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How Fighting Wildfires Works

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Wendover Productions (7 days ago)
I hope you guys enjoy this video! It's obviously quite an enormous topic that people will spend years studying condensed down into a ten-minute video so this isn't the comprehensive guide to stopping wildfires but for those that know nothing about wildfire suppression techniques I hope this will be interesting and informative!
THE DECO LORD (3 hours ago)
Hi Wendover Productions At school we are learning about bushfires and this really help thx
Kyle Lester (4 days ago)
Wendover Productions could we have someone about Australia
Tommy Etheredge (5 days ago)
+Paula Mais So what? Why does it matter? The world doesn't stop on 9/11, nor should it. The people who died would want us to remember them, but they would want us to carry on
Paula Mais (5 days ago)
You posted this on 9/11
Luke92778 (16 hours ago)
Guam Is the United States
Bill (1 day ago)
Excellent video, the topic is very well explained. Very interesting too.
FireGamerGT (1 day ago)
Wendover, Korea, YES KOREA NORTH AND SOUTH KOREA Made A Building To Have Meetings, Faculty, And Treaty's
Aybak C. (1 day ago)
Hey man, love your content! Here are some ideas for a video: -the News -Amazon -Mail -Hospitals
WorldTravelA320 (1 day ago)
First in is either an engine crew, a wild land crew from local fire department, followed by a hotshot team. Smokejumpers are rarely first in unless fire is in extreme terrain. Even then, helitackers (wildland crews trained with helicopter operations and assigned to a chopper) will run the show until jumpers or hotshot crews arrive. As for fixed wing assets CALFIRE has a "cocked pistol" where their air tankers and even helicopters are sitting on the flight line with bellies full of retardant/water/foam. An air asset such as an S-2 airtanker, or a Bell 205 or a Sikorksy Firehawk will be assigned. Given the fact that CALFIRE does nighttime helo ops, I doubt it would be at nine am before first air asset is ready.
ᐊᒻᒪᒐᕈᖅᓂᒃ (1 day ago)
That plot twist at the end tho, he made it all up
Cranjis McBasketball (1 day ago)
5:50 Fahrenheit 451 confirmed as nonfiction
E. Camilo (1 day ago)
Another awesome video. You could do a video on post offices. How a package goes through all of them, the logistics of the payment to each one and stuff like that. :)
Kippy (2 days ago)
Have been hunting for the soundtrack that begins at 3:34 for a while now... also appears more prominently in Wendover's "The Plane Highway in the Sky" at the end as he explains North Atlantic Tracks. Anybody have any ideas?
the Carson (2 days ago)
So smokejumpers are basically ODSTs
Corneliu Zelea Codreanu (2 days ago)
Do a video on infantry tactics, that would for sure be interesting
Thijmen Kuik (3 days ago)
Sorry a 747 tanker? Holy shit
Joel Reid (3 days ago)
Meanwhile in Australia regular planned burn offs have been part of life for many decades. This is because modern society recognises the history of Indigenous people burning off the bushland for thousands of years. In fact evidence shows fires were less destructive when aboriginals first arrrived in Australia because they regularly burned off the environment.
burdizdawurd1516 (3 days ago)
California has fires and earthquakes. People still live there. The Midwest has tornadoes. People still live there. The southeast has hurricanes. People still live there. It's too damn cold in New England. I still live here. Las Vegas is stealing Colorado's water. People still live in Las Vegas. If people can't make fire proof fences or build their homes out of concrete, they would move to Colorado. Or live on a boat, then you can just move when conditions get rough.
LucasBrien (3 days ago)
I didn’t expect to be interested by this but then they jumped out of a plane...
C. B. Dance (3 days ago)
Australian bush fires have been known to move at 40km/h (24 m/ph).
Quad Speed (3 days ago)
This comment is brought to you by SquareSpace
Dale Stephanson (4 days ago)
"...as fire can not burn what is already burned." Charcoal would have some issue with that comment.
fedemundo (4 days ago)
wendover's most boring vid.
Jake Bruggeman aka ERIC GREEN/Mr. Spock (4 days ago)
I have a lot respect for firefighters! Never know if you can come back home, likewise with police officers.......
Andrew Chen (4 days ago)
Bendover Productions
Wesley Charity (4 days ago)
Why is this in my recommendations.
uri vs (4 days ago)
I amb your huggest fan, however, this video is not at the level of others. Keep going, your channel is great.
A box o' Juice (4 days ago)
Next up:How to stop a real fire?
oskado95 (5 days ago)
...or use the Swedish solution: Bomb it
TuxeDoge YT (5 days ago)
I don't really know why but this was VERY interesting and captivating
Mivi 092 (5 days ago)
Damn if you think American fires are bad then you should come to Australia
GunsOfThePhoenix (5 days ago)
CA here: Smokejumpers are essentially the special forces of CalFire. Training for it is brutal, and you must be in peak physical condition. But, if you want to be the best of the best, then you join the Smokejumpers.
Awang Budiman (5 days ago)
Genius idea: Cut down all trees. No forest fire. Ever seen a forest fire in the Sahara desert?
