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How did Dubai get so rich? | CNBC Explains

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Dubai is a global business hub and luxury tourist destination that boasts the world’s tallest building and a police force that drive supercars. So how did it get so rich? ----- Subscribe to us on YouTube: http://cnb.cx/2wuoARM Subscribe to CNBC Life on YouTube: http://cnb.cx/2wAkfMv Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cnbcinternational Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cnbcinternational/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CNBCi
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Text Comments (1129)
Sahil Shahani (12 hours ago)
I went a trip to the 7000 aed Burj alarab room
Sahil Shahani (12 hours ago)
I live in Uae dubai
Megdiche Helmi (1 day ago)
I'am rich or not .. i have a free ticket to dubai now or not .. i will never and never and fuckin never go there !!
Date Masamune (3 days ago)
So many jealous people in the comment section.
Machine Marvels (4 days ago)
Police forces that drive supercar!!! 😱😱😱
dave choy (4 days ago)
Dubai is rich? Crazy rich?
Kishan Kc (4 days ago)
Aazizul Zaim (5 days ago)
Debtanu Sen (6 days ago)
Slave labour, ask any people who managed to escape from there.
curtis shaw (6 days ago)
Sick arabs. Women can't go out without wearing veils. There is nothing modern about any arab country.
- (7 days ago)
Dude Who's shiekh rasheed?!?!? Its Rashed
The Big Boss (8 days ago)
The God gave them money and everything therefore we don’t have to be jealous.
Nitish Vaidya (11 days ago)
The modernization is at a higher cost. The work force and labour had to sacrifice their liberty.
Raychelle Injete (12 days ago)
Very impressive leadership. ..from a desert to a financial, tourism hub..a magnetic country...leaders can kearn from Dubai..
CECC0 (12 days ago)
30 days off as vacation! we don’t get that even in the US and these jealousy Indian talking about slavery and all of that 😶😗
charles kenny (13 days ago)
No one forced you to come do Dubai, it is a matter of choice, you can always stay in your country or go back if you don't like it in Dubai
mira syam (14 days ago)
One word: OIL. God bless Islam. Peace. :)
Zaid Khan (16 days ago)
In comment section All HATERS SPOTTED 😂😂😂😂
The God Emperor's 45th Legion of the 2nd Meme War (16 days ago)
See. No taxes work.
Nagoormeeran M (17 days ago)
321bluff (17 days ago)
while the richest eastern area the indian subcontinent was busy in corruption and wars.
Ravindra Parashuram (17 days ago)
Its high time for correction.
Daniel Chia (18 days ago)
If one day Dubai have no oil ...
Aegon One (19 days ago)
Was always wondering why. Now I know. Oil and slavery. Only cool thing about that place would be to visit the desert where some battles (not listed on this video) were taken.
The amazing Selim’s Gaming show (19 days ago)
I live in dubai
Boota Khan (19 days ago)
Subhana Allah connect me) l don't like Haram country l follow right
Nikhil Vankar (19 days ago)
Dubai is best city in the world
Basti Stang (21 days ago)
Shomerful (21 days ago)
One day a week.. for real?
Masked Man gaming (21 days ago)
I ᗩᗰ Iᑎ ᗪᑌᗷᗩI
riz Hashem (22 days ago)
Without the support of west . They are still living in stonage. Slavery is the example
ไอ้มดแดง (22 days ago)
City full of farts
Abin Make (23 days ago)
We the people of Indian subcontractor people always help and helping other countries to develop. . We are the people working all over the world working. .
Aman Kattal (23 days ago)
Hell on earth 🌍
Marietta I (25 days ago)
The only question I have is how will I get rich??
Marietta I (20 days ago)
Nina Yanthi Simatupang no! Really?!
Nina Yanthi Simatupang (21 days ago)
Work hard sis
Joseph Lim (27 days ago)
touris destination? blah blah u call that tourist destination when almost all of it is man made, would visit this country last from my list thats fo sure
I would Say (29 days ago)
Why people of dubai smells terrible? I asked someone they said, because dubai lacks of water, so they dont wash often. Is that true?
