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Who Delivers Best UPS | FEDEX | AMAZON? Caught on Blink Security Camera

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Text Comments (76)
Allstate323 (7 months ago)
To me #4, he actually hid the package from thieves walking or driving past the house, plus those chewy boxes are extremely heavy.
Jessica L (10 months ago)
No excuse for awful customer service this all day long and then you can really decide/judge! These guys work so hard, regardless.
Peg Alaxanian (10 months ago)
At least UPS drives up my 175" driveway and leaves packages on my porch. Fedex just leaves them on the ground at the end of my drive. Just came in from collecting two packages. It's the 3rd. time they have delivered this way. I have called and to complain but it does no good. I prefer UPS by far.
Algis Infante (11 months ago)
lanter man #3
Наталья Мельник (1 year ago)
*This works great!>>>****   Been using it for several weeks. Can turn on remotely also. The app is easy to use also, It's pretty awesome. We had it inside the house because of "Indoor". We looked at the out door one, it was pricey so we just moved this outdoors (but in the shade) today. I'll try to remember to comeback and review how it's working outdoors in the Ca. Central Valley summer Heater*
Chris Corbett (1 year ago)
juan O (1 year ago)
I think amazon wins
Matthew Rivera (1 year ago)
I've had more problems with FedEx and USPS than ups.
Zach Wachs (1 year ago)
I work for Amazon and i can tell you first hand it's not us.
Mike Neal (8 months ago)
Its is Amazon that is the worst at delivering from what I seen delivering for Fedex express. Countless times I find Amazon delivery drivers leave packages on the street outside apartments, hallways, at the ramp to boat houses and not the actual boat house its meant for, not knocking or ringing doorbells, not hiding the packages away from street view and so on and so on. The video alone showed 3 Amazon drivers doing a poor job at delivery.
My 2bar (1 year ago)
Is this what the post is like in American, at least in the UK they wait at the door to see if you answer? They'll even leave it with a neighbour so it's safe. I will never complain about UK Post again if this is what it's like in America. :-/
grateful1929 (1 year ago)
It looks like number #3 looked up at the camera.
James Humphreys (1 year ago)
Chinese takeout guy did it best.
Baby Bunch (1 year ago)
Fed ex and ups have been working for a long guy is new..
No No (1 year ago)
#6 is the best
Mohammed Riaz (1 year ago)
Best #8 worst number#4
How to Enter the United States legally (1 year ago)
7,8,9 best
Steve Ervin (2 years ago)
I think all items would have survived. I just purchased the Blink system because I have witnessed the local USPS driver throw packages the 5 feet to my front door instead of walking up onto my front porch. It was his word against mine but now I will have proof next time he does it.
frankborja25 (2 years ago)
the rat from the installation video....kidding! great vid...want a couple of cameras, the xt looks really good
H Thapa (2 years ago)
lol luckily we dont have any of those facilities yet here, so i dont have to worry about getting damage package.i can take the best one from the store and take as gentle as i can/want to my home.
Elmer Pagalilauan (2 years ago)
I'm sort of between #3 and #9. Anyone with me?
Cross (2 years ago)
u do realize that this video is going to get those couriers fired right? that's a real shame dude.
SiCxNeMeSiS (1 year ago)
PINK KUSSSHH What did they do wrong lol
AK47 KUSSSHH (2 years ago)
Who cares they ain't responsible anyways how they handle the package
Mallory 1637 (2 years ago)
worst 1 best 3
Ron R (2 years ago)
I was impressed by all, the one dropped one parcel a little hard but not to the point of damaging it.
Tha Duke (2 years ago)
That last dude 😂😂. Dropped it like nothing.
food smart (2 years ago)
#2 is the worst he really give the package throw to The ground with some muscle behind it
Kimberly Griffin (2 years ago)
None except #6
ytown4 (2 years ago)
#3&#6 the best, #4 the worst.
UttR Concrete (2 years ago)
Lol, thought u we're going to have a pizza delivery guy at the end.
마음 (2 years ago)
#3 HAHAHA!!!🤣
Jassim Bouguila (2 years ago)
Can't recognize who's who
Dashaun2kTM (2 years ago)
Roland Hernandez (2 years ago)
Hey Gregg, I think Amazon is the best they rarely throw your packages on the ground in my experience and I order a lot of stuff from all carriers so my vote is Amazon.