KC Wildcat (5 days ago)
If California installed an underground sprinkler system in all the forests, none of these fires would ever happen. Common sense.
Darsh (5 days ago)
This is some hard dangerous work. Props to these brave men and women.
chanze555 (5 days ago)
Just force everyone to leave and Earth will simply make that area respawn.
Eeshaan Achar (5 days ago)
What about nuking the fire? Won't that stop it? 😂😂😂
Gurtej Kanwar (5 days ago)
This is like real life Hearts of Iron.
Jasper Buan (5 days ago)
Don't you mean phenomenA?
day ago • 3 years ago (5 days ago)
rafael paolino (5 days ago)
Of course it envolves planes
Sarah Kaiser (5 days ago)
This was one of your best videos! Thanks for the info! I really enjoyed it!
Marco Aurélio Lima do Nascimento Junior (5 days ago)
Amazing video, very informative!
Dakota M (5 days ago)
You forgot the extra large paints that smoke jumpers need to carry their massive brass balls.
XerO (5 days ago)
There was a wildfire right next to my school and they used what looked like a C130, a few helicopters, and one of the helicopters landed on our baseball field and 8-12 firemen (maybe smokejumpers) ran out and up onto the hill. Might seem like a waste of resources, but the hill this fire was on was right next to quite a few houses, a lot of dry grass and trees, and obviously a school. Unfortunately, we had to go to class but my friends and I were the first to see the C130 on what looked like a strafing run. Definitely nothing you expect or see on a daily basis.
Luke D (5 days ago)
don't think we didn't see that casual airplane reference you sly dog
Threesixtydegree Orbits (5 days ago)
hahaa kmph!
Brandon M. Aviation (5 days ago)
The Bell/Boeing v22 dopey has potential as a fire fighting aircraft
Yoshi (5 days ago)
David Shafer (5 days ago)
Go to 00:08 to skip the commercial. Stop watching at 09:38 to skip the last commercial.
Cloud Airlines! Roblox (5 days ago)
That is COOL
skylineXpert (5 days ago)
very educational
Robin P (5 days ago)
TL;DR: Populating California was a mistake.
Chris Daley (5 days ago)
Yooooo Redding is represented by one of my favorite Youtube channels. Thanks Sam!
gamer waymer (5 days ago)
I've seen forest fires jump across roads and streams and even manage to jump across rivers soooo
JB91710 (5 days ago)
I'm a very Logical thinker so when I hear of Smoke Jumpers fighting forest fires, I think of a flees wrestling an elephant. Even the fires we saw here would require an endless supply of water and pumpers or Hundreds of FFers with endless energy and big equipment to churn up the soil to make a Very wide fire break. Even with that, fires can jump over these lines through the tree tops. Therefore, the use of Smoke Jumpers makes No Logical sense and needlessly endangers these people. Only air bombardment or high powered pumpers with massive water supplies could even hope to stop a forest fire.
Julia Pelio (5 days ago)
Ewan H (5 days ago)
You know. This reminds me off one of the first Ben 10 episodes where there’s a forest fire but then Ben has to turn into the fire guy and starts burning shit. I never really understood it at the time. Cheers
Nikita Evdokimov (5 days ago)
Thanks for this knowledge! I enjoyed this video a lot, and learned new things about the topic
Nikolaj11 (5 days ago)
Is there a technical difference between what people call a wildfire to just a forest fire?
Santiago Arce (5 days ago)
9:35 *phenomena
Jay Mckeever (5 days ago)
tired of ur ads... lay off bro
Chelsea Fan FC (5 days ago)
He sounds like half as interesting
Red Wolf (5 days ago)
>squarespace loves planes >9/11 No video explaining why 9/11 was an inside job Why
A generic Templar Knight (5 days ago)
Can you do more videos about fire fighting? It's just so interesting.
Ever Flores (5 days ago)
Okay, new video, great so far but where are the plane-Oh there they are I seem them
meor fitri (5 days ago)
In memory hotshot firefighter
Andika Wahyu (5 days ago)
6:41 ( *retard* )ant
Rodrigo Velásquez (5 days ago)
Great video...
Syprene (6 days ago)
Sounds fun.
Tech help portal (6 days ago)
I really love your videos but I want them produce more
Venki Rebel (6 days ago)
watch 'Only the brave' film based on this.
Mukita12 (6 days ago)
American: WE NEED TO STOP THE FIRE!!!!! Indonesian: Nah i'm too lazy... let the rain do it's job.
Ala File (6 days ago)
Its Croatian air forces canadair 415 on photo!
Hanoibus Gamer (6 days ago)
Don't know that they even use 747 just to stop wildfires
chrille146wi (6 days ago)
I bet the us could kill the fire with bullets lol
bigfutus (6 days ago)
Firefighting Jumbo, now i seen everything.
Bhaumik Patel (6 days ago)
Awesome watch from BC, Canada. We had about more than 500 active wildfires burning in the province just a couple weeks ago. Now it's raining in most parts with surprising snowfall in northern areas like Fort Nelson. Mother Nature truly is amazing.
