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Coconut Flower Bajji - Rare Andhra Food - Kobbari Puvvu Bajji

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Coconut flowers Rare Food in andhra , but... Coconut flower recipe (bajji ) prepared by festival time. Konaseema East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. Prepared by Like this video, Share & SUBSCRIBE !! Don t miss next updates. My Shoping Deals at amazon :https://amzn.to/2wZh0xO (affiliate)
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Text Comments (238)
Carlos Peres da Costa (19 days ago)
What flour do you use for batter ?
Ankitha Narasimhan (2 months ago)
Akkdandi e place
nagesh n (2 months ago)
Please use gloves to hands
Prem Sai (2 months ago)
Babu aa bgm anti raaa🙏🙏🙏🙏
Deepak Singh (3 months ago)
I never eat coconut flower But I will try 😊
Tony Gomes (3 months ago)
Omg first time watching to coconut flower 🤔🤔🤔
Kalaivani Natarajan (3 months ago)
The amazing health benefits of coconut flower is briefly described in the following link that compels a person to eat this tasty sweet coconut bud. https://youtu.be/jIkM8dN4yCY
Rahul C (3 months ago)
Reaaly sad ...i m drooling......i am not getting even the coconut flower to eat and they ar making bajji/pakoras.....god save me😅
Tina Phillip (3 months ago)
I've noticed that Indians do not use plastic vessels in the preparation of foods.every thing is always stainless steel. I love that very much
UDAYASRI GANNARPU (5 months ago)
Wow....lst time I'm watching coconut flower bajji
srinivas jakkampudi (6 months ago)
Where is the place
Arun Devadiga (8 months ago)
These foreigners come to the comment section for shitting..thats it..in their country street foods are very hygienic.... Racist
Ghughu Maal (8 months ago)
Fuck ...it looks so nice in d end
Ghughu Maal (8 months ago)
There's no way in figuring out whether that's a coconut oil handed down generations...or any other
Ghughu Maal (8 months ago)
Oh no....u joined them before hand with Besan...Nd again mashing Besan ... Typical anna
Ghughu Maal (8 months ago)
It's magic...it's impossible...
Ghughu Maal (8 months ago)
U deserve 10 nobels for getting d flower out of d coconut without breaking it...
cba cba (2 days ago)
Really...he deserves
Nrravi Tej (8 months ago)
Where is this ?! How much is the cost
Rajkumar Ahuja (9 months ago)
Very lovely miusic
shaik 226 (9 months ago)
Price anta ??? Please akkada ??
Ravi Kumar (10 months ago)
konaseema location name plz bro
Mister Blake (10 months ago)
Why is the oil so black though
Pothula Sushanti (10 months ago)
Nice tasty treat. Something different which we could never think of.
Mae Tomcruz (11 months ago)
It looks yummy! But the way he prepared, I won’t never eat this. Yak!!!
Yinnie Sins (11 months ago)
Using bare hands is such a turnoff
eden woo (11 months ago)
barehanded cook , no hygiene
richard ordonez (11 months ago)
So many complaints about hygiene. Those who are weak should stay home and enjoy your "safe hygienic lifestyle" in the comfort of your home with your sanitizer wipes and gels. Don't venture out into the real bacteria laden world
eden woo (11 months ago)
richard ordonez it looks yummy but the way they cooked not so well
Meliza Lemog (1 year ago)
you can also blend the coconut flower and mix it with cold water add little sugar in it and drink it its very good 😊
The Palerider (1 year ago)
Knowing There's no toilets and no paper ,And they use their hands to wipe out the crap,I do not eat anything with such minimal higen much less using hands instead of some utensil.Bon Appetit you all...
HAVOC Pubg Mobile (1 year ago)
Leina Nightray (1 year ago)
I'm not worried about the fact he uses his bare hands (they touched nothing but food), I'm more concerned about the fact that the food is made near a busy road and that he breathes in the fumes all day long, and the food is exposed to it, nice to watch though
Leina Nightray (1 year ago)
I'm not worried about the fact he uses his bare hands (they touched nothing but food), I'm more concerned about the fact that the food is made near a busy road and that he breathes in the fumes all day long, and the food is exposed to it, nice to watch though
Leina Nightray (1 year ago)
I'm not worried about the fact he uses his bare hands (they touched nothing but food), I'm more concerned about the fact that the food is made near a busy road and that he breathes in the fumes all day long, and the food is exposed to it, nice to watch though
K K (2 months ago)
All people care about not to touch food with left hand.
GPM GPM (1 year ago)
Ithu romba Nalla irukkum ana IPO la thengala poo varala
wong ayoe (1 year ago)
Eager to know how it taste
MIAN YASEEN (1 year ago)
Please don't use to dirty hand used the gloves then is okay
Jasnoor Khnna Jasnoor Khnna (1 year ago)
ham to Punjab se app ki dis tests and beautiful lagti hai kon se raja she hai
Ani Anitha (1 year ago)
Ani Anitha (1 year ago)
Ani Hati (1 year ago)
Super heran
Syd sma (1 year ago)
Britta S (1 year ago)
vow such a different dish of coconut kuruthu. so so superb.
Hansam Rivera (1 year ago)
I prefer eating raw coconut flowers. Have a try and the taste is sweet.
Hammudi Ali (1 year ago)
Very very dirty
Irish Kuwata (1 year ago)
Dirty hands and fingernails Thanks but no thanks
debojit D (1 year ago)
I don't lyk coconut flower
Janani Krishnan (1 year ago)
Wow superb
DejNtwsTsiRovQab Zaag (1 year ago)
ça l'air appétissant
sony marak (1 year ago)
Disgusting he should have wear hand gloves....
