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The UPS Store 325 How do mailboxes work?

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http://bit.ly/VyMPRf Phone:(604) 205-5888 Welcome to The UPS Store 325 in the heart of Burnaby Heights area! Our objective at The UPS Store is to provide quality services to businesses and individuals, including shipping and packaging, drop-offs, mail box rentals, printing and copying, finishing services, graphic/web design, and reusable name badges. http://bit.ly/VyMPRf
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Text Comments (12)
Hotboy Jessie (24 days ago)
What if my friend use the address will the mail still be put in the mailbox, because its a different name?
J. J. (7 months ago)
feet (1 year ago)
if u include the street adress of post office. i get a po box for 64 dollars a year
Frank Synite (2 years ago)
nice tits
The Survivalist (2 years ago)
Frank Synite In deed!
Aaron T (2 years ago)
Cosmo John (2 years ago)
Why do people not already have a mailbox in the first place?
Jessy Baes (2 months ago)
So employers or other people, wont know exactly where you live. Or try stealing your stuff.. Some people even use it when the are on the road full time, or is living with nosey roomates
1rustyboy1 (9 months ago)
RV full timers do it
Erick Sitter (11 months ago)
I live in a confusing townhouse apartment complex, I've had packages delivered on the wrong side or even the wrong apartment number. With a UPS mailbox I can just use the street address and #mailboxnumber and just go pick up packages after work and even mail.
Sojourn R&R (1 year ago)
Cosmo John Some people receive sensitive material, some people live in a loft, some people have small businesses, and some people arent cookie cutter followers like you who live by a cookie cutter blueprint 😴
All Season Landscaping & Handyman (1 year ago)
For safety concern. A company sends you a project check. Think which one is safe home or ups? You never know who can steal a value information right of your home mail box. Compare UPS you receive two keys the office and your mail box on top surveillance cameras that monitored 24/7.