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Black Lives Matter Protesters Storm ‘The Killer’ Screening

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Text Comments (19)
Hamish Dehmer (2 years ago)
90% of them were white.
Jonathan Brunson (4 years ago)
"We are all free thinking individuals!" "Yes, we are all free thinking individuals!!"
beastmodepimp (4 years ago)
What a bunch of annoying, unintelligent comments.
Nick Dressen (2 years ago)
nadergrinder you are wrong
Ariel Blacher-Rasheed (3 years ago)
nadergrinder Doesn't matter when you said it mate.
beastmodepimp (3 years ago)
Ariel Blacher-Rasheed thanks for replying to my comment from a year ago dipshit
Ariel Blacher-Rasheed (3 years ago)
nadergrinder What a bunch of annoying unitelligent black people
Condor b (4 years ago)
well i gave it a shot but i have no hope for this channel any more
Jay Meezee (4 years ago)
The audience was clapping because it's nice to do when retards put on a show.
Lps2005 (4 years ago)
Fuck black lives
Jorge Duque (4 years ago)
Why just protest against cops. Go protest against gangsters who in fact are killing black over drugs, over color, over hoods. Go tell them black lives matter. Because if y'all did care y'all would protest black on black killing that's much important as cops killing blacks
MNDFND (3 years ago)
Its all good I do agree black on black violence is a huge problem
its the current year (3 years ago)
Oh you're one of those conspiracy folks, although I have no doubt governments are corrupt to a certain extent I don't they are stupid enough to cause a drug problem in their own country, start a war on it and waste billions of dollars on it. I doubt the "profit" they make from it is greater than the debt created by it. BTW sorry for the insult, honestly don't know why I called you a name. Sorry
MNDFND (3 years ago)
where do you think the criminals get them from ? It's always higher ups. governments love to cause chaos
its the current year (3 years ago)
+MNDFND by criminals smuggling it across the border or people making it...what are you, fucking retarded?
MNDFND (3 years ago)
How do you think the drugs, money and guns get there in the first place ?
TapTap (4 years ago)
Isn't this correlated with the fact that more black people are involved in crime than white or asians? Just fight the unjust use of force cases. Who gives a shit about what color is the majority, never see anyone complain when they are the majority of something good like why the nba has more black than white guys or how most rappers are black and not asian or how indians always seem to win the national spelling b and not blacks.. Just saying that it looks bad when someone is fighting for something purely because they can relate to how they look not to why. Forget the color, no one will not hire you if you are the best or if they don't they are idiots so whats the problem. When you write no one sees your color, you can always impact the world with words and you can always work for yourself.
professorbland (4 years ago)
go away nobody cares
Wyoming G (1 year ago)