Samar's Gadgets World (1 month ago)
I love western countries from India If you are poor you won't get treated like shit
Samar's Gadgets World (1 month ago)
Doesn't matter It's still a shithole
Waleed Sul (1 month ago)
Exploit the Laborers from boor countries and using them as a sleeves to build a false civilisation and in contrast the calling there state a civilised country, and they are very far away from the civilisation. Please tell them that the civilisation cannot afford their mentality and their eccentric philosophy.
hieu nguyen (1 month ago)
because US havent checked their oil,yet
Anna Mae Lomentigar (1 month ago)
the ruler of the countries amd the people who helped them think of how they cam grow the country before are amazing.
danney antony (1 month ago)
The map used is flawed!.... palm island extends to the sea. Its not a water body in the land as shown.... pffft captain glies away *
iamAX 830 (1 month ago)
And now many ppl and companies are paying for what they loaned for.
Mãe Natureza (1 month ago)
Seems a nice place to live if you have $$
Gene Green (1 month ago)
It got rich on forced slavery!
Abhiram chintalapati (1 month ago)
Dubai is a expert in bringing utter misery to slaves
Denis A (1 month ago)
It's amazing city, but I did not want to live here. I was in Dubai, and I think, that will be here later. Only for tourism, but not for permanent living. Almost all citizens of Dubai live in Europe, USA and Canada.
Husam Baller (1 month ago)
Micheal Achilanga (1 month ago)
They’re going to become poor soon. We have Elon Musk so their oil will soon be irrelevant
true w (1 month ago)
country with empty soul and no moral.the not happy shame on you you called yourself a Muslim
marco brenni (1 month ago)
Only Dubai has nowadays a little part of his GDP based on oil: all the other Emirates economies are based about 80% on oil ! Oil is still the main ressource of those "nouveaux riches" countries named "Emirates" - and we all are paying for them !
VAGEESHA JAJUR (1 month ago)
I went to Dubai in 2014: I spent hell amount of money in 3 days without realizing it. It's a heaven if you have a ton of money.
The Wise Crusader (1 month ago)
Dubai is by far the most beautiful and most stable city in the Middle and a major global trading hub. Yes there is horrible working conditions for the migratory workers there but isn’t it not the same in the west and east Asia?
BurntRAM (1 month ago)
so the answer is ports and the brits. too much useless information given in this video.
Mashoor Media (1 month ago)
Nice video. 😊 #Tahera. #MashoorMedia. Dubai
SparkShark-Agar (1 month ago)
Fuel and labor I hate this place
Nathaniel Padilla (1 month ago)
Whem oil becomes obsolete this place will become the biggest ghost town in all the world.
Afif Chowdhury (1 month ago)
Can we all please take a second to mention that this guys name sounds like tom shitty?
MONISH HR (1 month ago)
Haha we south Asians are always a cheap labour and there is no wrong in saying that we are slaves.
Vishnu Sreedharan (1 month ago)
Because they charge Nicely for what they give .......comparatively it's bit more expensive than the other neighbouring countries.. I say
American perspective (1 month ago)
Gee did you really need to make a video on this? Pretty obvious.
Muhammad farhan (1 month ago)
only because dubai has chosen haram ways for getting rich.... every muslim should agree with my comment
Mariam Hasan (1 month ago)
I've been living in Dubai since many years always love it but nowadays it's way more to expensive and they have VAT in summers it's horrible winters are amazing
6alal1994 (1 month ago)
wow dubai is really amazing city
6alal1994 (1 month ago)
wow dubai is really amazing city
xTrue2Lifex (1 month ago)
In a much less blood thirsty way than uk and us
Yahya AlShamy (1 month ago)
There is a huge difference between cheap labor and slavery. Labor is VOLUNTATY, and slavery is NOT. Labor in the UAE is voluntary and living conditions are still better than in many areas in India. That is why they move to Dubai still. Calling this slavery is a disrespect to the millions of poor slaves who were murdered and violently coerced into terrible things their entire lives.
