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Yard Dog drops Prime trailer

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Two yard dogs and they fail to hook up the trailer properly. This is the end result.
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daniel Guerrero (1 month ago)
Hope the pallets in there were latched down lol
Jolsen (1 month ago)
Only with boxes of potatoes.
HateGovernment (3 months ago)
Pay crap wages, get crap results.
Curt Ekstrom (3 months ago)
The way Yard Dog Drivers drive, why is this a shock.
Jolsen (3 months ago)
I know right
rocco london (4 months ago)
Hello Swift? Are you hiring? Lol..
Joel Seim (6 months ago)
Looks like some work for the trailer repair shop
Perich29 (8 months ago)
I have a vid where a yard dog rolled over
runtz69able (7 months ago)
Did he want his belly scratched
EGH Video Production By Shay (8 months ago)
I just realized I wasn’t subbed. Sorry. I try to sub all da Hellions! How in the heck did THAT happen??? My mom drove otr and hotshot plus dispatched for about 12 years.
Jolsen (8 months ago)
Yard dog took off out of the dock without being hooked up. So it slid off the back of the truck.
James Bell (9 months ago)
These private companies that assign yard drivers get what they deserve. So many locations have inexperienced drivers at these dc but yet they wont hire an otr driver looking to come off the road. I almost got a yard driving gig in 2015 but after looking at the hours and compensation it really wasnt that much better than being otr
Jolsen (9 months ago)
Most of the positions I have seen would be a big pay cut for me. Thanks for the view though.
Michael Gray (1 year ago)
mentalcase 92 (1 year ago)
This happened one night to a guy I was workin with. the fifth wheel was to low and missed the king pin but he did the tug test before he took off and thought he had it but took a turn and the trailer slid right off the fifth wheel
BIG HANK (7 months ago)
All I can say is get out and look shit like this cost you time and money .
William Villa (8 months ago)
mentalcase 92 This happened at the FedEx I work at
chesucat (1 year ago)
Poor Austin the yard dog!
Snap Mac (1 year ago)
Didn't raise his 5th wheel and tore legs off when he pulled trailer.
RedBearded T (7 months ago)
No, he didn't have the fifth wheel locked in.
vistalite 1972 (1 year ago)
It could have been the 5th wheel jaws going bad or are bad. These yard trucks drop and hook all day sometimes 24 hours. Sometimes a simple adjustment, other times a complete 5th wheel rebuild. So its not always the drivers fault
Jolsen (1 year ago)
vistalite 1972 possible
Maybach Mike (1 year ago)
Yard dogs be rude when you step into Company premises. They act like they own the property and act like they the shit with they two axle vehicle when they back up....
runtz69able (7 months ago)
Well personally myself I try not to be rude to the truck drivers when they come on our yard because I know that 99% of them on the road now we're trained by somebody that didn't know how to drive to begin with so it's not all their fault but a lot of them are just flat lazy and act like it's my job to clean up after them and it's not good yard drivers keep their yard nice and orderly and everything in a certain place so they can find it later on also we like to know exactly what's on the trailer you brought in if there was any damage on the trailer you brought in and where it's getting dropped at since we have people coming our place and drop 45000 lb on thin asphalt then it sinks to its belly. Yes sometimes we get a laugh watching drivers try to back into a dock which is their job cuz if you can't drive it backwards you have no business driving it forward and I promise I can do it as well in a row Brig as I can in the yard truck however I will not jump in your truck and move your trailer because I'm not going to be responsible for anything you did to that truck before it got to my yard
runtz69able (1 year ago)
Ive had jaw fail on a brand new yard truck , after tugging 20 times trying to get brakes to release dropped a severly overloaded trailer, 76,000# and broke it in 3 peices, drove the landing gears clear through the floor. It was brutal !!!!Shit Happens!!! That trailer wasnt very heavy or those wimpy forklifts wouldnt have picked it up
runtz69able (7 months ago)
@Jolsen I had a trailer come in last week I have no idea how they got from Twinsburg Ohio to Wichita Kansas without getting busted for overweight but it was so heavy that the yard truck didn't want to pick it up I pulled it up on the scale set it down and drove out from under it the trailer and contents weighed 69 880 that was a dry van 53-foot we have them come in that way all the time I know what's supposed to be on them I played the over-the-road game for 30 years before I decided to become a yard jockey
Jolsen (1 year ago)
runtz69able not sure because I used to pick up 45,000lbs with dry vans all the time. And 42,000 with my reefer. But yes you are right. Different trailers way vastly different from each other. So what one truck and trailer can hual another one would be way over weight.
runtz69able (1 year ago)
Jolsen Most dry vans is about 41,000 Max and reefers are usually about 40 depending upon how heavy the trailer is But I've had local haulers bring in a trailer from a local storage Warehouse with steel parts on it and struggle to pick it up with the yard jockey and dragging across the scale only to find out that there's that the trailer weighs 70000 lb
Jolsen (1 year ago)
runtz69able they usually load 42,000 on each trailer. But yeah shit happens.
