're trying to enslave the workers instead.
Eric Wolf (7 days ago)
@Linda Fukuyu England to America in the 19 century then India in the 20th century. Now China then Indonesia. Where a Toyota car assembly line worker in 2009 made. Equivalent $480.00 per year.. Robots need a Union..
Linda Fukuyu (8 days ago)
Yeah, it's due to the American companies who are exploiting the labors inside and outside the US.
Priyang Shukla (9 days ago)
Only reason west rise because they stole wealth science from India even world industry mean Indian art of realisation you can even type how European stole calculus from India
vedagiri subramanian (9 days ago)
A Dohmnail (9 days ago)
So when the US Globalist decided to siphon money to themselves they opened up the Chinese market The deal was China used slave labor to make technology and the US gives them the technology. So China made crap quality tech goods and brought the price down with engineered malfunctions set. At the same time the US borrowed money from China to continue to boost the fed printing press. The Chinese where encouraged to destroy their environment in rare earth, vanadium and and other critical elements which they would sell fairly in a quasi open market which was unknown to this communist state For this they get technology. Today China steals the technology it does not get and has been empire.building through the middle.east, Europe, Africa and south America. From 2000 on those in power sold your countries for money until Trump.
Sy Fan (9 days ago)
Trump and his supporter needs to stop using the victim card as an excuse. Instead of blaming on others, they need to focus on the domestic reform of their business sector and education. Regarding slave labor- US likes to use this to diss China. China and US have different living standard so obviously the pay would be different. The workers' pay has been better than before. These companies provide training and a job for people so they can help supporting their family. That is also one reason why the poverty rate in China has been going down for the last 30 years. Western media like to look at things negatively when it is about China. It is a tactic they always use in their election campaign.
Chinese. I am (10 days ago)
五千年前,我们和古埃及人一样面对洪水; 四千年前,我们和古巴比伦人一样玩青铜器; 三千年前,我们和古希腊人一样思考哲学; 两千年前,我们和罗马人一样四处征伐; 一千年前,我们和阿拉伯人一样无比富足; 现在,我们和美利坚一较长短。 五千年了,我们一直在世界的牌桌上打着麻将, 而另外几家已经换过好多轮了。 Five thousand years ago, we faced floods like the ancient Egyptians; Four thousand years ago, we played bronzes like the Babylonians; Three thousand years ago, we thought about philosophy like the ancient Greeks; Two thousand years ago, we conquered and expanded our frontier like the Romans; A thousand years ago, we were as rich as the Arabs; Now, we confront the challenge from the United States. For five thousand years, we have been playing mahjong at the world table as always while other players have been long gone.
Fahad Kahut (10 days ago)
Bow down before China
bus king (15 hours ago)
I see lots of people on here rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of China becoming the world's top superpower,be careful what you wish for,think about it,China only 'cares'about China,ask any filipino domestic how they're treated by chinese employers and you'll get an insight to the chinese 'psyche' they have no empathy(not all of course,but in general)
Kenneth kirsch (11 days ago)
China only rose because the US thought extending bretton woods to them would make them become more open and democratic. That didn’t happen. So now the US is on the slow March to dismantle bretton woods and let the world burn. China will be one of the first casualties.
Kenneth kirsch (9 days ago)
vedagiri subramanian LoL that’s just bretton woods on imf scale. Idiot. Won’t even bother explaining.
vedagiri subramanian (9 days ago)
Yet another genius. Bretton woods agreement was officially dropped by Jamaican Accords in 1976, and Industrialized nations started using Floating currencies since then. Stop spreading Lies
David L Lewis (11 days ago)
Note to File: Found this video 6/6/19 during trump's trade war
Incoherent Dog (12 days ago)
Happy to only make 3$? you're an idiot. Do you realize apple manufacturing have safely nets so people who work 70hrs a week and sleep in the factory do not kill themselves? Yeah dude humans need free time and people in china have literally NONE. Yeah they're cheap but not because this or that, it is because of power and enslaving people.
luis bito (13 days ago)
iphone company Chechen cost 40 50 dollars there. hear united state cost 700 dollar way to much, piece manufactory is cheap to thas is American factory suppose cheap local home people need to complain
Bo Ayya (13 days ago)
Surprised to know that Anker is Chinese. I'm actually happy with my Anker purchases.
