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I Spent The Night In My Boyfriends House & He Had No Idea... (24 Hour Challenge)

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Relly Evans (22 hours ago)
Chocolate frosties are the best
Lao Nails (1 day ago)
i subscribed and hit the notifications
Lao Nails (1 day ago)
Denia Romero (1 day ago)
My little brother is name is aden
Alexandra Monroe (1 day ago)
2feer for one
Raeya Hill (2 days ago)
3:40 yooooo she trippin
Eleri Robinson (2 days ago)
|Medicine? What 4?| Luv u and hope ur alright!| x
Eleri Robinson (2 days ago)
love ur eyeshadow jules! x
Juan .A. Salgado (2 days ago)
Jules you are so cute I am a girl so I don't want Saud to get mad so I'm letting you now that I'm a girl ok love your videos and when I'm sad you make me happy can I get a shout out and sport Saud if I spellt your name wrong
Laura Mathews (2 days ago)
Yes I'm with you girl
Ariel Klimchuk Vlogs (2 days ago)
Sievarma Huur (2 days ago)
Revenge prank😏😏
Taylan Sistare (2 days ago)
Hey guys I love y'alls channel I subscribed and hit the notification bell and I am apart of the shout out squad
Tashama Makumbe (3 days ago)
Dana Turki (4 days ago)
This is deffenitly a lie
Ashley Ibarria (4 days ago)
Should have taken the opportunity to teach him a lesson / STOLEN CAR PRANK 🤣🤣
Daisy Velasco (5 days ago)
You guys like chimmie
Daisy Velasco (5 days ago)
From BT21
Jenna Hana Squad (5 days ago)
I never saw the video. ❤️
Ana Cordero (5 days ago)
Julia is amazing 😍😘❤️
Kash&Kam G (6 days ago)
I turned on post notifications and subscribed 💕I love y’all!!!!😂❤️
Aireana Rodriguez (6 days ago)
I subscribed and liked and I’m staying a1
ANA RAMOS-JIMENEZ (7 days ago)
1:22 you guys are really funny and amazing whenever I say I’m going to go watch Saud and Jules you guys just make me 😂
Alexius Bennett (7 days ago)
Alexius Bennett (7 days ago)
I think he is suspishes
Lorena Turner (7 days ago)
Jazlynn Rivera (7 days ago)
Do you like bt21
Ally Sanders (8 days ago)
Dog? Pig? Chicken? We don’t know😂😂
iirxzxh vlogs (8 days ago)
Jules is so pretty and her personality is so bubbly and sweet but Saud i'm telling you now if you see this, she's a keeper💫💞🙏🏼 Edit: Jules:He said who's spending alll that money... What money? 😂 JULES YOU JUST CALLED HIM OUT😂💞
Bernice Grey (9 days ago)
Did her bf really cheat on her!?!?!?!? 😒😒😒
Sheyann Wright (10 days ago)
I thought we was gonna cheat a cheater😂
Joanne Darling (10 days ago)
I mean by pig
Joanne Darling (10 days ago)
So close to getting caught be pig
Joanne Darling (10 days ago)
Wow your so clever and this was a brilliant vid love you all including pig
Rebecca Shields (10 days ago)
pauline smyth (10 days ago)
a like Ur videos and hit the notification bell and surscribe now I'm in the a one squad
Jaison Joseph (11 days ago)
Saud looks litrely like a 12year old
Showmik Ahmed (11 days ago)
U guys really awesome ♥️
Devany Orr (11 days ago)
I did subscribe, like it and turned on the post notification bell that videos was awesome
Myasia Lee (11 days ago)
U go girl spy on him do ur thing
tan zil (13 days ago)
do you seriously think that people are this dumb to think that these are real??? come on!!!
Random Gaming (13 days ago)
I subscribed And turn on my notifications! I love you guys ❤️🐶
Angela Fagan (14 days ago)
This is how saud acts off camera
Angela Fagan (14 days ago)
Pig is the cutest
Emily Carroll (14 days ago)
Post notifications are on love u guys and Piglet ur amazing
Gacha-girl 178 (15 days ago)
11:20 Next minute someone stole your parking spot🤣Like if you thought that would happen!
Anonymous Celina (15 days ago)
I feel good that this was on my birthday!!! Even if you may not know it I'm happy and super grateful, thanks guys!!!
Anonymous Celina (15 days ago)
OMG! I came back from school and noticed this video was posted on my birthday and that's so cool cause I just finished watching Saud stalk Jules a couple minutes ago!