Austin Patton (1 year ago)
Damn nice yard tho
Jimmy Chambers (1 year ago)
Shag trucker gets drug tested.
Lyle Raustadt (1 year ago)
I see tandem spotter s , that mean s heavy loaded trailer s . In a perfect world nothing wrong ever happens , real world step in crap happens !
Harley04 (1 year ago)
not much concern about safety, those forklift have no idea of the weight they are dealing with, seems to be no leadership, cordon off the area and assess the situation and plan the action! sure, they got, but next time someone may get crushed.
Sims Nathaniel (6 months ago)
Insurance companies aren't happy about them using fork lifts instead of a towing service . Better safe then sorry.
Jolsen (1 year ago)
Harley04 you get what you pay for I guess.
thewidower1 (1 year ago)
Why do all of you think this is such an uncommon event. Spend some time in a bigger terminal and you see these trailers drop off the goats quite often. It’s just a piece of equipment. It has its flaws.
Don Mario (1 year ago)
Your hired!
Jolsen (1 year ago)
Don Mario strike that thought reverse it. LoL Thanks for the view.
Mr. Zip (1 year ago)
What does this shiny silver knob do?..............oh.........
Jolsen (1 year ago)
Mr. Zip opsie daisy lol
Christy Harris (1 year ago)
Your welcome
Christy Harris (1 year ago)
I seen worse with every trucking company out there not just prime but that yard dog driver is one stupid person
Jolsen (1 year ago)
Christy Harris yeah some people's kids. Thanks for the view
Bushwacker (1 year ago)
who is the guy on cocain talking at 3:10?
Bushwacker (1 year ago)
+Jolsen A-L-V-I-N!!!!!!
Jolsen (1 year ago)
Bushwacker I am not sure who the chipmunk was talking to.
Brady Cole (1 year ago)
I’m you’re 200th subscriber
Jolsen (1 year ago)
Brady Cole thank you so much.👍
Michael J Montenegro (1 year ago)
Who's paying for that
vistalite 1972 (1 year ago)
The owner of the yard goats
Jesus Alonso (1 year ago)
Michael J Montenegro the next Driver that dosent do the pre trip
BigTymin (1 year ago)
would u lift the fuckin thing already!!..
Jolsen (1 year ago)
BigTymin and most of this was sped LoL
Daniel Webb (1 year ago)
I hear that it would be a good job moving trailer's around but it comes with response ability
Jolsen (1 year ago)
Daniel Webb You can not get into too much of a rush. That's how mistakes happen.
Running On Empty (1 year ago)
Just a few seconds of carelessness can cause thousands of dollars of damage and a lot of wasted time.
RedBearded T (7 months ago)
@charger master Not even close, it's a hard job with heavy safety practices. Most require 2 years OTR experience, though some are just 1 year. At my job, 3 safety failures is termination, including not chocking the wheels every time you get out of the truck, not using headlights, etc. If you hit another trailer, you're out.
RedBearded T (7 months ago)
@runtz69able Yep, I left OTR to a yard driver job, I'm home every day, off on the weekends and I make more money, some of the yard driver on the lot do some weekends and 20-30 hours of overtime a week, making $90,000+ a year, I get some overtime, maybe 10 hours a week max, so I don't make as much, but it lets me have a life during the week.
runtz69able (1 year ago)
charger master Yeah that's cuz most yard hostler jobs don't pay worth a crap I came in off the road 10 years ago after 36 years and I didn't sacrifice much pay to be a yard jockey and I get to sleep at home in my own bed at night guess it just depends on who you work for not a hard job but it can be pretty demanding at times. At a big facility you can do more backing and trailer docking in one week than most drivers do in a career
charger master (1 year ago)
Running On Empty I mean most people do yard hostling for a quick buck and nothing else.
