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Why the front of the Jet Engine is NEVER painted..

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Get 20% discount on Brilliant.org 👉 https://brilliant.org/mentourpilot/ Why are most aircraft painted WHITE and why is the front of the Jet engines NEVER painted? Those are a few of the questions I will explain in this weeks video. Make sure to subscribe to the channel and highlight ALWAYS on the little notification bell to avoid missing any new content! If you want to discuss aviation directly with ME or thousands of other aviation enthusiasts, get my FREE app, Mentour aviation using the links below. 👇🏻 📲IOS: https://appstore.com/mentouraviation 📲Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teamta.mentouraviation If you are interested in supporting the channel and be part of my Patreon Crew, use the link below: 📲https://www.patreon.com/mentourpilot To follow my life on Instagram, and see pictures from the cockpit 👇🏻 📲https://www.instagram.com/mentour_pilot I want to send a huge "Thank You" to the featured channels in todays episode. Check out their channels and full length videos below 👇🏻 Boeing (B737MAX display) https://youtu.be/1XEsSRqnOwc Safran (LEAP engine explained) https://youtu.be/kz5kv0RfeUc flightdeck2sim (Use of Anti Ice systems B737) https://youtu.be/pHnY25xZAyw MrMusicoutloud (Boeing 747 painting time-lapse) https://youtu.be/VujxYs1NtV4 Westjet (Painting the Magicplane timelapse) https://youtu.be/BZGzaDexRYE Mdx media (Painting a B737MAX) https://youtu.be/5SgZ9FwWLQ4 Buzzfeed Multiplayer (Difference in car surface temperature) https://youtu.be/ZS95SPm4f2I
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Text Comments (1006)
Greg Belcher (1 month ago)
This is the most interesting channel on YouTube
Godly Powers (1 month ago)
UFOz NoJoke (1 month ago)
NOT facts
Magnus Nygaard (1 month ago)
It’s an interesting channel, no doubt, but with 300minutes of video per minute uploaded, I’d be cautious with such high accolades... just saying. :)
Operation: Fat Person (1 month ago)
bachelors of trolling degree, 2013 (1 month ago)
Michael Cohen says “SAYS WHO?”
MDJAK (22 hours ago)
Glad I found this channel. Subbed.
Callum Wearne (1 day ago)
I find it odd that United Airlines some how were able to afford to paint their entire fleet in that strange grey and navy blue colour they once had..
daniel johnson (1 day ago)
That little brown dog is living life
Dmitry Gladun (1 day ago)
Sitting at SVO and waiting on a flight. Looking at Aeroflot regional jets that have their leading edges of engines painted orange. Have pics, but looks like YouTube app won’t let me attach a pic to comments. Did Aeroflot not get the memo?
Voice of Dissent (2 days ago)
Claims the paint will chip off but cant explain why the engines spinner and raydome are painted.
이주연 (2 days ago)
Darker paint caused significant problems for the concorde! Paint supersonic aircraft white!
sarcasmo57 (2 days ago)
I wish i had an airplane.
Isaac Roebuck (2 days ago)
I understand why planes are usually white but I don't understand why the just the wings on all large airliners are always white, weather or not the rest of the plane is painted in another color scheme.
Stephan Plümer (3 days ago)
Very nice Video ;)
Agent 1110 (3 days ago)
I imagine, not watched yet, because the paint doesn't stay there if you do paint it. No prop to deflect stuff that'll wear it off.
Stephen Reilly (3 days ago)
American Airlines silver bird logo AA had no paint just polished metal so it would bee even no Extra weight that any paint would have plus one of my favorite logos. Was awesome.
Tzzzard Medes (3 days ago)
Maybe white for better radar detection.
JET JET (4 days ago)
Why do they paint a circle offset around the nose cone of the engine
JET JET (22 hours ago)
@volksrod69 ok thanx, but that still doesn't answer my question🤔
volksrod69 (1 day ago)
He's done that one
mehrdadjoker (4 days ago)
Then why don't they remain the plane body with no painting? Just like those old jets looking shiny metallic!?
Patrick R (4 days ago)
South west must not care about resale
der Schwanz (5 days ago)
Good info !!
Gurer hızel (5 days ago)
Great explanations, thanks.
Hefyx (5 days ago)
I don't know why but at the begining of the vidéo I always think that the video is in x1.5
suroosh shayan (5 days ago)
But why r military jets painted dark colour , excluding the reason for stealth.
Agent 1110 (3 days ago)
In general... they are not.
Rich Sai (6 days ago)
The front of the engine is left raw aluminum because of the hot anti ice ducting... not because of paint, costs of, resell or anything related to flying animals.
Geoff Foster (6 days ago)
I was about to be snarky with something like, "Only morons either don't know (or can't figure out) why the front of a jet engine is never painted - so stop pandering to them" - but then I noticed that you've stolen my dog. Give it back!