Shar (1 month ago)
OIL. horrible place to go. no soul and super super fake
Batman 227 (1 month ago)
Sadly Dubai of slaves
Roshni Gawandi (1 month ago)
So many hateful comments about Dubai which I cannot comment on cuz I had visited this place as a tourist. All these scenarios may or may not be true but I had really enjoyed my time there. I know that the labour section is badly treated (thats what I saw in some videos) but it’s amazing to see the kind of vision they have to make the city better and better. Also, racism is everywhere. Even in Mumbai, people coming from rural places are treated differently.
es kurniawan (2 months ago)
saif alahbabi (2 months ago)
0:44 the arabian gulf not persian
deeptotop (2 months ago)
Its not bcz oil its bcz allah saudi and uae bcm top and now need not ri depend on khafris.
DalAS (2 months ago)
It’s the Arabian Gulf.
Food4you (2 months ago)
whit money you xan enjoy
w0lvez1 (2 months ago)
Simply because they don't waste money funding ghost project like going to the moon, exploring Mars and fighting war on terror. They also have no military bases worldwide. Dubai's oil is like needle in haystack compared to United States.
Myla Mahgol (2 months ago)
dhiya fidaiy (1 month ago)
Myla Mahgol jelous
Beyonder (2 months ago)
Pakistani and indians are so jelous. Their country is a shithole. They wish they had city like abu Dhabi and Dubai. UAE has no slaves. The amount these workers make is more than they can ever make in India or Pakistan.
Umair Saeed (2 months ago)
I was born in uae but not in Dubai but in Sharjah a neighboring city but I grew up in dubai
ShadowMaster 45 (2 months ago)
why is this the first time im seeing cavalry on camels
Mechanical Engineering Academy (2 months ago)
P.D.C.A. is best tool,...!!!
AliBaba Aur CHalis cHOR (2 months ago)
Retro Dude (2 months ago)
Oil, freight and throwing money in infrastructure and real estate development, I’m jealous, we need something like this in America 🇺🇸.
Gaukhar Akhmetova (2 months ago)
Shreeprasad Gurung (2 months ago)
I have been living in dubai 5 years
Prins Ricky (2 months ago)
Fuckin hate Dubai since they strip me to my underwear at the Airport!
Abhijeet Jedhe (2 months ago)
Please let us know about Russian economic
Joseph Lawndale (2 months ago)
Like the ancient times, huh? Traders and merchants by birth... May the UAE prosper more, then.
MARCOS (2 months ago)
oil my friend
Boom Dos (2 months ago)
When I left Dubai in Feb, they had JUST increased the VAT, and included an income tax for all workers. Alot of the taxi drivers and services workers i talked to said they are going back to their countries. I think that was the Emirati way of shooing away the migrants. And yeah, Dubai was built on cheap slave labor. They were also bailed out by Abu Dhabi if I recall.
fedorjmb shin (2 months ago)
that is crazy, fucking USA needs to do that in the south that looks like shitHOLE
fedorjmb shin (2 months ago)
Boom Dos nobody is talkin about slavery but they should build something better than the way looks now
Boom Dos (2 months ago)
Nah. the South in the USA is already done with slavery.....don't want to go there again.
Fishfan 2 (2 months ago)
Corrupt Corporate shill Rockefellers
Pitufo Fucked yo momma (2 months ago)
By using slaves
محمد الدوسري (2 months ago)
Omg, there is too much hate and jealousy from the great country of UAE. All the love and hope for a better future from Kuwait 🇰🇼🇦🇪
محمد الدوسري (2 months ago)
Boom Dos Slavery is what America and euro did to african people by forcing thier people to work for them but in Dubai nobody is forced it's thier own decision to work and earn money
Boom Dos (2 months ago)
There's no hate and jealousy. Gonna call it like it is. Slavery.
ApexIXMR (2 months ago)
OIL. FUCKING OIL. Stop kidding yourself with that BS 1% of their GDP nonsense. They will lie thru their teeth so that the world ignores the rising fuel/oil prices.
Boom Dos (2 months ago)
Oil is less than 1%. Truth. The problem for the future of Dubai isn't LACK of oil. Since they aren't dependent on that anymore...it's lack of water, and climate change.
FURKHAN HASAN (2 months ago)
after 50 years Arab countries will become poor
asdfasdfasdfaf (2 months ago)
"British intervention" didn't "help" to stop anything, they just were there for the money.
nicegoodspeed1 (2 months ago)
No fanatic oppositions.
mahir dholakia (2 months ago)
Would you please make video about Oman.