Kevin Lee (1 year ago)
Seriously, how fast are you going in a damn parking lot to drop a trailer and buckle the landing gear? It's not a race, people.
Jolsen (1 year ago)
Kevin Lee too dang fast that's for sure.
Daniel Webb (2 years ago)
the yard dog should go look for another job
charger master (1 year ago)
Daniel Webb Yard hostling isn't for everyone.
Snap Mac (2 years ago)
When you have a production of over 100 trailers a shift it can happen.
Tony White (2 years ago)
how is the fork lift going to lift a 13,000 pound trailer if loaded even more
Jolsen (2 years ago)
Tony White very slowly and with help from other forklifts LOL
Imelda Ortiz Garcia (2 years ago)
Porque Habrá Sido El Accidente
D Push (2 years ago)
This happened to me once. 5 trailers dropped in a 2 month span with the same truck and I was the only one punished for it. Fuck you Americold I was so happy to quit that death trap.
ASW ASW (2 years ago)
that jock probably lost his job!!!
Jolsen (2 years ago)
Anthony Walton you don't have to pay alot. But you do have to pay attention.
Travis Leighty (2 years ago)
This is what happens when people are in such a rush and fail to complete a 2 second "tug test"
Jolsen (2 years ago)
Travis Leighty yep simple rookie mistake
EveryDayTrucker (2 years ago)
Did you let the Chipmunks run your camera while you went to help? alvin.... Alvin... ALLLLVIIIIN!!!
Jason Powell (2 years ago)
Jolsen (2 years ago)
+Follower of YHWH Nope I think it was Theodore. He was waiting for a French fry to fall out the trailer lol
1ZosoLZ (2 years ago)
That's what happens when you lazy retards pull the trailer without air in order to use the crank handle.
Gonzo614 (2 years ago)
Lucky that landing gear didn't crush that refer tank.
Jolsen (2 years ago)
Gonzo614 it came real close though. thanks for the view
Jacob Lince (2 years ago)
If I'm not mistaken, this is Preferred Freezer in Richland.
Jolsen (2 years ago)
Fernando Garduno they get paid by the hour. what's the rush LoL
Fernando Garduno (2 years ago)
Yeah I think so. Hard to forget the sometimes 5 hrs wait to get unloaded
Jolsen (2 years ago)
Jacob Lince that very well might be lol
Victor Massano (2 years ago)
This is what NOT to do,this is a gross violation of safety procedures and the plant supervisor should have hired a heavy towing company to safely support the casualty while the company had a tractor backed underneath the damaged trailer
runtz69able (7 months ago)
Oh God not another safety preacher how the hell are we going to control the overpopulation of the world if we worry about safety I mean we do have to thin the herd somehow
Dixie May (1 year ago)
Supervisor was dealin with screw ups with fork lifts on the dock, can't be in 2 places at once. :)
Screamin' Jimmy (1 year ago)
Towing companies must make a living, too...
Jolsen (2 years ago)
+Violet Deliriums O my. Thanks for the heads up.
Violet Deliriums (2 years ago)
You think this is bad? The yard dog was speeding and popping wheelies with his goat herder before he hooked it up to the Prime, yo.
nhkum nhkum (2 years ago)
is this in Washington
nhkum nhkum (2 years ago)
Jolsen i know this because I was just their while watching that video lmao!
Jolsen (2 years ago)
nhkum nhkum yep
Erika Ripoll (2 years ago)
Sad. That driver just lost his way to bring the bacon home. Sucks!!
Hunt Gaming/Productions (2 years ago)
you done fucked up a-a-ron
BumbleBee (1 year ago)
Lmao, Key & Peele!
Hunt Gaming/Productions (2 years ago)
Hunt Gaming/Productions (2 years ago)
ive never seen the movie ive heard the saying
Akeem Lawrence (2 years ago)
Hunt Gaming/Productions we did that's all that matters 😂😂
Jason Lingo (2 years ago)
Not a lot of people got that I bet ...
Harley Davidson Rider (2 years ago)
No worries prime drivers have done much worse..
BIG HANK (7 months ago)
Hell nawl swift
Travis Bull (1 year ago)
james smith and the company you work for is just so much better
Richard O (2 years ago)
because your company is so much better right? fucken lame fuck hatters
Harley Davidson Rider (2 years ago)
Daniel Smith (2 years ago)
Big Mike yes like signing a lease with prime 😂😂😂😂
gul:stan (2 years ago)
so did they ever found that dog who did it?