Chad Kirby (6 days ago)
Expanding on the topic of white painted aircraft, another contributing factor is UV radiation. For every 1000 meters in altitude UV radiation increases around 10%. White paints are best in reflecting solar rays while darker paints absorb them. Aircraft paints are single stage with no protective clear coat layer. Darker single stage paints are prone to rapid UV and oxidation damage.
Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt (6 days ago)
Why most aircraft are painted white? Simple answer is that any blemish, hole, crack or dent is easily visible ... especially cracks and holes that are very dangerous when the aircraft is flying at a very speed. But then most military aircraft are never painted white. Well, the reason is simple again. They become sitting duck against the blue sky ...
Jim a (6 days ago)
That's easy. Dust and ice would scour the paint away on the leading edge of the cowling. That would scare any passenger that sees it.
Andriy Shapovalov (7 days ago)
Don't have the patience for 12 min.....next vid...
Robert Zeurunkl (7 days ago)
That dog is totally uninterested in your presentation.
David S (7 days ago)
Thank you, U make sense too those who (like I) ask these questions, get the answers - how ironic. - again thank you - David
Mike Bowler (8 days ago)
Awesome...thank you !!
Eric Janney (9 days ago)
Worth a mention at least is the sponsorship deal between Pepsi and Air France to paint a Concorde blue with the Pepsi logo. The result was that Concorde's usual Mach 2 cruising speed couldn't be maintained for more than 20 minutes without significant airframe heating while wearing this paint. Maximum cruise was limited to Mach 1.7. The reason was that the predominantly blue paint job absorbed a great deal more heat than the normal white paint job.
D C (9 days ago)
Bird sh!t unnoticeable in white aircraft
Ivan Chumakov (9 days ago)
Royal Jordania's aircrafts are always black.
granand (9 days ago)
Cost for all these reasons ...now I know these airlines ready to fly empty but not give cheap tickets .
Eremon1 (9 days ago)
I seem to remember when Air France did some weird marketing thing with Pepsi where they painting one of their planes, possibly a Concorde, Pepsi blue and it lead to all sorts of structural stresses they didn't anticipate. I believe it had to do with the mix of natural heating of the outside of the plane at super-sonic speeds and the addition of heating from the sun on the blue paint which caused several rivets to fail.
Tony Zagari (9 days ago)
thank you have to agree with Greg Belcher that was interesting and factual, certainly cleared some questions i had
Thomas Neal (9 days ago)
If the white on the plane is a safety issue, then why do entire airlines like SouthWest NOT paint their planes white? I think the biggest reason is just convention and cost, period. I found the explanation for the engine cowling not being painted reasonable enough, but there are too many exceptions to ALL of the reasons stated for painting planes white for any of them to be a good enough reason.
Jay Taylor (10 days ago)
White will also increase radar reflection.
Ivan M (11 days ago)
This guy truly is a pilot. Patience is the middle name, delaying the answer is the game.
Graham thompson (12 days ago)
Why planes are not left un painted would be much lighter an save alot of money
George Buzea (13 days ago)
I’ve heard that outside temperature around the Equator drops to -90C, but I cannot find any literature to confirm this. Is anyone aware if this is really the case and what would be the reason for 20/30 degrees difference? Thanks!
drdweeb (13 days ago)
why b-52's are black then? 8))))))
Mentour Pilot (13 days ago)
That’s for other reasons
Jane Grant (14 days ago)
Absolutely fascinating! Thank you!
w23857980 (14 days ago)
Just don't paint the whole plane.
Renato Gomes (14 days ago)
What about American Airlines with their bare metal finished airplanes? Did they save money doing that?
Quill Maurer (14 days ago)
Some airlines have historically or are currently painting aircraft in non-white schemes, so it's not impossible, though there are drawbacks to it. The most extreme case is the Concorde, which had to be white for heat reasons. I've read that at least one was temporarily painted in a promotional Pepsi paint scheme, and it's top speed was limited while painted like that. Consequences are less severe for subsonic airliners. Another similar thing I've always wondered is why the airline paint scheme is always limited to fuselage, vertical stabilizer, engines, and winglets, while wings and horizontal stabilizers are almost always the same light gray. My dad (a United A320 captain) said that this was because the wings aren't visible from the side, say at the gate or while taxiing, but airplanes fly over people - that's sort of their main point. I can imagine the top of the wing has these same heat issues, possibly a greater concern as that's the fuel tanks, but the underside of the wings is almost always in shade, and would be visible to people on the ground below. Could an airline do something interesting on the bottom of the wings that would make them instantly recognizable to people on the ground, even with the plane very high up? If one airline painted the bottom of the wings a highly visible and distinctive color, say orange, when no others do, they'd really increase brand recognition.
eagleMM93 Mm93 (15 days ago)
Reason no.3 is more important
Interferon (15 days ago)
I wonder why they don't use exhaust gasses to warm up the lip. That wouldn't have any cost or performance penalty, and you could leave it on all the time. One less thing to worry about.