GhostrixAce (6 days ago)
what milk are you buying the milk at the sore is 97c
fakewars (6 days ago)
If you enjoy this video I greatly recommend you to watch Only The Brave (2017), it's a movie about a wildland firefighter crew, which is based on a true story.
Two Bit Aviation (6 days ago)
Great Video as always! I knew containment was the biggest strategy, but didn't really think about why its actually important to let fires burn from time to time. It's kind of like, why small earthquakes from time to time are a good thing, rather than letting pressure build up to a really big one.
Declan Ryan (6 days ago)
In Australia some bushfires travel as fast as 100km/hr. Pretty crazy.
Trend Capital (6 days ago)
Sang Eeth (6 days ago)
From what I have read, firefighters are kind off similar to soldiers. Both are ready at the second when there's an imminent threat. Its just go time at the order. If you are a firefighter or a soldier reading this, thanks a ton for your badass service to your country.
moldyme12 3 (6 days ago)
#prayforRedding #deltafire #carrfire
lau chee harn (3 days ago)
fireproof fabric making long n 4m high temporary barrier holding the fire Extinguish on it own or underground water pipe with sprinklers and vaults along hills top or towns of risky forest
Winston Carter (6 days ago)
Haha awesome video as usual man! 🤩
Mr. Ramirez (6 days ago)
I didn't get notified for this video! WTF?!
Hi Jack (6 days ago)
The real question is how many Toyota Corollas will it take to put out the fire?
jordana309 (6 days ago)
I would really appreciate a video where you talk about your background. Your videos are fascinating, very well done, and incredibly informative.
Schade Maghan (6 days ago)
My father is a level 5 IC (Incident Commander) so it was kind interesting seeing a topic so close to home. I think you glossed over prescribed burns and preventative logging a little but most the information was great. The fire example was very well written. My only other critic would be about the logistics of fire crews and 'conscription' during severe fire seasons, although, this is probably a complex topic in its own right and would probably deserve its own video.
fitzy273jr (6 days ago)
Now I don't want to make anyone mad but the only way to stop forest fires is to create them. We have gotten to a point where doing this will be hard because we have put so much brush and dead trees on the ground because of smokey the bear that if one starts up it will be disastrous. When human were not stopping Forrest fires Mother Nature started them herself. She did this because it was a natural way to get rid of brush and dead plants. It was not as bad because there was not as much dead plants on the ground as there is now. In miles stadia state forest there was a wild fire in the early 1900 ever since then there was never one. To this date you can go there and look under the piles of pine needles to see ash still there. If a fire starts in that forest all of the man made structures would be lost and then forest would essentially be destroyed. We need to stop stopping forest fires I'm not saying straight up let them burn down houses but picking up the dead debris like pine needles and dead trees burning them.
Slavko Gelo (6 days ago)
jebo te skverspejs vise
bluettr250 (6 days ago)
We are learning the more we suppress the more we get larger fires. Basically, we are creating super fires we can't do anything about. It's better to let it burn, move the people, and pay to build the houses back up.
Yagnesh Parekh (6 days ago)
Mendocino complwex fire in CA >400000 total acres 95% containment
Admiral Percy (6 days ago)
Wtf do you mean "this wasn't a real fire" the fuck was it
Kaizoch Beats (6 days ago)
The state of California could learn a few things from this, notify the governor
Bnadit (6 days ago)
Whoa a topic I am knowledgeable on. One thing I can elaborate on. CalFire is not responsible for ALL wildfires or pre-planning in the state of California, they are only responsible for those in the SRA (State Responsibility area) or MTZ (Mutual Threat Zone). If a fire is in the LRA (Local Responsibly Area) or FRA (Federal Responsibility Area) the associated agency is responsible for it. For example a fire located on the Angles National Forest is in FRA and the USFS is the responsible agency. Most cities are entirely LRA, but portions near SRA may be in the MTZ, meaning CalFire will augment the local response or only respond upon confirmation of a wildfire. 1:44 Fuck that, all those thin leafy plants in front of him are Poison Oak. 4:55 I don't know if you knew/planned this, but for the area you described (50 miles away from Redding (presumably to the East based on the topography you showed)) you just named the Great Basin Outflow that occurs in the afternoon under the right conditions. A very hazardous wind shift that has caught many firefighters off guard. Overall though this video shows the main parts of fire behavior and how it is fought. Good job on the informative video.
elfpvke (6 days ago)
This video has been brought to you by the god of Hellfire.
Imortal122 (6 days ago)
Very, very interesting. Good job
Andy Olarra (6 days ago)
But... but... we don't really use axes or shovels.
Pete Crump (6 days ago)
I really liked this. I was affected by the Ute Park Fire in New Mexico this summer, and one of the most frustrating parts of it was that people don't really know how fires work, how they're dealt with, or why they happen/need to happen. You can't just stop a natural disaster like that. Very refreshing to see something like this that made sense and did a good job educating people about wildfires. Great video, very well said.
Joshua Lovelace (6 days ago)
Burn it all more. Simple. Cut off all the bottom branches so there's no way to the crown of the trees, then light it all up and burn it every few years. No more thickets of saplings brush. Just grass and flowers and trees