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Top 8 Weirdest Interviews in Television History

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Watch the top eight weirdest interviews gone wrong in the history of television. Subscribe for more funny, viral videos daily. http://www.theREFUEL.com
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Text Comments (6)
superblanch15 (11 days ago)
Smash smash samaaaaash ha ha crazy fucker
Adam Bryan (3 months ago)
That reporter interviewing that fucking, guy with a fucking bandanna , and a fucking red shirt, who fucking obviously had fucking witnessed all that fucking fucked up carnage, is pretty fucking awesome if you fucking ask me, for not fucking shutting the fucking shit down after 5 fucking seconds of all that fucking fucked up fucking language, that fucker started fucking saying, is a fucking legend.
jason edwards (4 months ago)
noooooooooooo glen beck nooooooo
muhire (5 months ago)
Most of these folks are struggling with mental illness or have some sort of drug addiction
License2Kill (11 months ago)
What the fuck was the second last one...