Jack // Jackloveslego123 (15 days ago)
I would say it's because if paint pealed off and got into the engine, it would really damage the engine. I do know it's just paint, but still.
CCLGamer (16 days ago)
The Concorde had to be painted white to be able to maintain Mach 2 without overheating the fuselage.
Denise W. (16 days ago)
The dog feels addressed when hearing the word "great" - love it :D <3
ZimmMr (16 days ago)
I'm not 100% I'm remembering this correctly but I remember reading some where that the paint alone adds on half a ton of weight. I'll look for that source and update this comment.
mrhoffame (16 days ago)
Had no idea about this. Great video!....and once again your dog looks bored as heck in one of your videos lol.
Paths Less Trampled (18 days ago)
I love these pode-custs...
Yeolde GamerSteve (18 days ago)
I was told one of the reasons they are mainly painted white is because it's easier to spot fuel, lubricant and other liquid leaks when the pilots do their walk around check?
Logan Lafont (19 days ago)
M B (19 days ago)
just noticed the couch pillows being green and red for orientation purposes lol.
Blacc Corleone (16 days ago)
Lol. Yeah nav lights
Mikep0281 (20 days ago)
Did you purposely set up your pillows as if they were wingtip Nav lights?
Peter Voss (21 days ago)
Ad-laden videos now. Ugh! 90 seconds before we got on with it! 2019
Mark James (23 days ago)
You are brilliant but slow the hell down. I miss50% of what you say.
Stuart Schindler (30 days ago)
What about anodizing that giant part? Should retain most, if not all (I think), of its thermal conductivity compared to the same part with the normal oxide layer. This is assuming you really really want to color that part.
VAC2 (30 days ago)
Common sense.....not so common these days.
Electrology Now (1 month ago)
For years AA did not paint their planes and left them a beautiful aluminum. If the plane "hull" (cylinder/body) is still made of aluminum, why aren't some planes left unpainted? (My guess: protection from corrosion? Then again, why not a "clear-coat?")
Mihai Ciubotaru (1 month ago)
Is Boeing paying well??...for these postings I mean..
William Nelson (1 month ago)
Ran out of paint and money after finishing the rest of the plane.
maxpayneau (1 month ago)
-OK? -OK! I always wat to answer that when somebdody abuse this meaningless question XD
Siddharth Bhattacharya (1 month ago)
Why the hell are your intros so fast, I don't understand a single word you say 'hi everybody, welcome to ...,...,......,......podcasts,,,,,, absolutely fine."
Michael Meyers (1 month ago)
How much does the average paint job weigh on a 737 and a 747?
Kalle Klæp (1 month ago)
Excellent explained as always. I knew these things besides the trick with the heating from the engine to prevent icing. That proves how much thought and engineering goes into an aircraft.
John Hughes (1 month ago)
Love how little paint chips into the engine problem has been mitigated. Just when you're feeling pretty good about yourself you can suck in several hundred pounds of Canadian geese simontaniously blowing out the engine and the pilots o ring staining his shorts.
David Zeng (1 month ago)
Engineering... is wonderful.
Ari Finkelman (1 month ago)
I randomly came across this video. I never thought about these questions before, but now I know.
A Twinspark (1 month ago)
So why did the Pepsi Concorde have to fly slower in dark blue than the white ones?
kallewirsch2263 (1 month ago)
@Jurie Gryffenberg exactly. It varies in length because the outer hull starts to heat up because of friction with air. White paint can radiate more energy away then dark paint and keeps the hull cooler. A cooler hull means less thermal expansion which reduces the stress to the hull structure. Quite the opposite was done with the SR-71 ("Blackbird"). This plane was painted intentionally black. At ground it leaked like a sieve. But once in the air and at speed, the thermal expansion closed all the gaps.
Jurie Gryffenberg (1 month ago)
@Mentour Pilot Doesn't it also have something to do with the fact that Concorde begins to vary in length by up to a whole 30cm when flying at supersonic speed?
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
Because of the heat issue. The white color would reflect away more heat than the blue did
John Gomes (1 month ago)
Chris Szumiloski (1 month ago)
Yeah, planes get hot due to all that air friction from flying at 600+ mph for so long. In fact Concorde used an especially bright white paint as it’s skin heated up to 300 degrees while flying at Mach 2
Egor Levin (1 month ago)
So, why dont airlines just partially paint the plane or not paint the plane at all (like American Airlines used to do)?
Laura Hafner (1 month ago)
Egor Levin Because the paint serves several important functions. The white actually reflects heat from the sun, unpainted metal would not do so as effectively. It also, believe it or not creates a smoother surface, which decreases air friction. This keeps the temperature of the metal cooler as air friction itself creates heat. It also helps the plane fly more efficiently, helping to keep down fuel costs. More friction equals more fuel used. It also protects the metal from oxidation and corrosion, much like your cars paint does.
G Martin (1 month ago)
Half Million, congratulations 👍
Dusty Black (1 month ago)
thought your dog was a stuffed animal untill he flopped over.
tenshi7angel (1 month ago)
Still waiting for SJWs to think that planes are white because of racism. LOLOL
Matthew McCabe (1 month ago)
This is literally my first video I ever watched of you and all I have to say is congrats on 500,000 subscribers.
RE1974 (1 month ago)
Mentor, is there any reason jet airliners from the 50s to the 80s had matt black noses?
Marty Zielinski (1 month ago)
RE1974 Cuts down glare/blinding reflections....
Matthew Baxter (1 month ago)
well the weather radar and other radars are in the nose, so that might have had something to do with it
Ron Lawson (1 month ago)
Why not heat this area with electricity ?
Keith Ang (1 month ago)
Your dog is obviously bored to sleep with all your aviation talk.
Murat Salaidinovich (1 month ago)
at the start 0:01 of the video I had check my playback speed :) Thank you captain for your channel!
Johans60 (1 month ago)
Looks better too without the paint
spikedart (1 month ago)
I suppose that if the nacelle were painted, there could be also chipped paint flowing through the compressors and cause an issue. Oh crap, I posted before the explanation which makes my post irrelevant.
Godly Powers (1 month ago)
Sluta säg engelska ord på svenska. Lär dig språket eller håll dig borta från det, du låter urlöjlig.
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
Hej du! Kul att höra ifrån en landsman! Nu är jag ju infödd svensk men det skulle vara kul att höra din översättning. Sen heter det ”Sluta SÄGA engelska ord på Svenska” men tack för din positiva uppmuntran och ha en bra dag.
Track Thismotherfuckers (1 month ago)
Ahh deeeeeeer , wonder why? Fckn idiots
Laurent Laborde (1 month ago)
i really expected that becoming a commercial pilot would require to use our brain a little bit, and not standing by at the pool instead. Damn... what a missed opportunity... :(
Steven Jay (1 month ago)
I love the fact you have a dog with you who is just chilling out.
Steven Jay (1 month ago)
Joe Kinchicken excellent. Love your sense of humor.
Joe Kinchicken (1 month ago)
Stop referring to his girlfriend as a dog... oh, you mean the one next to him on the couch... yes, nice doggie.
james musisca (1 month ago)
i'm not afraid to fly i'm afraid of crashing alot of things can go wrong
Rob Low (1 month ago)
You're safer in flight than you are in your own home
Nate Suddeth (1 month ago)
How many planes can a commercial pilot be qualified to fly?
Nate Suddeth (1 month ago)
@sleeptyper true, thanks
sleeptyper (1 month ago)
As many classifications you / your employer is willing to pay for. Each one costs money and needs regular updating. Kind of pointless to have classification for Boeing 747 if your company flies only Airbus A380...
sputnik (1 month ago)
Aren't you excited the Max is about to fly ?? I am .. Thanks
Wouter Favoreel (1 month ago)
Brussels airlines has an a340 whit a red stripe there
Kanawut Krongraksa (1 month ago)
Does this also apply to the leading edge of the wings and of the vertical/horizontal stabilizer??
Jan Gelbrich (1 month ago)
Yes. Anti-icing.
Toño Martnez (1 month ago)
Is it true that the air intake is made by the engine itself? In that case wouldnt it be possible that some combustion fumes would eventually get inised the passenger chamber? Thanks for your channel
TEAM D OUTDOORS (1 month ago)
You know I noticed that on fighter aircraft and turbo prob aircraft the air inlets are painted
cat stevens (1 month ago)
I thought all the aluminium was coated by a treatment called anodising which forms a coating on the surface . I may be wrong but it always was when I was in MOD contract manufacture.
Ali Hassan (1 month ago)
Heat prolongs lifespan of metals so as Aluminum and Al-mag is concerned, hot metallic sufaces live longer, but not good for black painted surfaces for security reasons
Mitchell Milligan (1 month ago)
Last week I flew to Austin, TX on Southwest and the aircraft was HOT. To the point where the flight attendants "STRONGLY encouraged" everyone to close their window shades and open the overhead vents to cool down the aircraft, so I can certainly see your point Mentour, thanks for sharing!
Rubén BA (1 month ago)
It would be great if when you list several reasons they were written in the video, like a enumeration. I think it would make it even more didactic :) Thanks for the videos!