Juju Rellama (2 days ago)
Anker is German, sold to China
TheBigK300 Gaming, Technology and more (10 days ago)
Me too
Lukeland (14 days ago)
At Least We Have Jollibee :3
扇子夜迷 (4 days ago)
Well, if you search up the founder on Wikipedia, it was made from a Filipino-Chinese, I'm not taking it as pride just saying Chinese immigrants also have a slight impact in your country if you didn't noticed.
Maggan Khade (14 days ago)
By being
tOnySi (14 days ago)
all of your tecfh are made in china. the shitty ones are also fromchina but theyre unregulated and u get them from black market part of china. thats why they have bad rep for their own products.
Strong India (15 days ago)
Their products are cheaper because they don't spend money on research and invention. They simply believe on reverse engineering
kickinvideo333 (15 days ago)
Who wrote this bullshit? China is a mfg. powerhouse because the once-domestic Global Corporations coerced & bought our politicians into giving China FNS despite their human rights abuses. Now the "free world"has become more like Communist China rather than the reverse! 😎
Cánh Thép Channel (15 days ago)
China might be the largest economy in the world by 2020. But will that really happen? Or will the Chinese economy collapse soon? There are many indicators showing that there is a significant risk that China will lose its position as the economic engine of the world during the next few years
90 days (15 days ago)
I think its called slavery
No Chill (15 days ago)
Are you sure? I would rather go for a German or Japanese good.
Sy Fan (16 days ago)
A lot of sour grapes in the comments because China's success is hurting them. LOLOLOL.
Tigreal Estes (16 days ago)
When America makes a hoe into a housewife 😂
Rob Mosley (17 days ago)
China manufacturing wins because they use near slave labor to produce goods cheaply....please don't complicate this more than it should be!!!!
Sy Fan (16 days ago)
You are still living in the past.
Thuong Le (17 days ago)
Do not mix up communist China with real China. Chinese communists use China to build a criminal global empire that is completely different from real empire of China in the past. Commies hate culture, religion, freedom, democracy, nationalism... of which China was a perfect objective to destroy. And they did just that through 5 bloody socialist campaigns. The last one killed more than 50 millions people and headed to starving the whole nation, so they swing from Marxist socialist criminal system to the opposite criminal system, Marxist capitalism (do not pretend you do not know what it is, read Karl Marx’s "Das Kapital" to understand it or go to China or Vietnam see it for yourself) which is a global economical whorehouse which enslaves one billion Chinese, using foreigner’s corporations money, to profit foreigners and the red bourgeoisie (the slavers). Why do Chinese commies love foreign corporations that much? No, commies bait them with profits to use their money and technologies and China resources to destroy the world economy, and to steal money and technologies so they can arm themselves to the teeth. Their ultimate goal is to destroy the USA. Commies use dirt cheap labors and destructive environment to steal the USA industry, to destroy the USA economy, to make the USA weak so that they can attack the USA in 2020. Once they finish off the USA, they’d cut “capitalist pigs” heads off and rob all of their money. I am very eagerly waiting for them to attack the USA. The main point is this: Chinese commies are not your friends, they are your most dangerous enemies. They are spoiling you with Marxist capitalism in order to use you, then to kill you. DO NOT GET FOOLED BY CHINESE COMMUNISTS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.
Sy Fan (16 days ago)
Your false accusation is so fake and useless. Get a life.LOLOLOL
J B (18 days ago)
I didnt know China invested into research and development. I thought they stole everyone else's technology.
司徒键 (16 days ago)
Glad to see more people have realize this. Actually, just think about this: How China keeps growing so fast if we always steal technology from others? There are only two possible answers: 1. Other countries are stupid and can not figure out ways to protect their secret techs for decades, or, 2. Chinese make progress by ourselves (at least in most fields).
John Rossi (18 days ago)
Why do Chinese men have 2" dicks?
Tom H. (18 days ago)
There is no reason why "made in China" couldn't be high-quality (like a Rolls-Royce) but it would defeat the purpose of manufacturing there.
