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Valtteri Bottas takes Mercedes boss Toto Wolff for a drive 🏎️💨

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Text Comments (116)
Intensive Shit (1 month ago)
i love bottas
fuchsewilli (4 months ago)
a mercedes bottle of water can drive a car...amazing product mercedes
Gregory Fernandez (4 months ago)
1:20 Toto: "if you continue to drive like this I will really get you back". Toto every race: Bottas let Hamilton through.
Antonius vd Klis (4 months ago)
The most famous people Valtteri was met was Verstappen...
쩜컴ssaja5874 (4 months ago)
ndbd90 쫌콤 자세한 사항은 아래블로그에 방문하셔서 확인해주시기 바랍니다.
Tom Politiek (5 months ago)
1:18, guess Toto payed him back in Russia this year
Cristian Mugnari (5 months ago)
Ha dovuto lasciar passare hamilton?
김정수 (5 months ago)
Next time he gives Toto a ride, he might drive him straight in to the barrier flat out..
RGBooster (5 months ago)
3:45 You are the best Wingman
znw (5 months ago)
“Toto, it’s James...”
Keisuke Takahasi (5 months ago)
valtteri, this is james..
Marcin Ziółkowski (5 months ago)
3:43 you're a great wingman
Игорь Каратай (6 months ago)
Stormzyyyyyyyyyyyy #merky
ShotsFired andMissed (6 months ago)
GUYS BOTTAS is drunk!
Luca franchini (6 months ago)
bottas is Hamilton's slave
Hadrian (6 months ago)
hahahahah Claire and Sirotkin xDDD
Samieb155 (6 months ago)
These 2 are very funny, great humour between them.
MrKal321 (7 months ago)
The two times Toto went massively off line is when he struggled to answer, 3 wins and pay a compliment. Quite telling.
Norberto Nacional III (7 months ago)
Maurizio and Kimi
Alan Davidson (7 months ago)
Toto getting Valtteri’s victories correct by seeing the answers haha.
Sky-view (7 months ago)
This is really good..
Ambrus Roland (7 months ago)
Damn from making the hit "Africa " to being with a Finnish fella in a Merc ,times fly
Umer Shahab (7 months ago)
Wingman takes the boss for a ride :D
Dayana Gonzalez (7 months ago)
My family I love you I love the way what Valtteri says that Made me happy😍😊
Ed (8 months ago)
3:30 Easy both, I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.
Mozsár Dániel (7 months ago)
Ed - Michael Scott :D
Firemarioflower (8 months ago)
denmark39 (9 months ago)
2:59 he just showed the answers .. cheaters! lol
wakar jaffri (9 months ago)
Azeb Senait Temesgen (9 months ago)
Cool logged
Grilledsalad (9 months ago)
Bottas: “How many tables done in Toto?” Toto: “Er...”
y1521t21b5 (10 months ago)
Currently the better driver of the W09. Keep up the good work, BOT, and score a contract extension as you have the beating of a disinterested-looking HAM. Hyvä Suomi!
Joseph D (10 months ago)
Sups S (10 months ago)
Verstappan and Horner. And they crashed in turn 2.
Sups S (10 months ago)
Love this series. Please make this for all the teams
redsu (10 months ago)
Good job Nico, ehhhh Valtteri
Winston Wolfe (10 months ago)
Wolf sounds like a total prick
Mentlegen (10 months ago)
"my family, i love you" haha
trick pas (10 months ago)
Was it on Silverstone ?
Mozsár Dániel (7 months ago)
trick pas yes
Justin (10 months ago)
Bootas to win this season if he will get the luck he deserves . China if not safety car he would have won Baku if not puncture he would have won . Bahrain he would have won if he went more aggresive :)
German Cegarra (10 months ago)
Copiando lo que ya hizo McLaren.
Jay Da (10 months ago)
Was this done before the baku race. Haha
Armando Sturzenegger (10 months ago)
I smell replacement coming soon... sebastian cough ocon cough.
Theodore Omtzigt (10 months ago)
that was really nice!
Ad van der Meer (10 months ago)
"The brakes are going...." Ok
Bratislav Metulskie (10 months ago)
how much faster was Toto?
Gus Johnson (10 months ago)
Now they are getting the Idea.. Follow Red Bull
Dobermans rule (10 months ago)
surprised that gypsie mobile made it round without breaking down. Mercedes the preferred car of gypsies!
Adrian Murphy (10 months ago)
Was hoping to see a last lap puncture. Would have been awkward....
