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2001 Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial

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UPS commercial featuring NASCAR driver, Dale Jarrett. This one first aired, I believe, during the 2001 Pepsi 400 at Daytona. Full credit goes to UPS
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Text Comments (5)
wolverine96 (10 months ago)
Back when commercials where good...
Blake Haun (2 years ago)
i was 6 when this came out. i love this commercial
Brett Nesbitt (4 years ago)
I remember my family and I laughed at that when it aired during the race.
jrfan07 (6 years ago)
never thought about that, it woulda been awesome :D
WreckEmUp2 (6 years ago)
It would be sweet if Dale Jarrett drove a UPS sponsored truck in the Truck Series.