Holy Trash (19 days ago)
Lets just forget about the whole slave labor part...
C Chen (16 days ago)
the companies pay them... not equally to us in the United States, but still, they get paid.
Dirk Diggler (19 days ago)
China builds nothing but disposable crap.
Quốc Việt Đỗ Phú (17 days ago)
@Dirk Diggler you shit on streets?
Dirk Diggler (18 days ago)
@Nishith Joshi They still build crap.
Nishith Joshi (19 days ago)
China builds everything so....
Wilson Anthony (19 days ago)
Shenzhen has been growing really fast and it is keep growing. Another city that is planed to develop fast like shenzhen in China is Xiong'an, which is close to Beijing and Tianjing. Check it if you are interesting in China's city based economy planning.
Michael G (19 days ago)
Why American companies are n China win? Nothing China makes is it's own 😂
jooky87 (19 days ago)
Are the trade war people watching this?
Chandler Minh (20 days ago)
Indians on Twitter: tweets #BoycottChina from their Oppo/Vivo/Apple Smartphones manufactured in China
TobyRecorded (20 days ago)
China is just returning to its rightful place. The fall of China in the 18th century was “thanks” to British imperialists and their bullish ways. No more bullying.
Arthur blackhomes (20 days ago)
China is a country that is full of shit company and great company, we just don't know which one is which.
Srikanth Tupurani (20 days ago)
Rodrigo Blanc (20 days ago)
Did I just find one of the best YT channels ever? Really good content
Loke (21 days ago)
because China treats their people as slaves
ewgeg keugrwug (7 days ago)
Wtf? So are chinese bosses not Chinese people? Is chinese govt not chinese people? I really doubt your edcation level.
Lewis Hamilton (21 days ago)
The bit about import/export taxes is important. People accuse Trump of ushering in a new age of 'protectionism'. But the reality is that the US had already been practicing protectionism for decades... for the Chinese economy.
ettekamba6969 (21 days ago)
Send ur anker box to Asia and AFRICANS countries.
Takingout thetrash (22 days ago)
china wins because Asians are not lazy. there are lazy ass Asians but when you compare Asians to other races, Asians are the least lazy, and most efficient
Takingout thetrash (17 days ago)
lol, like the millions of bums in America? search skid row @Holy Trash
Holy Trash (19 days ago)
China need to work on environmentalism and social justice now. They are very unclean with their trash management...and dont treat their workers & people right
Steve Kuiper (22 days ago)
You said yourself your video and travel got sponsored by a company in China! LMAO! Your a sell-out to get hits. What a joke. Your a sell-out to a socialist nation that that has reverse engineered G8 technology for the last 60 years and long before you were born. almost 3M hits good for you douche!
tractor (22 days ago)
China cannot grow. Manufacturing moves in India , Vietnam, Philipines, etc . Chinese workers are paid very low. All manufacturing moves away from China as we speak
Martin Pavlata (22 days ago)
2 million subscribers! ☺️
Andy0770 (23 days ago)
Who comes here after Trump announced trade war against China?
YoshiPeach Mario (23 days ago)
I noticed he doesn't have any animosity in his voice this video, compared to the other China related videos he does. The power of sponsorship.
FanGirl Yuuki (18 days ago)
That is why he said on his highlight comment... Take my documentary with a grain of salt..
David Whyham (24 days ago)
We all have the right to progress
饺子 (24 days ago)
empire rise and fall... we've been there and now is your turn :P
饺子 (2 days ago)
@Juju Rellama first of all im not trying to show the sense of superiority or trying to say that my country is better in general because better is relative, i'm just trying to say that "every beginning has an end" you white people feel free to be at the top forever in the entire planet or universe or whatever, second read by yourself about Xia Dynasty until the last Dynasty. Qing Dynasty
Juju Rellama (2 days ago)
been where? you were never on the top, maybe in Asia, but not on the entire planet
GabbishLee Gifted (7 days ago)
饺子 lol
H Maltesers (24 days ago)
There is only one China in the world, the government of the People's Republic of China is the sole legal government representing the whole of China, and Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory.