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Why I QUIT being an Airline Pilot

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Text Comments (4998)
Ying Vang (1 year ago)
Thanks for being real. Wonderful things happen when your humble and set aside egos and pride. Count on me being a follower.
Sodbury House (3 months ago)
This guy has it right, it's the old old question, "Do you live to work, or work to live", I know which I prefer and the route I took to get there, so good on you for being so honest with yourself.
Renato Stiefenhofer (4 months ago)
Regionals are not airlines... what did you expect, young man? A 747 captain position within three years time? This takes a little longer; at least 15 years to be precise. In my case at least. Then, why exactly did you quit? I don't really buy your story. Sorry. Well, have a great day, flying even smaller planes than a small regional jet... Get your act together, after your Alaska to Florida trip. I did a similar thing back in 1986: Three months all around the US, forty states in a Piper Archer, 130 hours of pure fun VFR. Priceless! And when you're done enjoying yourself meeting your followers (really?), come back to a real airline. You can do it. You are a smart kid. Don't spend too much time on your YT vids, stay focussed. Happy landings and all the best. R
Roger Morris (5 months ago)
Alex Moreland is it that bad? Do you have your commercial license? Like any job you have to pay your dues. You can always point out every negative aspect. He never said one positive thing in the whole video. Seems biased....
Roger Morris (5 months ago)
Crazy Gamer I was thinking the same thing! This guy explained only all negative points. I could do this with any job....
icebreaker900 (5 months ago)
@Ying Vang That's because God gives grace to the humble but ignores the pride.
Paul Syzthmary (16 hours ago)
How can you fly a plane when you can't must wave your hands around just to speak?
Grand poobah (20 hours ago)
Does a pilot have time to call his girlfriend while he’s at work?
Dr pepper (2 days ago)
I think international is better than regional
Natesmokes And gets bitches (2 days ago)
What about legacy airliners
Fester Smyth (3 days ago)
@13:58, man you are 27???? You look like 39 to me. And while watching from beginning, i really thought that you are turning 40, and deciding to quit from airline and back to GA. i am myself 39, a bit more hair than you, pardon the pun, and full time FI in easa land. I am not sure if its worth it to go to airlines or not, esp the benefits i get of stable life scedule in current position. And yes, i earn less than airline salary, so thats a bummer.
Andy Saladin (3 days ago)
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (2 days ago)
Antonio Soffici (4 days ago)
Top tip: live close to where you work. That way you don't have to commute so much
Solomon Pilot (4 days ago)
Fer S (4 days ago)
Great idea go for it and take us with you. 👌
Mr Leon (4 days ago)
This is a bit misleading. You have to remember that you also get per diem paid (extra $500) a month on average. You also work A LOT more as a cfi. You can also make a routine out of the work which includes staying healthy. I had gained 20 lbs working as a cfi. You can also make a good living - say becoming an airline pilot instructor or line check airman. There are some truths here but some things are factually incorrect. Ive worked both as a cfi and regional airline pilot
Jeff Goodsill (5 days ago)
Wow that was eye opening. Thanks for being so open and honest. It takes some courage to be so transparent. I am now a subscriber. I am flying out of KBED in Massachusetts. Thinking about making a career change at 58 since I already have some hours but still need to spend another $35k to get all my other ratings. I am not doing it for the money but for my love of flying but I am not sure I or my family can live with those types of hours.
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (5 days ago)
You'll figure out a way to make it happen, it will be worth it! Good luck to ya!
NCJ Sportscards (6 days ago)
Thru ignorance I'd say spending 15-20 years to attain a position in a jumbo class aircraft would be dismal at best. More an autopilot operator, or fly ancient 707's. Maybe it's my perception, but ready to retire pilots seem isolated or lonely. The industry has evolved and changed like CDL trucking industry. Just performing functions isn't rewarding. Truly, sounds as if you've made much more than a corporate decision, you chose to be a happy individual certainly in control, not just the planes, but life
Smithtn22 (7 days ago)
You worked for a strange airline, this doesn’t reflect my experience as an airline pilot. Sounds like you just weren’t cut out for it, but let’s face it, GA is so much easier although you don’t get paid very much.
Ed Moore (7 days ago)
airlines need to share in thebig profits they reap. flight prices go up every year..do the pilots wages? i wouldnt want any part of it.
Scot Rye (7 days ago)
Can’t wait to see ya in Colorado Springs! Hopefully the Comanche will be finished by then and we can go for a flight & a $100.00 hamburger lol See ya at KFLY (meadow lake) Safe travels Jon.
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (7 days ago)
Safe travels to you as well!!
Abdou R Jawara (11 days ago)
Umbuko DaJuko (11 days ago)
I personally feel like if you do anything for money it takes all the fun and passionate. I had a passion for being a chef and I was a cook at a restaurant for a while but doing it for money just takes all the enjoyment out of it. The fact that it is a Job is what makes it horrible weather you like it or not
Riccardo Granato (12 days ago)
Life as an airline pilot sucks so bad for the most of us is very hard for people to realize, especially if they are not in the business.
KIKO SUAVE (12 days ago)
Then you should have lived in that city where your base is.
J P (14 days ago)
Wow, it sounds a little like the trucking industry, only with better destinations. Lol
Tyler Wright (14 days ago)
Y’all only make 40$ an hour? Are you unionized? I was thinking about becoming a pilot, but I’ll make more than that when I’m at top rate as a truck driver at UPS. I’m already at $32 in my second year..
The Visionary (16 days ago)
Are you 27 for real?man you need to take care of yourself, cheers
mooky (17 days ago)
🤦‍♂️Amazing. Pilot's have so much training, responsibility and liability, but yet get paid and treated so unfairly.
Ella Hosokawa (17 days ago)
eric o hater fan club lol sma for life (17 days ago)
I make a 100k just being a automotive repair tech
patrick smith (17 days ago)
Current Home is KDVT - I have called KICT, KBEC, KLAF home in the past!
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (17 days ago)
That's awesome.. Cheers!!
JetJock (18 days ago)
Ha ha ha, you’re a joke. You didn’t tell the truth about the schedule. You are brand new and expect to get major airline money and lifestyle. So entitled! I already called a Waaaaambulance for you. Something tells me that the problem was YOU, not the airlines, so you had to overcompensate with this ridiculous video. Just because you aren’t responsible enough to run your life, doesn’t mean the life you left was bad. Have fun NOT being famous!
MelonHead1848 (18 days ago)
Oh man... it's hard to be encouraged to quit serving tables when I make over 800 a week
jfish147 (18 days ago)
I am an IT engineer/developer for 16+ years and I want to finally get back into aviation. I think I want to be a CFI eventually (part time in semi-retirement). Ways away though. Just starting Private Pilot's License.
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (18 days ago)
It'll be worth the journey.. best of luck to you!
Lance Morrow (18 days ago)
You said you could always go back to being a commercial pilot?...You had better delete this video before you do. (You know they check potential employees social media sites these days) I can't think of any airline that would hire you after listening to this video unless it's in a country that doesn't have the internet.
Lance Morrow (18 days ago)
Then don't commute. Take the job and get a place to live within driving distance to your base. Commuting is choice.No one made you do that. It seems most of this video has to do with you bitching about having to commute. Sounds like you're already 'not fit to fly' before you even got to the gate. And then, as you said, "you did a QUICK walk-around." What did you miss on that QUICK walk-around?
pressendforspanish (19 days ago)
Damn! I make twice that driving a truck.
M11TS (19 days ago)
At 12:08 I hit the Suscribe button.
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (19 days ago)
It's very appreciated!
PaulBodyBuilder (19 days ago)
I thought you guys made $ 250,000 a year Wyndmoor PA
Ray Davis (19 days ago)
What could have made you stay w airline? Because I wouldn't want the airlines to loose many more of you good pilots. I don't know if money solves the reall hassle of commuting to get to the flight your flying.
Thomas Joseph (20 days ago)
KDWH. Hope to see you here!
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (20 days ago)
Hopefully sometime soon! Cheers!!
P.R. Mathews (20 days ago)
What drone do you fly?
Demons 51/50 (21 days ago)
Thanks for your honesty. I really thought about being a pilot but now I will just stay where I'm currently at. Thanks for your integrity!
gary gerard (21 days ago)
50 or 60? God Forbid!
Alex Kedemos (21 days ago)
Good on ya mate
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (20 days ago)
Much appreciated!
Laura Savino (21 days ago)
This is not major airline flying, this is regional airline flying. It gets MUCH better if you stick it out, pay your dues and move up to the big boys. Hey, doctors have to be interns first. Anything worth it - takes stepping stones to get there. Just saying, the title "Airline Pilot" isn't really accurate.
Frank Heberer (22 days ago)
Incredible video!
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (22 days ago)
Glad that ya enjoyed it!
Kralj Petar (23 days ago)
Good video! I'm not pilot but I do understand from your words that Airline pilot is life under stress and hurry to take/get done all that flights. That what you choose it would be a much better and easyer for you. Wish you much luck!
Kralj Petar (22 days ago)
@FLY8MA.com Flight Training Thanks .I just quit tire shop job couse Im very tired and have no chance to rest off. Manager hurry me to get done each car quick and Im tired of it. I discovered that I have no life like that. Now is slow and he hiring new people I asked my self what Im going to do over there then? Also after meny years I discovered that is not okey to work for same company for many years,I speaking about warehouse and another similar jobs, couse you dont learning new thinks just doing same job all the time which bothers me and you dont go up with salary.
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (22 days ago)
I appreciate it, best of luck to you as well!
Luke_ (23 days ago)
Oh he quit because he has a disability.
Luke_ (23 days ago)
He has an Android
Thomas S. (24 days ago)
I flew in the C-9A for eight years in the Air Force. They took better care of us than on the civilian side getting a per diem, a fairly routine schedule with plenty of crew rest on two to three day missions. It was awesome. My retirement from the USAF after 22 years wasn't bad either. I think the only difference is in the Air Force, depending on the mission, you can potentially get shot at . . . but even that can be true for civilian carriers if you some how go into a war zone.
j hermes (24 days ago)
Great man. and I like your channel. it’s just sad to hear when the airliner pilot get treated like that. with that kind of pay rates it’s definitely not worth it for being a airliner pilot. Airliner pilot it’s a very big responsibility job in the world and they should pay really good money for that kind of job. It’s just ridiculous.. God bless you.
Ryan Roberts (25 days ago)
Good job brother I did the same thing I left the city of Seattle and took a heavy construction job at a union construction company. Yes it was a big risk but I wasn’t happy at the city and now I’m really happy and fulfilled with my life!! My airfield is Harvey Airfield Snohomish, WA
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (25 days ago)
I actually love it over there in Snohomish! Best of luck to ya with the rest of your journey... Sounds like you're doing it right already
Elton Veloso (25 days ago)
Awesome what you want to do with your life. Good luck. Now screw being an airline pilot and make no money. Come to West Texas and work in the oil field industry as a crude oil hauler driving a truck and with no more than a GED to make 120k a year as a company driver or 300k as a owner operator hauling crude. Home everyday 5 days on 2 day off and 5 day on 3 day off every other week. By your house live normal. travel to where ever you want. and make an awesome money. Good luck buddy and take care of yourself. 🤠👍
Alaitain (26 days ago)
😄😄😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😃😃 , but I think Pilots make more then $38 hrly. Specially Medical Transportation pilots. They get paid just sitting around most if the time. $85,000 to $190,000 year...
Gazmend Haxhiaj (27 days ago)
If you're in Europe just do a video i wanna be in 🙋‍♂️
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (27 days ago)
Hopefully I can make it over there one day! Cheers!!
Hannah1111 (28 days ago)
I imagined all the responsibility flying and landing safely, with all the pressure Omg 🌹and charge you for hotel if delayed? Oh goodness.
