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Boeing 747 Crash in Dubai | Fatal Delivery | UPS Airlines Flight 6

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UPS Airlines Flight 6 crashed into a military base near Dubai Airport on September 3, 2010. Find out what caused the crash! Follow me on Instagram to get the latest updates: https://instagram.com/theflightchannelyt I spent a lot of time to create this video. Hope you liked it! Buy the hardware that I use here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer20170928287?ref=ac_inf_hm_vp Or Here: CPU: http://amzn.to/2zvNOR9 GPU (Graphic Card): http://amzn.to/2hZyCSw GPU (Cheaper, but Good): http://amzn.to/2hoPxAT RAM: http://amzn.to/2yprDbF MOTHERBOARD: http://amzn.to/2yMYewl 4K MONITOR: http://amzn.to/2Ax0CV9 or http://amzn.to/2g8jzql MOUSE: http://amzn.to/2AxmXSE KEYBOARD: http://amzn.to/2hnHGU7 SSD Hard Drive: http://amzn.to/2fQ5ny8 Standard Hard Drive: http://amzn.to/2fG0t7D JOYSTICK: http://amzn.to/2lkUszi Note: Flight Simulator 2018 is not a new game. With this title I mean a combination of effects, add-ons and other things (added to Prepar3D v4.1 - 64bit) that make this video seem more real.
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Text Comments (1531)
TheFlightChannel (7 months ago)
I spent a lot of time to create this one. Let me know if you want me to make more of these type of videos... Thanks for watching! :)
이철수 (2 days ago)
Why didn't they escape by parashoot?
Bluesdude 0808 (2 days ago)
I love the way you makes these and I always know they'll be good...you're a true artist !
SITA (5 days ago)
Great video. Why did't pilot opted for Bahrain instead of returning to Dubai?
spedop08 (6 days ago)
How about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
Indu Prajapati (1 hour ago)
bhai bahut bura hua unke saath kon kon agree hai batao
safyan afridi (8 hours ago)
Is this true i didnt believe
Kennynva (1 day ago)
I dont understand how the ILS can guide the plane, and you cannot control it from the cockpit.
Andrew Steitz (1 day ago)
Great job on the video. My kids went to school with the children of the Captain. Very terrible experience but the family's faith in God gave them the emotional strength they needed to pull through. I volunteer with another UPS pilot who knew these guys personally. He still gets nervous if he knows there are Li-ion batteries on board. Lookup Li-ion battery fires to see why they are so dangerous
Sicri De La O (1 day ago)
It's so sad, I feel sorry for the one pilot that fought till the end, may he rest in peace.
Phyllis Jonson (1 day ago)
Omg, this is so sad!
Dimitri Hurlston (2 days ago)
Songs please
Theresa Vaughn (2 days ago)
Lets get honest Alot of these plains should be scrapped. Its time to build more safer plains. They should stop being so dam Greedy knowing that they are putting peoples life in danger. They just dont give a damm Anything for that dollar. Its so 😥
Noman Malik (2 days ago)
Why why why the pilots didn’t deserve to die like dis? ? ?!
Kevin Huerta (2 days ago)
A pilot never dies only flies higher! RIP Capt Douglas and F/o Matthew . Thank You for the video TheFlightChannel
Cyro - (3 days ago)
Why the hell do we get these shitty animations and not one single news vudeo
Flemingway (3 days ago)
That was sad. The fire was no fault of the crew. First officer made an error in the final moment turning 195 instead of 95 in the smoke and stress. Else he might have had a chanse on the second airfield but that is shaky chance.
David Morgan (4 days ago)
Very sad. Fantastic video. If only he had gone left instead of right. Under such incredible stress, I can understand why that might happen. He might have been able to lock on to the next airports ILS. Sad. Would like to know which additional flight sim software you used in addition to MFS X. Was that a PMDG 747? What else did you use? The images were fantastic.
crazy 88's (4 days ago)
This was a really respectful recreation of this tragic accident. I am in awe of the skill of the pilots - and your video was really well made.
Belladonna L. (4 days ago)
Wow. Amazing video, I definitely had to subscribe. But it did make me cry...so sad for the pilots.
Alextvman Tvman (4 days ago)
complete garbage.
Rocky MTN (5 days ago)
What’s so sad about this one is the F/O almost made it!! I can’t believe he got so far and at the last moment between life and death he put a 1 where a 0 should have gone and that sealed his fate. He fought all the way tho and was determined to live.