Stephen R (10 months ago)
He gets along with Fred Vasseur... that's cool. Fred seems like a cool bloke judging from the grill the grid video
McMuffinFluffin (10 months ago)
Even without the lyrics the beat is still fire
gary2kr1 (10 months ago)
Fun vid mercedes. Its nice to see their lighter sides.
Sviatoslav Andrushko (10 months ago)
Do Kimi and Maurizio!
XX (10 months ago)
Do one with ferrari
Henry Gardner (10 months ago)
Toto actually loves Valtteri
The Mighty Dash (10 months ago)
Man Bottas is an awesome guy!
grgprincipe (10 months ago)
Gotta impress the boss!
A Man (10 months ago)
It just blew up on its own *****
Felix Chuah (10 months ago)
Please Valtteri, stay with Mercedes if you want to be champion in the world
Savage sway (1 month ago)
He can go to ferrari he might not be told to let his team mate by.
Chevrohn McBean (10 months ago)
Felix The Hedgehog that's not his choice
JAYMEZ (10 months ago)
Danny and Christian, Christian would compliment Danny and Danny would say "Thank you! You want a job? 😂"
King Vier (10 months ago)
stormzy instrumental lmao
Maria akaka (10 months ago)
Cool to see this guy's.....funny moment
TheKooster31 (10 months ago)
minimal question
Anish (10 months ago)
Bottas already prooved himself this season. He is a stayer at Mercedes F1!
Sups S (10 months ago)
Just 4 races man. He should stay the same level till Summer break
Wolfie BUDDEN (10 months ago)
*complete silence*
Heli Kopteri (10 months ago)
Ottoman Not gonna happen.
Ottoman (10 months ago)
Riccardo to replace Bottas
LamboWalker (10 months ago)
Better than Lewis so far 2018
Kieran McLaren (10 months ago)
Fish fingers!? You may have survived being in a car with Bottas, but when you get home Suzie's gonna kill you Toto 😂
wert freund (8 months ago)
Kieran McLaren well Toto just forgot to mention in that rush that Suzie makes them her own out of filet-stripes of Walleye and Kretzer from Lake Constance in fresh beer-dough freshly fried, salted, pepperd with a little Schnittel -👌delicious!
Kieran McLaren (10 months ago)
Toto said the best meal his wife cooks is fish fingers, one of the most simple and easy meals to cook 😂 it is also not uncommon for bottas to retire from crashing
Armando Sturzenegger (10 months ago)
Kieran McLaren why i don't get it ( i'm german ) explain haha
juanito506 (10 months ago)
When they keep the better F1 logo 😍
Neil Williams (10 months ago)
Totto seems like a cool guy
Keisuke Takahasi (5 months ago)
valtteri, this is toto..
Ryan (8 months ago)
Neil Williams search toto wolff table on youtube
Neil Williams (8 months ago)
Ryan ok lol
Ryan (8 months ago)
Neil Williams he hits his table a lot during the races
Neil Williams (8 months ago)
'his table'?
peter hennig (10 months ago)
Gotta love Bottas
JustinWdn (10 months ago)
Valtteriiiii :D
Jamaican Me Crazy (10 months ago)
Valtteri is a cool dude
Ritesh Minz (10 months ago)
next Kimi and maurizio in a LaFerrari at monza.
LamboWalker (10 months ago)
I would pay actual money to watch that
zNoah (10 months ago)
4:04 Face of absolute fear
I Am Sekou (7 months ago)
speedsociety ni
Rescuer 41 (10 months ago)
speedsociety (10 months ago)
just faked for the smartphone camera though ;)
EstebanOcon31 (10 months ago)
4.03 Valterri's face
Juan Jose Araujo Isaza (10 months ago)
They should do this with Maurizio and Kimi
mitchell van vliet (5 months ago)
Kimi: Can I have drink? Maurizio: "No you will not have the drink"
Athreya Krishna (5 months ago)
Hey hey steering wheel hands off the steering wheel I know what I'm doing
AMG (6 months ago)
Giulia Palumbo (6 months ago)
omg i need this so bad
Essi Kimi (10 months ago)
Yess please!! Kimi and Maurizio.
sri ram (10 months ago)
Juanjo Hurtado Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Question 1: How many times have we doubt about ur future in Mercedes
Rishe Akilan (10 months ago)
That cheeky peek at 2:53 XD
bello usman (10 months ago)
Benz or nothing
Betty Yeoh (10 months ago)
E63! Awesome!
Rishi Ravishangar (10 months ago)