James Cox (28 days ago)
Caveat up front: I was never an airline pilot. Caveat #2 up front: I was one of those kids who caught the aviation bug, soloed as a teenager in Civil Air Patrol, and discovered that flying was my "PASSION" and my genuine "calling". I truly thought that I was on the earth to fly for a living. Turns out, I ended up an enlisted man JUMPING out of Uncle Sam's aircraft, and NOT FLYING Uncle Sam's (nor anyone's for that manner) aircraft when it was all said and done.* Having said that, and having watched this guy's video, my conclusion of the aviation industry is: IT SUX. At least in America. The irony is that America is the best country on the globe for "opportunity" and "fair". HOWEVER, in aviation, America's system sucks. If you try to be a Professional Aviator in America as purely a civilian person, you have to spend waaaaayyy too many YEARS "paying your dues" before you can "make it" in the big airlines. The alternative is getting Uncle Sam to pay for your aviation infancy; then you get out of military service and get picked up by the Majors flying the Big Iron. Unless you can get Uncle to pay for your training (and pad your resume with hours and experience), the current American aviation economy requires one to be a slave at flight schools and regionals for far too long before finally "making it" in aviation. Looking back, I recall two things about my CAP teenage time: 1) a lot of the senior members were ex-wartime airforce pilots who were currently flying airline left seat 747, DC10, etc, for the majors. 2) some of the senior members were pure civil backgrounds and had either paid their dues as/or were currently doing duty as CFI/regional/charter pilots. There were two major differences between the two: The first set had a wife and kids, owned their own private personal aircraft (usually of some exotic variety), and drove to CAP flying weekends in some exotic sports car. The second set were single, lived in cinder-block apartments, and drove beaters (bondo-mobiles we called em) on those CAP flying weekends when they weren't out hustling as a skydive pilot or corporate pilot or flying tourists in small single singles and twins. I think the "delta" (no pun intended) between rookie pay and senior 747 left seat pay in the industry is ludicrous. The right-seat 45-passenger guy making only $20/hour and the left seat 747 guy making over $300,000 a year is preposterous. What, the lives of 400 passengers flying over an ocean are more valuable than 35 passengers flying to just the next state over? I cannot think of an industry where the apprentices make so much less than the master senior gurus do. I do not believe in the man/woman pay gap thing, nor do I believe in the "unfairness" of the CEO vs assembly-line worker pay-gap arguement. But I wholly subscribe to a theory that (American) professional aviation is a kr@ppy system that forces its young into slavery and privation then over-compensates the lucky ones who make it with way too much wealth and leisure. My two cents... *I was going into the Uncle Sam career path when late in high school I became nearsighted and couldn't qualify for flight training in the military. Having seen the lifestyle of the ex-career military-turned-major-airline-pilots and the do-it-on-their-own-pure-civil-path.... I decided to no longer pursue aviation as a career.
Frank Heberer (22 days ago)
Well said! Thank you.
Bill Russell (28 days ago)
Why are you so worried uncle sam? And by the way no matter what job you do you still have to pay your taxes. Just because you didn't make this a career doesn't mean other won't either. Quit whining and grow up.
Ez Guard (30 days ago)
We are all the working poor.
Roxy Raccoon (1 month ago)
My father had more than 40,000 hours of flying for leisure, as a CFI and as a corporate pilot (in order, in terms of preference). He was Twin Rated, Sailplane Rated, etc. He built his own plane and repaired a few others. Flying to him was about fun, not about schedules. 40,000 hours is more than most Airline Captains. Since my father was not crossing oceans, he also had far more takeoffs and landings than Airline Captains.
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (1 month ago)
Sounds like an awesome guy, with quite the adventures!
king Jaffe (1 month ago)
Thank you for your honesty
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (1 month ago)
Of course! Trying to be as transparent as possible
Bob Dobalina (1 month ago)
So wait, how prevalent is this stress exhaustion and overworked state in Commercial pilots in the industry? Should I be concerned as a passenger?
Nick Saldana (1 month ago)
Damn flight attendants make out better than y’all
Pat and Edwards Reviews (1 month ago)
Wow!! Thats not even remotely how my airline career was. I understand you wanted to leave the airline and GA is awesome but I think you went a bit overboard on how horrible being an airline pilot is, though much of your info on commuting is spot on. Thats why I never recommended commuting to your domicile. Good luck with the career
adeshola akangbe (1 month ago)
Have you tried helicopters?
Marisol Hernandez (1 month ago)
Any thoughts/advice on corporate flying? From somebody who knows
PUBGHunt redviper (1 month ago)
But I still love all these aspects.. Especially being responsible for the safety of the flight the entire 7 hour flight even when u only fly 13 minutes manually..... Wish I could pass that medical exam 😔
Oddbjørn Gebhardt (1 month ago)
I always have been fond of flying, but when I hear what kind of work days you got, and what enormous debt you get into to get the job, I am very happy that I chose another profession. Be safe.
Oddbjørn Gebhardt (1 month ago)
@FLY8MA.com Flight Training Sure, flying has always been close to my heart, as my ground school teacher let all the boys in my class come up in his Piper Cherokee, and fly around the local airport. This was in 1974, I think, and that got me interested in flying. (The girls had some special class only for females.) The youtube channels of aviators and Flight simulator is good entertainment, but the cost of flying was too big and my parents had many kids, so I had to seek other professions.
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (1 month ago)
Ya... there are plenty of other ways to get into aviation, if at all still interested. Safe travels to you as well!
god (1 month ago)
pay is terrible, pilot should make $3k minimum per week. pathetic pay scale from airlines
j t (1 month ago)
So a Pilot who wants to get back home real bad after a lousy day at work decides if the tires are going to make it through another landing?? Thanks for the warning !!!!
Chris Berry (1 month ago)
Hello I stumbled across your channel and just got hooked. I live south of Washington D C. There is a small airport by me called Maryland airport. I am not a pilot but they have training there. I am thinking about looking into a pilot license.
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (1 month ago)
It would definitely be worth it! You can always start your journey with our free online ground school at fly8ma.com
Alan Simpson (1 month ago)
Yep I been driving 18 wheelers for over 20 years this gentlemen is describing how driving truck is too lol
Meeshka Bear (1 month ago)
Right on bro! I’ve always felt our Society has it backwards! I think a 4 year degree should be mandatory. In my world, we’d graduate from school, go immediately into college. After graduation, you secure your job and salary details & then immediately go on a 10 year sabbatical 🤣 Rhen you return to your job to work until your 70. That’s my ideal world! 🤣🤣
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (1 month ago)
Lol wouldn't that be the dream!
Jeff Pepe Rodriguez (1 month ago)
St Pete / Clearwater Airport..
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (1 month ago)
Lance Cullinane (1 month ago)
I had know idea airline pilots were so under paid should work as teacher or bush pilot ha!
James Dean (1 month ago)
its called putting in your time
Rafael Melendez (1 month ago)
Driving a tractor-trailer are more exciting than flying for the airline.
Ron Perets (1 month ago)
Those reasons aside let’s not mention the inherent danger of aviation perjourney traveled you’re actually three times more likely to die in a plane than in a car also commercial pilot is consistently within the top five most deadly US careers of year after year with a fatality rate on average of 51 per hundred thousand this is astoundingly high, more so than police, soldiers, construction workers, truck drivers roofers electricians heavy equipment operators etc... This has been consistent and verified across multiple studies
Ali Kazerani (1 month ago)
1:16 I swear I'm not reading anything into the fact that you began to undress as soon as you mentioned flight attendants.
Bruce Zar (1 month ago)
Henry Discipline (1 month ago)
My uncle quit his job as a 777 captain to set up a brass rubbing business.
Matt Beale (1 month ago)
Sounds like you don't like working for free. I don't blame you
jorge silva (1 month ago)
Tampa international Airport. I'm 26 years old, is it too late for me to go to school and get a pilot license to start a career in aviation?
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (1 month ago)
It's never too late! The journey will be worth it
Bulgdoom (1 month ago)
I got on an A320 with 440hrs GA for a large low cost carrier in Europe in my home country thanks to good timing and luck. I lived in the US and got my CPL & AMEL but I was not willing to work for chumps change and definitely wasn’t going to commute. I study and work to be happy and to afford a comfortable living, all else is irrelevant.
lughscanlan (1 month ago)
And CFI stands for... something. I’ll google that on my own time.
Shuk (1 month ago)
certified flight instructor i believe
Roger Moore (1 month ago)
$30 an hour? Only???
Timothy Hammer (1 month ago)
Hey, I just am wondering what could I do to set myself up the best way to become a pilot. I might start ground school soon and go on from there. Just wondering if there were to be anything else. Thanks to anyone who answers
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (1 month ago)
Get started with ground school for free at www.fly8ma.com !!!!
Ebuka Chukas (1 month ago)
Where are you at? I’m thinking about starting my flight training. I have zero hours.
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (1 month ago)
We'll be based out of Alaska soon into 2020. You can always start with our free ground school at www.fly8ma.com !!
cantfindmykeys (1 month ago)
Is that an accurate pay figure? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for airline pilots and copilots is $117,290. The bottom 10 percent earned under $60,770, while the top 10 percent earned more than $187,200.
zadok22 (1 month ago)
Great Video! I really appreciate your thoughts! Dutch Pilot Girl always talks about how expensive everything is for pilots that are newbies.
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (1 month ago)
Of course! Always important to hear both sides
Joe Wedge (1 month ago)
Flying in canada in CYAV . Got my ppl in 2016 at 52 years old, finished my CPL this year. Now just to sell my business so I can retire to a career I love, aviation!
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (1 month ago)
Congrats on the CPL, and good luck to you!!
Cathleen Rocco (1 month ago)
$30/hr?!?!?!?!?! Wow. You guys must love what you do. You don't make much more than a warehouse worker at Best Buy.
nightstalker (1 month ago)
Does best buy offer up to 70k your first years in bonuses?
longshorts3 (1 month ago)
I got paid from the time I left the house to the time I got home. I worked for a company that supplied chemicals and equipment for food service sanitation in grocery stores. I had an expense account, too. Gas, food lodging, vehicle maintenance, was all taken care of by my company. Why would I want to be a commercial pilot and be abused the way you describe? I did learn to fly and owned a Piper Super Cub, and had lots of fun with it on my days off. I did talk to a commercial pilot about his job, but that turned me right off about going commercial. I made more money with less worry and harassment than he experienced. Yes, somebody has to do it, but not me. I refuse to fly commercial, especially after the big fiasco of the 737 And accidents. I'll fly myself before I will fly commercial because I don't have to be there exactly on time or find a hotel because of a canceled flight. Don't get me wrong, I respect these commercial pilots a lot for what they have to endure, but I do not have to put up with all the unpaid time and responsibility for their passengers and aircraft.
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (1 month ago)
As long as you keep the joy in flying, you'll be set! Safe travels, and cheers!
Claudio Litan (1 month ago)
good talk and you are real...👍
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (1 month ago)
Thanks, I appreciate it!
Target SSC (1 month ago)
Is it true that pilots die soon after their retirement due to messed up circadian rhythm and exposure to radiation during flying hours
nightstalker (1 month ago)
@Target SSC I would say some people die early and some die later in life. FAA did a study on this back in the 90's do a google search.
Target SSC (1 month ago)
@nightstalker then what's the truth about the people saying about life expectancy of pilots
nightstalker (1 month ago)
@Target SSC no, not true.
Target SSC (1 month ago)
@Rajendran Kg tq for answer a reality question
Rajendran Kg (1 month ago)
Minimum life expectancy 74 Others 75
Google User (1 month ago)
How much did you earn as a cfi?
Rajendran Kg (1 month ago)
TOTAL Fees=1.2 MILLION USD SALARIES=10000 USD per year
Rajendran Kg (1 month ago)
It's obvious, over 4000+ pilots QUITs each year
Rajendran Kg (1 month ago)
Ofcourse type on Google how many unemployed cpl holders are there in India you will find 4000+ and if they didn't get the job they has has to do some other job or QUIT
Target SSC (1 month ago)
Give some proof for this phrase
David Parry (1 month ago)
Sorry you ended up in the backwater. Thanks for the inspiration. https://work.chron.com/average-commercial-airline-pilots-salary-11855.html
Bugle Me This (1 month ago)
Stop by KBAZ.
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (1 month ago)
Would love to at some point in the future!
john sincerbeaux (1 month ago)
Kinda like saying you were a doctor but quit while in med school. Flying for a regional or commuter as a new first officer is just a stepping stone to get hired my a major airline. No one gets hired by a major without putting in your dues. Most spend several years paying dues. Look at the lifestyles of med students and their long journey to become a doctor. Sounds like you just didn’t like paying the dues. I have been a captain for American Airlines for nearly 30 years flying to Hawaii, South America, and Europe. I have spent 20 of those years laying over in Hawaii 2 days a week surfing, windsurfing, and kiteboarding. Major airline captains are earning 325k to 500k a year working 10-15 days a month. Again, a new hire first officer building flight time to hopefully get hired by a Major Airline is not what I would call an airline pilot. Nothing wrong with you choosing a different path but your description of life as an airline pilot is extremely off the mark.
Tina Seals (1 month ago)
So now your verichip is changing to CFI
Jerry Malufau (1 month ago)
MHK aka Manhattan Kansas come ill take u out on my farm!! I use to be an FA with Omni air International!!! Thank you for the kind and straight Forward Message!!! Thank you!!!
FLY8MA.com Flight Training (1 month ago)
Would definitely love to make it out there some day!! Safe travels until then
Alan Rogers (1 month ago)
Hey I like your thinking. I have friends who have joined airlines who suddenly come to the realization that they've got to carry on doing this monotonous stuff for the next 30, 40 years!
Swaley Blue (1 month ago)
Regionals suck ass to work for as pilots and flight attendants. As a flight attendant with my mainline company I make more then pilots at regionals. Its ridiculous.