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Bono on his Position in U2, "I'd say I'm the kicker" | Good Morning Football | NFL Network

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Legendary rock icon, Bono, sits down with Good Morning Football's Kyle Brandt to discuss football, America, and U2's new album "Songs of Experience." Subscribe to NFL Network: NFL Network schedule: Start your free trial of NFL Game Pass: Check out our other channels: NFL NFL Films Watch NFL Now: Listen to NFL podcasts: Watch the NFL network: Download the NFL mobile app: 2016 NFL Schedule: Buy tickets to watch your favorite team: Shop NFL: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram:
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Text Comments (5)
Wanda Fischetti (3 months ago)
america is an idea
Hashim Siddique (6 months ago)
He's a great interviewer. Maybe branch out from football.
Edith Callaway (9 months ago)
While you're in America, your Ireland is turning into Africa.
Dylan Koch (1 year ago)
Delta Floss (1 year ago)
28-3 lol