MARI MARC (1 year ago)
DitolangSaamin QCtv (1 year ago)
bulok internet sa pilipinas partida PLDT FIBR pa tron gamit ko ....
Jeshwin Murti (1 year ago)
I have eaten the flower back hm Fiji very delicious. But not the fried one
native pinay (1 year ago)
Bella Chettry (1 year ago)
Too much trouble 👎
benzamin baite (1 year ago)
Evi kayah (1 year ago)
Amazing food so creative and looks so deliciouse👍😋
plomo para los sapos matanza (1 year ago)
Y aqui quien habla Español
Rifai A. L (1 year ago)
The ingredients are super healthy. But the method of preparation and serving is utterly unhealthy and unhygienic.
Babu Tarun (1 year ago)
Super bhava
ELVIRA PATAUEG (1 year ago)
Old Master (1 year ago)
What are the black granules? We didn't see him mixing ingredients other than flour and water so maybe these granules comes by mistake from crushed cockroaches!
I like it. The soul food
Bala Subramanian (1 year ago)
Waldecyr Januário (1 year ago)
How long do they use the same oil?
joeconsumer (4 months ago)
Waldecyr Januário (1 year ago)
I wonder if they wash their hands very well before preparing this food. Well, it looks good.
Avinash Chittar (1 month ago)
You wipe ur ass with a paper and ur asking about hygiene
prameela k.m (1 year ago)
Test ela umtundo telici ledu kani chaoodAdaniki baga undi
prameela k.m (1 year ago)
First time i am watching that coconut flowers also using for cooking
Wijitha Manel (10 months ago)
prameela k.m me too
Tanvesh D (1 year ago)
ohh godd why would you even fry such delicious coconut flowers, they are so nutritious and juicy naturally, you are ruining it with unhealthy oil and weird combination of chick pea flour.
Jackie Herring-Prescott (1 year ago)
Looks good
Eka Sahid (1 year ago)
oh no😱
Blessy Jane Ylaya (1 year ago)
OMG, the way he prepared so weeeeeeew. Haha.
Anne Lanada (1 year ago)
lol its dirty but they immune! you guys would understand once u live in 3rd world countries lol.. and Im telling you u wont survive! haha
LEGEND DELHIwale (8 months ago)
Sorry but andra people are called Indian tribals 👍👍😊😊
prameela k.m (1 year ago)
Forest people dont wash hand still they r healthier than us
Kevine B'misso (1 year ago)
Whaooow! i shall taste it one day
Lim Kim (1 year ago)
Ylook good and you so smart
Nellor Nosmay (1 year ago)
It taste a little bit salty main ingredients? He's hands 😂
yeyo (1 year ago)
Oh wow I live in Hawaii we always ate the flower just out of the coconut but I never thought to batter and fry it up I’m gona do that wow soooo cool
vinod kirpan (1 year ago)
Kitne ka hai ye
মাসুদ খন্দকার (1 year ago)
OMG, Making food with empty hands without gloves & On the street, open environment. They will make people sick. Need to teach them cleanliness.
heanmalú (1 year ago)
Leonardo Soares (1 year ago)
It must be a delicious!
Leonardo Soares (1 year ago)
Amasing! I just loved the music!
Felix Rayan (1 year ago)
mindblowing super dish and amazingly done, all the best just go nuts.....
Biju S Punnooreth (1 year ago)
Hand dirt pakoda. 👌👌👌 hand dirt mix with flour and fried with coconut sprout.🐸🐸🐸🐸
Mathson M (1 year ago)
Idiotic concept...😬
Mathson M (1 year ago)
@Ione Duarte Todo va estar bien...
Ione Duarte (1 year ago)
Mathson M (1 year ago)
@prameela k.m did I talk about taste?
prameela k.m (1 year ago)
How u know did u eat
Manju Raj (1 year ago)
super yummy........li like it😋😋😋😋😋
smart king um (1 year ago)
Faltu ka time pas hai ye
Mangesh Pawar (1 year ago)
बहूत बडिया
Dede Mansur (1 year ago)
jarijih aing.mni ku kokod,leuheung mn kokodn beresih
Hashim Hussain (1 year ago)
Looks delicious
likhith vizag (1 year ago)
Not hygienic...
no name (1 year ago)
yep, dont see no corn syrup and the 100 other artificial chemical food additives in here ..................this kind of cooking dont promote cancer and diabetes........i wont have it!!!
life is death, death is life soul (1 year ago)
Mhegan Megan (1 year ago)
i think its delecious reciepe i will do this in my country..buta not like that way how he cook unproper
Sun Wukong (1 year ago)
no it isn't don't believe them... u will b disappointed
Kalac gurung (1 year ago)
jeren royo (1 year ago)
The way he prepared the food looks so disgusting.
no name (1 year ago)
ewwwwwewwwe...its not made in a factory....no machine flavour...so discusting
Kartick Chakrabortty (1 year ago)
SHEKHAR SHARMA (1 year ago)
I want to eat this Yummy.
weinara wannabe (1 year ago)
Please use a spatula or gloves
Rita Surya (1 year ago)
Served by bare hands ... It is not hygienic food.
tanya compass (1 year ago)
Rita Surya once your hands r wash and clean yes it is better then plastic gloves and alll
Vikram Vel (1 year ago)
Mix your shit little bit dude! Andhra/Telangana special shitty baji
Fed Deral (1 year ago)
Why these people used bare hands directly, instead can't practice sanitize cooking gloves ? Just wondering why..
Yanique Griffiths (1 year ago)
The people dem look like dem live a place with glove to you🤔 kmt....