PeetForYouAll (5 days ago)
RIP two pilots, thanks for sharing
Samuel (5 days ago)
This is a simulation game of android
Jade Dodds (5 days ago)
You do one of the pan am crash
Jade Dodds (5 days ago)
I think it would be really cool you have great quality I love ur vids
Kiarash HZ (6 days ago)
It is PERSIAN GULF, Did u go to school ever? you are such an idiot.
Arlene Hall (6 days ago)
Wow! So very sad and disheartening. I was rooting for them even though it said fatal delivery. You still want the pilots to make it. You made a wonderful video, yes make more because even though it was sad, it was educational. I hope it will help future pilots. 😢
Noah Davidson (6 days ago)
Out of all of the crashes I’ve known of, this has to be the most gut wrenching one. Purely because the younger first officer was left with no guidance, faced with almost certain death, and he had to fly a massive, burning jumbo jet alone. The thought alone of that puts my heart in my stomach.
tom darco (6 days ago)
Nigel James (7 days ago)
What I want to know is why you have 13K likes, and 2.4K dislikes. Who in the hell did not like this video ? The only smallest fault was at the start, when you misspelled Boeing. Are there really that many trolls out there ?
Faiz Kazi (7 days ago)
I guess back in the day when they had flight engineers he could have been of real help here or was it the navigator I guess.
cchgn (7 days ago)
VERY Nice job, RIP Pilots.
QueasyAsh (8 days ago)
747-400F 00F
Greg Folland (8 days ago)
Jeez! That was absolutely terrifying!
Sheela Matthew (8 days ago)
The FO did his best 😥
Aryan Srivastav Of India (9 days ago)
For how to fly flight 787 an Android game see my channel #Aryansrivastavofindia
Aryan Srivastav Of India (9 days ago)
Very nice video
Rudi Meyer (9 days ago)
What's about the original vid?
Lynn Goc-ong (10 days ago)
Lynn Goc-ong (10 days ago)
This learning how to operate
Alan Teh (10 days ago)
Can't even begin to imagine how terrifying it must be for the F/O. And he was so close to making it. Had he been able to see clearer and input the correct heading, I think the plane might have made it. Such an unfortunate tragedy, he fought well to save himself and the plane. May he and the captain rest in peace.
Satanas Hell (10 days ago)
So that’s what happened to my package 📦
Hussien Ahmed (10 days ago)
Best recreation video ever thanks man
HD VLOGR (10 days ago)
I’m from dubai o no
Erfan Raxa (10 days ago)
feel sorry for poor souls
Tracy Chen (10 days ago)
At 2:21 Boeing was miss spelled
Ethan Official (11 days ago)
Whoever owned those lithium batteries has to pay for these two beautiful lives that risk themselves to help others travel and also to help deliver cargo.
DDaniel7733 (11 days ago)
May both of those pilots souls rest peacefully, hopefully they are in a better place now.
h4rder10 (11 days ago)
valiant effort. one mistake 195 in place of 95. that is stupendous effort considering smoke and everything failing. even if he switched the heading 95 crash was imminent only that it would've been at the sharjah airport
Brian Mason (11 days ago)
First class and well made..
Aryan Salaria (11 days ago)
RIP Both the pilots 😢😢
Gordon Dean (12 days ago)
GREAT video! Being a pilot and having flown through a couple of sticky situations......my heart rate increased during this vid. Wow! .
Сан Саныч А (12 days ago)
Эй а где русские??? Подтягиваемся товарищи... а ну их пиндосов
Yusuf Hoda (12 days ago)
this is not Microsoft flight sim.... looks like x plane 11
joseph kihuria (13 days ago)
ran tor (13 days ago)
Awesome job!
Kellyn Karr (13 days ago)
Sad. Thanks for this
Ronald C Krause Jr (14 days ago)
All planes that have a closed door cockpit option should also have TWO rolls of tape kept in that cabin. Almost any tape should be strong enough to keep out smoke and fumes, but "not strong" enough to keep quick access from leaving the cabin
LIGO (15 days ago)
What a damn shame.
vaya:414 (15 days ago)
OMG this is awful and heartbreaking💔💔💔💔
Wansta Naga (16 days ago)
Above all, " seek first da kingdom of god n everything shall ve its own distiney before god"
sebastiano zaccaro (16 days ago)
I never knew this.....thx
Jesse Gallego (16 days ago)
Jesse Gallego (16 days ago)
love this stuff. ..
Rajesh Kumar (16 days ago)
amazing video
Pavlin S (17 days ago)
this is P3D simulation, tough.
