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Funny MBA Supply Chain Bathroom Video

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A group of MBA students use skills learned in their Supply Chain class to point out the inefficiencies of the latest "green" bathroom remodel at ASU's WP Carey School of Business. Like any good MBA students, they dont just point out the problem, the offer solutions...
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Text Comments (7)
cyxor (2 years ago)
nice video :D, subscribe back.
David Heath (4 years ago)
Thanks for the kind comments!  
Lj Lambert (5 years ago)
This was the perfect video for my study break!
Ignas Daugesys (6 years ago)
Tracy Howell (7 years ago)
I hear the bathrooms in the new building will have an attendant.
Jashan Bathla (7 years ago)
Very koool
vinmehr (7 years ago)
i like 'the attendant'