Mic Gatchel (2 years ago)
gul:stan yard dog is the truck that pulls the trailers
MAGA2020 (2 years ago)
One thing I learned as a truck driver is SHIT HAPPENS and it's always the truckers fault.
Steve k (1 year ago)
That's the rule..always the truckers, engineers, and pilots fault!!
MJBclassics (2 years ago)
The Average Joe haha exactly what my instructor warned us of!
David H (2 years ago)
Yeah lets not tug test it or anything
runtz69able (7 months ago)
@R S Well I figured you probably knew the drill
R S (7 months ago)
@runtz69able yeah, I know the procedure, back up, identify your rear most drive in accordance to three height of the bottom corner of the trailer, (if trailer is above tire by an obvious amount) get out and lower, (if trailer is right on that 5th wheel) drop air bags just incase, etc.
runtz69able (7 months ago)
@R S Rule number two don't High hook Rule number three don't drive a yard truck that has a shity Fontaine fifth wheel cuz they do suck if it doesn't say Holland I don't want to touch it
R S (1 year ago)
Drug test*
Jesse Mejia (2 years ago)
1st rule tug test
D M (3 years ago)
Good topic. Camera - not so good.
Jolsen (2 years ago)
D Myers Shooting from the hip. not supposed to record there.
Les Brown (3 years ago)
I once saw my 'boss' dolly off a fully loaded water trailer. It didn't make it. I laughed my ass off.
Les Brown (3 years ago)
A learning experience that caused no real harm. I bet he never does it again. We deal with shit like this all the time. We all make mistakes.
Katmandu2 (6 months ago)
I'm a yard dog and did this once myself. There was real harm.... actually $1,000s worth. The landing gear was snapped off the bottom of the trailer. This driver (and I) FAILED to do a proper tug test. This accident (like mine) most likely happened by the switcher partially high hooking the trailer. What this means is the kingpin got stuck ON TOP of the 5th wheel. There's enough pressure pushing down on the 5th wheel to allow the trailer to be pulled.... a short distance. Eventually, the trailer slips OFF the 5th wheel and this is the result. Believe you me, I (and this switcher) will never fail to do a PROPER tug test again.
Les Brown (3 years ago)
Shit happens. That is as far as it goes where I work.
southernragenga (1 year ago)
Les Brown. It's happend to me before I did my tug test 2nd day on the job as a yard dog and the trucks transmission wasn't in propper working order so even though it seemed like it was hooked it wasn't and it dropped before I could get it stopped popped an airline was the extent of the phisical damage and hurt my ego luckily noone was around but I called my big boss right away and then my supervisor and by the time I got up to the shop I was good and embarrassed but learned a valuable lesson that these trucks are heavy duty and now I make sure to give it tug 2 times instead of thinking im gonna tare it up if I tug too hard! And I drove for Budweiser and 7up for years before becoming a yard dog when you are running 100 trailes a day it aint like all these over the road "professional" drivers think. Its fast paced and accidents happen just like forklift drivers. When you drive over the rd or even locally your only hooking and un hooking a few times hear and there you try that all day for 10 hrs and think your not vonna have an accident your crazy. My family owns a large trucking company and I've been around "super truckers" my whole life and they all talk crap when someone has an accident but it can happen to the best of the best!
Cowboy Kody (3 years ago)
Yard dog didnt drop it HARD enough, its still up right n not tipped over
Jolsen (3 years ago)
this was all shot from my phone that was clipped to my belt lol
fred (2 years ago)
Jolsen he/she lose their job?
Tim Kreitz Adventures (3 years ago)
Oooops! LOL.
Jolsen (3 years ago)
too much fun thanks for the view.
IsaiahDaPlaya (3 years ago)
I really enjoyed the video! Keep up the great content. But aye I just started this channel about a month ago and would really appreciate it, if you could give my channel some feedback.
ebomey (3 years ago)
Well that sucks!
ebomey (3 years ago)
+Jolsen She is good at that!
Jolsen (3 years ago)
+ebomey it's nice to hear a voice that isn't coming from the next stall over at the truck stop lol. glad she had fun. and it was entertaining to hear her braking yalls balls. lol
ebomey (3 years ago)
+Jolsen LOL .. well the following day she realized she had fun and wants to do it again.
Jolsen (3 years ago)
+ebomey topic what topic lol. your a horrible host lol
ebomey (3 years ago)
+Jolsen And blocking in other trucks.