Ab AlQasabi (17 days ago)
Thank you for your effort of making this video. Watching the whole video makes my heartbeat fast. May the 2 Pilots rest in peace and hopefully this incident will not happen ever again. 💙
casey kyle (17 days ago)
Did anyone else notice it look like just a plane game ir just me?
Mario Bruno (17 days ago)
Precisamos ver e saber tudo !
ozbrookes (18 days ago)
Change the music
vegasjill21 (19 days ago)
Omigosh, that's so terrible!!! I can't watch anymore seeing the smoke engulfing the flight deck. What a terrifying place to be...so sorry for these guys. 😓
Julz Bergener (19 days ago)
Such a sad and unnecessary disaster😥
David Silva (19 days ago)
What game is this?! Holy moly thats some good graphics!
Neema Katana (20 days ago)
Thats Bad the Pläne Can Crash but keep it up Bros
Wallace Geller (20 days ago)
Excellent video. So sad for the pilots.
Uzaylının Dedesi (20 days ago)
Hayalim pilot olmak keşke becerebilsem PMDG yüklemeyi bir kere yüklemiştim ama adını vermek istemediğim bir kanaldan bir şey indirmek istedim sonra oyuna girdim PMDG yoktu keşke biri gelse yapsa bende mutlu olsam abi ben seni sıkı takipçinim abonenin ve bildirimlerin açık lütfen şu gmail adresine nasıl yapacağımı göndersen arkadaşlarda yardımcı olabilirse sevinirim (gmail adresi) poryazcankaan@gmail.com seni seviyoruz yorumumu okuduğunuz için teşekkürler.
arjun chander (21 days ago)
May the brave pilots rip... Their bravery will be remembered for ever. And the issue was very well explained in the video.. Good one
Nick L. (22 days ago)
These videos are just excellent sir!! Thank you!
Evan Burn (22 days ago)
Óh my God . Amazing Creation of The Flight Channel. So real. Feeling sorry for those two pilots
Jim Keller (22 days ago)
And of course precautions, restrictions and safety measures come AFTER the deaths.
Brenda Kinabrew, WMP (22 days ago)
...and was my Captain left-hand geared?
qasim rashid (22 days ago)
Excellent video & truely heart breaking outcome.
Rubina Aleem (22 days ago)
Guess what,I live in dubai
Mohd.Raihaan Musharraf (22 days ago)
Name of simulator you used?
Surendra Giri (23 days ago)
Arabelle Plano (23 days ago)
please produce more videos. i love to watch.
shreya borah (23 days ago)
I also want to be a pilot of airbus A330 of EMIRATES ❤😀😀😀😁 I have seen so many crashes and then my parents say don't be a pilot what will happen and i am like thats my aim i will full my dream 😀
Rajeeb Hussain (23 days ago)
Why the heck anyone would dislike this video !! Truly Amazing job with the video. Hats off to the maker
John Contino (23 days ago)
Great covereage. Please keep up the effort. thanks
sherya bal (24 days ago)
Can you give me the video s of Airbus 380
billt460 (25 days ago)
Was the consensus if he would have dialed in the correct heading, (095 instead of 195), he would have made it?
LIGO (25 days ago)
Great production and RIP to the pilots.
Can Aral (25 days ago)
What a brave First Officer and Captain! Really sorry for them, rest in peace heros...
Jason Kane (26 days ago)
This channel has way too many ad breaks.
vSophii (26 days ago)
poor guy ):
Faraz Ahmed (26 days ago)
More video and your explanation is very good
Gerhard Kutt (27 days ago)
How Sad. Great video. Thank you for sharing ... I wonder how bad the fire was on the plane before it landed. Also followup story of shipping Lithium batteries must have changed now.
Qasim Sultan (27 days ago)
It's a fake video notjing happening like that in dubai
tamiliii iini (28 days ago)
First of all, a very nice video. So much effort and the background music fits perfectly to the mood. It's so sad that this happened. Why do they all take action AFTER these incidents. R.I.P and all the best for their families.
bunny& sweety by hansika (28 days ago)
May the pilot's rest in peace
Yuri Gagarin (28 days ago)
dheeraj kumar (28 days ago)
y konsa game hai bhaiya ji
Kushal Thapa (29 days ago)
Is that fake ?? He use the mouse or sharp???
Lance Deal (29 days ago)
Sorry, about this tragedy I know what it feels us the families of any crew this is the worst but at least we know they are in heaven as my daddy too we can say they went to heaven in the most they like as was to fly RIP for these heroes I honor them!