Zach Wachs (1 year ago)
Are you fucking kidding me!! UPS and FedEx are professionals.
Maria Elena Cabrera (2 years ago)
OMG!!!!!! The last guy was horrendous.
GregglesTV (2 years ago)
+Maria Elena Cabrera lazy AF
Aditya Randhawa (2 years ago)
In my area that is Dallas, TX the best would easily be UPS and worst is a tie between FedEx and USPS
Aditya Randhawa (2 years ago)
Greggles TV USPS does, FedEx doesn't throw it but leaves it outside and doesn't care to knock or ring the door bell sometimes, and UPS waits for someone to answer the door and hand the package to them, and if nobody answers they take it to their store which i really feel is more secure and I appreciate it!
GregglesTV (2 years ago)
+Adi Randhawa do the others just drop and throw
Colin Bell (2 years ago)
I can't believe the leave it on door step in UK wud b gone over here there knock you open door and there pass you it and even some you have to I.D
chris Scomersi (2 years ago)
Same here in Germany we have to give them a signature otherwise they'll take it and deliver it the next day case youre not at home the second day they are going to take it to the next packing station and you'll need to pick it up from there where you also have to show your ID card
Colin Bell (2 years ago)
Greggles TV no never and if ya order say s8 you would have to show photo I.d mad. love the chance by the way friend
GregglesTV (2 years ago)
+Colin Bell so they never just leave packages??
MrMano54 (2 years ago)
lol some Are to lazy to even bend down to put the package properly on the ground.. ALL DELIVERY were horrible in my book
GregglesTV (2 years ago)
+MrMano54 haha yup
MrLaw305 (2 years ago)
the best #3 and worst #7(looking like food delivery)
Kartikeya Babhuta (2 years ago)
the third one is a little better...
Matt Leaf (2 years ago)
#3 got that shit locked up as far as the best goes.
GregglesTV (2 years ago)
hahaha :) he cares!!
texgem (2 years ago)
Nobody rings doorbell at my house sometimes I think they tiptoe because I know something is being delivered . I'm anticipating and anxiously waiting for it looking through windows every time I hear an engine . There's nothing then when it starts to get dark wtf I go outside to look and there's the damn package.
GregglesTV (2 years ago)
dude get a camera!
Rowan Small Jr (2 years ago)
Best #3
GregglesTV (2 years ago)
#3 seems to be winning
Renny Plasencia (2 years ago)
#4 worst
GregglesTV (2 years ago)
not #10??
chris Scomersi (2 years ago)
#7&#3 the best #10 and #4 the worst
GregglesTV (2 years ago)
#10 is totally the worst haha
Luis Hurtado (2 years ago)
Personally I think #3 did the best job. #4 Did the worst because look at how he just drops that big package! It could have something like a desktop in there!
D Cents (1 year ago)
You have to pack something like it is going to be thrown up to 20 feet to include a 2-3 ft drop into a hamper...just saying...those little drops are nothing compared to what the package went through in transit
androcles x (2 years ago)
It was dog food lol You guys think these were bad you've obviously never seen packages being sorted before. Lmao!
GregglesTV (2 years ago)
yeah #4 was bad but i think #10 was worst
Zakonlit (2 years ago)
Luis Hurtado the package fumbles around during transit with more bumps than dropping it from 2 feet high
Marcus U (2 years ago)
Sometimes when UPS delivers to me they don't ring the doorbell. SMH. Like how hard is that??
Marcus U (2 years ago)
Only way I would know if a package got delivered is the tracking app on my phone
GregglesTV (2 years ago)
yeah not a good part of the customer experience
Christopher Delcastillo (2 years ago)
lol pretty much the same bad lol
Kyle Smith (2 years ago)
Christopher Delcastillo scary? Lol I suggest you don't by anything online then because let me tell you I seen first hand how Amazon treats their parcels in plant. these guys are cuddling them.
GregglesTV (2 years ago)
hahah scary right
Jrcunion (2 years ago)
GregglesTV (2 years ago)
hahaha :)
Jrcunion (2 years ago)
chris Scomersi hard to type and drive my semi. haha
chris Scomersi (2 years ago)
Jrcunion nope sry ^^
chris Scomersi (2 years ago)
GregglesTV (2 years ago)
nice win