Joseph Lopez (15 days ago)
How many times did she say I know you guys cant see me
kayli bear (15 days ago)
ok i did it
luther johannes (16 days ago)
jules is beautiful
Esther Grube (16 days ago)
I liked subscribed and turned on my notifications I love the pranks y’all do and the things that y’all do I think y’all are the best couple in the world love y’all
music master (16 days ago)
Shayna Snook (16 days ago)
She should have took the car, and then they would come out and see that car was gone!!
Yaquelin de fjfjrj (17 days ago)
Just got a really good feeling to my house to get a really good haircut and I’m not going anywhere I wanna I like the hi
Queen Grace (17 days ago)
This is how much times she said ik u guys can't see me 👆
Abbie Deviney-Montgomery (17 days ago)
You forgot to gripe at him for the keys Julia
athens finest (18 days ago)
Solaiman Haji (18 days ago)
Aubreigh Hash (18 days ago)
If u gone to ur friend house how u go
Mady Forestier (19 days ago)
Pig is so cute also I subscribe and I am a big fan 🤓✌
Ashley Valdez (19 days ago)
You left the keys
Jaden Myers (19 days ago)
What is the intro song??? It's actually kinda fyaaaa
Carolyn Minaya (19 days ago)
I really really want to tell you this that I love your family Piggly Is so funny sometimes what are you guys making videos you always have to sleep on back of you on your bed
Hope & Nick Leslie-Rhodes (19 days ago)
you are so pretty and the dog is so cute😍😍😍😍
Anna-kay Guthrie (19 days ago)
This is how many times Julia said I know you guys can't see me 👇😆
Aislynn Mooney (19 days ago)
Aislynn Mooney (19 days ago)
Cristina Fernandez Lorente (20 days ago)
I like to know subscribed Hope you guys have a great day
Gurlboss (20 days ago)
Lol she stole the car haha 😂
Gurlboss (20 days ago)
This is my first time watching and I already subscribed >:3
RM says Jimin has no jams but he does (21 days ago)
I love sauds CHIMMY keychain!!🥰😍❤️💜
Roller skating Logic (21 days ago)
10:26 also me
Roller skating Logic (21 days ago)
6:30 me lol When my mom wouldn’t take me with her lol when I was five
Gracie James (21 days ago)
I have subscribed and pressed the notification bell on I love you you are my favourite you tubers can I have a shout out please
Marilyn Lopez (21 days ago)
love forstey
CLEEAM HOUSE (21 days ago)
How do you get in the notification squad???🤔
MaKaela Frederick (21 days ago)
Who is watching and reading the comments 👇🏻
Aniyah Young (2 days ago)
@blooming galaxy wolf what do you mean what ever aniyah
blooming galaxy wolf (2 days ago)
@Aniyah Young sure 😕
Aniyah Young (17 days ago)
Hey can you like my comment
Dallice Williams (21 days ago)
Yoj guys are so cute and funny wish I could meet you in person
Alana Dujmovic (21 days ago)
I subscribed to your chanal and I like your videos and I hit the bell and now I am apart of the squad Comment if you are??
Jaslynn Hawkins (21 days ago)
The video is 24 hours and it’s 24 minutes
Carmen Centeno (22 days ago)
Julia is sneaking on you
Bonita Passo (22 days ago)
yall just wanting Likes yeah pig is cute Jules is of course beautiful and I actually mean it
ABDUL ROUF (22 days ago)
I hit the button on the noteofakesen bel
ABDUL ROUF (22 days ago)
I support u
Gabriela Chavarria (22 days ago)
Daysha Berner (22 days ago)
Jules is pretty
Daysha Berner (22 days ago)
Saud is really cool and adi is cool to 😄😄
Mia Hyde (22 days ago)
THIS VIDEO SHOOK MEEEEE!! the fact that she didn't get caught. Jules is a serious spy for the unknown
Drippy 2k (22 days ago)
17:00 I got hoes that I'm keeping in the dark
AllyBeauty 101 (22 days ago)
Roses are red, Violets are blue, If you think Jules is pretty, make this blue. 👇🏼
Neichlyan Feliciano (22 days ago)
Teem piglit
the sassy sisters (22 days ago)
How old is Adien
Kaleigh York (22 days ago)
I subscribed and turned the bell on and I love you guys and piglit is so cute
Korinthia Rollins (22 days ago)
I love the video 😂😀😜😛👌✊✌
Lydia Cookiemonster666 (22 days ago)
She went to his “grandmas” and ended up in her house XD this how many people realised👇🏻
Fennic Fox animations (22 days ago)
I subbed and turned on notefitcations
lenatunji (23 days ago)
Whos watching this in janary 2020
Elena Solis (23 days ago)
I hit that bell and I subscribed.
Elyana World (23 days ago)
Jalan Matthews (23 days ago)
I liked subscribed and hit the notification. Bell I am part of the squad